Take A Trip To Scranton With The Ultimate Office Quiz

While US remakes of sitcoms from the UK generally don't work out (just look at The Inbetweeners, The IT Crowd, and ABC's The Thick of It), Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's mockumentary sitcom about the everyday workings of a paper company provided NBC with one of its biggest hit shows in years.

The Office has made stars out of Steve Carell, John Krasinski (whose 2018 saw him direct one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year and take on the role of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime), Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, and BJ Novak. Plus, Mindy Kaling got her start as a writer on the show, went on to play the role of Kelly, and just starred in a movie with Sandra Bullock. And according to IMDb, the same writing team has gone on to work on Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place. So, clearly, this was a show filled with stars in the making.

We were treated to over 200 episodes of the show over the years. Only the biggest fans of the Dunder Mifflin gang will be able to ace this quiz on The Office because it is really, really hard. Or at least we think it is...

Question 1

What is Dwight's official title?

Due to this title, Dwight Schrute likes to dispute Jim Halpert's claim that he is second in command in the office. However, Jim is the one that Michael puts in charge whenever he leaves and he was even selected as the co-manager of the branch for a multi-episode story arc. Dwight is a perfect example of someone who is given the tiniest amount of power and lets it go to his head immediately. This title doesn't give him any actual power in the office, really, but makes him feel like a co-boss. What is the official title of Dwight Schrute?

Question 2

Which restaurant chain banned Pam for getting too drunk at the Dundies?

After one of the Dundies ceremonies in which Pam got too drunk and started making a scene, Pam was banned from the restaurant chain where the office holds those awards ceremonies. In 2017, according to the Huffington Post, this restaurant chain finally decided to forgive Pam for her behavior and lifted the ban. Jenna Fischer, who played Pam, went to one of these restaurants and tweeted about it. The chain tweeted back, "We hope you felt God tonight," based on her line: "I feel God in this ____ tonight." Which restaurant chain banned Pam for getting too drunk at the Dundies?

Question 3

What app did Ryan create to link up all communications?

Ryan Howard created this app that sends every single communication as a text, a phone message, an email, a tweet, and every other type of way to communicate online. In one episode of The Office, it's shown that a bunch of employees from the Scranton branch have invested in this app. There is an option to be bought out by an organization that just wants the domain name for its initials. Everyone but Michael wants him to sell because Michael is the only one who believes in him. What is the name of the app that Ryan created to link up all communications?

Question 4

Which piece of warehouse equipment is Michael banned from using?

In the episode of The Office in which the employees are all trained in safety in the workplace, Michael takes over Darryl's presentation in the warehouse. While Darryl is telling them all to stay away from the dangerous equipment in the warehouse, Michael seems to think he can use all the stuff down there. When Darryl tells him that he actually can't, he still thinks he is able to use this dangerous equipment that he isn't trained to use on rare occasions. Michael has still continued to use the equipment. Which piece of warehouse equipment is Michael banned from using?

Question 5

Who does Michael end up marrying?

The actress who played this character, Amy Ryan, is actually a much more serious actor than the role would suggest. While she's basically the female Michael Scott in The Office, she has played critically acclaimed roles in such movies as Birdman, Changeling, Win Win, and Gone Baby Gone. Plus, she had a recurring role in the wildly popular HBO crime drama series The Wire starting with its second season. The character didn't reappear in the series finale episode like Michael did, although he assured us she had been doing well and they now had a family. Which character does Michael end up marrying?

Question 6

Which day makes the rest of Stanley's year worth it?

In a classic monologue during one of the talking head interviews, Stanley complains about the bed that's too small, the daughter's school that's too expensive, the job that doesn't pay enough, and then he smiles and tells us the one thing that makes it all worth it. The one day that the office building gives away free food and it is the only thing that makes the rest of Stanley's year worth it. He gets in line with Michael and it's one of the few times that Stanley is in a good mood. Which day makes the rest of Stanley's year worth it?

Question 7

Where did Andy go to college?

