Take The 3-Minute MCU Quiz To Get Your Very Own Infinity Stone

If anyone is still reeling from the heartbreaking defeat at the end of Infinity War, they should be happy to know that the next Avengers film is now less than five months away. While an official title and a trailer have yet to be released, many fans continue to speculating how the heroes will redeem themselves and defeat the Mad Titan Thanos in the upcoming film.

Although the Infinity Gauntlet looked pretty out of commission at the end of the movie, it’s would be hard to believe that the Infinity Stones will not play a vital role in the next Avengers outing. They set the backdrop for the entire first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after all. And we’ve only just gotten a glimpse as to what the stones can do while working together.

So which heroes seem worthy enough to wield them? And how could they be used to defeat the Mad Titan? While we’ll have to wait for the release of Avengers 4 to know the answers to these questions, we can always speculate as to what we’d do with an Infinity Stone should we ever get our hands on one.

So let's find out which stone would be the best fit!

Question 1

Pick a superpower.

One of the many reasons that superhero films are so popular is because people love to imagine what they would do if they had the abilities of their favorite characters. So out of these four superpowers that have been featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which one would you rather have?

Question 2

Thanos is headed to Knowhere to get the Reality Stone. Pick a response.

When the Guardians learned that Thanos was trying to assemble an Infinity Gauntlet, many of them traveled to Knowhere to try and prevent the Mad Titan from acquiring the Reality Stone from the Collector. But was this the right move? Or did they simply play right into Thanos’s master plan?

Question 3

Bruce is having a hard time calling out the Hulk. Pick a way to help.

Bruce and his greener half have gone through some interesting developments in the past few MCU movies. In Thor: Ragnarok, it at first seems as though the Hulk has taken over for good. But in Infinity War, it seems as though things have swung in the complete opposite direction with the Hulk refusing to show himself.

Question 4

Thanos wants the Time Stone in exchange for Tony Stark’s life. Give it to him or refuse?

Doctor Strange was easily one of the strongest earth-bound heroes in the MCU. Yet he didn’t seem to be using his powers to his full potential when facing off against Thanos. Then there’s the moment when he decided to hand over an Infinity Stone to save the life of just one man. Was this the right call?

Question 5

Which hero would have the best odds against Thanos (without any Infinity Stones)?

As we saw throughout Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is far from undefeatable. There are a number of instances where the heroes almost win, including when they almost remove the Gauntlet from his hand and when Thor arrives in Wakanda with Stormbreaker. So which hero would have had the best chance of bringing him down without the Stones in play?

Question 6

Pick a sidekick.

While these four characters have very impressive skills and powers in their own rights, they’re still largely seen as sidekicks in the greater MCU. Of course, with many characters meeting their demise in Infinity War, that may mean some of these sidekicks will have to step up to the plate in the forthcoming Avengers film.

Question 7

When facing off against Thanos, what’s more important?

The reason that Thanos is a threat unlike any the Avengers have ever faced off against, is because the Mad Titan has both super strength and super intellect. Anyone who tries to stand against him will no doubt need both, but which attribute do you think would be slightly more important than the other?

Question 8

Pick a location to hide out with the other heroes.

If only the heroes had had a rendezvous point where they could have all gathered together at the first sign of Thanos’s master plan to acquire all six Infinity Stones. Then, just maybe they would have been able to take down the Mad Titan. So where do you think the heroes should have assembled to strategize a plan?

Question 9

Should Wanda have tried to get rid of the Mind Stone sooner?

Avengers: Infinity War finally gave viewers a glimpse of just how strong Scarlet Witch actually is, as by the end of the film she’s able to eliminate an Infinity Stone all on her own. Unfortunately, the move comes way too late, as Thanos is able to use the Time Stone and undo everything she just did.

Question 10

Pick a faction of the Avengers to team up with.

The reason that Thanos really succeeded in Infinity War, is because the Avengers ended up fracturing off in Captain America: Civil War. This left Earth far more vulnerable than it should have been. So which side of the Avengers would you have fallen in with, Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Question 11

Which character should have never had an Infinity Stone in the first place?

