Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal Which Stars Would Hate You

While it's nice to think that everyone in Hollywood are people that would get along with everybody and they would happily rejoice at meeting and getting to know anyone they meet, that simply isn't always the case. There are some Hollywood stars that seem like they have an agreeable personality and they're beloved by everyone they meet. Yet, not every celebrity has the public persona of Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts.

In fact, there are many celebrities in the entertainment industry that are actually known for their strong beliefs and their willingness to get a bit in people's faces when it comes to their strong point of views. Let's take a quick test on our own life choices and preferences and see which stars would actually hate us in the real world.

Question 1

Thoughts on Harry Styles?

Question 2

Thoughts on Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani as a couple?

Question 3

Do Tarot card readings work?

Question 4

Thoughts on skydiving?

Question 5

How does a night meditating sound?

Question 6

How would this hairstyle look in the real world?

Question 7

Thoughts on Nick Jonas?

Question 8

Thoughts on Monopoly?

Question 9

Thoughts on reincarnation?

Question 10

First thing to do while traveling through time?

Question 11

Favorite lipstick on a woman?

Question 12

Thoughts on female superheroes?

Question 13

Thoughts on wrestlers as actors?

Question 14

First thing to come to mind when thinking of Jennifer Aniston?

Question 15

Rate Martin Scorsese as a director?

Question 16

Describe Mariah Carey in a single word?

Question 17

How much is appropriate to tip a server?

Question 18

Rather go to the zoo or on a safari?

Question 19

Thoughts on growing a backyard garden?

Question 20

Describe Ariana Grande with a single word.

Question 21

Rate Steven Spielberg as a filmmaker.

Question 22

Favorite sport to watch?

Question 23

Favorite character from Friends?

Question 24

Thoughts on Marilyn Monroe?

Question 25

Thoughts on Paris Hilton?

Question 26

Thoughts on living in Australia?

Question 27

Thoughts on the Beatles?

Question 28

Thoughts on Game of Thrones?

Question 29

Thoughts on eating only a seafood diet?

Question 30

Thoughts on Selena Gomez?

Question 31

Favorite judge on The Voice?

Question 32

Thoughts on comfort food?

Question 33

Thoughts on parenthood?

Question 34

Thoughts on models becoming actresses?

Question 35

Describe Christina Aguilera with one word.

Question 36

Thoughts on film critics?

Question 37

Best way to fly?

Question 38

Favorite character from X-Men?

Question 39

Thoughts on glasses as a fashion choice?

Question 40

Describe Justin Bieber with a single word.

Question 41

Thoughts on the fashion at the Met Gala?

Question 42

Thoughts on all-female films?

Question 43

Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio film?

Question 44

Want to live in New York?

Question 45

Want to go to a Taylor Swift concert?

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