Andy Bernard mentions the college that he went to quite a lot. It has gotten to the point where his co-workers make fun of him for having attended this college. It's all he ever talks about: that college and the a capella group he used to be a part of. There was an episode of The Office during the story arc where Dwight and Andy were rivals in which Dwight applies to study at this college and Andy conducts his interview. Dwight reviews him as an interviewer and the whole thing gets out of hand. Where did Andy go to college?

Question 8

Complete the quote: "It's never too early for..."

Michael Scott likes to eat when he is upset. That's one of his things. According to Pam, during one of Michael's many breakups, he ate a grand total of 40,000 calories in three hours, which is certainly impressive. One time, when he's feeling upset, he makes himself a bowl of mayonnaise and black olives, because the break room doesn't have the food that he actually wants to eat and he has instead made his own unappetizing version that might look a little like the real thing but tastes nothing like it. Complete the Michael Scott quote: "It's never too early for..."

Question 9

What is the name of Bob Vance's company?

Bob Vance is the guy who marries Phyllis and bids $1,000 to hug her. In the episode "Phyllis' Wedding," Michael interrupts the ceremony by trying to make it all about him and after a lengthy speech, he has the microphone taken from him and he is asked to leave. One of Bob Vance's quirks is that he says his full name followed by that of his company whenever he introduces himself, even if he's meeting three people in a group. He'll repeat the same handshake and line to all three of them. What is the name of Bob Vance's company?

Question 10

Who was Pam engaged to before Jim?

It's hard to remember back in the early seasons of The Office when Jim and Pam were just friends and Jim had a crush on her that she was oblivious to. Pam was engaged to a totally different guy who couldn't have been more wrong for her. The actor who played Pam's ex-fiance in The Office also appeared alongside John Krasinski, the actor who played Jim Halpert, in the true-life Michael Bay movie 13 Hours. In that movie, they were allies, but in The Office, they were rivals for Pam's affection. Who remembers who Pam was engaged to before Jim?

Question 11

Which printer company buys out Dunder Mifflin in season 6?

The financial troubles that Dunder Mifflin is in have been prevalent in the show since the very first episode, in which downsizing was mentioned as a possibility. By the sixth season of the show, the company had totally run out of money and had to cut its losses. The whole company was sold off to a printer company run by Jo Bennett, who was played by guest star Kathy Bates in a few episodes. She always had two giant dogs with her and spoke in a southern accent. What is the name of the printer company that buys out Dunder Mifflin in season 6?

Question 12

Where does Toby go for a couple of seasons?

Toby announces that he is going to be living abroad for a while when the whole staff is stuck in the lobby of the office. They're waiting for the security guard to come back and let them out, and then Toby goes and puts his hand on Pam's leg. It makes everybody in the room immediately uncomfortable, especially Pam, and Toby responds by announcing a trip overseas and then running for the gate, climbing over it, and disappearing into the night. When he came back, Michael was not all that pleased. Where does Toby go for a couple of seasons?

Question 13

Which branch did Jim transfer to after he kissed Pam?

If Jim hadn't gone to another branch for a few episodes, then we would never have had Andy Bernard on the show. Ed Helms' character was introduced at the other branch and he was one of the few characters to remain after the merger. Within a couple of days, almost everyone else from the merger (except for Jim, of course) had quit. There was also Karen Filippelli, played by Rashida Jones, who stuck around for a while before her relationship with Jim ended. Which branch of Dunder Mifflin did Jim transfer to after he kissed Pam and he wanted to get away?

Question 14

Which website did Ryan create and then use to defraud the company?

When Ryan got a job in corporate, he wanted to bring Dunder Mifflin into the digital age by having a website where people can buy paper. However, he kept telling the sales staff to log their sales both as phone sales and as website sales. As it turns out, he's been logging the sales twice, making it look like the company was selling more paper than it actually was. This is otherwise known as misleading the shareholders, which is also known as fraud, so he gets in a lot of trouble. Which website did Ryan create and then use to defraud the company?

Question 15

Who briefly replaced Michael after he left?

