Take The Big Bang Theory Quiz To Get Sheldon Or Leonard As A Roommate!

Now that "The Big Bang Theory" has wrapped up it's eleventh season, people love it even more!  Just when you think it couldn't possibly have anywhere else to go ... BANG!  There it is, another hilarious plot twist!  It's pretty obvious that most of us just can't get enough of Leonard and Penny, or Sheldon and Amy, or Howard and Bernadette, or even Raj.  What can we say?  We love 'em all!  There have been so many ups and downs, break-ups and make-ups, it's almost too much to keep track of.  Almost.  But that's part of what makes the show so great.  The characters all have their own quirks and personalities (especially Sheldon), but they all have endearing qualities that we love as well.

There have been so many oddball situations, so many hilarious debacles, it makes some people wonder how they might do if they were in the same predicament.  How long would any of us last if we were Sheldon's roommate, or had to drive him everywhere he needed to go?  It's almost frightening to imagine how it might feel to be constantly assaulted by Howard's never-ending, inappropriate flirtation.  Yikes.  So, take the quiz.  Maybe Sheldon would be a good fit as a roommate after all.  Or maybe it'd be Leonard.  Who knows?  Only one way to find out.  Start with question #1.

Question 1

Where did the fellas go for three months to do research?

At the beginning of Season Three, our guys have just gotten back from a long, three month expedition to do some very specialized research. Three months ... that's a long time to be isolated and alone with any three people, friends or not. We won't even get into some of the things they considered doing to Sheldon. But, the real question is, does anyone remember where they went?

Question 2

What is Penny's apartment number?

There are a lot of scenes where our gang (or members of our gang) spend time trudging up and down those stairs. They pass by a lot of things; plants, deliveries, bicycles, empty water jugs, and other apartments. But has anyone ever paid close enough attention to remember the actual apartment numbers? Luckily, there's only two to choose from here.

Question 3

Who does Sheldon consider his best friend?

There's no denying that Sheldon is just an odd duck. That doesn't mean, "bad." It just means, "odd." But, odd can be likeable as well. It has to be; how else could the rest of the guys have tolerated him for so long? And, Sheldon does have his good qualities ... they're just fewer and farther between than the weird ones. But, even people like Shelly need a best friend.

Question 4

What kind of hearing do they say Sheldon has?

Okay, so we've already used the word "odd" to describe the many facets of Sheldon. But, one has to admit that some of his quirks are kind of cool, too. He likes to boast about his intelligence; that much is obvious. However, the fellas have been witness to pretty impressive idiosyncrasies as well. His hearing, for one.

Question 5

What does Raj call Howard's mustache?

Who of us wouldn't love to have the same amount of confidence as Howard every now and again? How great would it be to have that kind of "never say die" attitude when it comes to dealing with the dating scene and courting women? But we also know that there are many, many times when good, old Howard just doesn't realize that enough is enough.

Question 6

When Sheldon runs away, where does he go?

Just because you're a genius doesn't mean that you're feelings can't be hurt. When Shelly finds out that the guys purposely interfered with some of the aspects of his research, he asks that they simply apologize for their wrong doing. But, when they refuse, Sheldon decides that there's nothing left to do but leave. Who needs them, anyway?

Question 7

How does Sheldon know he's not crazy?

This is a pretty simple one; and in many people's opinion, one of the best, ongoing jokes of the series. Sure, a lot of what Sheldon does would be considered crazy by most. There's the fact that he just can't seem to recognize sarcasm ... in any form. Or, the fact that he's constantly condescending to pretty much anyone and everyone that he meets. But, he insists that he's NOT crazy; and he has proof.

Question 8

What kind of cricket is Toby/Jiminy?

Okay. So here's a great example of what can happen when you have way too many brilliant minds in one room. Anyone remember the episode about the cricket? Howard insists that he knows his stuff when it comes to identifying insects. But, of course, Sheldon contends that he's right as well. Thank goodness they work at a university where they can get some answers.

Question 9

What does Penny make for breakfast on Oatmeal Day?

One of the great things about Penny's character, is how quickly she learns to blow off most of what Sheldon says. It's fantastic that she can just ignore him and do her own thing when she's so inclined. Besides, what kind of a world would we live in if we all did exactly what everybody else wanted and turned a blind eye to our own wants and desires?

