Take This Test And We'll Tell You If You're Needy

Being placed in the "needy" category is something that people rarely rejoice over since there is definitely a negative connotation behind it. This basically insinuates that a person isn't capable of doing things on their own and that they are constantly reaching out to others for assistance. The connotation is that they aren't able to operate independently and they're constantly depending on those around them to help them.

Yet, this can also have a negative connotation behind it in regards to the personal relationships with others. Nobody wants a significant other that is considered "needy" and it's definitely seen as something to stay away from when witnessed in others. Let's test our own life choices and preferences and see if we can tell whether or not everyone taking this test can be considered "needy."

Question 1

Always be the driver or always be the passenger?

Question 2

Is it important for a significant other to be funny?

Question 3

Rate The Twilight Saga.

Question 4

Choose a level of expertise for sandwich-making

Question 5

Is a household complete without pets?

Question 6

Rate Oprah Winfrey as a talk show host!

Question 7

Thoughts on helping the neighbors with their yard work?

Question 8

Who controls the car radio?

Question 9

Which character from TWD would be the best alter ego?

Question 10

Dogs or cats?

Question 11

How important is to to be surrounded by family?

Question 12

Thoughts on people who cover their eyes during scary movies?

Question 13

Is it okay to ask someone for financial help?

Question 14

Thoughts on astrology?

Question 15

When someone disagrees with me...

Question 16

How sad is Bambi?

Question 17

Be the one posing for a picture or taking the picture?

Question 18

Pick the most relatable statement.

Question 19

How often should couples have conversations about their feelings?

Question 20

Is it okay to ask questions during a movie?

Question 21

Give Star Wars a rating.

Question 22

When I need directions, I ...

Question 23

Who should pay on a date?

Question 24

Is it okay to ask for help when packing for a trip?

Question 25

How does eating alone sound?

Question 26

How important is it to be punctual?

Question 27

Do others need to help with household chores?

Question 28

Thoughts on sharing a blanket?

Question 29

How important is it to get the perfect picture?

Question 30

When someone else is the center of attention, I ...

Question 31

Should fruit be washed before being eaten?

Question 32

Thoughts on civil servants?

Question 33

The best part of taking a cruise?

Question 34

If I can't reach something, I ...

Question 35

How great is YouTube?

Question 36

How hard is it to find a book in a library?

Question 37

Reaction to a conflict with a coworker?

Question 38

Is it okay to hire a tutor?

Question 39

Thoughts on riding a motorcycle?

Question 40

Reaction to trying virtual reality gaming?

Question 41

Who gets to decide where to go for dinner?

Question 42

Is it okay to finish off a whole pizza alone?

Question 43

Do friends need to come with during a shopping trip?

Question 44

How easy is it to spark up a conversation with strangers?

Question 45

Who goes to the concession stand at the movie theater?

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