Will Ferrell was brought in to replace Steve Carell after he left The Office in the middle of its seventh season. The producers intended to keep the show going without Carell, but they knew that they had to do something special to keep the fans watching for the transition. So, Ferrell was brought in to keep the viewers around after Carell left. He had been Carell's co-star in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and would reteam with him for the sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues a couple of years later. Who briefly replaced Michael Scott after he left Scranton?

Question 16

Complete the quote: "I want people to be afraid of..."

This is one of the most iconic quotes in the history of The Office, and it is especially popular among fans of the Michael Scott character. Whenever a list is compiled of the greatest quotes from either Michael Scott or the whole of The Office, this line is quite near the top. It is Michael's response to the documentary crew's question of whether he would rather be feared or loved. He says that it's an easy question to answer because he would like to be both feared and loved. He explains how. Complete the quote: "I want people to be afraid of..."

Question 17

Who did Michael hit with his car?

"Fun Run," the two-part season 4 premiere episode of The Office, opens with Michael driving into the parking lot of the office, talking about how lucky he is, and then hearing a loud bang. The camera looks ahead and we realize he has just hit one of his employees with his car. They roll off the hood and then the opening credits come in with that familiar piano riff. As it turns out, she had undiagnosed rabies from when Dwight put a garbage bag containing a bat over her head. Which Dunder Mifflin employee did Michael hit with his car?

Question 18

How did Michael injure his foot?

This season 2 episode is one of the most iconic early episodes of The Office. The premise is simple, as it sees Michael hurt his foot and then complain about it all day. When Dwight drives out to rescue him, he crashes his car and then throws up all over the back window. However, as it was an early example of Michael's foolish behavior and Dwight's blind loyalty to him. It introduced them as the wackiest characters in The Office and everyone else as sort of a voice of reason in various contexts. How did Michael injure his foot?

Question 19

What was happening when Stanley had a heart attack?

Stanley's heart attack leads to that iconic quote from Michael when he decides to get the staff trained in CPR: "We found ourselves on the less prepared side of things when Stanley had his...when his heart went beserk. And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do." So, Michael starts trying to relieve stress in the workplace and slowly realizes that he is the cause of everybody's stress, thanks to a heart monitor that Stanley was given at the hospital. What was happening when Stanley had a heart attack?

Question 20

Who is Dwight's unusual live-in cousin?

According to IMDb, Dwight's cousin, who he lives with and takes care of, was played by Michael Schur, who worked as an executive producer and writer on the show. He was one of many cast members who was also a writer on the show: the actors who played the roles of Kelly, Ryan, and Toby were all in the writers' room of The Office. Schur has since gone on to work on other shows such as Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. What is the name of Dwight's unusual cousin who lives with him at Schrute Farms?

Question 21

What parody song do Michael and Dwight sing for the Stamford merger?

To introduce all of the new employees who came to the Scranton branch after the merger with Stamford, Michael and Dwight make a music video featuring a parody song. They changed all the lyrics from the original song to be introductory information about the city of Scranton that the new employees needed to know. However, the song that they parodied was already sort of a parody song as it had been performed on Saturday Night Live by Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg. It was an early example of a Digital Short. What parody song do Michael and Dwight sing for the Stamford merger?

Question 22

Who did Jim first tell about his crush on Pam?

The person that Jim first told about his crush on Pam was not the best person that he could have told. They were on the booze cruise and everybody was a little tipsy. Michael had been making a scene, as usual, and the captain had shown him up. Pam and Roy were having a good time, finally setting a date for their wedding and dancing the night away. Jim broke up with his girlfriend and generally didn't feel great. And then he decided to tell one of his co-workers he had a crush on Pam. Who did Jim first tell about his crush on Pam?

Question 23

What is Dwight's favorite TV show?

Dwight's favorite TV show is a science fiction drama series about the inner workings of a military spaceship. It is sort of like a space opera or a show like Star Trek, but with a more military based focus. Jim likes to tease Dwight about his favorite show, and when he impersonated him for a prank, he said, "Bears, beets, _____," using this TV show as the third main thing in Dwight's life. Dwight could tell that Philip was his son from the way he looked at the ship from this show. What is the name of Dwight's favorite TV show?

Question 24

Complete the quote: "I'm not superstitious, but..."

