Take The 3-Minute Harry Potter Quiz To Reveal Your Magic Wand

Even though we all know that unfortunately, the Harry Potter series is totally fictional and we're all Muggles, it hasn't stopped fans of the series from imagining what life in the wizarding world would be like. Many of the most serious Harry Potter fans have imagined things like what it would be like to take classes at Hogwarts and what their favorite class to attend would be, how they would score on their O.W.L.s, what position they would play on the Quidditch team, what Hogwarts house they would be in, and what their Patronus would be. Even though we all know these things aren't real, it's still so much fun to imagine it!

Another important part of life in the wizarding world along with these things is a witch or wizard's wand. As Harry learns in the very first installment of the Harry Potter series, getting a magic wand is a very important part of a young witch or wizard's life. It's going to be how they do spells for the rest of their lives, after all! Each wand is totally unique from the type of wood, the length, and even the core.

Take this quick Harry Potter quiz to get matched to the perfect magic wand!

Question 1

Which of the following was not one of the schools that participated in the Triwizard Tournament?

The Triwizard Tournament is an event that took place during the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. As the name suggests, the Triwizard Tournament is a competition that pits three witches or wizards from different schools against each other in different physical and magical competitions to see who will come out victorious at the end of each of the trials. Three of these schools competed in the tournament, which of them did not?

Question 2

What animal scares Ron?

In the wizarding world, there are quite a few different animals, insects, and other creatures. The fact that at least a few of them are on the more spooky side is definitely not a surprise to us! Even Ron Weasley, despite being an awesome friend to Harry and a pretty talented young wizard, is afraid of a certain type of creature. This is seen at different points throughout the series, sometimes for comedic effect, and is something no Harry Potter fan will be able to forget.

Question 3

What does the Mauraders Map show?

During his time at Hogwarts, Harry definitely made use of quite a few different magical items to help him get around. All that trying to defeat Voldemort while simultaneously learning the secrets of his parents' lives while trying to learn magic isn't easy! Even though his magic wand is definitely one of the most useful tools he has at his disposal throughout the course of the series, there are a lot of other magical items he uses. One of them is the Mauraders Map. What does it show?

Question 4

Which of these was NOT a Horcrux?

A Horcrux is an object that a witch or wizard creates using a dark form of magic in order to divide their soul and hide a piece of it in an object in order to become immortal. Being able to create a Horcrux is a very dark and dangerous form of magic and any fan of the Harry Potter series will know that Voldemort didn't just create one Horcrux, he actually created a total of seven! They were hidden throughout the wizarding world and needed to be taken care of.

Question 5

True or false: Harry was the youngest Seeker at Hogwarts in nearly a century.

Sports are a huge deal in the Muggle world so it's definitely no surprise that witches and wizards get really into sports, too! But instead of playing something like football or basketball, witches and wizards like to gather around to watch or play a sport called Quidditch. This sport is somewhat similar to Muggle sports like football and hockey, but it's totally unique at the same time. During his first year at Hogwarts, Harry was given a position on the Quidditch team.

Question 6

Both of Hermione's parents share a profession. What is it?

Even though Hermione is a witch who goes to Hogwarts and helps Harry with his troubles throughout his years at the school, her parents aren't! That's right, not everyone who has magical powers comes from a family of witches and wizards. Likewise, there are some people born to a family full of magic who actually don't possess any powers themselves. Hermione may be a super smart and talented witch, but her parents are mere Muggles who share the same profession.

Question 7

What color is Voldemort's hair?

Throughout the series, there are a few different villains. But in the entire Harry Potter series, there's one main villain that is at the center of just about every installment of the Harry Potter series in one way or another. Lord Voldemort, who usually appears near the middle or end of the book in order to try to take out Harry Potter once and for all, is the main villain in this series. When he was young, he had black hair but only a real Harry Potter fan will remember what color it is while Harry is in school.

Question 8

Who put Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire?

