Superhero Face-Off: Who Would Win Between These Hero Mash-Ups?

08The modern world has a real obsession with superheroes and if we're honest, we don't find that too surprising. These are characters which are able to show human beings what life could be like if superhuman abilities and magic were actually a real thing. Which one of us doesn't occasionally wish that we were a superhero, somebody with powers beyond the human imagination that renders us a God among men? Okay, so maybe we're getting a little personal there, but surely we've all wondered what it would be like to have superpowers?!

Well, something that people often fight about is which superhero could beat another superhero in a fight. This has been going on since the playground where little kids would argue about whether Batman would beat Superman, but it continues in the adult world as well! We know what we think about it, but we want to see where you stand on superhero fighting. After gathering some of the biggest hero names in comics, we decided that we would ask everyone which would beat which and whether or not your answers were the same as ours.

Ready to find out if we agree on which superhero is better? Want to see just how similar we are?! Well then, let's get started!

1Wonder Woman vs Wolverine

While she may not get much of the big screen coverage that other superheroes do, if you actually take a look at the amount of powers she has, that makes no sense. This woman is about six goddesses rolled into one brilliantly acrobatic woman.

2Wolverine vs Thor

Sure, he may have knives that jump out of his knuckles and a superhuman ability to heal, but the main reason this guy is worth backing is because the guy refuses to stop no matter what. Once he's running at you, you'll struggle to calm him down.

3Thor vs The Flash

This is a fight between strength and speed. Thor is able to support the weight of an insane amount of weight, so we can only assume that the power he has behind a hit could be enough to knock out anybody. However, will he get the chance to hit?

4The Flash vs Superman

In this world, there are two things that seem to make a good fighter. That's strength and speed. If you're looking for speed, there is no man faster than this guy. However, if you do catch him, will he truly be able to stop you from killing him?!

5Superman vs Storm

This guy is pretty much unstoppable. If you're going to go up against somebody who only has one very specific weakness, then we suggest you turn up with that weakness if you expect to even make a dent in him! Seriously, we're warning you here Storm.

6Storm vs Spiderman

The ability to control the weather is a power that you can't really argue against, is it? Nature kills more people than anything else in this world, so we can only imagine that this woman must have some insane power backing her up.

7Spiderman vs Rogue

This man is quite possibly the most squirrelly and acrobatic hero in this quiz. No matter what you try and do, he's constantly moving, attempting to tie you down and you attempt to even catch him. He's got both speed and power!

8Rogue vs Jean Grey

If you ask us, this hero has one of the best mutant powers out there. As long as she can get ahold of someone, she can render you completely weakened or possibly even dead just by touching you. That is some power!

9Jean Grey vs Iron Man

Sure, she may not have the fanciest looks or tools out there, but if you're taking into consideration that her powers put her above anyone else, you have to respect her. Seriously, nobody else has the power over the mind like this woman does.

10Iron Man vs Iceman

We always thought being a superhero like this is just cheating at the end of the day. All this man has is a lot of money, enough to create insane technology that nobody else could create. Does that really make you a superhero?!

11Iceman vs The Hulk

Not only does the power to create ice allow you to hit harder than the normal person, it also gives you a great amount of defensive power, which is exactly what you would need if you were going up against the huge powerhouse that is The Hulk!

12The Hulk vs Hawkeye

Sure, he's got the strength to back it up, but you've got to be careful once he's unleashed. He might end up beating someone in the fight, but once his rage has been uncorked, you can be sure that there's a big chance that he'll end up killing you.

13Hawkeye vs Deadpool

It doesn't matter if you have the power to hit hard if you can never hit what you're trying to. You can be as speedy as you want, but if this guy has his eyes on you with his bow drawn, you can be pretty sure that you'll end up getting hit!

14Deadpool vs Cyclops

Is there anything that would stop this guy? He's so annoying that we don't think he would ever back down no matter what you threw at him, just to annoy you more than anything. You've got to respect that, right?

15Cyclops vs Professor X

We know it would be unlikely for this guy to turn on his friend and mentor, but if he did, do you think his eye blast would be enough to take the old man down? Would his power and accuracy be enough to take him out before he started to mess with his mind?

