Take This Quiz If You Think You're Street Smart

So, you think you're so smart?

Being street smart is a lot more than crushing it in Final Jeopardy. The world can be a scary, uncertain place and you need skills to be able to get the other side in one piece! Would you be able to walk around the world's most dangerous cities unscathed, or do you wander around with a big blinking sign that says "rob me please"! Street smarts go a lot further than taking candy from strangers or jumping gladly into unmarked vans. If someone offers you a ride to a secluded place with lots of really cute puppies and you hesitate for a moment, you might not have what it takes to make it in this big bad world.

But guess what? Street smarts can always be improved, so if you find out you're not as street savvy as you thought, don't despair. Take some steps to up your game and you'll be just fine. So, if you think you've got the street smarts of a super urban Jedi and that nobody will pull the wool over your eyes, read on! You might find your assumptions confirmed or destroyed! Don't forget to share with your friends to see who's the best.

Question 1

What Do You Do Before Crossing The Street?

Let's start off with an easy one, shall we? If you don't get this one right, it's time for you to go back to Kindergarten! All kidding aside, getting hit by a car is one of the leading causes of death in some countries!

Question 2

How Do You Get Home At Night?

It's late at night and you may or may not have had a few adult beverages. You're still smiling from a great night out but now you need to get home. What's your safest, best option? How do you make sure you get home?

Question 3

Where Is Your Money Safest?

We're pretty sure you're not wandering down the street flashing a handful of hundred-dollar bills (if you are, please don't) but even people who think they're safe sometimes aren't. Choose the option for where your money would be safest.

Question 4

How Do You Get Around A New City?

You're in a brand new city and you don't know the streets yet. Suddenly, you've gone around a traffic circle and found yourself in an area that you don't remember. Uh oh! What do you do? How do you make sure you don't get lost?

Question 5

You Hear A Tale Of Woe, What Do You Do?

She just needs three bucks to get milk for her baby, he has a flat tire and needs you to help him fix it. He has a broken arm and just wants you to carry his groceries upstairs. What do you do?

Question 6

You're Being Followed, What Do You Do?

You've seen this guy behind you for the past few blocks-- and you haven't been walking in a straight line. Your intuition tells you that something could be wrong, but you're also running late. What do you do?

Question 7

Where Do You Park Your Car?

You're getting up to some late night shenanigans and you need to park your car somewhere safe. You won't be coming back for a few hours and will probably be alone. What's the best option to keep both it and you safe?

Question 8

While Walking At Night, Where Are Your Keys?

You have to walk alone at night through a neighborhood that's less than desirable. It's not fun under any circumstances but one wrong move could be downright dangerous. If the sketchy walk is unavoidable, where do you keep your keys?

Question 9

Where Is Your Stuff When You're Traveling?

You've just arrived in Barcelona and you can't wait to check in to your party hostel and get your drink on with all of your new friends. You've booked your own private room so nobody else should be in or out, but you notice a safe. Do you use it?

Question 10

Where Is Your Purse/Bag?

You're taking a leisurely walk down the street, enjoying the sights. You know better than to keep your purse in your hand, swinging it like a little kid, but what shoulder is it on when you're walking? Do you even know?

Question 11

There's Someone Shady In The Elevator, What Do You Do?

Oh no, Jack the Ripper reincarnated just got on the elevator with you. You're pretty sure these things have cameras, right? They haven't made any menacing moves, so it could just be your imagination in overdrive!

Question 12

Fill In The Blank, Everyone Is ...

Who lives their lives crouching under tables in a tin-foil hat because they're paranoid that the government is reading their thoughts and that everyone is an enemy agent? Not you! You live with the philosophy that everyone is ___________.

Question 13

Who Do You Share Your Travel Itinerary With?

You're off to see an exciting new international city! You have your passport, plane tickets and a fistful of local currency to blow on all sorts of fun stuff. Do you need to tell anyone where you're going or do you keep it to yourself?

Question 14

How Do You Handle A Brawl?

Things are starting to get a wee bit heated at your local watering hole, and it's looking like it's going to get nasty really quickly. Your friend has had a few beers and is talking a little smack. How do you react?

Question 15

How Do You Tell If It's A REALLY Prada?

Today is your lucky day! You just happened to run into someone who is looking to unload a brand-new Prada purse for a discount price. Apparently, their sister already had one in the same color. Her loss, your gain, right?

Question 16

What's Your Stance On Hitchhiking?

You need to get from Point A to Point B and you're short on cash. It's daytime and there are a ton of people on the road, so what are the chances that they're all serial killers? Some people are just kind and generous, right?

