Take The Fifty Shades Test To See If Christian Grey Would Say I Do

When E. L. James released the very first book in her Fifty Shades novel series, it became an instant hit and garnered quite a fan base. People couldn't get enough of the romance story between the two main characters and each new installment in the book series seemed to increase the overall popularity of the storyline. Each new book in the novel series added more dimension to the overall storyline, adding everything from adventure and mystery to heartbreak and even more romance.

When it was revealed that Hollywood was going to adapt the storyline to make it come alive on the big screen, there was a huge amount of excitement over who would be picked to play the main characters. Dakota Johnson was picked for the female lead role and this seemed to be the breakout role for the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. The male lead was given to Jamie Dornan and even though there was some criticism over the fact that he seemed far younger than the character from the book series, it was an overall hit that he would be portraying the lead male role. Johnson and Dornan seemed to have an amazing amount of chemistry on the big screen and moviegoers seemed thrilled with each new installment in the film series. The storyline garnered even more of a fan base but that doesn't mean that everyone still remembers all of the details that have played out on the big screen. Take the Fifty Shades quiz to see if Christian Grey would say I do and let us see who are the real fans of the film series.

Question 1

What’s the name of the female lead character?

There have been a number of female lead characters throughout the world of cinema, with many of them having certain characteristics in common with one another. This particular character "I the female protagonist of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy" (Fandom). While some view her as a bit timid at the start of the film series, there were definitely traits defining her as strong and independent. As a college student who ultimately meets the man that she would go on to marry, there are many who view her as the best part of the storyline.

Question 2

What’s the name of the male lead character?

When it comes to romance films, there is definitely a lot riding on whether or not the male lead character can really resonate with moviegoers. In the book series, this character is described as "tall, lean yet muscular, and broad-shouldered, with dark copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes... As quoted by Anastasia, 'He is not merely good looking - he is the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking'" (Fandom). The character was portrayed by the Northern Irish actor, Jamie Dornan (Belfast Telegraph).

Question 3

What was the name of Ana’s roommate?

When the first film in the Fifty Shades film series was first released, the lead female character, Anastasia "Ana" Steele, was shown as a young college student. She was trying to make her way in the world and she wasn't at all on the same financial level as the billionaire, Christian Grey. Instead, she had a roommate to help with living expenses as a college student and the two were actually great friends. Their friendship actually played a huge part in the overall film series.

Question 4

What was the name of Christian Grey’s adopted older brother?

One of the most interesting things about the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia "Ana" Steele was the fact that they already had a bit of a connection through those closest to them. Ana's roommate, Kate, had started a romantic relationship with Christian Grey's brother. This was actually a huge catalyst in helping Ana and Christian cultivate their own relationship in the beginning of the film series. It came into play later on in the film series, as well (Fandom).

Question 5

What was the name of the university that Ana attended?

When Anastasia "Ana" Steele was first introduced to audiences, she was seen as a college student that was just trying to get by (in both her grades and living situation). The college was actually depicted in the film series and there were several mentions of it for those paying close attention (Fandom). It really helped to let audiences know more about her background and it also showcased the location where the storyline was supposed to be taking place. What was the name of the university?

Question 6

What was the name of Christian Grey’s Seattle headquarters?

Fandom describes Christian Grey as "the male protagonist of the trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey. To the outside world, he appears to be a handsome and attractive young man in the business world." The film series makes sure to highlight the fact that he is the head of a billion dollar company. This allows him the freedom to really live the luxurious life and bestow the same lifestyle towards Ana Steele. The main location for the company was depicted throughout the film series.

Question 7

Who was Ana filling in for when interviewing Christian Grey?

There was quite a lot of buildup to the first meeting between Anastasia "Ana" Steele and Christian Grey in the film series. Fans of the books were really looking forward to seeing how these two characters would first interact on the big screen. They first met because Ana had to fill in for someone in an official interview with Christian Grey (Fandom). While the piece was supposed to be completely professional, it was obvious that there was some chemistry between these two main characters during that first meeting.

Question 8

What was the name of Ana’s photographer friend?

