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The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen series that began airing on The CW in 2009 and aired through 2017. The series focuses on a character named Elena Gilbert who lives in a fictional Virginia town that has a long history with vampires roaming its streets. Even though Elena has lived there her whole life, she's blissfully unaware of the supernatural creatures that live in her hometown alongside her because of the fact that many town officials have worked hard for centuries to keep the vampires at bay. Unfortunately, Elena becomes all too aware of the vampires and werewolves that live in the town she lives in when she meets a new student named Stefan Salvatore who she finds out is actually a vampire!

Even though The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017, that doesn't mean that fans aren't still totally obsessed with all the supernatural happenings in the town and don't still wish that we could befriend Elena and have a Salvatore vampire all of our own! Although that's not actually possible for us, we can still rewatch the series over and over and enjoy all the twists and turns that the show has to offer along the way.

Who thinks they're the biggest Vampire Diaries fan? Prove it by acing this TVD quiz!

Question 1

True or false: vampires can just drink a potion in order to be able to go out into the sun.

Anyone who is a fan of vampire movies and TV shows will know that one of the main weaknesses for vampires in most of them is the sunlight. Whether it harms them or just makes their skin glitter and sparkle, vampires can't really go out into the sun the way that regular humans can in most vampire TV shows and movies. In The Vampire Diaries, the Salvatore brothers are able to go out into the sun like it's no big deal, so they're obviously an exception. This is because they have something special that makes them immune to the sun. Is it a potion?

Question 2

Damon and Stefan are ________.

Damon and Stefan have a long history together and quite a bit of drama between the two of them. In the present time, we all know that the two of them end up falling in love with Elena Gilbert who becomes totally torn between her feelings for these two vampires. But, even before Elena came around, the two of them were having a lot of vampire drama and were both in love with her doppelgänger, Katherine, which caused a rift between them even before they were vampires. Come on, you two! Work things out! Who knows how these two are related?

Question 3

Which of these characters is NOT an Original Vampire?

Although vampires, in general, are introduced pretty quickly in The Vampire Diaries, there is still a special variation of these creatures that don't get introduced to viewers until slightly later on in the series. Original Vampires are the family of vampires that were turned over a thousand years ago through a curse that was put on them by their mother and are the very first people ever to be turned into vampires. Every vampire that we encounter in the series descends from the Original Vampires in some way. Of these four options, only three of them are members of the Mikaelson family.

Question 4

Where is The Vampire Diaries set?

The Vampire Diaries is set in a town that has a long history with the supernatural. As viewers learn as the series goes on, the Town Council in this small town doesn't just focus on keeping things in the town running smoothly. On top of the normal duties that people in charge of a town typically have, the people who are running this town are also in charge of keeping the town free of vampires. Anyone who has seen The Vampire Diaries will know that the Town Council isn't exactly doing a good job with that, though! Where is this series set?

Question 5

Who said, "How come you don't sparkle?"

Very funny. We all know that the vampires in different movies and TV series are super different from one another. The vampires in The Vampire Diaries are somewhat similar to the vampires in the Twilight series but anyone who is familiar with both of these works of suspenseful vampire fiction will know that there are some pretty major differences. One of the differences? When the vampires in the Twilight series go out into the sunlight, their skin sparkles and shines. For the vampires in The Vampire Diaries, it hurts them if they're not wearing something like a Daylight Ring. Who referenced the Cullen family with this quote?

Question 6

Who is this?

This character was one of the side characters for a time on The Vampire Diaries before becoming one of the main characters on The Originals, the spin-off series that focused on the life of the family of Original Vampires. This character was a werewolf and the mother of the first ever naturally born werewolf-vampire hybrid, Hope Mikaelson. This character was born in New Orleans to a family that ruled the Crescent Wolf Clan and eventually went on to marry another werewolf, the relationship between the two of them combining two different groups of werewolves. Who knows the name of this werewolf?

Question 7

Which of the Salvatores did Katherine turn into a vampire?

Long before the Salvatore brothers met Elena Gilbert, they knew her doppelgänger, Katherine Pierce. Like the Salvatore brothers are during the series, Katherine is a vampire and has been since long before she was introduced into the series, even in flashbacks. Katherine was turned decades ago when she was on the run from Klaus, one of the Original Vampires and changed her name from Katerina to Katherine in order to try to conceal her identity and blend in with society. The two Salvatore brothers competed for Katherine's affection while they were humans. Which of them did she turn into a vampire?

Question 8

Which of these is NOT one of the Bennett witches?

