Superheroes Vs Villains — Choose The Winners!

Heroes and villains. Good versus bad. The conflict is as old as stories, and yet no matter how many times we tell this tale of light and darkness challenging one another, it never gets old. There is perhaps no better representation of this epic struggle in our modern world than superhero stories, where powered people in bright-colored costumes fight one another in sensational over-the-top metaphorical conflicts which represent this struggle of the forces of good and bad taking one another on.

Batman may always win against the enemies he faces in Gotham City, but he is just a man, and what can he hope to do against the superpowered villains that his fellows on the Justice League take on. Captain America may be a defender of his country who fights with a star-studded shield, but who might not fare quite so well against the gamma-powered enemies that smash fists against the Hulk in the Nevada desert. Wonder Woman’s strength and lasso serve him well, but against a foe with mind control powers, how will her Lasso of Truth hold up? Take this superhero quiz and tell us whether the forces of good or villainy would win in these hypothetical battle royales?

Question 1

Choose the winner — Batman or Lex Luthor?

Batman is the Dark Knight of Gotham City who wages a one-man war on crime, and whose super power is simple: he always wins. He is the world’s greatest detective, a billionaire inventor philanthropist who can knockout superpowered baddies with one punch. For all that, Lex Luthor is richer, smarter, and has personally waged a crusade against Superman—the Man of Steel who protects the skies of Metropolis. Which of these billionaire genius arms manufacturing brawlers would beat the other in a fight?

Question 2

Choose the winner — Captain America or Erik Killmonger?

Captain America is a super soldier—THE Super Soldier—designed by America’s Super Soldier Program in the early 40s as part of the Weapons Plus Program. He is a master of all forms of combat and with his star-emblazoned shield he defends against the forces which plot to bring down the world. Erik is also a government-trained super soldier of a different sort, a genius who has turned the intelligence community’s own techniques against them as he uses their colonialist strategies to destabilize the governments who he should be allied with. Who’d beat the other?

Question 3

Choose the winner — Wonder Woman or Zod?

Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior from Themyscira and a divinity incarnate on Earth, having been both the God of War and Olympian Ambassador of Peace at different times. Zod is a Kryptonian general who was banished to the Negative Zone for his transgressions and who has traded blow for blow with Superman. Both are trained in multiple forms of combat, one having mastered warfare as taught by the gods themselves, and the other learning it across many planets. Who’s stronger?

Question 4

Choose the winner — Black Panther or the Mandarin?

Black Panther is the warrior monarch of Wakanda, and is a trained martial arts expert equipped with vibranium equipment and a suit of technological armor. Mandarin is a powerful magic user whose ten alien rings are imbued with different supernatural abilities which have brought Iron Man to his knees (and all of his enemies too). Both men are leaders of large groups of soldiers at their command. Between these two leaders, who would win in a fight to the finish?

Question 5

Choose the winner — Joker or Superman?

Superman has been called many things. The Man of Steel. The Man of Tomorrow. The Boy Scout. With the strength to bench press the Earth and the abilities to shoot lasers from his eyes, fly, or see through walls, he’s called the greatest superhero who ever lived. But he has weaknesses. Weaknesses like Kryptonite, his loved ones, and morality. Weaknesses that a madman like the Joker can exploit. And the Joker will stop at nothing to win. Who’d triumph in a battle royale between Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime and a Kryptonian superhero whose strength is limited by morality?

Question 6

Choose the winner — Wolverine or the Juggernaut?

Wolverine is the best at what he does, and what he does is not very nice (hint: it involves those pointy adamantium claws of his turning his enemies into sausage meat). He can heal from any wounds, and has been a professional soldier for more than a century. But then there is the Juggernaut, powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak to be literally unstoppable (yes, literally, as in once he starts moving, only his own volition will stop him). Who’d triumph between these two veterans of mutant conflict?

Question 7

Choose the winner — Black Manta or Cyborg?

Black Manta has no powers, but then again, he needs no powers. With just his willpower, combat training, and a handful of gadgets, he has brought the lord of Atlantis to his knees, and has uncovered the secrets hidden deep beneath the salt waves which even Atlantean monarchs have lost. But Cyborg is powered by the technology of the New Gods, able to hack into the circuitry of reality itself. Then again, he’s also a jock with a moral compass. Who’d beat who between these two?

