Take Our Pregnancy Quiz And We'll Reveal The Perfect Baby Name!

This quiz is for all of the mommas out there! During those 9 long months of pregnancy, there are many choices one has to make. Some of these choices revolve around selecting things for the coming child, while others revolve around making pregnancy life as comfortable as possible. Since no two women and no two pregnancy are exactly alike, everyone is going to have their very own answers for each of these quiz questions. There are no wrong answers in this one, each mom just has to answer each question as honestly as possible!

This quiz will contain all sorts of pregnancy-themed questions. We will be asking everything from what everyone's most common pregnancy craving is, to how everyone feels about having a camera present during the delivery. We will be touching on just about every aspect of pregnancy life here in this quiz. Once everyone has selected the answers that sound best to them, we will pick out the perfect baby name for everyone's future bundle of joy! As fun as this one may be for the experienced mothers out there, we are thinking it will be just as fun (not to mention educational) for all those who have ever considered having a baby!

Question 1

Pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga is a blossoming new business. Women who enjoy practicing yoga when they are not pregnant, would naturally be drawn to the pregnant-belly friendly version of the activity. While pregnancy yoga is not all that extreme and can easily be learned by those who have never done any type of yoga, it is not everyone who would necessarily be interested in it. With so much to get done already during those 9 months, who here would reserves some time for pregnancy yoga?

Question 2

Pick a pregnancy craving

It is no secret that pregnancy cravings can get a little weird sometimes. While some of our favorite foods may make us sick during our pregnancy, foods we normally dislike could become our new favorites during these 9 months. We can never really be sure what it is our baby is going to wake up craving each day. We have listed four possible pregnancy cravings, so everyone here just has to pick one that they would like to munch on!

Question 3

Pick a must-have pregnancy clothing item

Saying goodbye to some of our most beloved clothing items, is just a part of the pregnancy game. Not only are our bellies growing, but so are our ankles, feet, and who knows what else! The good news about this? We have the chance to make certain comfier clothing items our new go-to favorites. Looking at these four clothing items, which would be essential to have during our 9 months of pregnancy? Is a comfy sweater more important than a pair of pajama pants?

Question 4

Sun tanning on the beach while pregnant?

Now here we have a question that is sure to split up the room. Some women do not enjoy sitting in the sun regardless of being pregnant or not. That being said, some women who happen to love sun tanning regularly, find it too hot and uncomfortable to do so while pregnant. However, we know that there are a few individuals who could soak up the sun no matter what their pregnancy status happens to be. How does everyone here feel about sun tanning while pregnant?

Question 5

Pick a meal for dinner

Here is a fun one for everyone to answer! When our pregnant bellies start to rumble, deciding what to eat for dinner can be an exciting task. While we may regularly try to stay away from certain foods, when we are pregnant and hungry, many of us will choose whatever sounds the most delicious. We have listed four possible dinner options here, so everyone just has to pick out the meal that sounds tastiest to them! What's it going to be?

Question 6

Working while pregnant?

In many cases, this decision does not simply come down to wanting to work or not. Depending where we live and what are situations are, we could have no choice but to work up until they last possible day. That being said, some women truly enjoy the feeling of getting in a day's work, and do not want to let their pregnancy stop them from doing what they are used to doing. For this question, let's pretend it is all up to preference!

Question 7

Pick a pair of pregnancy shoes

Some take shoes very seriously, while others do not. This quiz question is about to separate these two kinds of people. Squeezing our swollen feet into high heels may not sound too appealing, but to some women, walking around in anything else, sounds even less appealing. Crocs may be a gift to some women, but a curse to others. It all comes down to personal preference in this question. Looking at these four shoe options, which would we pick as our pregnancy pair?

Question 8

Can family come to visit during the pregnancy?

This one may sound a bit funny to those who love being surrounded by their family even when they are pregnant, but to those who become stressed more easily than others, this question may actually make a lot of sense. While we would assume that most family members are just there to be supportive, having guests in the home can be a lot to handle in general. How does everyone here feel about having family come to visit during the pregnancy?