The Office is a show with many memorable quotes that have been included in memes and GIFs and listicles all over the internet in the years since the show went off the air. But the character with the most memorable quotes to his name has to be Michael Scott, the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch. From his confusion over the pronunciation of "soulmates" to his various personas such as Michael Klump and Date Mike ("Nice to meet me"), he provided The Office with the majority of its iconic lines. Complete the Michael Scott quote: "I'm not superstitious, but..."

Question 25

Who got into Sabre's minority executive training program?

When Sabre announced a minority executive training program that would allow one minority employee from the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin to become an executive, Dwight spent a whole episode trying to figure out which minority in the office would make things best for him. In the end, he found that they would all do something against him if they became an executive for Sabre. Oscar and Stanley were reluctant to apply as they didn't want to step on Kelly's toes or get in her way, so Dwight had some convincing to do. Who got into Sabre's minority executive training program?

Question 26

What action movie did Michael make with his co-workers?

The screenplay for an action movie that Michael had been working on was referenced a few times over the years. He told his co-workers about his screenplay at the telemarketing place where he had a second job. Plus, Jim and Pam found a copy of the script in Michael's office once and circulated copies around the entire staff. But in one of Michael's final episodes, we finally got to see the movie he had been making all these years, and it brought back many old cast members. What is the title of the action movie that Michael directed, wrote, and starred in with his co-workers?

Question 27

How many seasons of The Office were there?

The first season of The Office consisted of just six episodes, which is never a great sign. But that handful of initial episodes managed to create enough buzz and bring in enough fans for the second season to get a bigger episode order. Of course, a couple of seasons down the line, when Jim and Pam got closer together and Michael and Dwight defined themselves more as characters, The Office was one of the highest rated shows on television. There has actually been talk of a reboot recently. How many seasons of The Office were there during its initial run?

Question 28

On which unfortunate date did Ryan first get together with Kelly?

It's hard to remember a time when Ryan and Kelly weren't together, at least in some form, but in the early days of the show, they just flirted with each other. It wasn't until later in the series that Ryan finally got together with her, and he couldn't have picked a worse date to do it on. He didn't realize this at the time, but it was one day before a holiday that is quite a big deal for couples. So, Kelly was expecting a gift from the guy. On which unfortunate date did Ryan first get together with Kelly?

Question 29

What dish does Kevin make and then spill all over the floor?

Mindy Kaling wrote in her memoir Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) that she initially objected to the cold opening in which Kevin brings a pan full of his most famous dish into the office and then spills it all over the floor. She didn't think it would work. Of course, it has now become one of the most hilarious and iconic moments from the whole series, but she felt so strongly against it that she stormed out of the writers' room and almost never came back. What dish does Kevin make and then spill all over the floor?

Question 30

Which two characters are jokingly called "The new Jim and Dwight"?

These two characters, due to one of them being tall and handsome and the other being stout and wearing glasses, were jokingly termed "The new Jim and Dwight." They were the new guys in season 9 and had become part of the gang by the time the series finale rolled around. One of them was played by Jake Lacy, who has since appeared in the movies Rampage and How to Be Single. The other one was played by Clark Duke, who has appeared in Superbad and Hot Tub Time Machine. Which two characters are jokingly called "The new Jim and Dwight"?

Question 31

Which rock star does Michael claim to have backstage passes for at the Crime Aid auction?

When Michael and Holly accidentally leave the office building unlocked one night when they're the last two out, the place gets robbed. So, to ease their guilt, they organize a Crime Aid auction where everyone sells goods and services to buy back what was stolen. Michael claims to have a couple of backstage passes to a concert by one of the biggest rock stars in the world. In the end, he doesn't have the tickets, but Phyllis does sell a hug for $1,000 to her own husband. Which rock star does Michael claim to have backstage passes for at the Crime Aid auction?

Question 32

What did Stanley angrily say to Michael in a meeting?