Question 8

Choose the winner — Captain Marvel or Loki?

Captain Marvel is Earth’s Mightiest Hero—one of the strongest superpowered characters ever to appear on the planet Earth in Universe 616. She can wrestle with gods, has sucker punched intergalactic planet-eaters, and once traveled through time to give herself her own power set in her origin story. Then there is Loki, the trickster god of Asgard, whose magic, shapeshifting, creativity, and charisma have shaped the history of the gods themselves. His deeds are known across the Nine Worlds; his cunning is legendary. Choose the likely victor between these two, were they to confront one another as adversaries.

Question 9

Choose the winner — Deadpool or Magneto?

To call the former a hero is a bit of a stretch. He is more of an anti-hero, though being a hitman, he has definitely been known to engage in full on villainy. Then again, Magneto has both been one of the world’s greatest villains and its greatest heroes. While the Merc with a Mouth has a healing factor and is yet to find an object he can’t use as an implement of assassination, Magneto is the Master of Magnetism and is a survivor. He survived the camps. And he the Phoenix. Who’d win between these men of war?

Question 10

Choose the winner — Vision or Ultron?

Vision is an Avenger and an android who can fly, phase through solid matter, and punch his metallic fists through the hulls of incoming mechs. But he was created by another android, Ultron, a malevolent self-replicating machine of sentient malice and Machiavellian megalomania (sorry about the alliteration, but it’s the only way to do (in)justice to this comic book supervillain). Father and son. Android made by man and android made by another android. Who’d emerge superior between the pair of them?

Question 11

Choose the winner — Cyclops or Mystique?

Cyclops has led the X-Men from a young age. He was trained as a child soldier by Professor X, groomed to be a leader, and it is a role he excels at. Plus, there’s the eye-beams to consider. Meanwhile, Mystique is a mutant shapeshifter who has worked for such nefarious groups as the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Hand, the Hellfire Club, and DARPA, breaking into secure locations while assuming the identities of key individuals to achieve her goals. Which of these would beat the other?

Question 12

Choose the winner — Flash or Enchantress?

Flash is the fastest man alive. Fastest. Man. Alive. Full stop. In the time it takes the brain to register the period at the end of this sentence, he could run the length of a country. He moves faster than neurons can fire. But is he faster than the speed of magic? The Enchantress is one of the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe. She has ancient spells and arcane arts at her command, and some magics at work to do her bidding when she isn’t even thinking on them. Who’d win?

Question 13

Choose the winner — Robin or Captain Cold?

Robin is the name used by most of Batman’s juvenile sidekicks. Robins come and go, as they grow up or encounter the Joker, which either way leads to an end of their time as Robin. For this quiz, any Robin will do. But these child vigilantes have been trained personally by Batman to take down the rulers and soldiers of Gotham’s underworld, as well as trained in detective work, hacking, surveillance, and escape artistry. Captain Cold is the leader of the Rogues, a group who regularly take on (and bring down) the Fastest Man Alive. Who’d beat whom?

Question 14

Choose the winner — Iron Man or the Red Skull?

Iron Man is a futurist billionaire inventor. He created a new energy source and mech suit while held captive by a warlord. He is also a founding Avenger whose stood against Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and Ultron. Then there’s Red Skull, one of the faces of European fear-mongering in the 20th Century who has worked to destabilize governments and to radicalize and arm soldiers that would carry out ethnic purges. He has taken down Captain America. He took down Roxxon. Which of these would beat the other?

Question 15

Choose the winner — Falcon or the Winter Soldier?

Cap has two best friends, Sam Wilson (the Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (best known for his time as the Winter Soldier). To be clear, when we talk about the Winter Soldier, we do not refer specifically to Bucky. We refer to the brainwashed Cold War assassin that Bucky became after WWII. Each of these men has stood side-by-side with Captain America. Both have also spent some time serving the role of the new Captain America. Which one is the better fighter?

Question 16

Choose the winner — Aquaman or Bane?

Aquaman can telepathically control aquatic life (or, as some have referred to it, “talk to fish”). He can also withstand the crushing depths of the Marianas Trench, rip the doors off moving vehicles, and bounce bullets off his abs. Then there is Bane, the man who broke the Bat. Bane does not have superpowers in the conventional sense, but the venom he pumps into his veins makes him so swole that his biceps bulge to the size of lesser men’s torsos. Who’d whoop whose backside in a scrap between these bravos?