Throughout Avengers: Infinity War, many characters simply end up handing over Infinity Stones in an attempt to save themselves or the lives of others. But surely they should know that this could lead to the end of the entire universe. So which character wasn’t worthy enough to wield a stone in the first place.

Question 12

Thanos wants information about the Soul Stone in exchange of Nebula’s life. Pick a response.

Many of Gamora’s action didn’t seem like they were fully thought through in Infinity War. She knows that she has information about the whereabouts of the Soul Stone, yet she decided to head straight toward Thanos anyway. And when he has her taken, she decides to trade the information for the life of her adoptive sister.

Question 13

Pick the best place to hide an Infinity Stone.

Thanos may be extremely powerful and intelligent, but he’s not a god. In other words, if only the heroes had done a better job at hiding the Infinity Stones, they could have prevented him from assembly the full gauntlet. Yet many of them seem to bring their stones directly to the Mad Titan. But where should they have gone?

Question 14

Which Infinity Stone holds the most power?

Avengers: Infinity War did a great job at redefining the individual powers of each Infinity Stone — which were far from clear in movies like The Avengers or Thor: The Dark World. So do you think one stone has an edge over the others? For instance, if you have control of time, would that negate the powers of the other stones?

Question 15

Which villain would have the best odds against Thanos (without any Infinity Stones)?

Although Thanos is able to bring about the end of half of all life in the universe, he isn’t exactly the strongest MCU villain we’ve seen to date. After all, someone like Dormammu is a ruler over his entire dimension. While someone like Hela is a goddess who is able to get rid of Thor’s hammer without even breaking a sweat.

Question 16

Which MCU trilogy is the best?

To date, we’ve gotten three fill trilogies out of the MCU, each one revolving around the characters of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. Many considered Thor to be the weakest of the three. That is, until Ragnarok hit theaters earlier last year and earned a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes — which was well about Thor 1 and 2.

Question 17

Rather use the Time Stone to travel into the past or into the future?

Without the Time Stone, Thanos would not have been able to fully assemble his Infinity Gauntlet. He uses it to go back and retrieve the Mind Stone, which had already been done away with. However, we also saw Doctor Strange use the stone to look into the future and look at their odds of success over the Mad Titan, which didn’t look too good.

Question 18

Which missing hero could have helped turn the tide?

There were a lot of popular MCU heroes who were noticeably MIA during Infinity War. Although Ant-Man and the Wasp was released after Infinity War, the events of the film took place beforehand. And unfortunately, the movie really offered up no reason as to why the Wasp and Ant-Man weren’t a part of the fight against Thanos.

Question 19

Should Peter Quill have tried to end Gamora’s life sooner?

For whatever reason, Gamora decides that it should be Peter who has to end her life should Thanos get the better of them. But understandably, Peter has a hard time pulling the trigger when he’s actually faced with the reality of the situations. Can you blame him? Or should he have done the deed earlier?

Question 20

What was the heroes first major mistake in Infinity War?

The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy certainly had their fair share of openings while trying to defeat Thanos. But they seemed to throw away one opportunity after the next, never succeeding in gaining the upper hand. So when do you think they really started to blow their chances against the Mad Titan?

Question 21

What was the smartest thing the heroes did in Infinity War?

Of course, not everything the heroes did was a total waste of effort. They do almost succeed in defeating Thanos on a number of occasions after all. So what do you think was their best move? Was it when Thor decided he needed a new weapon? Or maybe when they all decided to stand together in Wakanda?

Question 22

Does Thanos’ plan to balance out the universe by halving the population actually make any sense?

Villains' plans aren’t always the most commonsensical. But Infinity War seemed to go out of their way to massively rework Thanos’s plans from the comics. Instead of wanting the Infinity Gauntlet to simply win over a woman, Thanos sees himself as more of a godlike figure who wishes to restore balance to the universe in his own twisted way.

Question 23

Pick a color scheme.