When Anastasia "Ana" Steele was first introduced in the Fifty Shades film series, there were a number of different elements that showcased her as quite desirable to people other than Christian Grey. There was a fellow employee at her job that seemed like he probably had feelings for her. There was also a friend of hers that seemed to have feelings for her as well. He was an aspiring photographer and his work was showcased in various scenes throughout the film series (Fandom).

Question 9

What does Christian call his special room for him and Ana?

When Anastasia "Ana" Steele first started to cultivate a romantic relationship with Christian Grey, there were definitely some red flags regarding the way they would interact with one another. He seemed to take out certain feelings in regards to their romantic relationship and he also had several rules that he expected her to follow. Yet, the strangest aspect to their relationship was definitely in regards to a special room that he introduced Ana to when he invited her into his home.

Question 10

What was the document Christian asked Ana to sign prior to starting their romantic relationship?

When Christian Grey and Ana Steele seemed like they were ready to cultivate a romantic relationship with one another, there were some differences with their interaction as opposed to the standard "boy meets girl" storyline. Christian seemed to be quite formal with how he wanted their romantic relationship to go and he definitely didn't seem like an impulse kind of guy that wanted to just wing their relationship. Instead, he had a formal document drafted up and he required Ana to sign it.

Question 11

What state did Ana say she was visiting during dinner at Christian’s family’s house?

When Ana had dinner with Christian Grey's family, it seemed like it was a huge milestone in their relationship (Fandom). It became obvious that he didn't exactly invite everyone that he had ever been in a romantic relationship with to meet his mother and the rest of his family (much less sit down and have dinner with them). Yet, it was during this dinner that Ana mentioned that she was going to be venturing out to a different state (which came as a surprise to Christian).

Question 12

What was the name of Christian’s adopted sister?

One of the most interesting aspects to the Fifty Shades film series was the fact that Rita Ora played a substantial role. Ora had built a name for herself as a music artist in the UK, as well as a television personality. While some people know her for being a judge on the UK show, The X-Factor, others just know her for once dating Rob Kardashian (E! News). Yet, the role as Christian's adopted sister on the Fifty Shades film series definitely helped to introduce her to more of an audience.

Question 13

What was the name of Christian’s adoptive mother?

One of the most interesting aspects of Christian Grey was the fact that he came from a childhood that wasn't exactly easy. He was eventually adopted and it is his adoptive family that was portrayed throughout the film series. Despite coming from a completely different home and lifestyle, he was able to build his empire and become the most ambitious and successful of all the siblings. Christian Grey's adoptive mother seems quite proud of the man that he became and was depicted throughout the film series (Fandom).

Question 14

What type of car did Ana originally drive?

When Anastasia "Ana" Steele was first introduced into the Fifty Shades film series, her car was depicted on the big screen. As a struggling college student, it's not surprising that she would drive a car that wasn't exactly on the same level as Christian Grey. Yet, her car wasn't portrayed for very long in the first film since it was eventually swapped out for a much nicer vehicle (Fandom). While everyone seems to think of her new car as a major upgrade, there was definitely some appeal to her original car.

Question 15

What was the first car that Christian purchased for Ana?

When Christian Grey was trying to woo Ana Steele into being in a romantic relationship with him, one of the aspects to their new interaction was the fact that he bought her a new car. Her original car seemed like it was working well enough but he wanted to give her an upgrade and it was really a grand gesture. This was one of the first big events in their relationship and it definitely came as a huge surprise to Ana (Fandom).

Question 16

What was the name of the publishing company that Ana began working for as an assistant?

When Anastasia "Ana" Steele was first introduced into the Fifty Shades film series, she was portrayed as an employee at a hardware store. Fans got to see Dakota Johnson in her hardware store apron and there was even an employee there that really seemed to have feelings for her. Yet, she didn't continue working at the hardware store since she eventually got a job as an assistant at a publishing company (Fandom). This was a huge part of the storyline in the Fifty Shades film series.

Question 17

What was the name of Ana’s friendly coworker?

When Ana started working as an assistant at a publishing company, she had to ingratiate herself into a completely different circle of individuals. While she interacted often with her boss, that didn't mean that she didn't have other personal relationships within the company. Seattle Independent Publishing housed a number of employees, including one that seemed quite friendly with Ana. She seemed like one of the only friends that Ana made there and she was also featured in the film series once Ana took on her new position (Fandom).