Question 9

How many hours of sleep are needed a night?

This one will vary greatly depending on the momma in question. Even for non-pregnant people, this answer can vary quite a bit. However, since pregnancy is so taxing on the body, the amount of hours of sleep needed a night does usually increase once we become pregnant. The questions is: how much of an increase, and how many hours were we getting before? We have listed four possible answers, so everyone can pick the one that sounds closest to how many they get!

Question 10

Camera in the delivery room?

Okay, so we know for a fact this is a conversation many soon-to-be moms have had with their partners. While some moms may be determined to get every second of the delivery day captured on tape, there are some moms who cannot bare the thought of having a camera on them while in the delivery room. Both options are understandable, but we do have to select one or the other. Which way is everyone here leaning towards in this question?

Question 11

Choose an ideal number of kids

For anyone who is currently pregnant with their first child, it may be hard to even contemplate having more at this time. However, we do know that once the babies start to grow, the urge to have another little bundle can also grow. In an ideal world, where money and time is no object, how many kids would everyone like to have? We have listed four possible options, so everyone just has to pick the number that sounds best to them!

Question 12

Pregnancy photoshoot?

All pregnant women are beautiful. That is just a simple fact of life. While they may not always feel their most glamorous, to the outside world, these women are all glowing and gorgeous. That is exactly why some women choose to capture this time in their lives by having a photoshoot done. As popular as this trend has become, there are still some women who would rather not have their pregnancy captured on camera at all. How does everyone here feel about pregnancy photoshoots?

Question 13

What smelly food cannot be cooked in the house?

As much as we may be bombarded with pregnancy cravings during those 9 months, there are certain foods that become totally unacceptable to even have in the house during those same 9 months. During pregnancy, a woman's sense of smell heightens quite a bit. This makes certain smells simply unbearable. For this question, we have listed four particularly smelly foods. Everyone here has to pick which they could not stand to have in their home during pregnancy. Which is it going to be?

Question 14

Pick a dessert for when those cravings strike

What could possibly be more fun than picking out something for dinner? Picking out something for dessert of course! Even though we may pass up the dessert course from time to time, trying to save on calories, let's pretend for a moment that all of these desserts are totally guilt-free! If we were able to eat any of these tasty treats without any consequences, which would we be drawn to the most? We can only pick one, so which will it be?

Question 15

Strangers touching the belly?

Now here is an issue we are sure everyone has already taken a stance on. While some women do not mind this common pregnancy occurrence at all, some women cannot stand it. Regardless of our feelings, this is just something that we have to put up with while pregnant. For whatever reason, certain people can't resist the urge to touch the belly. How does everyone here feel about this? Do we let them get away with it, or smack the hand away?

Question 16

Pick a weekend getaway

No question about it, pregnant women need to be relaxing as much as possible. Even though there is plenty for us to stress about during these 9 months, not to mention the crazy amount of hormones coursing through our bodies, we still need to keep in mind that any stress we are feeling - our baby is also feeling. That being said, which of these weekend getaways sounds the most relaxing to everyone here? Unfortunately, we can only pick one!

Question 17

Daily walks outside?

Many doctors tell their patients that a simple walk outside can help reduce stress by quite a bit. As nice as the idea sounds, it is not every pregnant woman who can physically move around enough to do this. Sorry, but have these doctors ever seen a pregnant woman's feet? Swollen ankles and feet aside, there are some women out there who swear by the practice of taking daily walks outside. Which side of the fence does everyone fall on?

Question 18

Pick a kids movie to watch

Once the baby arrives, the television remote is just one of the things we have to say goodbye to. What better way to prepare for this event, than getting into the swing of kid friendly films before the baby even comes? In this question, we have listed four classic kids movies. All everyone here has to do, is pick out the one they like the best! Are we going with The Lion King, or maybe a newer classic like Coco?

