Take Our Quiz And We'll Reveal What Everyone Hates About You

While it would be great to think that we all have that type of personality that is simply appealing to everyone we meet, that just simply isn't the case. Everyone has their own special set of quirky attributes that makes them who they are and not all of those attributes are beloved by everyone they meet. These can come in the form of the way we all react in certain situations and they can also come in how we treat and interact with others.

We're all lucky to find a group of friends and companions that can love us for who we really are but that doesn't mean that everyone has to love every single thing about us. Let's take a look at certain aspects of our personalities and traits and see what everyone absolutely hates about us.

Question 1

Ever complain about food?

Question 2

Ever talk during movies?

Question 3

Loud eater?

Question 4

Ever lecture people on eating healthy?

Question 5

Ever scoop out just one section of Neapolitan ice cream?

Question 6

Need to be the center of attention at parties?

Question 7

Ever lecture someone about wearing fur?

Question 8

Considered a saver or a spender?

Question 9

Rather go to the zoo or the circus?

Question 10

Thoughts on taking pictures?

Question 11

Rather listen to country or rap?

Question 12

Sing in the car?

Question 13

Thoughts on reality television?

Question 14

Rather be Batman or Superman?

Question 15

Rather get a fast food burger or carry out from a restaurant?

Question 16

Dog person or cat person?

Question 17

Rather play a board game or a video game?

Question 18

Designated driver or passenger?

Question 19

Thoughts on tipping?

Question 20

Thoughts on being punctual?

Question 21

Thoughts on sharing food?

Question 22

Thoughts on self-expression?

Question 23

Ever described as quirky?

Question 24

Ever been described as testy?

Question 25

Best thing about taking a cruise?

Question 26

Rate Chris Pratt?

Question 27

Ever forced someone to read a specific book?

Question 28

Thoughts on Star Wars?

Question 29

Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey?

Question 30

Thoughts on quoting movies?

Question 31

Thoughts on period dramas?

Question 32

Rate Deadpool as a superhero!

Question 33

Best romantic comedy?

Question 34

Ever tried oysters?

Question 35

How important is being compassionate?

Question 36

Is astrology worth following?

Question 37

Thoughts on keeping a video diary?

Question 38

Thoughts on vintage video games?

Question 39

Rate fish as pets!

Question 40

Best thing to do in Paris?

Question 41

Thoughts on hunting?

Question 42

Favorite thing to do at the beach?

Question 43

Thoughts on mobster films?

Question 44

Thoughts on going to the ballet?

Question 45

Ever dreamed about going into outer space?

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