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Some people are so smart. It seems like no matter what they're asked, they have the answer in no time and barely even have to think about what it is. It doesn't matter what the question they're asked is, it could be a math problem, a geography problem, or a piece of trivia about a movie because they're probably going to know the answer. There are other people who seem to know everything about one specific thing like cooking, a book series, or art. Just about everyone has some interest that they're really into and know everything about, so that's not surprising!

Outside of people like that, there are some things that just about everyone knows or can decipher just based on clues in the question. Things like this are common sense and are no problem to answer, right? If someone asks what color the grass is or what the chemical solution for water is, just about everyone is going to say green and H2O in that order, right? It's just common sense!

Only people who have a ton of common sense can pass this super tough quiz! Everyone else should just stick to their interests and keep impressing their friends with trivia on that.

Question 1

If someone was making cupcakes and wanted orange frosting, what two colors of food coloring would they mix together?

People who enjoy baking always say that baking is a science and we totally agree. It's important to make sure that you get all the ingredients just right and don't use too much or too little of anything or the food won't turn out right at all! Something else that's important is making frosting the right color. If a person was making cupcakes and needed orange frosting but didn't have any, what two colors of frosting could they mix together in order to get it?

Question 2

Which ocean is the largest?

Oceans are bodies of saltwater that make up the majority of the Earth's area and make up most of the water that is found on the planet. Earth's oceans are the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Southern oceans. Each of these oceans is located in a different part of the world and separates different continents from each other. Although all the oceans are pretty huge and together, they make up 97% of the water on Earth, one of them is larger than the others.

Question 3

Which of the five senses do glasses improve?

Glasses can be used as a fashion accessory but for many people, they're actually completely necessary to helping one of their senses! Without wearing glasses or contacts, a person has a lot of trouble with the sense that glasses were designed to help. They come in all kinds of different styles which means that they can fit anyone's face or personality and look great while they still help the person who wears them. Which of these senses do glasses help?

Question 4

Which country would someone visit to see the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower was created as the entrance to the 1889 World's Fair and has been a super popular tourist destination ever since then. For over 40 years after its construction, the Eiffel Tower held the world record for being the highest man-made structure in the world before it was surpassed in 1930. Every year, over 7 million people travel to the country that it's located in in order to visit the Eiffel Tower and other tourist attractions located there.

Question 5

Which of these is not a quote from William Shakespeare?

This English playwright is known by many people as the greatest writer in history. His works, which include 39 plays, 154 sonnets, and other works have been translated into every language and no other playwright's plays are performed more often than his are. Some of his best-known works include Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet which are read in high school classrooms and performed by theater companies all over the world. Of these quotes, which of them was not written by Shakespeare?

Question 6

What weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?

A rock and a feather are two items that are totally different and pretty much impossible to compare, right? Feathers are light and soft and can be used as the stuffing for things like coats, blankets, and pillows. We can't even imagine using a pile of rocks to fill a pillow that we sleep on! Meanwhile, rocks come in all kinds of shapes and colors and are hard, heavy and the opposite of a feather. Would one pound of feathers or one pound of rocks weigh more?

Question 7

If a person throws a soccer ball and it comes back to hit them, what direction did they throw it?

Let's face it: sports aren't for everyone. Some people are just not athletic and they struggle to play any sport well or without managing to hurt themselves. Some people are just naturally talented at physical things while other people aren't which isn't a bad thing! If someone was playing with a soccer ball and they threw it and then had it come back to hit them in the face a few seconds later without anyone else touching it, what direction did they throw it?

Question 8

What's the largest planet in the solar system?

The solar system is made up of the sun and all the planets and objects that orbit around it. The solar system is made up of eight planets, several hundred dwarf planets, and other items like hundreds of natural satellites, hundreds of thousands of minor planets, and thousands of comets. Even though there are so many things out there in the solar system and they're all so far from Earth, scientists have studied them and we can learn from that.

Question 9

Divide 30 by 2 and then add 10. What's the answer?

For many people, the idea of doing math is pretty much a nightmare. Many people stopped doing math by themselves without a calculator as soon as they were done with school and many people who are still in school dread going to their math classes because they hate doing it so much. Some people love math and while that's great for them, we totally don't get it. Luckily, this math problem is a simple one that won't keep anyone up at night.

Question 10

Is it legal for someone living in California to be buried in Oregon?

This question may seem pretty morbid, but just think about it before answering! If a person is living in California, is it legal or not legal for them to be buried in Oregon? It may be morbid to think about things like this, but this question is a lot more simple and a lot less morbid than it actually seems, just think really carefully about it before giving an answer. Remember, the right answer isn't always the first one that comes to mind!

Question 11

If a hazelnut falls from a tree while the wind is blowing north, where does it land?

