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Grey's Anatomy must be doing something right if they are heading in to their 15th season already. This medical drama takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride like none other. The story line can get a little bit tedious and over the top, but we keep coming back for more. When settling down to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy, one can expect to experience almost every emotion, all in the same episode. There's always bound to be some laughter, a few tears, a PG scene, and (not to mention) a medical emergency or mystery too.

Our favourite doctors are always available to watch and rewatch when the mood strikes. And, chances are, that avid fans have already seen most episodes more than once as well. There's nothing like sitting back and hearing Chief Richard give the speech about the playing field and playing the game. Those were the good old days, and thankfully we still have them! But imagine being able to pick or pass on a specific, typical Grey's Anatomy moment or person to guess which sign is applicable? Of course, the choices one makes may be influenced by being a Scorpio, a Capricorn or maybe even a Libra...

Question 1

Get hitched to Derek or Mark

McDreamy and McSteamy are two amazing doctors. We know that they are extraordinary in the bedroom too, but what about committing to one of them till the end do you part? For sickness and in health? There can only be one who would make dreams come true... Derek or Mark?

Question 2

Have a night out with Yang or Meredith

We know that Meredith and Cristina both enjoy visits to the bar. In fact, this is where Meredith met Derek for the first time and how she earned her nickname as 'the girl in a bar'. We've also seen that Yang is a talented mixologist when given the opportunity...

Question 3

Be an intern or an attending

Interns are scuts and they are also at the bottom of the surgical food chain. These poor folks are still learning what being a surgeon really means. Thankfully it's a supervised practice. An attending is way higher on the food chain and they are able to pull rank where needed.

Question 4

Have Lexie as a half-sister or Maggie

Meredith was once an only child... Then her father moved on and started a new family, and had more children. That's where Lexie comes in. This took Meredith a while to get used to. And, a few seasons later we met Maggie. She was the result of a relationship which Ellis had with Richard years ago...

Question 5

Have Arizona as a mother or Callie

Not everyone has the luxury of having two mothers, but little Sofia was given both, and a dad too! In essence Callie and Mark are her biological parents but Arizona is also a leagal guardian for little Sofia. She also has to pick between living with Arizona or Callie...

Question 6

Be an Avery or a Grey

Both of these surnames carry a lotnof weight and influence behind them. The Averys are very well known, although mostly for their money. The Grey's are well known thanks to the legacy left by Ellis when she won the Harper Avery Award twice. Ellis led medicine to where no man had gone before.

Question 7

Go on a ferry with Amelia or Addison

Derek used to love ferry boats. He even had a ferryboat scrub cap. Addison, his ex-wife also had a thing for these boats. This put him off the boats a little as well... Amelia is Derek's sister. Although they were both neurosurgeons, Amelia came with her own bag of problems.

Question 8

Go out with Jo or Arizona

There is no denying that Arizona is one of the most beautiful blondes this show has ever seen. And Jo is also one of the most attractive brunettes too. It is amazing that there are so many good looking doctors working at this hospital... Nevertheless, who would be better to go out with?

Question 9

Be a confidante to Teddy or Owen

No, we are not referring to the stuffed toy children play with. We mean Teddy, the doctor who has the hots for Owen but never seemed to be able to admit it. Well, not until recently. Owen, or GI Joe, spent a lot of time with Teddy working in the field together and saving lives in the dirt.

Question 10

Have Izzie as your person or Bailey

The phrase 'you're my person' came along when Yang had to book a procedure and needed to list an emergency contact. So she listed Meredith because she was 'her person'. Izzie and Bailey are two very different personalities and they both play by their own rules too.

Question 11

Live with Meredith or Alex

Meredith moved from Boston to her mother's house in Seattle. It was a pretty big place, so she got some room mates; Izzie and George. Eventually Alex also moved in and Meredith sold the house to him. These two both have their own quirks and one may be easier to live with than the other...

Question 12

Drink soda or coffee?

It's nearly impossible to stay on your feet in a hospital for 14 hours or more without some kind of caffeine boost. Most doctors on the show seems to enjoy a coffee or a latte, but there have definitely been some colas and energy drinks around. So, which one would keep you more alert?

Question 13

Have Jackson or April as an emergency contact

Jackson Avery is super cute and a really good doctor too. He'd be the guy to pick when a facial reconstruction is needed. April, although ditsy at first, has matured in to an amazing surgeon too. Which of these would be the better choice as an emergency contact?

Question 14

Dance it out with Meredith or Cristina

Cristina discovered 'dancing it out' and introduced Meredith to this as well. These ladies either sought liquid courage or dancing to resolve most issues - or at least forget about it for a few minutes... Dancing makes one brave, apparently. Well, at least that's what these two ladies said.

Question 15

Intern with Lexie or Jo

Being an intern is an adventure. There's also no denying that these are the people that turn on to family, and they will also climb the career ladder. These are the people who spend extremely long hours working together under intense and difficult situations.

