Take An Inkblot Test And We'll Tell You Which Netflix Series To Watch Next


Also known as the Rorschach test, studying inkblots has been a pastime for centuries. In Leonardo da Vinci, people would stare at the images until they seemed to come to life, emerging as clever shapes. It was a common game, and a chance for people to learn something new about themselves.

This all changed in the 1920s when Hermann Rorschach learned that people with sensory processing disorders would have a specific response to viewing inkblots, and released a medical study for diagnosing such struggles. Since that moment, a wave of mental health professionals explored all of the different uses for this test. They felt that it could be more than a game, a way to understand the human psyche.

When we look at inkblots, we learn a little more about ourselves and what we see in the world around us. It gives us insight into our inner worlds, the parts of ourselves that are difficult to put a finger on. With any luck, these same inkblot tests can be used to help you find a Netflix show that you love.

Let the science be unleashed. This test will point you to a Netflix show that is sure to entertain you, plus 3 more in case you've already seen it.

1What do you see in this inkbot?

Everyone sees something a little different. That is what makes Rorschach tests what they are. It wouldn't make sense for two people to look at the same inkblot and come up with the same idea, because the entire notion of inkblot tests is that they are abstract images which can mean anything people wish.

2What do you see in these clouds?

As you study this image, which shapes emerge? What sorts of creatures do you see? What do you imagine these clouds to be, forgetting if only for a moment that they are just clouds in the air making accidental images? What do you suppose they might be, using your imagination?

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