Question 19

Pick a craving candy

It may not be every pregnant woman who develops a sweet tooth, but we know for sure that some of them do. In this case, candy is sometimes the only way to properly curb the craving. Let's say we have decided to go out to see a movie, and we are standing at the candy counter. Looking at these four delicious treat options, which one would we be most inclined to select? We can only pick one, so which will it be?

Question 20

Should friends be allowed to go out without us?

This one can be a rather touchy subject. If we are used to going out with our besties every other night, saying goodbye to those times can be a really tough thing to do. While we will be able to attend some of these evenings again once the baby comes and we have successfully hired a babysitter, how would we feel about our friends continuing the trend without us there? Should they all stay home for 9 months as well?

Question 21

Pick a girly movie to watch

Okay, pregnant or not, these films can be totally addictive. When going through the pregnancy process, why not feel more intuned with our more womanly side? What better way to do this, than by selecting some classic girly films to watch? These movies will not only make us feel feminine, but they will be downright entertaining as well! We have listed four popular girly films here, but we can only pick one! This question may come down to choosing between Hilary Duff and Amanda Bynes.

Question 22

Pick a type of melon

Melon is a fairly popular pregnancy craving. It makes sense. It is light, refreshing, sweet, and not too bad for us overall. Sitting back and enjoying a nice serving of melon can be an excellent treat, especially for anyone pregnant during the warm summer months. If this kind of craving were to arise and we had all four of these melons available to us, which one would we pick to munch on? For the record, all of them are seedless!

Question 23

Pick the best Disney song

It would be best to get used to these songs playing on repeat before the baby comes, so why not take the time to pick out some of our most favorite Disney songs today? At least if we know which ones we like the best, we can try to persuade our children into liking the same ones! This won't be an easy choice, as all of Disney's greatest hits are timeless, but we must select one if we wish to move forward. Which is it going to be?

Question 24

Going to watch a sports game?

Certain activities that we love doing when we are not pregnant, become less enjoyable once we are in fact with child.That being said, sometimes certain activities that we dislike when we are not pregnant, somehow seem more appealing once we are carrying a baby around. When it comes to attending a sports game, would we be up for the excitement, or could we easily pass up the tickets? We should keep the snacks available at such an event in mind here!

Question 25

Pick some flowers

A common side effect to pregnancy is nesting. This means that the woman carrying the baby, becomes interested in creating a happy and supportive household for their arriving baby. This could lead to anything from cleaning up the home, to rearranging all of the furniture inside of it. Some women enjoy picking up some fresh flowers to liven up the space. If we were to go out shopping for some pretty flowers, which kind would we be most drawn to?

Question 26

Pick some berries

Even though sometimes all we can think about is a delicious piece of cake, other times, a simple batch of fresh berries could be just the ticket to curbing a craving. Berries are sweet, juicy, and totally munchable. That being said, what better treat for a pregnant lady to have around for snacking purposes? This one just comes down to which berry everyone happens to like the most. Are tangy strawberries the best, or are the tart blackberries perhaps better?

Question 27

Pick a color for the baby room

Now here is a very exciting decision for everyone to make! While once upon a time, it was either going to be blue or pink, these days many parents have left those colors behind for more neutral options. Even with some parents deciding that colors like green and yellow are more appropriate, we know that others still like the classic pink and blue options. What about everyone here? Which color would we pick for the nursery? We can only select one!

Question 28

Pick a furry companion

Even though pets may not be for everyone, there are a few advantages to having one around while we are pregnant. Not only do they offer us some company while we get used to our new, slightly more relaxed lifestyle, but they also give us the perfect opportunity to perfect our nurturing skills. What better way to bring out our maternal instincts, than by actually caring for a little baby fuzz ball? Looking at these animals, which would we want as a pet?

Question 29

Pick some music to relax to

Music is a great way for people to relax, even when they don't happen to be pregnant. That being said, each and every person does have their own particular tastes when it comes to things like music. While it would be impossible to list every single genre of music in the answer options, we have listed four which could all be used to help people relax. Looking at these options, which would we pick to have playing in the house during our pregnant?

Question 30

How regular are doctor's appointments?