This phrase was made the title of the episode in which Stanley says it because it makes such an impact. When viewers are scrolling through streaming services, looking to rewatch their favorite episodes of The Office, the title of this episode sticks out, because it evokes the memory of that moment so vividly. As usual, Michael has called an unnecessary meeting in the conference room and he is involving all of his employees in a group activity. And as usual, Stanley isn't interested in taking part. But this time, he snaps. What did Stanley angrily say to Michael in a meeting?

Question 33

Which actress' looks do the staff debate for a full day?

In one episode of The Office, in which Michael and Dwight have gone off on their own caper and there is, therefore, no one left in the office to make sure the rest of the employees are doing work, the whole office debates the looks of an actress. There is one camp that finds her attractive and another camp that does not. And since the two camps are split evenly among the employees, a debate breaks out between the two sides as they present their arguments and try to change minds. Which actress' looks do the staff debate for a full day?

Question 34

Where do Pam and Jim get married?

Destination weddings are not wholly popular among the people of the world. Some people don't mind traveling to see their friends or a member of their family getting married. But other people do mind it. Pam and Jim were hoping that their co-workers would mind making the journey, but then Michael offered to give everyone who was going to the wedding a four day weekend, so they all decided to come. So, the journey ended up being pointless, but the destination did allow Pam and Jim to go for their backup plan. Where did Pam and Jim have their wedding?

Question 35

Who is the Scranton branch's traveling salesman?

This character is played by David Koechner, who had previously starred in the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy with Steve Carell. Plus, after The Office ended its run, they did a sequel called Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The whole point of the character is that he makes the audience uncomfortable and everything that comes out of his mouth that he thinks is a joke is actually cringe-worthy. This meant that he wasn't in too many episodes, because no one in the office liked him. What is the name of the traveling salesman for Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch?

Question 36

How does Michael mispronounce "soulmates"?

Michael and Holly had a long on and off relationship before they finally settled down together and got married and had kids. Michael even explained this in a monologue in one episode. He'd had a chance to tell her how he felt and he missed it, but then he explained that the timing wasn't right and that theirs was a long story with a perfect ending. In the end, that is exactly what they got. In that episode, Michael pronounces the word "soulmates" wrong in reference to Holly. What does Michael actually say when he is trying to pronounce the word "soulmates"?

Question 37

Which family-run company do Michael and Dwight run out of business?

In one episode of The Office, David Wallace sends Michael and Dwight undercover to a rival paper company to see if they can poach their business. However, when Michael gets there and sees that the company is run by the loveliest family he has ever met, he has some reluctance to steal their clients and run them out of business. In the end, Dwight convinces him to do it and he is unable to get a job there after he quits Dunder Mifflin, because they have been run out of business. Which family-run company do Michael and Dwight run out of business?

Question 38

Who went to stay at Dwight's bed and breakfast?

As soon as one of the other employees of the office noticed that Schrute Farms was available as a bed and breakfast on TripAdvisor, they decided to book a trip there. And because Dwight is frightened of losing business thanks to some negative TripAdvisor reviews, he has to treat them well for their entire stay. It ends up being an unusual night as Mose is seen in the outhouse and Dwight cries all night, but the employees who go to stay at the B&B give it a good review. Who went to stay at Dwight's bed and breakfast on Schrute Farms?

Question 39

Which rock group is Kevin's band Scrantonicity a cover of?

Kevin gets annoyed if his band Scrantonicity gets a gig and then no one from the office comes to see them play. He once tried to land the gig of playing Pam and Roy's wedding. According to Wikipedia, the writers of The Office chose which band Kevin's band would be a cover of based on its lead singer. Since Kevin's voice is droll and monotonous, they wanted to pick a singer whose voice is the polar opposite of that for him to cover: Sting. He is also the band's drummer. Which rock group is Kevin's band Scrantonicity a cover of?

Question 40

What does Michael say to his employees as he roasts them one by one?

It is a tried and tested sitcom formula to have a character decide to get all the other characters to roast them. Then during the roast, they begin to cry and run away, because it wasn't what they expected it to be. The plot has been used on two separate Seth MacFarlane shows. In The Office, Michael asked his employees to roast him and then took off. But he returned when he decided to roast them all back and saw how much they were laughing. What does Michael say to his employees as he roasts them all one by one?

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