16Professor X vs Catwoman

This man has spent his life working with his powers, figuring out what he can do with the powers hidden in his mind to help the world around him. You might consider him a weak scholar, but it wouldn't take him long to show you the true power of his mind.

17Catwoman vs Cyborg

We're not sure why somebody decided that a cat would be a good animal to base a superhero on, but we must admit that she does have interesting narratives written about her. She's sleek and she's difficult to keep your eye on!

18Cyborg vs Captain America

The concept of somebody having to become a superhero because their bodies become damaged is an interesting one. It gives the writers a chance to have a look at what sort of mental process somebody has to go through when they're handed power against their wishes.

19Captain America vs Blade

While he may have been originally created as some sort of weird American comic book propaganda, that doesn't mean he hasn't developed various powers and important position in American comic books since then. Also, a brilliant defensive fighter with that famous shield!

20Blade vs Black Widow

As a man who has spent most of his life battling vampires and demons, you've got to imagine that he can sort out many different superheroes. Not only that, but you've got to worry about anyone who can handle a sword as well as this guy.

21Black Widow vs Beast

Of all of the superpowers out there, we have to say that we would most like to be able to heal at a superhuman rate and have severely reduced age. Honestly, it's the power that you can do the most stuff with if you ask us!

22Beast vs Batman

This guy has unspeakable power, but also a huge intellect. Due to his name and the way he looks, you would probably assume he would come at you with rage. He may do that, but only when he knows that it's tactically the smartest thing to do.

23Batman vs Aquaman

If you're afraid of the dark, then you better hope you don't come up against this man. He thrives in the dark and has spent a lot of his life making sure that he has the upper hand against anyone who tries to take a crack at him.

24Aquaman vs Ant Man

Let's be honest, there is a reason that this guy is somewhat of a laughing stock in the comic book community, because he really isn't the best. Although, that being said, that doesn't mean he can't do some impressive stuff.

25Ant Man vs Wonder Woman

While it may not seem like the greatest superpower at first, when you have a think about it, being able to turn yourself tiny is a great power. You have to be imaginative and creative, but you really can make it work well for you if you want it to.

26The Thing vs Human Torch

If you don't like The Hulk, then this is the man that you come to for some serious brute strength. You can't knock him over, and he will work you over if you get on his nerves. The difference is, he can't turn back into a "normal" human at any point.

27Human Torch vs Silver Surfer

We cannot overstate how powerful you must feel to walk around and know that you can burst into flames at any point. If we're honest, we would probably just do it to make people terrified whenever they came near us, just to people we didn't like.

28Silver Surfer vs Mr Fantastic

If you can be described as being able to control the ambient energy of the universe, can you truly say that anybody could beat you? That being said, if you choose to have surfer in your name, can you really say that you don't deserve to be beaten up?

29Mr Fantastic vs Iron Fist

Okay, at first it sounds funny that your superpower is elasticity, but once again, it's definitely a superpower that somebody with a great imagination can do a lot with. Seriously, this guy can even manipulate how his face looks!

30Iron Fist vs Invisible Woman

Sure, he may not have had the greatest Netflix show or anything, but that doesn't mean you can say he doesn't have a powerful amount of strength behind him. It's hard to get behind a rich party boy, but don't bad mouth him to his face whatever you do.

31Invisible Woman vs Hawkman

If you can physically turn yourself invisible at will, you would think that you could get out of any conflict out there, but that doesn't mean you could win. You could run away, but does that mean you've technically won the fight?!

32Hawkman vs Elektra

The various versions of this character has a huge amount of powers bestowed upon him by gods, but he's mainly known for his ability to fly. Along with his keen senses, this is why he's known as Hawkman among the people who know him.

33Elektra vs Daredevil

While this woman certainly has shown to have some small amount of superhuman powers in the past, the main thing she has going for her is a fantastic ability with martial arts weapons. Nobody is going to mess with those blades!

34Daredevil vs Black Panther

Do you think it would be worth going blind to then have every single other sense heightened? We're personally not so sure, but to be fair, if we did go blind we would rather then have superpowers given to us. That's just obvious.

35Black Panther vs The Thing

If you ask us, this guy has got it sorted out. Due to his spiritual connections, he is able to outdo most of the superheroes out there. Sure, he doesn't have any crazy moves or anything, but every single one of his sense is put into overdrive!

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