Now this question will vary greatly depending on which mom we ask. There are two types of pregnant women when it comes to booking doctor's appointments. There are those who are determined to see the doctor as frequently as humanly possible, and there are those who are totally fine with only going in when the doctor themself asks to see them. Neither of these options are wrong, we just need to know which kind of momma everyone here happens to be!

Question 31

Pick a romantic movie to watch

Even though these types of films can spark some heavy emotions when watched by somebody who is with child, a good cry every once in a while is a totally healthy thing! That being said, some women may prefer the more comedy-themed romances, than the super sappy emotional ones. We have listed four romantic films here, each of which offer something a little bit different. Which of them would we pick to watch on a friday night? We can only pick one!

Question 32

Pick a show to binge watch

There is just no denying the fact that the further we get into our pregnancy, the more difficult certain tasks become. It is completely possible for a person to reach a point in their pregnancy, where reaching for the remote is the only thing they have energy left for. If this were to be the case, which of these series would we most want to spend our time binge watching? We have listed four possible options, but we can only pick one!

Question 33

Pick something for breakfast after a bout of morning sickness

Pregnant women are often depicted as constantly hungry people on television shows and in movies. However, those who struggle with morning sickness, know this is not always the case. After dealing with this unpleasant pregnancy side effect, certain foods are just not longer appetizing. A nice light breakfast may be just the ticket in this kind of situation. Looking at these simple breakfast options, which seems like the best choice to select if we have just gotten over a bout of morning sickness?

Question 34

Pick a book to read

Some people are always looking for a new book to read, while others have never gotten into the hobby at all. That being said, once we are pregnant, we do need to find ways to fill our time since certain activities can't be done in this state. Watching TV and movies are obvious choices, but why not also read a few books if we have the time? We have listed four popular books, which one sounds the most entertaining to everyone?

Question 35

Pick a refreshing beverage

Even though doctors can never stress the importance of appropriate water consumption enough, it is only natural for us to also crave other more refreshing beverages as well. Since we have had to cut out all things alcoholic, and we can't really go too hard on the caffeinated sodas, we may need to start sipping on other options to help quench our thirst. We have listed four possible drinks, so we just need to know which sounds the most refreshing to everyone here!

Question 36

Pick a Disney film to watch late at night

In this question, we have four classic kids movies laid out for everyone to choose between. Not only do these movies help to teach children important life lessons, but there are usually a few things we adults can learn from them as well. While we may have already understood what the circle of life is all about, The Lion King did make adults everywhere a little more cautious about what information they were willing to entrust their strange uncles with.

Question 37

Satisfy a pregnancy craving with which ice cream flavour?

Is everyone already starting to feel refreshed over here in this question? When it comes to sweet treats to enjoy while pregnant, ice cream is one of the first that comes to mind. Since the dessert is just so versatile in terms of flavors, it is tough to find someone who doesn't enjoy the stuff. We know that there are millions of flavors available for everyone to pick between, but for this question, we have kept it to just a few of the classics.

Question 38

Pick a type of cookie

Alight, time to head on over to the cookie jar for a moment. Just like most kinds of foods, everyone is going to have their own favorite when it comes to picking a cookie. That being said, some people may actually love all kinds of cookies. This would obviously make the decision infinitely more difficult to make. Also, tastes can change quite a bit once we are officially with child. Looking at these classic cookie options, which sounds the tastiest to everyone?

Question 39

Pick the best fast food restaurant to satisfy those cravings

While we are certainly not encouraging everyone to go out and eat every meal at their favorite fast food joint, we do know that the cravings for junk food can get all too real, especially for those who happen to be pregnant. If we are to decide to treat ourselves one night to a full on "junktastic" meal, which spot would we choose to order from? McDonald's may be a classic, but who could forget about the Frostys over at Wendy's?

Question 40

Lamaze class?

