Rate These Superhero Movies, And We'll Guess Your Age!

Superhero films have long been part of cinema culture, but these days, they are surefire box office hits that can rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, or billions if it involves The Avengers. As such, studios are willing to shill out top dollar to bring in talent and writers to put together a project that is going to see massive returns. Now that superhero films are the dominant force at the box office, expect to see this trend continue for the foreseeable future. Some may say that they are getting tired of superhero films, but that won't stop studios from producing them.

These film usually stem from characters that are found in comic books, and even those found outside of Marvel or DC have had a solid impact on the box office. Publishers like Dark Horse and Icon have enjoyed success on the big screen, meaning that we can expect other companies to follow suit and look to get their hands on a piece of this highly valuable pie.

Today, we are going to bring you 35 superhero films to rank. Some of these films have been released in recent years while others came out a while back. Judging by your answers, we will reveal your age!

Question 1

How Would You Rate Captain America: Civil War?

There was no doubt that this film was going to destroy at the box office when it was released, and sure enough, it became the film to see. Captain America: Civil War pitted The Avengers against one another, making for one of the best films in the MCU. The airport scene remains one of the greatest in any superhero film.

Question 2

How Would You Rate The Lego Batman Movie?

The Lego Movie took the world by storm, and The Lego Batman Movie would follow suit. This film had such a fantastic portrayal of Batman, exploring the different sides of his life and personality. Plus, it was ripe with Easter eggs from some of the most memorable Batman stories of all time.

Question 3

How Would You Rate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Whether it is in comics, on television or on the big screen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles always finds a huge audience. The original film series that was released took the world by storm back in the 1990s, and many of us have fond memories of watching them. Go ninja, go ninja, go!

Question 4

How Would You Rate Power Rangers?

The Power Ranger franchise just keeps chugging along on television, and the powers that be figured it to be a good idea to reboot the big screen adaptation. The version released during the 1990s was popular, and hopes were high for this modern film. Its box office receipts left a lot to be desired.

Question 5

How Would You Rate Hancock?

Before Will Smith took up the mantle of Deadshot in Suicide Squad, he played the character Hancock to fantastic results. Hancock was such a refreshing take on the superhero genre, giving fans an incredibly flawed and disliked hero. Of course, he rises to the challenge, but not without plenty of bumps.

Question 6

How Would You Rate Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Sometimes, a major change up can breathe new life into a franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy functioned unlike anything else in the MCU, and its release saw a wind of change blow through the already successful franchise. It helped give fans a refresher and it changed the overall tone and direction of the MCU.

Question 7

How Would You Rate Tank Girl?

Some superhero movies that come out are simply too odd or too different to resonate with a large audience. Tank Girl had nothing to do with buff superheroes fighting crime, and the film failed to make much of a dent when it was released. However, it has developed quite the cult following over the years.

Question 8

How Would You Rate Wonder Woman?

How many time did you see this while it was in theaters? The DCEU was struggling mightily, and many felt that Wonder Woman needed to be the film to right the course of the franchise. The film was released to rave reviews which helped audiences pack into theaters for weeks watching this fantastic film.

Question 9

How Would You Rate Hellboy?

Hellboy is not your average hero, and as such, he didn’t have your average superhero movie. Hellboy was a fantastic film for those looking for something darker and more interesting than the norm. The film spawned a sequel, and the franchise as a whole is currently undergoing a complete reboot.

Question 10

How Would You Rate Kick-Ass?

We have seen plenty of superheroes engage in vigilante justice, but these heroes usually have a unique set of skills or at least an abundance of wealth, but Kick-Ass had neither. He was simply a kid interested in doing the right thing, no matter what the cost is. The film was successful enough to spawn a sequel.

Question 11

How Would You Rate The Incredibles?

You cannot have a quiz about superhero films and not include The Incredibles. Disney decided to do something different when they made this film, and it paid off in a major way. It was a huge hit for the company, and after all this time, the film’s sequel will be released in 2018.

Question 12

How Would You Rate Justice League?

After the massive success of Wonder Woman, it appeared as though the DCEU had fixed all of its problems, and then Justice League was released. It was thrashed by critics, and fans were divided on how they felt about the film. Its box office returns left a lot to be desired, especially when it should have done big business.

Question 13

How Would You Rate Logan?

The X-Men franchise had been plugging away for a substantial amount of time, and Logan was said to be the last film that Hugh Jackman would be playing Wolverine. When the trailer dropped, fans knew they were in for something special. The film was a smash hit, and it was nominated for an Academy Award.

Question 14

How Would You Rate Watchmen?

Watchmen is perhaps the greatest comic story of all time, and when it was announced that it was getting a big screen treatment, people lost their minds. When it was released, fan reaction was divided. The story is so meaty that encompassing it all in one film is virtually impossible. It is being turned into an HBO series.

Question 15

How Would You Rate Iron Man?

This is the film that started it all for the MCU. Fans were left wondering why they would make a movie about Iron Man, considering his lack of mainstream popularity, but the film proved to be a stroke of genius. 10 years later, and the MCU remains a powerhouse at the box office.

Question 16

How Would You Rate Mystery Men?

Remember that time Ben Stiller was a superhero? Back in the 1990s, superhero films weren’t quite what they are today, and studios were more willing to roll the dice on quirky projects. Mystery Men was a film about superheroes with no real powers. It was odd, funny and criminally underappreciated.