Who could forget this intense moment from the Harry Potter series? In the fourth installment in the franchise, Hogwarts was hosting a competition known as the Triwizard Tournament. In order to enter, any students over the age of 17 were allowed to put their names into a magical item called the Goblet of Fire in order to have a chance to have their name drawn and compete. While this is really cool, the fact that Harry's name popped out was a big red flag for many reasons. For one thing, he was only 14!

Question 9

What class at Hogwarts was constantly finding itself with new professors?

Being a professor at a school for witches and wizards is definitely not an easy job. And as many of the professors learn during the series, it's also definitely not a safe one! Even though new witches and wizards are turning 11 every year and therefore receiving their Hogwarts letters, there's definitely not much job security for professors who choose to accept the role of teaching a certain class at Hogwarts. Every year during the series, a new professor turns up in September to teach this class.

Question 10

Who did Umbridge fire?

Who else totally can't hear someone clearing their throat without instantly thinking of this character? Any serious Harry Potter fan will immediately remember this eternally pink professor and the fact that she was definitely not one of the nicer ones at Hogwarts. After she appeared to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts during the fifth installment in the Harry Potter series, she made some major changes at Hogwarts. One of these changes was actually to fire one of the professors!

Question 11

When does a Quidditch match end?

Every game has a time when it ends. Whether it's when it reaches a certain number of points, when the timer runs out, or after a certain condition has been met by one of the teams, games have to end eventually! Fans of a certain sport definitely don't want to see the end of the game, unless it means their team has just won, but it has to happen sometime. Quidditch is no exception! When does a game of Quidditch end?

Question 12

In which installment are Dementors introduced?

A Dementor is a dark creature in the Harry Potter franchise that is known for being a type of creature that you definitely do not want to be in contact with! When these creatures are introduced, they're creatures that are guarding the perimeter of Azkaban. Harry first comes into contact with a Dementor on the Hogwarts Express on his way to school as they're patrolling the train because of the fact that Sirius Black recently managed to escape from Azkaban.

Question 13

Which Weasley siblings tried to enter their names in the Goblet of Fire?

Even though the minimum age to enter the Triwizard Tournament during the fourth installment in the Harry Potter series was 17 years old, that didn't stop some younger witches and wizards from trying to enter themselves. Any serious Potterhead will remember that Harry's name was entered through some suspicious means without him knowing, but there were two Weasley siblings who tried and ultimately failed to enter themselves by using an aging potion to trick the goblet. Which of the siblings did this?

Question 14

Harry can speak to what kind of animal?

Even though being a witch or wizard would be totally awesome because it would mean being able to do all kinds of cool magic, there are still some things that are pretty abnormal for witches and wizards to be able to do. One of them is being able to talk to animals. Although there are some witches and wizards that are able to turn into animals for a period of time, Harry learns after he confides in his friends that his ability to talk to a certain type of animal is actually a really unique ability.

Question 15

Which of these is a Love Potion?

In the wizarding world, there are spells and potions for just about everything. No matter what you might need to do, there's probably some kind of magical spell or potion in the world that will definitely be able to help you out. One of them is a Love Potion that is said to create a sense of false infatuation within the drinker. It smells different for everyone and smells like the favorite things of the person it was made for. It makes the person who drinks it instantly obsessed with the person who made it.

Question 16

Who said, "Celebrity is as celebrity does, remember that"?

In the Muggle world, there are a lot of celebrities in the world. From actors and actresses to people like models, musicians, and even athletes, there are a lot of people out there who are super famous and have huge followings on social media and who people definitely look forward to seeing news about. In the wizarding world, this is no different. While the celebrities may be a little more magical, they still exist! Harry Potter is a celebrity himself and, at one point in the series, was given this advice.

Question 17

In which movie does Nicolas Flamel appear?

Nicolas Flamel is a legendary alchemist who isn't a character who was created by JK Rowling for the Harry Potter series like many other characters were. Nope, this figure actually has quite a bit of history behind him and, according to myths and legends about him, he is really well-known for creating what is known as the Philosopher's Stone, a stone that can turn any metal into gold and can create the Elixir of Life which can help a person become immortal.

