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Our friends are usually our friends for a long time.  Our friends; not just those "Friends."  Well, they were around for a long time, too.  Ten Seasons as a matter of fact.  And, that's a long run for any television series.  But there's a reason for that.  It was just that good.  It really was.  The characters were good, the stories were good; and it was one of those great shows that you could relate to on a fairly personal level.  When Monica's heart got broken, it broke our hearts just a little, too.  We knew how she felt; because we've all been there ... with our own friends.  When Ross and Rachel got together we cheered; we cheered because we've all had that secret crush that we've harbored for years.  And, for most of us, it doesn't work out as well as it did for them.  When Phoebe finally found love, we were happy for her, because there sure were some times when we didn't know how things were going to end up for good ol' Phoebs.  When Joey landed those big roles, we were excited, too.  And when Chandler and Monica finally ended up together, we cried.  Because we all want a love as real and as shared as theirs was.  It's things like that that made "Friends" such a big hit.  So, hopefully, this quiz will bring back some of those warm, fuzzy memories as well.  Give it a shot!  Enjoy!

Question 1

Where does Joey meet his hand twin?

Joey gets another big break when he's cast in a leading role in a major motion picture. Only problem is, when he gets to the filming location, the funding has already run out. Now he's stuck on location with no job and no money. So he ends up getting a gig at a nearby casino until things pan out. One day, while he's off work, he meets a twin. A hand twin. HIS identical HAND TWIN! Does anyone remember where that was?

Question 2

What does Joey build for the apartment?

Well, they always said they needed a place for the mail. No, that's not the answer. That would be too easy if we just gave it away. No, it's just that one day Joey gets the idea in his head to take on a small, home improvement project; it's a one-day job ... max (and in his Sergio Valenti work pants, no less). But, as expected, things get a little out of hand and a small, one-day, home improvement project begins much, much, more.

Question 3

Which one of these IS a song by Phoebe?

Phoebe's talent truly knows no bounds, especially as far as she's concerned. Most everybody at "Central Perk" has heard her creative, off-beat songs. One or two have even gone on to be recorded professionally. Now, they may not have made her much money or gotten her much acclaim, but they're truly unique and truly her own. And that says a lot by itself. Just like Chandler and his bad jokes, we love Phoebe and all of her weirdo songs, too.

Question 4

Name the two actors who play the doctors that want to date Rachel and Monica.

It's early in the series' run and Rachel is just barely employed at this point and CERTAINLY has no health insurance to speak of. So, naturally, when she hurts her ankle, she begs Monica to switch identities with her so she can use her insurance. As much as Monica resists, once she gives in, the two girls hit the "doctor-dating" jackpot; as they are greeted and treated by two handsome hunks in blue scrubs. These two actors make a great cameo appearance.

Question 5

What does phoebe find in her soda?

In this instance, when it comes to Phoebe ... if it wasn't for bad luck, she wouldn't have any luck at all. First, the bank mistakenly credits her account $500. Then when she tries to straighten things out, they only end up crediting her an additional $500 and a free football phone to boot! And, just when she thinks she's out from under all of this "luck," she finds a rather unusual object floating inside her soda can. Then the soda company pays her $7,000 to settle. Not bad for a bit of bad luck.

Question 6

What soap opera does Joey star on?

Joey has starred in quite a few things over the course of all ten seasons. From off-Broadway to infomercials to walk on parts. Now, that doesn't mean that they were all necessarily good things. But at least he was doing something. That's what every actor wants, right? A role, a break ... something. And Joe's big break comes in Season 2. He finally lands a part on a major daytime soap as Dr. Drake Ramoray, the handsome, smoldering, yet intelligent neurosurgeon.

Question 7

Name Phoebe's alter ego.

Who doesn't have an alter ego; or at least want one, for that matter? Joey's got one. But, that's mostly for picking up the ladies. And Phoebe's got one, too. Of course, knowing that and remembering what it is are two different things. But, why not have an alias? Perhaps you get stuck on the bus next to a chatty stranger. You don't want them to know your real name, do you? So, maybe you're not Joey. Maybe that day, your Ken Adams instead.

Question 8

Who kisses Chandler's mom?

Yes, Chandler's mom is an attractive woman. His Dad, not so much. But, thank goodness, we're not talking about him. Anyway, Chandler's mom is on a book tour when she decides to stop in New York and see her son. Due to a lot of wrong circumstances and a night out at dinner ... someone inadvertently ends up kissing Chandler's mom (not that she's not a little bit to blame as well). Things quickly spiral out of control and a friendship or two are tested.

Question 9

Name Ross' girlfriend from China.