Question 17

Choose the winner — Batman or Deathstroke?

Deathstroke is the greatest assassin on Earth. He has stood against gods and has defeated the Justice League in a matter of seconds. He has stopped speedsters before they could touch him and knocked the Big Blue Boy Scout out of the sky without even needing Kryptonite. On the other hand, there’s Batman. Who is, y’know, Batman. Which, normally, would be the end of discussion. Except even the Caped Crusader would struggle to deal with Deathstroke whose nickname is “the Terminator.” Which of these elite urban terrors would walk away from the nightmarish fight between them?

Question 18

Choose the winner — Scarlet Witch or Abomination?

Scarlet Witch is an Avenger, as well as a mutant associated with the X-Men (and now that Disney has reacquired the X-Men property from Fox, this seems guaranteed to play out in the films of the MCU). Her vaguely defined powers seem to essentially be the use of magic paired with probability manipulation. Abomination is perhaps Hulk’s greatest enemy, a villain who was actually created only after Stan Lee decided the name was perfect but who in every way lives up to the name as a stronger meaner gamma-powered version of the Hulk. Who’d beat whom?

Question 19

Choose the winner — Ronan the Accuser or Hulk?

Hulk smashes. That’s what he does. He’s like the jolly green giant if all the jolliness was replaced with a gamma-powered roid-rage and then unleashed like a wrecking ball forged in the furnaces of Mordor. He's proof of what anger can do. But then there’s Ronan the Accuser, a warlord of the alien Kree who uses a war hammer to bash his way through the hulls of ships and who has exchanged fisticuffs with literal gods in cosmic combat at the edge of stars. Which one will smash the other to smithereens?

Question 20

Choose the winner — Guardians of the Galaxy or Ultron?

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a team of space heroes, anti-heroes, ex-cons, and adventurers whose roster continually changes. From one mission to the next, they do their best to save the galaxy from whatever transgalactic invaders or armies from parallel universes might rear their ugly heads. Ultron is a malevolent android from Earth who frequently takes on the Avengers, beating them sometimes, other times being driven from the planet and into space. Would the Guardians of the Galaxy guard against Ultron, or would the arch android throw them off their guard?

Question 21

Choose the winner — Fantastic Four or Thanos?

The Fantastic Four are Marvel’s first family. There’s Mr. Fantastic, who can stretch his body; the Invisible Woman (whose name speaks for itself); Ben Grimm, the Thing, with bright blue eyes and skin of stone; and the Human Torch, a literal hothead. Mr. Fantastic is also the smartest man on Earth, his inventions putting Tony Stark to the test. Then there’s Thanos, the Mad God of Titan, who has wielded the Infinity Gauntlet and famously wiped out half of all life with a snap of his fingers. Would the FF or Thanos emerge victorious from a conflict?

Question 22

Choose the winner — Venom or the Green Goblin?

Venom is not a good guy, so to speak, but these days, the symbiote tends to at least work on the side of the angels (or, y’know, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). This alien symbiote bonds itself to a host and uses amorphous predatory body-shifting abilities to attack its enemies. Green Goblin is Norman Osborn, a cutting-edge arms manufacturer and cutthroat venture capitalist who used bioengineering to give himself enhanced abilities. Both have a history of conflict with Spider-Man. How would things turn out if they turned against one another?

Question 23

Choose the winner — Erik Killmonger or Black Widow?

Black Widow is the Soviet secret agent who has worked on the Avengers team to infiltrate hostile targets while using her “Widow’s sting” wrist-shooters to bring down her foes. Erik is a special operative who is known to try and destabilize whole countries and who has personally fixated on taking out the Black Panther. Each is familiar with cutting edge technology and the strategies used in covert intelligence missions and wet work. Which of these two assassins is the more dangerous agent?

Question 24

Choose the winner — Jessica Jones or Ulysses Klaw?

Jessica Jones is a superpowered private eye who is not interested in saving the world or even saving innocent people from harm, but who is generally well-meaning and who can still throw a car at a baddie if it helps her pay the rent. Ulysses Klaw is a pro-apartheid one-armed merc who uses vibranium technology and sonic attacks against his foes. Both are formidable but unconventional scrappers. Would Jessica Jones disarm Ulysses Klaw in combat, or would Klaw sink his hooks in Jessica?