Question 16

Be stuck in a lift with George or Derek

This may be a tough choice for some. Young George is one of the sweetest doctors anyone would ever meet. Derek on the otherhand is one of the cutest doctor's one would ever meet. So being stuck in a lift with one of them would be a really tough choice to make.

Question 17

Go on a date with Nathan or Derek

Meredith had the opportunity to be with both of these men, although if given the choice she'd probably just have stayed with Derek. But after his passing it was only natural to move on eventually. Although, she had a great love with Derek and it's unlikely that Nathan could make her feel the same.

Question 18

Be Dr Model or Medusa

Dr Model is actually the blonde bombshell Izzie Stevens. She earned her nickname by being a model who did modelling for cash to pay off her studies. Medusa is Meredith Grey. She was only given this name much later in the seasons as she moved up the ranks as a doctor.

Question 19

Be a plastic surgeon or a neurosurgeon

There are multiple specialities that doctors can chose from. Each one has their own pro's and con's. We got to meet some fantastic plastic surgeons throughout these seasons and we also got to meet some outstanding neurosurgeons too. But, given a choice, which option is more appealable?

Question 20

Be Meredith's sister or Amelia's sister

Both of these ladies have siblings, and in fact, they are also sister's-in-law because Meredith married Derek. Each of these ladies come with their own bag of weird and wonderful. The thing is, which of these would be worth putting up with, if one had to pick a sister.

Question 21

Work alone or in a team

Being a surgeon means working in a team. There is no way that a surgeon can do any successful surgery in isolation. Besides needing some assistants there is also the need for scrub nurses and regular nurses and even doctors from other specialities. Would working in a team be OK?

Question 22

Treat a GSW or an MI

In order to pick an option it would help to know what these acronyms stand for. This is something that a real fan would know. A GSW is a gunshot wound, and they treat these fairly often. An MI is a myocardial infarction, which is also known as a heart attack. In season 14 Bailey actually had an MI.

Question 23

Do shifts in the ER or OR

The ER is the emergency room or trauma unit where all the emergencies go to for treatment - go figure... The OR is the operating room, and sometimes what happens here can be just as magical as what happens in the ER, and just as important. Which of these would be a first choice?

Question 24

Share a locker with George or Alex

If sharing a locker with Alex is an option, then be prepared to lose out on most of your goodies. Alex knows no boundaries and would gladly help himself to every item in there. Sharing a locker with George may be complicated given his reputation as Syph Boy...

Question 25

Wear pink scrubs or blue scrubs

Ever noticed that every rank of doctor has a different shade of scrub? Of course, different specialities also have their own unique color scrubs too. If fashion statements are something of importance, one may have a tough time adjusting to the life of scrubs.

Question 26

Save a deer or a dog

Young Izzie has a heart of gold and she believes in saving lives - animal or otherwise. This is seen in the episode where she gets a frantic young boy begging for her to help save the deer that they hit, Izzie doesn't back down from this challenge and she does her best to save her life.

Question 27

Go jogging with Alex or Jo

Alex and Jo make a really cute couple, there is no denying that. We know that keeping fit is a vital part of being a doctor too. So if one had to pick between Alex or Jo to go with for a jog, which of these two doctors would it be? Unfortunately, there can only be one!

Question 28

Go to the morgue with Ben or Mark

Working in the morgue is not for the faint hearted as it can be smelly and spooky. Cristina spent some time in the morgue after going through a rough patch and Lexie joined her. Some folks may be brave enough to face this space alone. Other folks may need a little back up.

Question 29

Sleep in the on-call room or the ER

When a doctor comes off a 36 hours shift they'd probably gladly pass out anywhere. The hospital is kitted with some on-call rooms where the staff are able to catch a break and have a nap. We've since learned that these rooms are used for other activities too...

Question 30

Crush on the guy in the bar or the girl in the bar

Meredith was once the girl in the bar and Derek was just a guy in the bar. That's where their romance started. Of course, Lexie was also once the girl in the bar. We can only imagine that it must be a family trait they share. But which of these would be better to crush on?

Question 31

Have birds on a scrub cap or ferry boats

Every doctor has their own unique scrub caps which the wear while operating. Some of these are pretty cool and also represent something the doctor is passionate about. For example, Derek has a scrub cap with ferry boats on it. This is a cap which Meredith eventually inherits.

Question 32

Deliver Bailey's child or Meredith's

This is a tough choice... Neither one may be ideal but sadly, it is not an option this time. Bailey can be a tad abrasive and scary even. Although George didn't deliver her baby he was right behind her, helping her along. Meredith had an emergency caesar in less than ideal circumstances too.

Question 33

Do surgery with Preston or Erica

If a surgery with either Preston or Erica is being done, one can expect it to be a cardiac procedure of some kind. These two doctors don't sit around the same fire when it comes to social events, it appears that they don't really like each other. This is to be expected though given the nature of their jobs.

