Take The 60-Second Test To Find Out Which Chocolate Bar You Are!

They are just so sweet and delicious. They are your all-time favorite chocolate bars. Sure, you probably only really think about them when you have a craving while hitting up the supermarket or while digging through your kids' and/or younger siblings' candy bags during Halloween, but have you ever really thought about which candy bar is the closest to your personality? Some candy bars are more humble and traditional whereas other candy bars are a little more innovative and flashy. Some have a more colorful wrapper, where others are a little more subtle with their outerwear but it has worked for them over the decades.

Wouldn’t it be funny if your favorite candy bar shared your same values? What if you are one that likes to jet set and your favorite candy bar tastes of the tropics? That’d be kind of neat wouldn’t it? If you’re more of a traditionalist, perhaps your favorite candy car is simple and only boasts a simple chocolate flavor inside of the wrapper. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, then take our quiz to figure out which chocolate bar is the most closely related to your personality. The results may surprise you, or they might just show you that your favorite candy bar has a little more in common with you than you think.

Question 1

What are your views on routine?

Hey, routine isn't always a bad thing. It keeps people on track, especially during the week when work needs to be done. Some people really like routine, but some people really feel trapped by it. Where you do fit in when it comes to routine?

Question 2

How many friends do you have?

Friends are always nice to have for obvious reasons. When you're down they pick you up, and when you're up they keep you feeling happy. How many friends would you say you have?

Question 3

How many fillings do you have?

Fillings can make or break a candy bar. Sometimes having one isn't necessary, but having too many would ruin the whole ordeal. Sometimes one is the magical number, but sometimes you can make a symphony out of multiple fillings too. How many do you have?

Question 4

What would you bring to a deserted island?

It's the age old question, what would you bring to a deserted island? Would you bring something to keep you occupied, or would you bring a person to keep you company? Would you just bring your sense of adventure or a great book to read?

Question 5

What are you doing at a party?

What are you doing at a big party? Are you telling the room all about your many adventures, are you snacking by the food table, are you the life of the party telling jokes, or are you hanging out with all of your friends?

Question 6

What’s your favorite time of day?

Everyone has a favorite time of the day that they like to either get stuff done or hang out with friends. What time of day do you enjoy the most? Do you like being productive on the morning, going on adventures in the afternoon, getting social in the evening, or going to a party at night?

Question 7

What sandwich would you choose?

A sandwich is a delicious lunch staple that many people enjoy all the time. What type of sandwich would you like to have on the regular? would you like something less common like a Monte Cristo, or something traditional like a ham and cheese? How about a peanut butter sandwich or a sillier sandwich like fairy bread?

Question 8

What is your ideal Friday night?

What do you like to do on a Friday night? Do you like to go out or stay in? Do you like chilling on your couch while watching Netflix or do you like going out for an adventure? Do you want to hang out with your buddies or do you want to hit up a stand up comedy show?

Question 9

Which Halloween costume do you like the most?

Pick a classic Halloween costume that you would dress up as. Would you pick a Vampire that could easily travel around, a ghost that could co-habituate a house with other ghosts, Frankenstein's Monster that usually likes more alone time, or a skeleton that's always smiling?

Question 10

favorite holiday?

There are many holidays to choose from, but you can only choose one in this situation. Do you like the warm and summer-filled Independence Day, Halloween where you can be surrounded by friends, Christmas where many holiday traditions are kept, or Thanksgiving when the family gathers for fun?

Question 11

You won travel tickets on a game show, do you go?

You just went on a game show and won tickets to travel to one of the world's finest travel destinations. What do you do? Do you actually go on the trip? Do you trade it in for cash? Do you ask if your friend can go along, or do you trade the tickets in to go to one of your favorite shows?

Question 12

When it comes to traveling, where's your head?

What are your thoughts on travel? Do you like to gather you belongings and hitting it, or do you like staying home? Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to globetrotting and not everyone wants to grab their suitcase and go. Where do your thoughts lie?

Question 13

What temperature do you like your showers?

How do you take your showers? Do you take them boiling lava hot, or do you like them on the cool side? Perhaps you don't even prefer a shower at all but instead you would actually like a bath. Maybe you'd actually like a warm, but not too warm shower to get you through cleaning time.

Question 14

Which pet do you prefer?

Pets keep us sane and give us a sense of happiness when we need them most. Everyone looks for something a little different in their pet. Whether they are looking for a silly money, an independent cat, a lovable dog, or an exotic bird, every pet brings something different to a household.

Question 15

What's for dessert?

What is for dessert tonight? There are so many delicious and decadent options to choose from. Do you want a yummy ice box cake? How about a pineapple upside down cake? Chocolate fondue with peanut butter is also a good option, but so is some candy bars too.