So, he had feelings for Rachel. Everybody knew that. Well ... everyone but Rachel, that is. But, again, not his fault. How could Ross have known that somebody was going to spill the beans while he was gone. Maybe he wouldn't have left when he did, if he'd known what was going to happen. But, that's irrelevant now. It's irrelevant because he's already met someone on his trip to China. In fact, they've hit it off so well, he's more than ready to introduce her to the gang! What was her name, though?

Question 10

Name both of Rachel's sisters.

Siblings are great. It can be your brother or your sister. They can be your best friend. Someone you can share your secrets with, or confide in. Someone you can seek out when you need comfort. Or, like in Rachel's case, they can just be a pain and a burden. Not so much a confidante, as someone who just wants to whine to you about how unfair life (and Daddy) can be. What's worse than that? Having two of them. Ugh.

Question 11

Which of Rachel's two sisters is the "inappropriate" sister?

Inappropriate is defined as: not correct or suitable. And THAT absolutely defines Rachel's sister. She only shows up when she needs something or needs someone to do something for her. Even then, there's not a whole lot of consideration or courtesy involved. It's more like conning and condescending. She may remember Rachel's name, but not the baby's name. Or the baby's father's name. What's more, she doesn't care. She might offend you, insult you, or just plain upset you. But, she doesn't care.

Question 12

Why does Phoebe break up with Gary?

The story of Phoebe and Gary stretches out over the span of a few episodes; and it's a good story arch, too. If Phoebe hadn't found that police badge at Central Perk, none of it ever would have even gotten started. One day she flaunts her fake authority at the wrong cop. Enter Phoebe's new, potential beau, Gary. After a few dates and some more time passes, he finally convinces Phoebs that they should move in together. But, it's not till after that, that Phoebe realizes what a mistake she's made.

Question 13

Who accidentally reveals Ross' feelings about Rachel?

It's Rachel's birthday and all is well. Well, except for the fact that everyone is still getting older. But other than that, everything is fine. Especially when Rachel opens the very special gift that Ross left for her on his way out to the airport. It's the pin that she and Ross saw in the window of an antique store months ago. He remembered how much she liked it because her grandmother had one just like it. But someone's not surprised that Ross remembered. Who was that?

Question 14

Name the downstairs neighbor.

Our neighbors are our friends, correct? Or, at least we want them to be. Most of the time, anyway. Where else are you going to go when you need to borrow some eggs or a cup of sugar? But what if that downstairs neighbor doesn't like you? What if he never liked you to begin with? What if you're just an upstairs nuisance to him? How will you finish your baked goods then? Maybe it does pay to get to know those who live around you.

Question 15

Name the actress who plays Amy.

"Friends" is already blessed with an amazing and outstanding cast; and what makes it even better is the number of great guest stars and cameos. There's Tom Selleck as Monica's optometrist/boyfriend, Brad Pitt as the OTHER member and co-founder of the "I Hate Rachel Green Club," Elliot Gould as "Mr. Geller," and Giovanni Ribisi as Phoebe's younger brother Frank Jr. It's like the star power never ends. And don't forget Rachel's two, celebrity sisters. But, who plays Rachel's sister, Amy?

Question 16

Name the actress who plays Jill.

Again, we could go on and on with the outstanding list of guest stars on everyone's favorite show. There's Christine Pickles as Mrs. Geller, and Michael Rapaport as Gary, Phoebe's cop boyfriend. Of course, that's not to mention the brief and unexpected appearance of Billy Crystal and Robin Williams at the opening of one episode; or when Winona Ryder makes an appearance as one of Rachel's former sorority sisters. But who plays Rachel's other sister, the one who dates Ross just to upset Rachel?

Question 17

What does Joey think a vicar is?

Who doesn't love the chick and the duck? Who wouldn't want a chick and a duck as a pet? Anyone? Well, that is until one of them vomits face cream all over your bed. What's worse is that Joey really just wanted to take a nap and now he can't because of the mess. So, what does he do? Clean it up? Nah. Just take a nap on Rachel's bed instead. But, while he's in there, he finds a very "grown-up" book.

Question 18

Name Phoebe's arch enemy in Las Vegas.

When Joey's big break falls through, the gang decides to head out to Nevada to check on him and make sure that everything is okay. And what else are you going to do in Sin City, but gamble. At least Phoebe thinks so. The only problem is, there are forces working against her. Well, one force anyway. It's as if someone is snatching away the jackpots that SHE should be winning. But Ross explains that there's a name for her pain; and, it's not that uncommon.

Question 19

Where does Chandler have to go after he crosses the line with Joey?