Even though this series is called The Vampire Diaries and there's definitely a huge emphasis on vampires in the series, anyone who is a fan of this show will totally know that they're not the only supernatural creatures that are roaming the streets of Mystic Falls. Along with vampires, there are also ghosts, werewolves, sirens, and even witches. Witches are one of the first types of creature that are introduced along with vampires in the earlier parts of the series because of the fact that Elena is such good friends with someone who comes from a long line of witches in her family.

Question 9

True or false: if an Original Vampire is defeated, the vampires in their sire line lose their powers.

Every vampire in The Vampire Diaries is turned by another vampire. In this series, every single vampire's line can be traced all the way back to one of the Original Vampires, either directly by being turned by one of the Mikaelson family members or indirectly if they were turned by a vampire down the line somewhere. This is something important to remember because of the fact that something happens to all the vampires in an Original Vampire's sire line if the Original Vampire that began that sire line is defeated. Only a real fan of The Vampire Diaries will know if this is true!

Question 10

What herb protects humans against vampires?

Living in a town overrun by vampires the way Mystic Falls in would be pretty spooky! Being a human living among so many supernatural creatures is definitely not something that we would want to be dealing with. Luckily, the town of Mystic Falls has a long history with vampires and has learned to deal with them. In the series, there is an herb that can be worn by humans or put in food and drinks in order to make them immune to a vampire's Compulsion. The herb also wards off vampires who come in contact with it, should they try to feed on a human.

Question 11

Which character never has any powers throughout the series?

Throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries, several characters get supernatural powers. For instance, Bonnie learns that she's a witch, Elena eventually becomes a vampire, and Vicki Donovan is the first character that the Salvatore brothers turn into a vampire during the series. Even though all these characters gain supernatural powers during the series, that doesn't mean that every character becomes some sort of supernatural creature or gets powers at some point in the series. There are a few that stay humans until their time on the show runs out! Who remembers which of these four characters never gets any supernatural powers?

Question 12

Who started the doppelgänger line Elena is part of?

The fact that Elena isn't the only person with her face in The Vampire Diaries is something that viewers learn fairly early on in the series. When Stefan's long-time vampire best friend, Lexi, comes to visit Mystic Falls in order to celebrate his birthday, she meets Elena and notices something pretty interesting about her. She points out after Elena is gone that Elena happens to look exactly like another brunette beauty that Stefan once had some strong feelings for, Katherine. Viewers learn that this is because the two of them are actually doppelgängers! There are more doppelgängers in this line than Katherine and Elena. Who started it?

Question 13

True or false: Vicki was the first character to be turned into a vampire.

Vicki Donovan was one of the central characters in The Vampire Diaries, particularly in the earlier episodes. Vicki was the older sister of Matt Donovan, the boy that Elena had dated prior to losing her parents and who she stayed close friends with throughout a lot of the rest of the series. When Vicki was introduced into the series, she was working as a waitress at the Mystic Falls restaurant, Mystic Grill, and had quite a rebellious personality. She had a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's younger brother, for a period of time until he became more serious about their relationship than she was.

Question 14

Which of these is NOT one of Mystic Falls' Founding Families?

Because Mystic Falls is such an old town, there's definitely a lot of history there. Part of this history is revealed to viewers through flashbacks that show the lives of characters like Katherine, Emily, Stefan, and Damon way back in the 1800s before they were vampires and shortly after they were turned. The town of Mystic Falls has a long history with vampires which they've learned to deal with in part through the Town Council that has a lot of different jobs, including trying to rid the town of vampires. Of all these families, which of them is NOT one of the Founding Families?

Question 15

Who is this character?

This character is one of the central characters in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. She is a vampire who is over a thousand years old and is actually a really important vampire because of the fact that she is one of the Original Vampires. This character, like the rest of her family, had a curse placed on her by her mother, the Original Witch, that turned her into a vampire long before Mystic Falls was founded. Throughout a lot of her life, this character has wished that she could be a regular human instead of being a vampire. Who is she?

Question 16

Who turned Caroline into a vampire?

Caroline Forbes is one of the main characters in The Vampire Diaries and is a close friend of Elena Gilbert's in the early seasons. Her mother, Liz Forbes, is the sheriff of Mystic Falls and is one of the members of the Town Council, meaning that she's aware of vampires and it's her job to try to get rid of them in Mystic Falls. Uh oh! This becomes a pretty big problem at a fairly early point in the series when Caroline is turned into a vampire herself. Although things are rocky at first with Liz, she eventually learns to accept Caroline.

Question 17

True or false: Damon returned to Mystic Falls to free Katherine.