Question 25

Choose the winner — Teen Titans or Legion of Doom?

The Teen Titans are a group of teenaged sidekicks and superheroes who have come together to fight crime. Among their usual roster of members are Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Robin. The Legion of Doom is a team of supervillains who have banded together for similar reasons, only, y’know, the opposite, helping one another in their various ill-intentioned pursuits. The Legion also has members come and go, but some of their regulars include Lex Luthor, Joker, Brainiac, Captain Cold, Cheetah, and Gorilla Grodd. Which group would beat the other?

Question 26

Choose the winner — Superman or Ocean Master?

Superman is probably the most underrated character in DC. This is because he is considered WAY too overpowered, but most people seldom consider or understand the depth of his personality (something Zack Snyder is especially guilty of). Ocean Master is one of the rulers of the throne of Atlantis, his skin so tough he can withstand the pressures of being hit with a torpedo while on the ocean floor, and his word so strong he can command armies with but a single phrase. Who’d win between them?

Question 27

Choose the winner — Black Panther or Bushmaster?

Black Panther clawed his way through assembled combatants in ritual single combat to become the leader of Wakanda. He has access to vibranium tech, is leader of the world’s most advanced nation, and is a martial artist of extraordinary abilities—plus he’s powered by the Heart-Shaped Herb. Bushmaster is an underworld boss from the Caribbean who is extremely gifted in hand-to-hand combat, took on the Maggia Families of New York, and made both Luke Cage and Iron Fist fear him. Which would beat the other?

Question 28

Choose the winner — Wolverine or Sebastian Shaw?

Wolverine is the X-Men’s hitman. There is not a better way to say it. He does what the rest of the team can’t, and has SNIKT’d his claws through the forces of A.I.M., the Marauders, more ninjas than can be counted, and even Jean Grey when she lost herself to the Phoenix. Sebastian Shaw is the immortal indestructible leader of the Hellfire Club who can absorb and redirect energy. Of these two immortal mutants, who’d defeat the other in single combat?

Question 29

Choose the winner — Captain Marvel or Galactus?

Captain Marvel is probably the most powerful human superhero in the Marvel Universe. She could go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, can fly through the air, and can absorb or shoot energy. She’s also an Air Force veteran and literally traveled back through time to give herself her own powers. Galactus is an ancient being who is older than the universe itself, being born in the last universe that preceded our own, and who eats planets. That’s right. He. Eats. PLANETS. But then again, he uses energy, which Captain Marvel manipulates. Who’d win?

Question 30

Choose the winner — Shazam or Steppenwolf?

Shazam is the child Billy Batson, who with but a spoken word can transform into an adult hero with the wisdom of Solomon, the might of Hercules, the endurance of Atlas, and more gifts from divine and heroics figures of past times. He has the powers of Superman, plus magical abilities. (He also was once named Captain Marvel, before DC decided that was too confusing.) Steppenwolf is one of the New Gods of the planet Apokolips, an immortal military strategist who can toss the Justice League’s champions about like ragdolls. Pick a winner.

Question 31

Choose the winner — Spider-Man or the Kingpin?

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is many things: “amazing,” “spectacular,” and (if one asks J. Jonah Jameson) “a menace!” The Web-head has the proportional strength of a spider and has a Spider-Sense to detect immediate threats. With great power, he knows there must also come proportional responsibility. Then there is Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. He is stronger than any normal human has any right to be, and can take down Avengers and ninja with his bare hands. He also rules the New York underworld. Who’d triumph in the end between these rivals?

Question 32

Choose the winner — Supergirl or Gorilla Grodd?

Supergirl is a Kryptonian, and so has all the strength, speed, invulnerability, and powers of her cousin Superman. In fact, she’s even stronger than him, as she spent years floating in orbit around our yellow sun, absorbing its rays before landing on Earth. Gorilla Grodd is a psychically powered Gorilla who has the ability to tap into the Speed Force to access superspeed. With psychic powers and the Flash’s speed, he can take on the Justice League. Who would win between this Kryptonian teenage heroine and the psychic gorilla who uses the Speed Force?

Question 33

Choose the winner — Luke Cage or Red Skull?