Yes, there is almost certainly a price to pay when best friends betray each others trust. Such was the case with Chandler and Joey when it came to Joey's girlfriend, Kathy. For the record, it was Kathy who first suggested her feelings to Chandler, but that's irrelevant. What is relevant is that Chandler had feelings for Kathy and finally decided to act on them. Once Joey found out, that's what landed Chandler in the spot he's in. Some lines you just don't cross.

Question 20

Which of the girls decides to write a romance novel after Chandler's mom visits?

Writing romance is easy. At least that's what Nora Bing says. So, after she gives a brief description of howshe writes all her successful romance novels, one of the other girls decides to give it a try. Who knows? Maybe it could turn out to be a quick and easy way to make some extra money. But, as one might imagine, it turns out to not be so simple; especially when your grammar is not all that good and your spelling needs a lot of work as well.

Question 21

Who catches Ross kissing Chandler's mom?

Well ... now we know who it was that did the deed, but who was it that witnessed the event. As everyone knows, simply being there at the scene of the crime generates a whole lot of weird questions and hypothetical theories of it's own. To tell or not to tell? Whose feelings are most important; and, therefore, whose feeling do you protect? Then again, maybe you do the right thing because ... well, it's the right thing to do.

Question 22

Who tries to teach Joey to play guitar?

Ohhhh ... Joey. There's just so much you can say about Joey. He is the most charming and the most lovable. Probably not the most intelligent. But, hey-- you can't have it all. One could also say that Joey is one of the more imaginative members of the group (next to Phoebe, anyway). And, how exactly would someone know that? Just look at the back of his head shot. He decides, that for a New Year's Resolution, he wants at least one of the special skills on his resume to be true.

Question 23

What happens right after Joey loses his insurance?

Joey really does start out with the best intentions. Most of the time. But, even the best of intentions don't always yield the best results. Now ... maybe it was his fault that he let his health insurance lapse, maybe not. But, no matter where the fault really lies, it's no surprise that Joey ends up in the predicament that he does. 'Cause it's not something small or insignificant, oh no. With Joey, most problems have to be more complex or more complicated. Joe, Joe, Joe.

Question 24

What is Ross dressed as at the Halloween party?

Ross can be kind of an oddball to begin with, anyway. Unfortunately, the Halloween party only proves it even more. He is creative and there is that. However, that's not to say that you don't want to root for him. He has been through a few divorces and that's just hard on anyone. Sure, Ross is dating Mona ... so you kind of have to give him some credit for that (cause you certainly can't give him any for his costume).

Question 25

Why do the hunky fireman show up at the girl's apartment?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and the girls in our group are (typically) reminiscing about all the bad relationships and bad break ups they've had over the years. And THAT is when Phoebe comes up with a great idea on how to get past all the prior negativity. Meanwhile, Joey has a managed to set up a date with Lorraine. The only stipulation is that Joe bring a friend for her friend; and Chandler is mysteriously reunited with an old flame. Unfortunately reunited.

Question 26

What's wrong with the restaurant owner who shows up to sample Monica's cooking?

There's a local restaurant owner who's looking for a new head chef; and he hears that Monica might just be the big, new thing. However, after an invitation to her apartment (to sample some of her finer cuisine), it quickly becomes apparent that there's a real problem. Not only does Mon immediately lose respect for the guy and everything she's tried to do for him, they have a bit of a hard time getting him to leave, let alone take anything seriously.

Question 27

Who accidentally loses Ross' monkey?

Just for a little while. That's all. He just asked her to keep an eye on the monkey for a little while, so he could go get a romantic bottle for two. And now ... Marcel is loose in the building somewhere and no one can seem to find him. Ugh! She just had to keep an eye on him for a little while!! Why was that so hard?! Thank goodness (by the end of the episode), Marcel is found and all is well. But whose responsibility was to watch that funky monkey?

Question 28

Where is Ross going when Rachel races to the airport to talk to him?

It's the night of Rachel's birthday; and he just bought her that beautiful pin from the antique store they saw months ago. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), someone spilled the beans and let loose just how Ross has felt about Rachel all this time. So, yes ... now she knows. And she needs to tell him that she knows. But Ross has already left for the airport. Oh, sweet romantic gesture! Maybe she can still make it if she hurries!

Question 29

Name Joey's cologne.

Hey, every actor has to take an odd job here and there (between roles) to pay the bills, you know. Some actors drive cabs, some wait tables; but our boy, Joe, has a sweet gig at a local department store with a sweet get up as well. Problem is, the cologne is so popular, there's another guy, selling the same product. If Joey wants to keep his territory, he's gonna have to put up a decent fight. But, what was the name of that cologne, anyway?

Question 30

What does Rachel accidentally see that basically derails their relationship?