Question 18

What was the name of Ana’s editor that she ultimately replaced?

When Ana first started working at Seattle Independent Publishing, the interaction between her and her boss was a tenuous one. It seemed like he had romantic feelings for her but then there were other interactions that seemed quite intimidating towards her. With Christian Grey becoming more and more interested in her personal and professional life, he was able to facilitate Ana replacing her editor and she ultimately gained the professional career that she always wanted in the publishing world (Fandom). Yet, that didn't go over well with the editor.

Question 19

Where did Ana run into Christian after their breakup in Fifty Shades Darker?

The romantic relationship between Ana and Christian Grey definitely wasn't smooth sailing throughout the film series. There were a number of highs and lows throughout their relationship and, at one point, it seemed like their romantic relationship had come to an end (Fandom). Fans of the film series had to wait in anticipation of the next film to find out whether or not the two would ultimately reconcile. During one scene, Ana and Christian ran into one another and it helped their relationship to continue.

Question 20

What was the name of the female stalker of Ana and Christian?

When Ana and Christian began their romantic relationship, Christian made it clear to her that there had been other women in his life. While it was obvious that their relationship was a bit different and he was far more open to having more of a conventional interaction, that didn't mean that all of his previous relationships were on that same trajectory. There was one particular woman that couldn't seem to let go of the idea that she would have a real relationship with Christian and began stalking him and Ana (Fandom).

Question 21

What was the name of Christian’s former older flame?

One of the most interesting aspects of Christian Grey was the fact that he once had a romantic relationship with a much-older woman. The relationship was actually portrayed as quite inappropriate and his mother was quite upset when she finally found out. She had no idea that a woman that she brought around her children would wind up having a romantic relationship with him that wasn't exactly the best sort of interaction. The woman was portrayed by the actress, Kim Basinger (IMDb).

Question 22

What was the name of the beauty salon owned by Elena Lincoln?

One of the most interesting aspects of the Elena Lincoln character (portrayed by Kim Basinger) was the fact that she remained in Christian's life (Fandom). Even though he was no longer engaged in a romantic relationship with her and even though he seemed completely committed to Ana, she remained in his life for quite some time. During one instance, Ana even visited her beauty salon and there was a bit of an awkward interaction between them. This continued to escalate throughout the film series.

Question 23

What color paint did Leila throw on Ana’s car to vandalize it?

When one of Christian Grey's former flames began stalking him and Ana, it was obvious that she wasn't exactly in the best frame of mind. She seemed completely fixated on how he was treating Ana in comparison to how he used to treat her when they were in a romantic relationship. She seemed completely unkempt when she was portrayed on the big screen and her frame of mind was divulged in one scene when Ana saw that paint had been thrown on her car (Fandom).

Question 24

What was the theme of the charity event the Grey family threw in Fifty Shades Darker?

The Grey family seemed to be part of the elite society and it wasn't just because of their billion dollar company. The Grey family seemed philanthropic in many of their endeavors and even threw a charity event that was depicted in the film series. This was an opportunity for Ana and Christian to get all dolled up and mingle amongst a crowd that would be able to see them as a legitimate couple. The theme was quite elaborate and added to the storyline (Fandom).

Question 25

What was the name of Christian’s bodyguard that helped during Leila’s break-in incident?

With each new film, Christian Grey seemed to get even more attached to Ana Steele. His attachment had to do with his increasing feelings for her and it also resulted in how protective he had become over her. With Christian Grey being such a successful businessman, it's not surprising that he would have a bodyguard to protect and follow him. There were many people that would want to profit from him and the bodyguard definitely came in handy when there was a break-in incident by Leila.

Question 26

What type of crash was Christian involved in whilst on a business trip?

With Christian Grey being a hugely successful businessman, it's not surprising that he would have to travel to different locations in order to conduct his business. Grey House was just one location for the billion dollar company and there was one instance when he had to travel elsewhere for work. Ana became extremely worried for him because of an incident that even made it on the news (Fandom). This incident was undoubtedly a catalyst in helping her realize how strong her feelings were for Christian.