Many iconic superheroes can be recognized by nothing but their color scheme — this is no doubt what’s helped make them so iconic in the first place. With many superheroes hailing from America, red, white, and blue always seem like popular choices. But maybe you prefer something a little bit more distinguished.

Question 24

Which character’s ego really hurt the heroes' chances?

Avengers: Infinity War featured a number of scenes where newly aquatinted heroes end up rubbing each other the wrong way — often as a result of their over-sized egos. But do you think any of their egos ended up handing Thanos the victory? Or, at the very least, making it that much easier for him to triumph?

Question 25

Choose a weapon.

Because so many of the characters have superpowers that are interesting enough in their own rights, the MCU seems to keep the use of weapons extremely low. Though there are still some characters who are rarely seen without their iconic tools, including Captain America with his shield or Hawkeye with his bow.

Question 26

Which Marvel character who has yet to appear could have been the biggest help in defeating Thanos?

Believe it or not, some of Marvel’s strongest heroes have yet to appear in the MCU. Adam Warlock was teased at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and of course Captain Marvel is the next movie on the docket. But both of these characters could have really helped the Avengers and the Guardians take down Thanos.

Question 27

Which character has the most impressive magic abilities?

Many of the character’s abilities in the MCU remain grounded in science. Or, at least as grounded as we’ve come to expect for a big budget superhero movie. But the franchise has given us a number of characters who rely on magic, which also seems to make them some of the stronger individuals in the shared universe.

Question 28

Is it better to be loved or feared?

This is often the line that separates many heroes from many villains. Thanos is very clearly a being who wants people to fear him, as he uses the Infinity Stones to make others feel a lot weaker than him. Meanwhile, many heroes used the Infinity Stones for the exact opposite reasons prior to having them taken away from them.

Question 29

Which hero was absolutely useless in Infinity War?

Throughout Infinity War, there were certainly a number of character who seemed like they were doing more harm than good. Many thought Peter Quill easily fell into this category, as he prevents the others from removing the Gauntlet from the Mad Titan’s hand. If he hadn’t been there, the others would have likely succeeded.

Question 30

Pick the more powerful suit of armor.

Avengers: Infinity War gave us two totally new suits of armor to feast our eyes upon. These include the Iron Spider suit and Iron Man’s latest suit — both of which utilize nanotechnology. But maybe you still think it’s better to be able to store kinetic energy or shrink and grow in mass as the other two suits allow.

Question 31

Which character was the saddest to see go in Infinity War?

Many characters ended up meeting their demise in Infinity War. But we already know that many of them — like Spider-Man and Black Panther — will certainly be back for a sequel to their debut solo outings. So does that make their departures sting a little less than someone whose future is very much up in the air?

Question 32

Which human superhero would have the best odds against Thanos (without any Infinity Stones)?

There are only a handful of superheroes in the MCU that have absolutely no supernatural abilities. Instead, they just rely on their intellect, combat skills, and various gadgets to try and take down the enemy. But would any of those really be enough to face-off against Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet or not?

Question 33

Which character should have never handed over an Infinity Stone to Thanos?

When we first meet up with Thanos, he’s already acquired the Power Stone from the planet Xander. Therefore, he already has an upper hand over the majority of heroes in the MCU. But was their one Infinity Stone that made him seemingly undefeatable, like the Collector giving him the Reality Stone?

Question 34

Which DC character could have easily defeated Thanos?

Even if you’re team Marvel all the way, there’s a good chance that if you’re into the superhero genre, you’ve also checked out DC’s own shared universe. Many of DC’s superheroes are known for being all-powerful. But does that automatically mean that they’d be able to defeat Thanos without putting in much effort?

Question 35

Pick a strategy for Avengers 4.

Ever since Thanos ended up snapping his fingers in Infinity War, fans have been speculating how the heroes will end up undoing his action in the next Avengers film. Time travel certainly seems like it might be a part of the equation, as we already know that characters like Spider-Man have to return. But might they have another way of succeeding?

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