Question 18

True or false: ALL the Horcruxes were items that had once belonged to the Hogwarts founders.

When Voldemort was choosing items to make Horcruxes from, he picked some pretty special items. We all know that a lot of the items were difficult to find and valuable items like things that had once belonged to the Hogwarts founders. The items he picked were also things that were important to him in some way. Since Hogwarts was where he went to learn to do magic and spent a lot of his formative years, it's no surprise that there were items important to Hogwarts history that held a special place in his heart.

Question 19

What spell is supposed to be used against a Boggart?

Everyone has something that they're more afraid of than anything else. For Ron Weasley, it's spiders. For Neville, it's Professor Snape. For some people, that thing might be a clown or being alone in the dark or finding themselves trapped in a small space. What spooks a person really depends on each person. In the Harry Potter franchise, there's a creature called a Boggart that finds a person, figures out what they're the most afraid of, and then turns into that thing.

Question 20

How did Ginny get Tom Riddle's Diary?

Tom Riddle's Diary is a magical item that played a huge part in the second installment of the Harry Potter series. This magical book was one that had once belonged to Lord Voldemort way back when he was a student at Hogwarts. After he became Lord Voldemort, he turned the diary into a Horcrux. During Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ginny came into possession of the diary and the diary took control of her and caused her to open the famed Chamber of Secrets.

Question 21

What is the name of the test that Hogwarts students take?

Even though going to Hogwarts and learning all about magic would definitely be totally cool and probably a lot more fun than the Muggle schools we're all used to, it doesn't mean that it's all fun and games. While the students get to learn and use magic, they still have to do homework and take tests! In fact, there is one huge test that the students have to take in order to help them choose the classes they'll be taking the following year, based on how well they score in each department.

Question 22

Which of these spells is NOT real?

There are so many spells in the Harry Potter world. Seriously, how do the witches and wizards attending the different magical schools and the adult witches and wizards who have already completed their schooling remember them all? It makes us tired just trying to remember all those spells without writing them all down somewhere! Even though there are a lot of really useful spells in the wizarding world, there isn't a spell for everything. Which of these is a fake spell?

Question 23

Mad-Eye Moody turned Malfoy into what kind of small animal?

It's hard to deny that there were some characters in the Harry Potter series that we just didn't like all the time. No matter how cool they were, there were some characters who seriously got in the way of what Harry needed to do at times or were just not nice to him and totally frustrated us. Even though Draco Malfoy was a pretty cool character, we have to admit that we were definitely on Mad-Eye Moody's side when he turned Malfoy into a small animal for a short period of time.

Question 24

Who was petrified LAST?

After the Basilisk was released from the Chamber of Secrets when it was opened in the second installment in the Harry Potter franchise, things weren't exactly fun and games at Hogwarts. Even though us Muggles would definitely love to attend the school any other time, having the Chamber of Secrets open was not a safe time for almost anyone and we would definitely have to pass on going there, no matter how cool it would be to learn magic, when people were being petrified by the Basilisk!

Question 25

Which day of the week did the Dursleys not expect to get more Hogwarts letters?

Even though some of the villains in the Harry Potter series are pretty cool, there are some that we just can't bring ourselves to like. Draco Malfoy might be an awesome character and yes, we all shed a little tear when Snape said "always", but the Dursleys? It's a lot harder to see their side considering the way they treated Harry. When his Hogwarts letters came by the hundreds, Vernon was excited on one particular day because he didn't expect to see another one.

Question 26

Which Weasley was a Prefect during Ron's first year at Hogwarts?

Even though the Professors and Headmaster at Hogwarts are definitely the ones in charge of the students and keeping up with their behavior, there are also other roles at the school that aid them in making sure everyone at Hogwarts is behaving. With such a big school, it's definitely important to keep everyone in line! Each house has six Prefects, one male and one female, who are given special powers by the headmaster. Two new Prefects are chosen for each house at the beginning of each school year.