Luke Cage is a man with indestructible skin and strength to match. He’s the Harlem Hero, Powerman, and one of the founders of the New Avengers who helped stop the super criminal jailbreak at the Raft. Red Skull is a fear-monger who has rallied armies under his command to spread a message of prejudice in his attempts to build an ethnostate. He has an uncanny ability to gain allies, find weaknesses in his opponents, and has repeatedly defeated the Avengers, Captain America, and the X-Men. Which one would win?

Question 34

Choose the winner — Justice League or Darkseid?

The Justice League is comprised of Earth’s greatest heroes. There’s Green Lantern, who can manifest his will into hard light constructs; Wonder Woman, an amazon warrior endowed with powers by the gods of Olympus; the Flash, who can move at translight speeds; and Batman, a billionaire orphan with unresolved childhood trauma and some really cool gadgets. Then there is Darkseid, one of the New Gods and ruler of the planet Apokolips, who commands hosts of parademons and whose very look can slay a god. Who is the Justice League’s greatest foe? Darkseid is. Between them, who’d win?

Question 35

Choose the winner — Batgirl or Harley Quinn?

There have been three Batgirls over the years—all gifted teenage martial artists who trained and fought under the Dark Knight. The first and most famous is Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, raised twice-over to take on crime. After her came the dyslexic martial artist Cassandra Cain, one of the world’s greatest fighters, followed by former Robin and Gotham vigilante Stephanie Brown. All are truly gifted. But there is only one Harley Quinn. This psychiatrist turned into a chemically enhanced superstrong psychopath when she fell for her patient at Arkham: Mista J. Who’d win: Batgirl or Harley?

Question 36

Choose the winner — Flash or Deadshot?

The Flash is the fastest man alive. He can move so fast he’s vibrated his molecules through an airplane, and he’s outrun the grim reaper since (little known fact) the avatar of unlife can’t move faster than the speed of light, while the Flash can. That said, Deadshot is the second most lethal assassin in the world. He has taken Kryptonians out of the sky, taken out mystic cultists, and lead the covert group Task Force X in off-the-books missions. But in an all-out no-holds-barred fight, which one would triumph over the other?

Question 37

Choose the winner — Daredevil or Whiplash?

Daredevil is a believer in the blind scales of justice, and being a blind lawyer, has chosen to ensure justice happens in the streets even when the biases of the courts see their way to coloring trials unfairly. He’s protected the streets of Manhattan and taken on organized crime, no matter the cost. Whiplash is an old enemy of Iron Man’s who uses a high-powered energy whip that can lash through the Shellhead’s armor. Would the Guardian Devil flog Whiplash to the gates of purgatory, or would Whiplash make Daredevil take the ultimate fall?

Question 38

Choose the winner — Green Lantern or Joker?

Green Lantern is the protector of Sector 2814 of the galaxy, which includes Earth. The Green Lantern power ring can conjure up hard light constructs, making anything imaginable through sheer force of willpower. But the Joker is a master of undermining people’s wills. The Clown Prince has gases that will permanently affix a smile to his victims’ faces, gadgets which put even the Batman’s to the test, and he has a body count in the thousands. Life may be a sick joke, but he’s got the ultimate punchline. Which of these two would emerge triumphant?

Question 39

Choose the winner — Deadpool or Phoenix?

The Phoenix is not inherently moral or immoral. It is a cosmic force of creation and destruction, able to conjure new life or wipe out whole worlds. It possesses people who can wield it, or be wielded as they lose all control. Then there’s Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth and one intense healing factor. He has fought the Mad God of Titan and driven others to madness simply for being with him. Would he drive Phoenix mad, or would he burn up in a flame even he couldn’t heal from? Of the two, who’d win?

Question 40

Choose the winner — Wonder Woman or Zoom?

Wonder Woman is one of the greatest fighters in the DC Universe, strong as Superman and twice as skilled in the fighting arts. Zoom (also known as Hunter Zolomon, or as the Reverse-Flash) is a speedster who can move faster than the time barrier, traveling to the past or future and even rewriting history on a whim. Would the amazon warrior dismantle him, or would Zoom use his superspeed to pummel her faster than she could respond? Who’d win?

Question 41

Choose the winner — Thor or the Collector?

Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder. He wields the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, smashing his enemies with blows that could sunder the fabric of reality itself. The Collector is a Marvel character who collects rare objects and stores them in his private residence. He is one of the Elders of the Universe, and is an immortal being who easily defeated the Avengers for no other reason than to add them to his collection. Would Thor beat this comic character, or could the Collector take on the God of Thunder?