Question 16

What color appeals to you most?

Pick a color that you are drawn towards. Is it a mellow blue, a vibrant orange, a passionate red, or a down to earth brown? Everyone is drawn to a different color for a different reason, why are you drawn to the color you are picking?

Question 17

How do you travel?

How do you choose to travel? There are many ways to get to where you want to go. You can take a plane to get to an exotic destination, an uber to get somewhere with friends, your own car to get from point a to point b, or you can take a simple walk. The choice is yours.

Question 18

What does your fast food order look like?

What does your fast food order look like? Do you like something a little healthier like a burrito bowl or do you like to share you meal by getting a gigantic sub sandwich? Maybe you like a traditional meal like cheeseburgers or you like sharing your food by getting Chinese take out.

Question 19

Would you ever start your own business?

What do you think about starting your own business? Would you do it without hesitation, or is that just way too much pressure for you? Would you rather travel, or would you do it if your buddies would go in with you? Would you be an entertainer? What would you do in this situation?

Question 20

What scares you the most?

Out of these scenarios, what scares you the most? Would it be having no where to go and only having boredom to face for a while or would it be a lack or achievement? Would you be more scared if you had no one to be around or if people didn't find you interesting?

Question 21

In a group project you are the...

What part do you play in a group project? It's important to pick a role that helps out, but not everyone is always in it to win it. Are you more of the leader, the emotional support, the worker bee, or the one that never really shows up?

Question 22

Your friend needs some help, how do you react?

When your buddy is down and out, how do you go about cheering them up? Do you have a phone call with them, do rush to their aid, do you ignore it and let them handle it, or do you give them some light humor to pick up their spirits?

Question 23

What do you value over all things?

Out of all the qualities of life, what do you value the most? There are many things that we all value, and there isn't one thing that is better than the other. Do you value adventure, or how about friendship? How about tradition? Maybe you value some good humor over everything else?

Question 24

People describe you as...

How do people describe you? There are many ways people can describe you as. They can say you are lively, they can say you are cooperative. they can also say you are stable or innovative. What would people say you are?

Question 25

Which state would you like to live in?

There are so many states that you can live in and it can be hard to choose which one to set roots in. Would you choose the more exotic Hawaii, the more traditional Pennsylvania, the more friendly California, or the more hustling and bustling New York?

Question 26

How romantic are you?

What level of romantic are you? Would you say your more of the exotic side of romantic or would you say you're more silly? Would you say that you are a typical romantic or are you more of a friend-zone type of person? Where would you place yourself on the spectrum?

Question 27

What's your drink of choice?

If you had to pick a drink out of this small sampling, which would you pick? Would you choose a tropical pina colada, a social Cosmopolitan, a simple pint of beer, or a club drink like a whiskey sour? Which drink would quench your thirst?

Question 28

When a fight is happening, what are you doing?

Oh boy, a fight just broke out and you are in the heat of it. What are you doing in the midst of this massive fight? Are you throwing blows in the middle of it, are you trying to break it up, are you running away from it, or are you trying to smooth it over with some humor?

Question 29

Your pet ran away, what do you do?

When your pet runs away it is not a fun situation to have to deal with. there are many ways to react to this situation like running out immediately to find him, gathering a group to get him, creating posters so others can help find him, or staying home in hopes he comes back, but how would you deal with it?

Question 30

You're having a bad day, how do you cheer yourself up?

Bad days are inevitable, but how do you combat them? We all deal with them slightly differently an there is no right or wrong answer. Do you ride out and take a day trip or do you gather your buddies? Maybe you take a chill day in or listen to something that will make you laugh?

Question 31

Who do you live with?

Who you you live with? Some people live by themselves whereas others live with a roommate. Some people live with their spouse where as some live with their best friend. If you had to choose someone to live with, who would it be?

Question 32

Who do you take advice from?

Everyone takes advise from someone different and there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Whether you take advice from your parents, your best friends, your partner, or yourself, you can get the answers you are looking for from the source you turn towards.

Question 33

Quick! Pick a number!

Sometimes there's no way of knowing what an answer is unless you follow your gut. What is your instinct telling you here, should you choose the number one, two, three, or four? Every number has a reason, but which one are you going to choose?

Question 34

Which weather do you prefer?

There is so many types of weather out there and everyone likes something different. Do you like a cooler day so adventuring is easier, do you like a warm day to hang out with friends, do you like some rain so you can snuggle up inside, or do you like uglier weather that makes people gather together?

Question 35

What are your thoughts on peanut butter?

What are your thoughts on peanut butter? Do you love the thought of it or are you not so excited about it? Do you only get mildly excited about it? Do you like peanuts more than peanut butter? Where does you mind go when peanut butter is brought up?

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