Question 10

How does Sheldon reward Penny's good behavior?

As well-intentioned as some of Sheldon's ideas may be, the majority of them usually come off as insulting. Such is the case when Shelly thinks that he's doing Leonard a favor by trying to "correct" some of Penny's behaviors. Sadly, it comes off more as if he were trying retrain a dog instead of a friend.

Question 11

How long is Raj's visa good for?

Poor Raj. He always seems to be getting the raw deal; he can't talk to women unless he's intoxicated, he's always being bullied by his parents who want to arrange his marriage so he can give them some grandchildren. At least he has his PhD Degree so Sheldon can't make fun of him like he does with Howard.

Question 12

What does Sheldon's MeeMaw call him?

See? Even Sheldon has a softer side. Perhaps there is hope for his humanity. Of course, that softer side mainly shows when it comes to his MeeMaw (well, and with Amy Farrah Fowler, too). But, even the rest of the fellas get kick out of seeing Sheldon's white underbelly now and again.

Question 13

What does Howard do after his third date with Bernadette?

Oh, what's a guy like Howard to do? He's spent so much of his life trying to figure out how to meet women (let alone the right woman). Now that he has Bernadette, it's almost as if he doesn't know how to handle it. And it's not like she's some overbearing, demanding witch. It's just sweet, little Bernadette.

Question 14

Which one of the fellas goes to work for Sheldon?

One would almost think it would primarily be a question of WHY would any of them go to work for Sheldon, let alone who. But, for our intents and purposes, that is the question. Trying to imagine having Sheldon as a boss is almost too mind-blowing or too frightening to comprehend.

Question 15

What is Bernadette's job?

Sweet, little Bernadette. That face, that voice ... how could anyone not like her? Howard sure hit the jackpot with this one. But, she's not just some innocent, spineless thing, either. She's not afraid to stand up for herself or for her man. Not only that, but but she worked to put herself through school, as well. If that doesn't just scream, "keeper," then what does?

Question 16

Who does Sheldon play against in the "Mystic Warlords Tournament?"

One could almost argue that it's something Sheldon and Howard have in common. An ego. Not the same kind of ego, mind you. Howard's is more that, "can't keep a good man down" kind of ego. Whereas Sheldon's is more of a, "I know when I'm right and I will destroy anyone who tries to prove otherwise" kind of thing.

Question 17

Does Penny normally wear glasses?

Penny really does do an excellent job of holding her own in a room full of know-it-all boys. More than half the time they talk about things she doesn't understand; or they talk to her in way that she can't hope to understand. But, she hardly ever backs down and and isn't afraid to give just as good as she gets, if not better.

Question 18

What is Raj's job?

Raj really is one of the most likeable characters on the show. He's certainly one of the most easy going out of all the fellas. He knows that he has a problem talking to women, but he's pretty much made peace with that. He doesn't constantly insist on being right (like Sheldon), and he's just pretty much glad to be in the country doing what he's doing.

Question 19

Sheldon has a photographic/eidetic memory. True or False?

Who would want a photographic memory? Well ... okay. Sure it would be great for taking tests and memorizing recipes and all that kind of thing. But, one would think that eventually all the information would eventually just get too cluttered and distracting; or maybe just all too confusing. Wait, what was the question again?

Question 20

Sheldon drives Penny to the E.R. when she dislocates her shoulder. True or False?

Penny. What's a girl to do? She really does like Leonard. And he likes her. But that's the problem with living across the hall from a boyfriend; what happens when things aren't working out anymore? How awkward is that? What if there's an accident? Who is there to rely on then?

Question 21

Bernadette also works at The Cheesecake Factory with Penny. True or False?

That Bernadette's a real go-getter. Not only does she fight for the man she loves (and stand up to his mother), but she knows what she wants and won't back down from anyone to get it. Kind of like how she worked and went to school at the same time; all so she could have the job she wanted.

Question 22

What happens when Sheldon goes on N.P.R.?

As wrong as it sounds, it is nice to see Sheldon get knocked down a peg or two every once in a while. He may not always know that he's being obnoxious (or maybe it's just that he doesn't care), but there are those who feel justified in putting Shelly in his place every so often. And maybe, just maybe they're right.

Question 23

Why doesn't Leonard like his name?