Question 42

Choose the winner — Captain America or Ronan the Accuser?

Captain America is a soldier whose body was augmented by the Super Soldier Serum, turning him into a living legend. Between his powers, his virtue, and his can-do attitude, there’s nothing he can’t achieve, or so he’d have us believe. Ronan the Accuser is a megalomaniacal tyrant from the alien species the Kree, who has turned against the leadership of his people to promote his own ruthless agenda. Which of these two skillful military leaders would prove triumphant in the end?

Question 43

Choose the winner — Misty Knight or Davos?

Misty Knight is a tough-as-nails New York detective with a cybernetic arm that can punch through steel plate and enough martial arts training not to need it. Davos is a master of kung fu and the sworn enemy of Iron Fist, wielding ki and a flurry of fists as he uses his martial arts training to assert his dominance over any who would oppose him. He has even been the champion of one of the Seven Cities of Heaven. Who’d break the other’s skull with a well-placed punch?

Question 44

Choose the winner — Green Arrow or Amanda Waller?

Green Arrow is the protector of Star City (or Seattle, depending which version of him is canon at any given moment). The Emerald Archer is famed for his progressive take on crime fighting, using trick arrows and martial arts to hunt criminals like prey through the urban jungles while funding programs to better his city. He has also amassed a team of fellow heroes, collectively called Team Arrow. Amanda Waller, AKA the Wall, is a villain of bureaucracy, using incarcerated criminals as her own spec ops group. Who’d defeat whom if they opposed one another?

Question 45

Choose the winner — Superman or Vandal Savage?

Superman is the Man of Steel, a solar-powered modern-day sun deity who inspires hope even as he saves the world time and again from threats great and small. Meanwhile, Vandal Savage is a 50,000-year-old Neanderthal who was given immortality by a comet and who has been manipulating all of human history while amassing all of the powers of creation to use however he likes. There is nothing that is beyond his means. Would Superman or Vandal prove the greater in a fair fight?

Question 46

Choose the winner — War Machine or the Kingpin?

War Machine is Tony Stark’s best friend, a mech-suited military man who has all the most cutting edge arms at his disposal and who would do anything to keep his country safe in his grey armor with all of the red-white-and-blue ordinance he can summon to back him up. Kingpin is the ruler of New York City’s legal and extralegal activities, a man of unlimited resources and influence who has the physical strength of any ten lesser men. Pick a winner between these two.

Question 47

Choose the winner — Batman or Brainiac?

The Batman. Anything we can say about him has been said, as his actions speak for themselves. Meanwhile, Brainiac is an alien synthetic intelligence who has biomechanical abilities that transcend the limits of carbon or silicon based lifeforms, an invader and collector who has catalogued all the forces of the galaxy and arrayed them against one another at different points, manipulating events on a cosmic scale. He has shrunk cities to put into glass observation bottles and species he found curious. Which of these two would best the other?

Question 48

Choose the winner — Jessica Jones and Erik Killmonger?

Jessica Jones has super strength, amazing detective skills, and the ability to fly (even if landing is not her specialty). She is not a superhero, but has stood side by side with heroes to take down supernatural threats like rogue ninja or nefarious agents of the state. Erik is one such nefarious agent of the state who is nigh impossible to stop, as he has the training necessary to bring whole nations to their knees. Which of these secret agents would best the other if it ever came to blows between them?

Question 49

Choose the winner — Colleen Wing or Bullseye?

Colleen Wing is one of the greatest martial artists and sword fighters in the Marvel Universe. Her katana can cut shuriken from the air and cleave through steel armor. Bullseye is an assassin without equal who has been known to impale other assassins on their favored weapons, and who has claimed the lives of at least two of Daredevil’s paramours. He is also able to turn anything into an improvised combat tool. Between Colleen Wing and Bullseye, who would win in a fight?

Question 50

Choose the winner — Deadpool or Thanos?

Deadpool and Thanos have crossed paths before. They’re old rivals, in a way, both competing for the romantic affections of the same woman (a certain gothic beauty who’s known as the boss of the Grim Reaper). One is the Mad God of Titan. The other is just mad. One has purple skin and a chin that has been unfavorably compared to certain aspects of anatomy. The other has a skin condition that is essentially just a cancerous healing factor. Who beat whom between these monstrous mad men?

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