Question 17

What Do You Do With Your Cash On A Big Night Out?

You're planning on a fun friend's trip overnight! You have your hotel booked and the restaurant picked out already and you're sure you have enough cash to get you through the weekend. What do you do with it?

Question 18

What's Your Stance On Public Intoxication?

Drinking is a great way to meet friends, right? There's nothing like plopping down on a bar-stool and engaging with the best people you've never met before. How do you know when you've hit the limit? Have you ever hit it?

Question 19

How Do You Ride Shotgun?

You're riding shotgun with your friend, who swears she knows right where she's going. You know she's good with directions, but do you have a concept of where you're going as well? Or do you just let her do her thing?

Question 20

What Are Your Taxi Best Practices?

Cabs are great because they save you the pain of having to drive, walk or take public transportation everywhere. Even with Uber, cabs are a staple in most major cities, so it pays to how to travel in them. What's the best way to get to your destination?

Question 21

What Do You Do When You Walk Down The Street?

You're by yourself on a busy street at night. There are tons of people around so you feel pretty safe and secure in your surroundings. Is it a good idea to listen to some music on your stroll or do you prefer to be totally aware of your surroundings?

Question 22

What's The Right Etiquette?

That guy seems really nice but you suddenly have a strange vibe. Could it be because he reminds you of your horrible ex, or is it something else? When someone sets off alarm bells is it better to get away or to not offend them?

Question 23

What's Your Text Etiquette On The Road?

You hear that telltale "ding" in your pocket while you're out taking a stroll. You know it's a confirmation of plans and you're itching to take a look. Do you check it while walking or wait? Do you think you're the master of walking and texting?

Question 24

Bling Or No Bling In Public?

You and your friends are meeting out for a fancy dinner! It's going to be pretty awesome and you want to look your best. It's in a part of town that you're not totally comfortable with, but you've heard it's safe. Bling or no bling?

Question 25

How Do You Keep Your Stuff Safe At The Beach?

You're playing hooky or enjoying your day off, catching some sun and Vitamin Sea at the beach! Your friend is napping and you want to take a dip, but you have all of your stuff with you. What do you do?

Question 26

How Do You Deal With A Street Dog?

You see the cutest little dog on the street and it doesn't look like he or she has an owner--- or they're nowhere to be found. It looks so cute and lost that you just want to give it a pet. Do you reach down for some fun head pats?

Question 27

What's Your Travel Style?

Do you just go where the wind takes you or are you someone who likes to plan out every detail to the letter? When traveling, what's the best course of action to make sure you see everything or are you more excited by the call of the unknown?

Question 28

How Do You Feel About An Emergency Stash?

Is there such a thing as being over-prepared? Where do you fall on the scale of squirreling your money away in a mattress and living paycheck to paycheck? Is it paranoid or practical to keep an emergency stash?

Question 29

Do You Take Drinks From Strangers?

You've always relied on the kindness of strangers to get your buzz on, so when you see a handsome fella at the end of the bar send by a drink you're tempted to accept, but then you remember all of the horror stories you've heard about dosing. What do you do?

Question 30

Where Do You Meet For Tinder Dates?

You meet someone on Tinder and you two hit it off like crazy. They're totally perfect for you in every way and you've been chatting for a week. When you decide to meet up, they suggest a romantic, secluded beach. What do you do?

Question 31

Do You Lock Your Doors At night?

You live in the safest neighborhood in the world that you've been staying in since childhood, so you've known most of the people on this street for over half your life! Do you or do you not have to lock your doors at night?

Question 32

You Have No Cash For An Uber, What Do You Do?

You partied all night and you don’t have money for a taxi home. You knew those last Moscow Mules were a mistake and tragically, PayPal doesn't give advances for drunken emergencies. What do you do?

Question 33

What Do You Do When You're Broke And Hungry?

You're down to your last $20 until Friday and you're starving. Not literally starving, but you last ate about six hours ago and you're starting to get that nagging dizzy feeling. Do you splurge and spend five bucks on a taco or wait an hour until you get home for some ramen and tap water?

Question 34

What's Your Policy On Taking Drugs In Foreign Countries?

You got blackout drunk last Saturday and was totally okay, so a little puff off a smoke couldn't hurt, right? You know the rules in foreign countries can be strict when it comes to drugs but are they more rules or suggestions?

Question 35

Should You Ever Give Your Bank Passcode To Anyone?

We're not talking someone on the street here, but a trusted friend or family member who might need access to your money when you can't get at it! Would you ever trust a loved one with your bank passcode?

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