Question 34

Say the 'pick me' or 'you're the sun' speech

The 'pick me' speech was one that Meredith said to Derek. This was after she discovered that Derek was actually still married to Addison. She tried to convince him to pick her. The other speech was one that Cristina gave to Meredith before she left for her new adventure.

Question 35

Have a post-it wedding or a traditional wedding

A post-it wedding was what Meredith and Derek did. They literally wrote their vows out on a blue sticky note and signed it. A traditional wedding is like one in a church or chapel etc. where there's wedding dress and dancing and tons of food to celebrate the occasion.

Question 36

Make a candle house for Meredith or Derek

Once Meredith and Derek moved on from the Addison issue they tried to pursue a relationship together. The thing is, Derek had started seeing a nurse named Rose. Meredith built him a candle house, exhibiting her love for him. He rushed off to break things off with Rose so he could be with his one true love.

Question 37

Have a flash mob proposal or traditional one

April was not expecting what Matthew had up his sleeve. One day, while she was at work, Matthew pitched up - lights and sirens, The next minute, there was a flash mob outside the ER to help set the scene for a perfect proposal. As we expected, April gladly said yes to his marriage proposal.

Question 38

Marry a patient or co-worker

Both of these two situations have happened on Grey's Anatomy. Teddy married a patient to help get him quality medical care. And there have been countless peer marriages between the doctors. Some of these include weddings in Las Vegas, post-it weddings and hospital chapel weddings too.

Question 39

Adopt a cat or a dog

Derek and Meredith adopted a dog together. His name was Doc. Sadly, the little guy was diagnosed with cancer and he had to be put down. It was during this season of their lives that Meredith met Finn, the vet. They also had s few dates but nothing substantial ever came of it.

Question 40

Share a milkshake with Izzie or George

Frankly, sharing a milkshake is not even an option. However, in this scenario there can only be one choice. George is such a gentleman so chances are he may decline to share all together - bonus! Izzie on the hand might not be willing to let the full milkshake go without a sip or two.

Question 41

Win a sparkle pager or a hot-dog eating contest

That's right - there once was a hot-dog eating competition on Grey's Anatomy. Of course, Cristina was in the front row of participants. The thing is, she just can't back down from a challenge or a competition. She has to win. It was the same with the sparkle pager competition...

Question 42

Move to Zurich or New York

As our favorite doctors grow and mature in their roles they do need to consider spreading their wings and leaving the nest. This isn't always nice to see, but it's necessary. Cristina was offered a huge opportunity to work at a hospital in Zurich, so she took it. Callie also moved to New Zealand to pursue other options.

Question 43

Lose your eyebrows or your hair

This happened too - Cristina lost her eyebrows on her wedding day! Maybe that's why Burke left? But seriously, no one deserves this to happen to them. We never ever saw anyone lose their hair by accident though, There was one time though where Derek shaved a patient's hair.

Question 44

Carve a pumpkin with Izzie or Alex

This would only need to happen once a year, unless carving pumpkins is a hobby to do more often. Both of these doctors have very strong personalities so they may go ahead and carve what they want without caring what anyone else wants to do with the pumpkin.

Question 45

Make out with Jo or Steph

Jo Wilson and Stephanie Edwards were interns who started a few seasons in to the series. Jo was actually living a secret life, but this soon came to light. Stephanie was an intern who had the hots for Jackson Avery, and they actually went on a few dates together. This didn't last though since Jackson was still in love with April.

Question 46

Go on a cruise with Owen or Andrew

The 'boys' had a little break and spent some time on a boat. There were no ladies allowed as they needed a chance to chill out. If given the choice, who would be the better pick as a buddy for a cruise? Would Owen be worth chilling with, or is the Italian doctor, Andrew, a better pick?

Question 47

Spend a day with Alex or Meredith

Alex and Meredith are the sole survivors of the original interns who started out in season one. They have come a long way together and have developed a sibling like relationship. They have two very different personalities, but they make a great team as well.

Question 48

Celebrate with Izzie or Meredith

Meredith enjoys celebrating and drowning her sorrows with the same side kick - tequila. Izzie, on the other hand, goes all the way when it comes to celebrating anything. She loves to decorate, bake and cook for any occasion. She really enjoys making everything special.

Question 49

Share a Harper Avery Award with Alex or Addison

The Harper Avery Award is a very prestigious award and it's very difficult to win one. Unless your name is Ellis Grey. She won two of these after all. Later we discovered that one of these should be shared with another doctor, but it wasn't. What if it had to be shared with Alex or Addison? Who would it be?

Question 50

Have a ghost relationship or inherit $1,000,000

Izzie had a very intense relationship with Denny. Although they didn't get to spend much time together when he was alive, they sure did have a great time while he was a ghost. After Denny passed away he also left a huge amount of money to Izzie. She used this to open a free clinic for the less fortunate.

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