Hazelnuts are delicious. They're in candy and they're even one of the main ingredients in the delicious spread that is Nutella! Yum! What would we do without them? We don't even want to imagine that. This riddle may seem tricky, but just think carefully about it and try to imagine these delicious little hazelnuts before giving an answer! If the wind were blowing against a hazelnut tree and one blew off the tree, where would that hazelnut land after it blew in the wind?

Question 12

Which of these homonyms is the word for measuring diamonds?

A diamond is a mineral made of compressed carbon. Natural diamonds that are typically over a billion years old and were formed by pressure in the Earth can be found but synthetic diamonds are also created by humans in conditions that simulate the heat and pressure that creates natural diamonds. Diamonds come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, brown, and even blue like the infamous Hope Diamond. Diamonds are measured by cut, clarity, color, and one other thing. Which of these is it?

Question 13

How is it possible for a person to not sleep for eight days?

Who needs sleep? Actually, everyone does. Unfortunately for many of us, no amount of coffee and energy drinks are going to solve the fact that humans still need sleep to function. The amount of sleep that a person needs varies from person to person, though. Some people are fine after only six hours of sleep while other people need closer to eight or nine in order to feel really refreshed. How is it possible for a person to not sleep for eight days?

Question 14

How many birthdays does the average person have?

Birthdays are celebrated on the anniversary of a person's birth. Depending on the culture, birthdays can be celebrated in a number of ways but many of them involve gifts and parties. Some birthdays involve a coming of age when the person reaches a certain age which takes them from being a child or teenager to being an adult. How people celebrate their birthday is a super personal thing to them and is different for everyone. How many birthdays does the average person have?

Question 15

At a local farmers market, a man is selling 15 peaches and someone buys 1/3. How many does he have left?

Even for people who hate math, envisioning math problems with real items can make it a lot easier. Imagine being at a farmer's market and seeing a farmer with a fruit stand that includes a basket of delicious, fresh peaches. Who could resist? Not us, that's for sure! If someone walks up to that stand and sees that the farmer has 15 peaches and then decides to buy 1/3 of them, how many are left in the farmer's basket for other shoppers?

Question 16

If someone is told to buy a baker's dozen donuts, how many should they return with?

No matter what you're counting, a dozen means twelve. Twelve is an easy number to remember because of the fact that so many things come in groups of 12 like months in a year and cycles of the moon. Twelve is also a versatile number because of the fact that it has so many divisors but is still a low number. While a dozen is twelve, a baker's dozen is a completely different number. If someone is told to buy a baker's dozen donuts, how many should they buy?

Question 17

How many months have 28 days?

Even during leap years, February is the shortest month in the year. While other months have a total of 30 or 31 days, February is a few days short of that number, even during a leap year when it gets an extra day added to the total number of days in the month. That means that people born on the last day of February in a leap year have to celebrate their birthday on a different day almost every year!

Question 18

How many times can 9 be subtracted from 56?

Time for us to flash back to elementary school! Unfortunately, we're not flashing back to the fun parts. We're not going back to the days of having fun at recess or eating the deliciously square pizza in the cafeteria - we're going back to math class! Ugh, we know, we know, no one wants to relive those days. In elementary school, many of us had to memorize multiplication tables. How many of us remember them? Time to find out! How many times can the number 9 be subtracted evenly from the number 56?

Question 19

How often do leap years occur?

A leap year is an event that only comes around occasionally and changes something pretty major about the year: it makes February 29 days long! That's still not as long as the other months in the year, but it's nice to have an extra day in February for people who really love the winter time and want to extend it as long as possible. For people who prefer the warmer months, leap years are not something to look forward to!

Question 20

True or false: koalas are bears.

The koala is an animal that is native to Australia. Because eucalyptus leaves are the main part of the diet of the koala, these animals typically live in the trees of eucalypt woodlands. Although sloths are known for being slow and sleeping a lot, they've got nothing on koalas. Koalas spend most of their life asleep because of the fact that their diet is so low in calories and doesn't give them very much energy. Koalas are often called koala bears, but are they actually bears?

Question 21

How long can a human go without water?

Even though we don't always like to drink it, water is an incredibly important part of anyone's diet. Our bodies are made up of a lot of water and it's important to stay hydrated, especially during the hot months of the summertime or if you're outside or doing anything physical. Other drinks like soda and lemonade may taste better, but remember to drink water if you want to stay healthy and feeling good! What's the longest that a person can go without water?

Question 22

Is it legal for a man to marry his widow's sister?

Getting remarried after being married once can be a pretty big deal for some people, just like getting married for the first time can be. Making the decision to get married a second time is something that's very personal to a person. If a man wants to marry his widow's sister, can he legally do it or would they be stopped when they try to get their marriage license? Make sure you really think this question through before giving an answer!

Question 23

A person running a marathon is in 3rd place before they pass the person in ahead of them. What place are they in now?

Running a marathon is something that can be pretty intense and takes a lot of training but for people who love to run, it can be a pretty awesome feeling to finish it! Marathons involve running or walking a total of 26.22 miles or 42.195 kilometers but people can also run half marathons which are exactly half that distance. If a person is running a marathon and is in 3rd place before they pass the person ahead of them, what place are they in?