Even though Stefan was technically a new student at the high school in Mystic Falls at the beginning of the series, he wasn't actually the newcomer to the town that he claimed to be when he started school. As any fan of the series will certainly be aware, Stefan had actually grown up in Mystic Falls over 150 years ago, before he was turned into a vampire by Katherine Pierce. That totally explains how he knew so much about the history of the town when he went to Alaric Saltzman's class, right? Did Damon come back with Stefan to free Katherine from the Vampire's Tomb?

Question 18

Klaus is a hybrid of a vampire and a ...?

Because of the fact that Klaus is one of the Original Vampires, he has some pretty special powers. On top of these special powers, he has over 1000 years of experience in being a vampire which means that he's been around a long, long time and knows all the tricks that someone might use to try to defeat him. Klaus is definitely not someone to mess with! On top of being an Original Vampire, Klaus is actually the first ever hybrid. This means that he's not just a vampire but he's also partially a different supernatural character. Who knows what the other half is?

Question 19

Who turned Katherine?

We all know that Katherine is one tough vampire throughout The Vampire Diaries series, right? She's witty and sarcastic and her long life has made her someone that we wouldn't want to mess around with. Being on the run from Klaus, who believed she would be the key to unlocking the werewolf curse within him in order to unleash his hybrid powers, made her pretty tough and tricky too. She turned both Salvatore brothers along with countless other people but before she could do any of that, someone had to turn her into a vampire. Who remembers who did that?

Question 20

What is Jeremy's profession?

Living in Mystic Falls definitely means that people are not about to have a boring job. There are just so many vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures roaming around among everyone else like it's no big deal that it would be so boring to have a regular job like a waiter or doctor. Pass! Luckily, Jeremy Gilbert's experience with the supernatural gave him a special passion for working right in the middle of everything going on in the mysterious town of Mystic Falls. Being a member of The Five gave Jeremy the opportunity to take on a very special supernatural job as his profession.

Question 21

Who do Elena and Jeremy live with in the beginning of the series?

Let's be honest, there was definitely enough going on in Elena's life early in The Vampire Diaries that she did not need all this supernatural drama added into it. When the series begins, Jeremy and Elena had recently lost their parents in an accident and were still working on moving on from that loss. Of course, Elena learns some pretty interesting things about the people she called her parents as the series goes on, but it takes a while before she really gets to know all the secrets of Mystic Falls. Who do Elena and Jeremy live with when the series begins?

Question 22

True or false: Elena realized Damon was a vampire after seeing him in a history book.

Finding out that someone you know is a vampire would be a huge shock. Seriously, we can't even imagine how that must have felt for Elena! Because of the fact that Damon and Stefan had been living in Mystic Falls over 150 years ago, the two of them definitely have a long history within the small and mysterious town. Prior to finding out that the two of them are vampires, Elena actually had no idea that these supernatural creatures were just roaming the streets of her hometown. She found out about one of the brothers in a pretty unique way, but did she find out about Damon like this?

Question 23

True or false: the werewolf gene is hereditary.

In order for a character to become a vampire, they have to be turned by another vampire. This process involves multiple steps and is definitely not something easy or entirely painless for the person going through it and it's definitely not something we would want to experience! Meanwhile, the process of becoming a werewolf is something entirely different. In other series, becoming a werewolf involves different things but often means that another werewolf needs to turn the person. In The Vampire Diaries, there are only a select number of werewolves seen throughout the series. Is this because the gene is hereditary?

Question 24

The White Oak Stake is used to defeat what type of supernatural creature?

The White Oak Stake is an item that is used to defeat a certain type of supernatural creature. The White Oak Stake was created by Mikael after the Mikaelson family saw the powers that the White Oak tree could give them and realized that it may also have some dangerous consequences for supernatural creatures. Prior to it being destroyed, Mikael carved a piece of the tree into the White Oak Stake in order to have it just in case he needed to defeat one of the supernatural creatures that have this White Oak tree as a weakness. What creatures is it used against?

Question 25

Who won Miss Mystic Falls?

Miss Mystic Falls is a pageant that takes place in the town of Mystic Falls during the annual Founders' Day celebration. This is an event that is featured in one of the early episodes of The Vampire Diaries and fans will probably remember this event because of the fact that Damon and Elena danced during the Founders' Day celebration. Another memorable event that took place during this event was the fact that Caroline Forbes mentioned how Amber Bradley was in the running for Miss Mystic Falls in order to prove there was definitely not a bias toward the daughters of founding families.

Question 26

Who does Bonnie go to after she realizes she's a witch?

Finding out that you've got magical powers must be a pretty crazy thing to realize! We totally can't even imagine what it must have been like for Bonnie to realize that instead of being a regular human like she had been raised to believe she was, she was actually a witch! Whoa! Not only that, but Bonnie eventually finds out that she comes from a long line of really powerful witches and that it was definitely not a surprise for her family to learn that she had discovered her powers. Who does she turn to after she realizes she has magical powers?