One could almost say that Leonard is kind of the peace keeper of the group. And, maybe that's just because he spends the most time with Sheldon and knows how to tolerate him better than any of the others do. But, poor Leonard has his insecurities and doubts, too. In this particular episode, he just happens to mention that fact that he doesn't like his name.

Question 24

What kind of slip-resistant stickers does Sheldon have in his shower?

See, now that can be one of the more frustrating parts of knowing Sheldon. The fact that sometimes, even when he's being intolerable, it's ofttimes done with good intentions. It's true. As much as he may annoy Penny (almost all the time), there can actually be genuine moments of real sincerity mixed in there. Sometimes.

Question 25

What did Leonard's family give each other for Christmas?

What do people get each other for Christmas when their entire family is full of over-achievers and geniuses? Is it a matter of money? Hardly. Is it a lack of creativity? Probably not. Maybe it's just the fact that with that much perfection, there's bound to be some weirdness floating around in there, too.

Question 26

Who tries to teach physics to Penny?

It's true. Penny's a tough gal. And she has no problem taking the grief that she occasionally gets from the rest of the fellas. A lot of other girls would simply shrug, give up, and walk away from it all. But, not Penny. She doesn't quit. In fact, there's a time or two that she even goes out of her way to show Leonard that she can learn some new things, too.

Question 27

Where do the fellas live?

We know that they all work together. And that they work at Caltech. They eat lunch together; most of the time have dinner together; and go to the comic book store together. But, between all these regular and routine destinations, do any of us ever wonder or stop to ponder just what city it is that they're doing all these things in? Hmmm?

Question 28

Where does Sheldon get a job after he has a breakdown at work?

Yes, even geniuses like Sheldon Cooper can have their off days. Only this time, Shelly's having more than just an off day. He has a full-blown breakdown at work. Apparently, all those brilliant mathematical equations can rattle even the smartest scientists at times. What's even more interesting, is how he reacts when it happens.

Question 29

Where did the fellas find "The Ring?"

It's not just that they're all brilliant at what they do (when it comes to work), but they're geeks about other things, as well. They don't just love their jobs, but they love their movies and their comic books and their music just like the rest of us do. So, when they stumble upon the " ... one ring to rule them all," things get just as complicated as they can for the rest of us.

Question 30

Why does Sheldon miss Stan Lee day?

Stan Lee?! THE Stan Lee?!? Stan Lee of Marvel comics?!?! THAT Stan Lee is going to be at THEIR comic book store?! Unbelievable!! That's the kind of thing that only happens once ... maybe twice in a lifetime! And Sheldon has to miss it. That's just unheard of! There has to be a reason. There had better be a reason; and it had better be a good one!

Question 31

What does Penny say when Leonard says, "I love you?"

That's the kind of thing that takes a lot of courage. "I love you" is not the kind of phrase that one just throws around all willy-nilly. Those words mean something. They mean a lot. So, hopefully, when you put them out there, the other person feels the same way. 'Cause, if they don't, that make things real awkward, real fast!

Question 32

Sheldon has stage fright. True or False?

Ahh ... the more seasons that go by, the more we get treated to some of Sheldon's short-comings. No, it's not that we don't like Sheldon; it's just that it's nice to see some of his weaknesses every once in a while. Or, to put into terms that the fellas can understand ... it's nice to see Shelly get exposed to Kryptonite every so often.

Question 33

What does Sheldon like in his pasta?

And, it's not just that we like to see Sheldon get what's coming to him sometimes, 'cause we do; it's that there are also moments that we enjoy seeing some of his child-like qualities as well. And, how sweet is it that when these peculiarities do manage to shine through, most of the time it's with Penny? Perhaps there's hope for Shelly after all.

Question 34

Why doesn't the elevator work?

It's another one of the running gags of the show that we all love so much. What did happen to that elevator? Why doesn't anybody ever bring the subject up more than they do? Why hasn't it been fixed? Perhaps it's because if they didn't have to take the stairs as often, there might not be quite as much conversation.

Question 35

Howard's tattoos are real. True or False?

Oh, the lengths Howard will got to in order to meet a girl. It's kind of an admirable quality, actually. That's what you call dedication ... Wolowitz-style. And Raj is a great friend for going along with him. Most of the time. Maybe creativity would be a better word. Yes, dedication and creativity. Bernadette is a lucky girl.

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