Question 27

What was the occasion for the event where Christian wound up proposing to Ana?

The romantic relationship between Christian and Ana had a number of ups and downs but even those little hiccups didn't affect the fact that their relationship actually moved quite quickly. When Christian ultimately proposed to her, it was a complete surprise. It seemed like she had to deal with a number of commitment issues with him in their relationship and there was a hardship on his end to fully open up with Ana (Fandom). The proposal for Ana was actually during another event.

Question 28

What did Christian like to do to Ana’s hair prior to entering the playroom?

The playroom actually played a huge role in the Fifty Shades film series and it was often what many people remember best about the entire storyline. While it can seem like a place that really throws all caution to the wind, it actually came with quite a few rules and guidelines. One of the aspects to this playroom was the fact that there was a bit of a tradition in the beginning stages that included Christian doing something to Ana's hair.

Question 29

Where did Christian and Ana go on their honeymoon?

When Christian and Ana finally said their vows and walked down the aisle, it was a huge moment for moviegoers. People loved seeing the romantic elements at the wedding and the beautiful gown worn by the actress, Dakota Johnson. Yet, the entire wedding wasn't exactly the biggest feature in this Fifty Shades film since more time was spent portraying the honeymoon. The environment was quite beautiful and audiences got to see these two main characters completely out of their regular lifestyle (Fandom).

Question 30

Who broke into Christian’s headquarter office while he was on his honeymoon?

Despite the fact that there were a few hiccups during the honeymoon with Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, the overall experience seemed amazing to both of them. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves on their European vacation and they were genuinely disheartened to hear that not everything was smooth sailing while they were away. Christian's headquarter office was actually broken into while they were on their honeymoon and this was the start of an integral part of the storyline for the rest of the film series (Fandom).

Question 31

Where did Christian take Ana when he surprised her after their honeymoon?

When Christian Grey and Ana returned from their honeymoon, there was some business elements that had to be dealt with regarding the billion dollar company. Jack Hyde had broken into the headquarter office and he was seen on the company's video surveillance system. While this definitely wasn't something that Grey was happy about, he wasn't going to let it completely spoil the plans that he had for Ana as a newly married couple. After their honeymoon, Grey planned a special surprise for her.

Question 32

Who did Ana threaten to fire when she arrived at her new home?

When Christian Grey took Ana on a surprise trip, she had no idea that he was going to be driving them to their first new home together. While he was initially worried that she would be upset about not having been in the decision-making process when purchasing the home, the surprise definitely seemed to go over well. Ana was completely thrilled to see the home he had purchased for them. Yet, that didn't mean that she was happy with everything in regards to their new home.

Question 33

What was the name of the architect for Christian and Ana’s new home?

When Christian took Ana to the new home that he had purchased for them, he made it clear to her that he wanted her to be happy with it. It wasn't just a home that he wanted but it was a home that he thought she would love and something that he wanted her to fully customize to make it into her dream home. Upon arrival at their new home, there was an architect there to greet them and talk about future plans for the house.

Question 34

Who did Ana meet for a drink when she told Christian she would stay home?

During the beginning stages of the romantic relationship between Christian Grey and Ana, it seemed like there were definitely more rules and guidelines regarding their interactions than there were in other stereotypical romantic relationships. While the film series was sometimes criticized for making it seem like Ana's character was always at the whim of Christian Grey, that wasn't necessarily the case. There were a number of times when she asserted her own independence (Fandom). On one occasion, Grey had asked her not to go out but she wound up meeting someone for a drink.

Question 35

Who had broken into Ana’s home while she was out having a drink with Kate?

When Christian Grey asked Anastasia to just stay home while he was away, he was asking her because he was trying to protect her. After the break-in at Grey House, Christian wanted to be vigilant about keeping her safe. Yet, Ana wound up going out and meeting her friend, Kate, for a drink. However, she ultimately wound up regretting that decision since it probably helped with an intruder breaking into the home. This intruder caused quite a stink and it was an incident that was a huge part of the storyline (Fandom).

Question 36

Where did Christian take Ana and her friends for a surprise trip?