Question 27

At the end of the first season, Damon thought he was kissing Elena. Who did he really kiss?

Having a doppelgänger running around is definitely something that complicates things for everyone in Elena's life, especially in the earlier parts of the season when Stefan, Damon, and their vampire friends are the only ones who are really aware of the fact that doppelgängers even exist! At the very end of the first season, there was a huge moment when Damon and Elena shared a kiss... Or so Damon thought. As viewers found out, it was actually not Elena at all! All this supernatural drama is just too much for us. When Damon thought he was kissing Elena, who was he really kissing?

Question 28

To which city did the Mikaelson family move?

Any fan of The Vampire Diaries has probably seen at least a few episodes of the spin-off series, The Originals. Let's be honest, watching all the action that the Original Vampire family got up to when they were part of The Vampire Diaries just wasn't enough! We definitely had to see what they would get up to after the Mikaelson family and their friends, like Marcel and Hayley, left Mystic Falls to go live their own lives. Luckily, The Originals let us get a glimpse into that. The Vampire Diaries took place in Mystic Falls, but where did the Mikaelsons move for The Originals?

Question 29

Why did Caroline leave Mystic Falls?

Even though the majority of The Vampire Diaries is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, not everyone stayed there through the end of the series or even after the series ended. At various different points in time, there were several characters who felt that it was time to move on from Mystic Falls and pursue a life elsewhere. As sad as that may have been for viewers to see, it was definitely for the best for these characters and we know it was. Caroline Forbes was one of the characters who chose to move away from Mystic Falls. Why?

Question 30

Who sealed the Vampire's Tomb?

Because of the fact that the fictional town of Mystic Falls has such a long and complicated history with vampires, they have adapted ways to deal with them in order to protect the people of Mystic Falls from the vampires that live there. Throughout history, the Town Council in Mystic Falls has taken different measures in order to try to rid the town of vampires and keep the humans safe. In the 1800s, one measure they took was a "round-up" of all the vampires that lived in the town - 27 in total - who they locked in the Vampire's Tomb. Who sealed it?

Question 31

What year do Damon and Bonnie find themselves trapped in?

Despite being called The Vampire Diaries and being mostly focused on vampires, the show has quite a few other supernatural characters and elements in the series. One of them that was introduced was time travel, to an extent. The form of time travel introduced in The Vampire Diaries actually involved traveling to an alternate world. During one of the later seasons of the show, Damon and Bonnie both found themselves traveling back in time and were forced to relive the same day over and over as they were trapped in a world where only that day existed. What year were they trapped in?

Question 32

Who remembers the name of Elena's birth mother?

At the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, viewers are introduced to Elena Gilbert, the main character of the series. When Elena is introduced, she's a high school student who unfortunately had recently lost her parents. As Elena finds out as the series goes on, things aren't exactly as simple as they seem like they are when it comes to her parents. In fact, Elena finds out that she was actually adopted and that her birth mother is a vampire! What? There's just so much going on in Elena's life, we totally don't understand how she kept up with all of it!

Question 33

What sport does Elena do while in high school?

The main question we have regarding The Vampire Diaries has got to be how Elena and her friends from school managed to balance school, sports, a social life, work, and all this supernatural nonsense going on around them! Seriously, it's hard enough to balance all the parts of a normal life without having vampires and werewolves running around. But somehow, they managed to keep up with their school work while still dealing with the supernatural creatures living in Mystic Falls. In the case of Elena, she even managed to be on a sports team while dealing with the vampires in her life.

Question 34

Who remembers the name of Katherine's daughter?

Prior to Katherine Pierce becoming the sassy and sarcastic vampire that we know her as in The Vampire Diaries, she was a young woman named Katerina Petrova who was living in Bulgaria in the 15th century. Katerina was disowned by her family after she became pregnant, something that her parents were definitely not excited about, and she ended up having to give her daughter up before she was sent out away from the rest of her family. What a bummer! She spent a lot of her life growing up wondering what had happened to her daughter and eventually, she got her answers.

Question 35

Which of the following characters did Jeremy NOT date?

Throughout the course of The Vampire Diaries, there were quite a few different relationships. So many different characters got together while other characters just couldn't make it work. There were some that we totally loved and were so happy to see that they worked out in the end while there were definitely some others that we weren't quite so excited about and we were glad to see them go their separate ways. One character on the series that was in relationships with several characters was Jeremy Gilbert, the younger brother of Elena Gilbert. Which of these characters did he NOT date?

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