Question 24

Which theme park is home to Toy Story Land?

Theme parks and amusement parks can be a lot of fun for people who want to go with their friends or family and get away for the day to ride some rides and see fun attractions. One of the latest ones that's getting tons of buzz of social media is Toy Story Land. This theme park is based around the Pixar movie series Toy Story and is all about immersing its visitors into the land of Toy Story in order to let them escape for a while.

Question 25

What would someone with a sore throat be most likely to put in their tea?

Being sick is never fun for anyone. No one likes having a stuffy nose or a sore throat but luckily, there are some things that can make it feel a lot better. There's nothing better than relaxing in bed with snacks like hot tea or soup to feel better and get over having a cold or other sickness. One common remedy for having a sore throat is to drink tea and people often put one of these ingredients in their tea to sooth their throat.

Question 26

What are french fries made from?

French fries are a fried food that are often served as a side dish to other foods like fish, hamburgers, or other foods or can be eaten by themselves as a snack. They're often served in diners and fast food restaurants and can also be found in the frozen food section of grocery stores. In countries like the UK and Australia, the word chips often refers to fries that are cut slightly wider than what countries like the US and Canada consider fries.

Question 27

What brand's logo is this?

The company that uses this famous swoosh as their logo is well-known for their athletic gear like shoes and workout clothes. The brand is named after the Greek goddess of victory which is so fitting considering the company. For seven years after the company was founded in 1964, they were known as Blue Ribbon Sports before they changed their name to the name they have now. This swoosh is often seen with the slogan "Just Do It" and is associated with what brand?

Question 28

In order to mix together any shade of purple paint, which of these colors would someone NOT use?

If a person has paints in each of the primary colors, they can make just about any shade of paint that they're looking for simply by mixing them together. Color theory is pretty interesting in that way! It can be tough to remember what paints mix into what colors, but it's also super satisfying to see the paints mix up together and become a brand new shade of paint. If someone wants to mix up a shade of purple, which of these colors should they leave out?

Question 29

In which country was the Disney movie Mulan set?

Mulan is a classic Disney animated film and was based on the life of a legendary warrior named Hua Mulan. The film was released in 1998 during a period of time that many people call the Disney Renaissance during which Disney started making more animated musical films like The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Aladdin, and Tarzan, among others. After Mulan's father is called to go to battle, she disguises herself as a boy and takes his place in the army. Where is this movie set?

Question 30

What country did sushi originate in?

Sushi is a food made of vinegared rice which is combined with a combination of ingredients that can include fish, vegetables, or even fruit. When it comes to sushi, the options are pretty much limitless. There are a ton of different rolls that sushi comes in and can vary a lot based on where it's made and the style of sushi made there as well as the different fish and vegetables that are regularly sold in that area. Where did sushi originate?

Question 31

What game is this money from?

This pile of money isn't going to be able to buy the person who pulls it out of their wallet anything at any store they go to. Instead, it'll buy them properties and hotels! Or, it'll be forced to be given to other players as rent or paid in fees and taxes. Ouch! This real estate-based game is way too close to real life for us. This classic game was first released in 1935 and has been around since then in its original form as well as with limited edition and updated versions.

Question 32

If a red house is made of red bricks and a brown house is made of brown bricks, what is a greenhouse made of?

Anyone who is into gardening will know all about greenhouses. These structures are made to protect plants from the elements and help to create an indoor environment in which they can grow and thrive while still being outside and not actually in someone's house. High tech or commercial greenhouses are often completely set up with lighting and a controlled heating or cooling system to keep the inside of the greenhouse at the perfect temperature and environment in which to grow flowers, vegetables, and other plants.

Question 33

When is winter in the Southern Hemisphere?

People have some seriously strong opinions on what their favorite season is. Some people love the heat of the summer while other people prefer the colder months in the winter. In the Northern Hemisphere, we all know that winter takes place during December, January, and February. That means that holidays like Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Valentine's Day take place during the winter. But, is that the same in the Southern Hemisphere? Or does winter take place during a different set of months there?

Question 34

Which of these animals wasn't in The Lion King?

The Lion King is a Disney movie and a retelling of the William Shakespeare play Hamlet. The movie takes place in Africa in a place called The Pride Lands. The movie follows as a young lion grows up after losing his father in a tragic accident. Although the movie is called The Lion King, there are also a lot of other animals that are featured in the movie that Simba, the main character, meets during his life. Which of these animals is not one of them?

Question 35

How many books are in the Harry Potter series?

The Harry Potter series is a series of books and movies based on them that were written by J.K. Rowling and follow the life of a young wizard who just happens to be one of the most famous wizards in the world. The series is an incredibly popular one and has been ever since the first book came out in the 90s and now, there's a theme park and tons of merchandise based on the series. How many books are in the main series?

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