When Christian Grey became upset with Ana for her disregarding his direction to stay home, Ana didn't quite think of it as something he was doing to keep her safe. Instead, it came off a bit like he might not be that happy with her having social relationships. Sometimes it can be tricky because some people see that kind of behavior as a way to segregate one's love one from their other friends. Yet, Christian Grey proved that he still wanted her to have friends since he treated them all to a friend's vacation.

Question 37

Who got engaged during the Aspen trip?

Christian Grey wanted Anastasia to be safe when she spent time with her friends and that's why he facilitated a trip to Aspen. He wanted her to know that he is happy for her to have social relationships outside of their marriage but he wants it to be in a safe environment. He wound up flying everyone to Aspen and they stayed at a lavish chalet (Fandom). It was during this Aspen trip that two people wound up getting engaged.

Question 38

Who helped Elliot pick out the ring he used to propose?

When Elliot was first introduced in the Fifty Shades film series, he wasn't exactly portrayed as the most reliable or conventional when it came to his professional or personal life. Yet, that didn't mean that he was going to treat Kate poorly. Instead, he seemed quite devoted to her and wound up proposing to her when they all went on a vacation to Aspen. It came as a huge surprise to Kate and it was interesting to know who was the person to help pick out the ring.

Question 39

What was the revelation Ana told Christian after their honeymoon?

Christian Grey had previously had a lifestyle that was quite unique. As a billionaire businessman with interesting tastes in regards to how he conducted his romantic relationships, the switch to becoming a married man was definitely a huge leap in his lifestyle. While he seemed completely ready to be that devoted husband, that doesn't mean that he was completely changed. In fact, he and Ana got into a huge disagreement when they returned from their honeymoon and it greatly affected the storyline (Fandom).

Question 40

Who did Christian visit after he angrily left Ana?

When Christian Grey found out that he was going to become a father, he didn't exactly react to it in the most supportive way. Christian had an idea of what he wanted his life to look like after he married Ana and he seemed to blame her after she revealed that she was pregnant. The interaction didn't go smoothly and it led to Christian leaving angrily and it wasn't the best result for Ana after telling her husband that they were going to be starting a family together.

Question 41

Where did Ana spend the night after she found out Christian had seen Elena?

When Ana found out that Christian went to see Elena after the two of them had an argument, she was understandably quite upset. She seemed to have issues with him interacting with Elena ever since the start of their relationship and it wasn't just because Elena was a former flame of Christian. To learn that he would run to her after a marital disagreement was extremely disheartening and it led her to spend a night somewhere that was quite strange.

Question 42

Who did Jack abduct?

As Ana's former boss, it wasn't surprising that he would have some animosity towards her because she wound up taking his job. He was essentially replaced by her and it was the first catalyst that wound up snowballing his role as a villain in the Fifty Shades film series. He wound up breaking into Ana's home and that later escalated to him abducting someone close to Ana and Christian (Fandom). When Ana discovered what he had done, it seemed up to her to resolve it.

Question 43

What was the name of Ana’s coworker that was in on Jack’s scheme?

When Jack came up with the idea to abduct someone close to Ana and Christian, it seemed surprising that he would be able to come up with the idea all by himself. He seemed like a man that was all about impulse and he didn't seem to think things out thoroughly. Later, it was revealed that there was actually someone else that was in on the plan. This person played a huge role in it and Ana was completely surprised to find out that it was someone she knew (Fandom).

Question 44

How much money did Jack request from Ana in cash?

When Jack made the call to Ana to let her know that he was planning on asking for a vast amount of money in order for her to save Mia, it was clear that Ana was willing to do anything that he asked of her. This incident came at a time when her and Christian weren't in the best space in their marriage but that actually was a helpful aspect to the overall storyline since it helped with retrieving the money.

Question 45

Whose phone did Ana take in order to trick Jack and Liz?

When Ana had to go to the bank in order to get the $5 million that Jack requested in order for her to get Mia home safely, it wasn't just something that was done without thinking. Ana had to think of a way to retrieve the funds without the bank or Christian stopping her but she also had to think of a way to help find her in case the swap out between Mia and the money didn't go well.

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