Timing. It's all about timing, right? Maybe that's why it sucks so much when the timing is all off. And it wasn't his fault; really it wasn't. Ross was in his fledgling relationship with Julie. He didn't know that Rachel was carrying around feelings for him. What's a guy to do? How's he supposed to solve a problem like this one? It's not that he doesn't care about Julie, he does. But Ross has been pining for Rachel nearly all his life.

Question 31

Why is fun Bobby so fun?

What is it that makes Bobby so fun? What is it that makes any of us who or what we are? We certainly all can't be as fun as Bobby. We may want to, but we just can't. No matter how hard we try. So, maybe there is something more to this. Hmmm ... Maybe fun Bobby does have a secret to hide. Maybe there is something else factored in that makes him just so delightful. Is it style? Is it attitude? What is it?

Question 32

Joey and Chandler are __________ buddies.

Joeys' got a serious job now. He's finally landed a role that's gotten him some acclaim and a little bit more money, too. So maybe it's time to try and start paying Chandler back for everything he's done over the years. Joe could just pay him pack, but that's just so impersonal. Maybe a gift would send the right message. But, not just any gift. It needs to be something special, something unique. Ooo, it needs to be something shiny! Yeah, that's it.!

Question 33

Where does Joey have his secret cast party?

Evidently, being a big star comes with big perks. Just ask Joey. He's been on "Days of Our Lives" for quite a while now. And you certainly can't always be the guy who just keeps showing up at he cast party. Sometimes you have to show that you can play with the big boys, too. So, what better way to show that than to host you very own cast party. But you need to have it somewhere different, somewhere unique, somewhere cool. Hmmmm ... ?

Question 34

Why doesn't the gang like Phoebe's boyfriend?

Judgement is kind of a harsh word. Especially when it's applied to someone's significant other. But, where do you draw the line between being judgemental about a friend's boyfriend or girlfriend and simply looking out for someone's best interest? Of course, there's also a point when a new-found friend is just straight rude to all those around him. People can only be supportive for so long when they're constantly being insulted or made to feel inferior. Then, it's to hell with your friends, you need to stand up for yourself.

Question 35

What does Monica think turns Chandler on?

In Season 9, Monica decides to surprise Chandler by going to visit him in Tulsa. Only thing is, when she shows up at his hotel room, she catches him in quite a situation. What's even more confusing is what she thinks he's watching on T.V. Not surprisingly enough, Monica immediately tells Rachel, who simply assures her that, " ... guys are just different; and they're turned on by things we can't understand." So, Monica does her best to tolerate Chandler's weird thing.

Question 36

Who names all the foosball players?

In episode nine, of season four (The One Where They're Going To Party), the boys get a call from one of their old friends who's coming to town, Gandalf. And they are SO ready to party. But, unfortunately, things fall through when he gets stuck in Chicago. Now Ross and Chandler stuck in the apartment, disappointed and with nothing to do. They watch some T.V. and Ross balances his checkbook. That is, until Joey comes home and decides to show them a good time anyway.

Question 37

What is the name of Joey's big movie?

This is it. THIS is THE ONE. Joey's sure of it. For real, this time. This is the part that's finally going to put him over the top! His character meets this girl on the subway and they fall in love in a day. But then, she disappears. He finds out where she lives; but when he gets there, this old lady answers the door. When he asks where Betsy is, the old lady says, "Betsy's been dead for ten years." What was the title of the movie?

Question 38

Who teaches the girls to play poker?

The guys are extremely loyal to their traditional poker game. So much, in fact, that it begins to wear on the girls. Of course, all of the chauvinistic teasing and taunting doesn't help things much, either. Finally, the gals all decide that they've had enough and insist that they be allowed to play. After a crushing defeat, Monica decides to enlist the help of a professional. A close family member who's no stranger to the game of cards; someone who knows how to work the deck.

Question 39

In the play, where does Joey go to search for alternative fuels?

To say that Joey has done some unusual things is kind of an understatement. There was the Japanese commercial for men's lipstick. There was the "Milk Master 2000;" or the role where he had to reveal ... ummm, all of himself. Or, what about the singing, tap dancing, psychiatrist. Or the time he drank everything he could to make his audition more authentic. But, probably the most unusual performance was during one of his stage plays where he gave a mediocre monologue and the climbed aboard a spaceship.

Question 40

What nickname does Chandler give himself?

Chandler's seemingly, never-ending insecurity really is just one of his more lovable character traits. The bad relationships, the bad jokes, and the bad dancing. But we love him for it, anyway. Right? It's just part of what makes Chandler ... well, Chandler. It's part of his charm. Yeah, that's it. In all honesty though, the gang just wouldn't be the same without him. In one episode, on one of his better days, he feels confident enough to give himself a nickname. Does anyone remember what it is?

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