Question 27

Which Hogwarts house is this the crest of?

Each of the four Hogwarts houses has their own crest, colors, and animal mascot that sets it apart from the other houses. Anyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter series will definitely know the traits of each of the houses and know the one they belong on which means they'll instantly be able to tell anyone the animal and colors that represent their Hogwarts house. This house's mascot is a snake with the colors green and silver and contains people who are sly and good at getting what they want.

Question 28

What did Fawkes bring to Harry when he was in the Chamber of Secrets?

In the second installment in the Harry Potter series, the super spooky Chamber of Secrets was opened beneath Hogwarts. According to myths and legends that Harry learned during the year were actually totally true, the Chamber of Secrets was actually created by Salazar Slytherin and contained a super spooky beast that, when the chamber was opened during Harry's second year at Hogwarts, caused a lot of trouble in the school. Luckily, Dumbledore's pet phoenix brought something down to him to help him.

Question 29

Who was the leader of Dumbledore's Army?

As the Harry Potter series goes on, being able to deal with the Dark Arts is a pretty important part of the lives of Hogwarts students. As Voldemort becomes stronger and stronger and his return seems more and more likely, the need for students to be able to defend themselves and protect themselves is more important than ever. Unfortunately, any fan of the series will know that the Defense Against the Dark Arts class wasn't exactly helpful every year. This is why Dumbledore's Army was founded!

Question 30

What is the word for witches and wizards that can transform into animals?

There are a ton of different really cool skills and abilities in the Harry Potter franchise that different witches and wizards have the ability to either learn or be born able to do. One ability that witches and wizards can learn is being able to turn into an animal. According to the Harry Potter Wiki, being able to turn into an animal is a pretty risky skill because of what can go wrong with it which means that the process of learning this skill takes witches and wizards quite a long time.

Question 31

How did Voldemort choose his alias?

Every good villain needs an awesome name. Although Tom Riddle is definitely a fine name, it just wasn't one that Lord Voldemort chose to go with once he made his rise to power in the wizarding world. Tom Riddle was his name when he was a mortal and a student at Hogwarts but when he got more and more into dark magic and wanted to become powerful in the wizarding world, he knew it was time to pick a new name that people would remember forever.

Question 32

Whose Patronus is not seen during the series?

A Patronus is the physical manifestation of energy that is created with the spell Expecto Patronum. A Patronus is the only known defense against the dark creatures known as Dementors. Each Patronus takes the shape of a different animal and, throughout the series, the characters learning to cast a Patronus in order to help defend them against the dark arts. One of the best-known ones to fans is definitely Harry's which, like his father's, is a stag. Which character's Patronus do we never see in the series?

Question 33

Which of the following characters did NOT attend the Yule Ball?

The Yule Ball was an event that took place during the winter time in the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series. This event is one that takes place each time the Triwizard Tournament was held throughout the years in the wizarding world for students to attend. This event was a chance for witches and wizards to dress in nice clothes and have a good time dancing together. Each of the champions competing even got a chance to have a special dance.

Question 34

Where is the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters?

The Order of the Phoenix is an organization that, according to the Harry Potter Wiki, was founded in the 1970s by Albus Dumbledore in order to combat the rise of Lord Voldemort and his followers. It was founded after Lord Voldemort began to rise to power and attempted to take over the Ministry of Magic in order to help him further his dark wishes in the wizarding world but was eventually disbanded after it was believed that he had been defeated by Harry Potter as an infant.

Question 35

What kind of animal was on the plates that lined the walls in Umbridge's office?

Even though Dolores Umbridge was definitely a character that was hard to root for during the series, we have to admit that we did like one thing about her! The perfect coordinated, bright pink outfits she was constantly wearing were definitely on point. All that bright pink she wore definitely did not stop in her outfits and even extended to her office which was seen a couple times in the series. Everything was bright pink and, on the back wall behind her desk, plates with animals painted on them could be seen.

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