Question 17

How Would You Rate Batman v Superman?

Finally, after seeing it play out in the comics, Batman and Superman were finally going to throw hands on the big screen. The film was one of the most highly-anticipated in recent memory, and to say that fans were divided is an understatement. There were moments that were breathtaking, but ultimately, many thought it was dull.

Question 18

How Would You Rate Ant-Man?

20 years ago, people would have ridiculed you if you said that Ant-Man would become a hit at the box office, let alone be made into a film at all. The character itself isn’t too popular in the world of comics, and yet, the MCU turned it into a hit at the box office. How in the world do they always pull this off?

Question 19

How Would You Rate Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Not unlike Guardians of the Galaxy, this film broke the mold for the MCU. The first Captain America flick was an okay start to the franchise, but my goodness, this film took things to the next level. Credit the Russos for delivering a film that is excellent from start to finish. They were an easy choice for Infinity War.

Question 20

How Would You Rate The Dark Knight?

This is the greatest comic book movie of all time, and its not even close. The Dark Knight took everything we loved about our favorite hero and villain and raised the stakes. It drew inspiration from some of the greatest Batman stories ever penned, and the film dominated at the box office.

Question 21

How Would You Rate Spider-Man?

We could have gone with any of the 3 Spider-Man film franchises, but we went ahead and chose the original trilogy. The first Spider-Man film was a massive success at the box office, and the video game based on the film was terrific as well. It is a shame that the final installment was so poorly done.

Question 22

How Would You Rate Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad was going to be the film to straighten out the DCEU, but instead, it drove a larger wedge between fans. The film focused on bad guys working together to save the day, and it boasted an immensely talented cast with huge names. Despite bad reviews, the film made a ton of cash.

Question 23

How Would You Rate The Crow?

The Crow was such a unique film when it was released, and its fingerprints were soon found in pop culture during the 1990s. The story centered around a once-dead character seeking revenge, and fans of darker tones loved the film. Sadly, tragedy struck when Brandon Lee was killed while making the film.

Question 24

How Would You Rate Man Of Steel?

This was the film responsible for kicking off the DCEU, and it seems to have grown on fans over time. Superman is a character that has seen several attempts at big screen success, and the results have been mixed to say the least. Fans were divided when Man of Steel was released.

Question 25

How Would You Rate Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2?

Following up a huge film and finding success can prove difficult for some franchises, but the MCU just keep the hits rolling. Guardians of the Galaxy changed the game, and Volume 2 was sure to make a fortune at the box office. It came as a surprise to no one that the film crushed at the box office.

Question 26

How Would You Rate The Avengers?

The first several films in the MCU all built towards an Avengers film. The thought of all of these heroes coming together in one film was a dream for fans, and the movie did not disappoint. It became a massive hit at the box office, and it helped pave the way towards Avengers: Infinity War.

Question 27

How Would You Rate Blade?

The fact that Blade doesn’t get more recognition is absolutely criminal. As we mentioned earlier, superhero films in the 1990s weren’t like they are today, but Blade still managed to be a huge hit. The franchise had a total of 3 films, and they tapered off in quality towards the end.

Question 28

How Would You Rate Spawn?

This film is going to see a modern adaptation, this much is true. Spawn was such a cool movie in the 1990s, but the limitations in CGI and some questionable casting choices makes this film almost comical to watch all these years later. Nevertheless, a proper remake is going to be incredible.

Question 29

How Would You Rate Thor: Ragnarok?

Thor was a character who was in serious need of a makeover, and this is precisely why Thor: Ragnarok was such a huge hit. The film allowed for Chris Hemsworth to use his comedy chops and absurd muscles to shine on the big screen. It continued the comedic MCU trend set by Guardians of the Galaxy.

Question 30

How Would You Rate X-Men?

Fans who got to watch X-Men: The Animated Series could hardly contain themselves when it was announced that X-Men was coming to the big screen. The film set the box office on fire and helped start the superhero trend that has become such a mainstay in this day and age.

Question 31

How Would You Rate Kingsman?

This looked as though it was going to be little more than a James Bond rip-off, but it turned out to be a surprise hit at the box office. Focusing the story on a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who seizes an opportunity to better himself and save the world was brilliant. Read the comics for the full, uncensored story.

Question 32

How Would You Rate Batman?

Many elements of this film are laughable today, but no one was laughing when it was released. Tim Burton stuck gold with his version of Batman, and the movie spawned a number of sequels. Though it ended poorly, the original Batman film was such a fantastic film back in the day.

Question 33

How Would You Rate Daredevil?

Was this Daredevil film actually as bad as people remember? Starring Ben Affleck, Daredevil was supposed to be a movie that capitalized on the superhero film craze at the time. It received some mixed reviews, and the film only had a modest haul at the box office. Somehow, Elektra got her own film too.

Question 34

How Would You Rate Megamind?

For everything that Disney is able to accomplish, DreamWorks is right there with them doing well. The Incredibles was Disney’s superhero cartoon, and DreamWorks would follow that with Megamind. This film saw a villain win, create a new hero to face, and then turn into the hero to stop the villain who was once a hero. It's simpler than it sounds.

Question 35

How Would You Rate The Mask?

Talk about perfect casting. In order to get this movie right, an actor who could go from regular to zany was needed, and Jim Carrey was the man for the job. Stanley is a regular guy, but when he puts on the mask, he becomes an unstoppable force of creativity and bravado.

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