Alright ladies, who is up for a Lamaze class? For those unfamiliar with the term, let us explain. Lamaze class is where some mothers choose to go to learn techniques and tricks to help them through the child birthing process. Many times the partner is encouraged to attend as well, as they may actually be able to help reduce some pain on the actual day. That being said, not all women are really comfortable with this, and would much prefer to read up on the information instead.

Question 41

Baby shower?

Even though it is a traditional thing to do, not everyone is always onboard with the whole baby shower thing. It is a great way for first-time moms to register for some of the many things a newborn needs, though moms who have already had a baby may feel awkward asking friends and family for gifts the second or even third time around. That being said, some have even thrown baby showers and not asked for gifts at all! Thoughts?

Question 42

Gender reveal party?

Here we have a trend that only really started taking off a few years back. While they may not have always been as popular as baby showers, these days, they are all the rage. A gender reveal party, is an event thrown by a couple planning to announce their baby's gender in a fun way. It may not be every couple who feels the need to throw this kind of party, but we know some couples are simply always looking for a reason to throw a bash anyway!

Question 43

Pick a gender reveal

Here we are looking at just a few of the unique ways people have come up with to announce the news of their baby's gender. There are thousands of videos we can look up online showing each of these options being used. The colored cake idea was truly the first one that became popular, though the confetti balloons and golf balls have recently started becoming a trend. Then again, some people may be content with just announcing the news on social media.

Question 44

Pick an indoor pastime

Finding things to fill our time with becomes even more difficult once we are pregnant. Not only may our mobility be a bit limited, but there are many factors that could prevent us from doing the things we would normally do with our spare time. All of that being said, finding a few indoor friendly pastimes couldn't hurt! Some people may find satisfaction in completing a difficult puzzle, while other may enjoy reading a good book. Which activity sounds best?

Question 45

Pick a healthy snack

Even though picking out the best junk food options may be more fun than selecting a healthy snack, we do need to keep in mind that whatever we are eating - baby is also eating. Since this is the case, why not figure out which healthy snack options taste good and also satisfy our hunger? Here we have listed four healthy snack options, that any mom could feel good about eating. Which one actually sounds the tastiest, though? Pick one!

Question 46

Pick a pregnancy-friendly weekend activity

Alright, it is finally the weekend and we are actually feeling quite adventurous (even though we have a ginormous belly). Since we can't really be hitting our favorite bars and clubs during this time, we may need to look up some other local hangouts where we could go for a day on the town. In this question, we have listed four potentially amusing activities, though which is the most amusing, will have to be determined by everyone here. Pick an activity!

Question 47

Jogging while pregnant?

For those who jog in their regular day to day life, this question may be a super easy one to answer. Likewise, for those who try their best to avoid all forms of running regularly, may find this question equally as easy to answer. However, we do have to assume that some women may try to pick up this healthy habit as a way to ensure they are their healthiest self during their pregnancy. How does everyone here feel about jogging while pregnant?

Question 48

Having a cup of coffee occasionally?

We are certain there are people out there who will argue their stance on this one quite fiercely. However, we will let everyone's doctors tell them their best course of action when it comes to enjoying an occasional cup of coffee while pregnant. We know some women tend to view a small amount of anything as harmless, but we also know some women won't touch the stuff until they have delivered the baby. How does everyone here feel about the occasional cup of java?

Question 49

Pick the best TV mom

Alright TV fans, this one's for you! In this question, we have listed four unforgettable television moms for everyone to pick between. Neither Rachel Green nor Lorelai Gilmore had planned on getting pregnant, but they both became excellent mothers despite their surprise. Claire Dunphy is the super-mom type, who was kind of always a mother, even before actually having kids. Then we have Daenerys Targaryen. Even though she was once pregnant with a human child, she did become the Mother of Dragons.

Question 50

Makeup and hair done for the delivery?

This question may sound funny to some, but may be a very real dilemma for others. It is totally possible for a woman to give up on things like makeup entirely during their final months of pregnancy. That being said, certain ladies just wouldn't be happy if they were dolled up every day. When it comes to the birthing day though, who here believes looking good is important? This may come down to whether or not cameras will be allowed in the delivery room.

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