Street Smart Or Book Smart? Take The 3-Minute Quiz To Find Out!

We have often been told that there are two types of smarty-pantses out there, those who are street smart and those who are book smart! The street smart people are the ones who we want to have our backs if there is ever an altercation. They are always there to diffuse problems and help their friends out of sticky spots. They even have what seems to be a sixth sense about danger and the ability to sniff out a scam a mile away. Street smart folks have been around and nobody is going to pull the wool over their eyes!

On the other hand, book smart people are the ones whose notes that we all wanted to copy at school. They could be counted on to always be accurate when it came to writing down what the teacher was saying. They were also the ones who knew any answer to any question that was thrown at them. When it came to acing quizzes and tests, book smart folks were the ones who were always at the top of their class. We know that a mix of street smarts and book smarts is the way to go, but who falls into which category? Let's find out!

Question 1

Our bestie wants to go to a party that we have bad vibes about. What’s the best response?

It’s Friday night and our bestie is ready to let it all hang out and attend one of the biggest parties of the year, but the only problem is that we’re feeling some really weird and unpleasant vibes about it. What’s the best response? Do we just go and deal with our strange, queasy feelings or do we speak up about it? Make the best call from the four options that we have listed below. Choose the best option now!

Question 2

Oh no! We forgot our co-worker’s husband’s name. How do we figure it out?

Well this one happens to the best of us! We are at a work get-together and everything is going super well until our co-worker comes up to us with her husband in tow. We know that we have met the guy a million times but for some reason we can’t think of his name. Is it time to push the panic button yet? How does one gracefully get out of this sticky social situation? Choose the best course of action below.

Question 3

How can we learn how much our neighbor’s new car cost?

Our neighbor rolls up in a sweet new ride that must have cost at least six months salary. Since we’re always trying to keep up with the Joneses (well, who isn’t)? we would love to find out exactly how much that fine piece of machinery set him back, but how do we do it? Do we get really sly and try to guess it ourselves, or is the best course of action total honesty and asking our neighbor directly. What do we do in this situation?

Question 4

Someone is selling watches on the street. Are they really Rolexes?

Raise your hand if this has happened to you! You are out on the street and suddenly you see someone flashing what looks like a lot of Rolexes around. The really amazing thing is that you can get these beauties for a fraction of the store price because they fell off a truck or something. Maybe the guy is just feeling really generous. Who knows? The real question is, do these luxury watches really stand up to the smell test?

Question 5

Which classic novel would be awesome to read right now?

Let’s pretend that we have the whole afternoon to ourselves and there is nothing to do but really dig into a great book and get some reading done. There are plenty of classic novels to choose from, so we just need to select the one that best fits our mood. How do we pick the best novel to get into? Check ou the list of four that we have listed below and let us know which one suits you best.

Question 6

Who was a smarty-pants in high school?

Okay, why not just ask a direct question? If we want to find out who is book smart and who is street smart there is one sure-fire way to learn, simply find out who was a smarty-pants in high school. We will let everyone determine exactly what it means to be a smarty-pants, but you all know who you are. Will the real smarty-pantses please stand up? There is no need to be shy! Tell us exactly who you are.

Question 7

Our friend is causing some drama with a group of tough looking dudes. What’s the next move?

We all have that one friend who acts a little out there sometimes and just loves to cause some drama! Whether they think that they are bigger than they are, or they simply know that their friends will always back them up no matter what, this friend is constantly causing some drama when there does not need to be any! Let’s pretend that they are just about to get us in a little bit of trouble. What’s the perfect response?

Question 8

Pick a favorite school subject.

Let’s kick it back old-school, and by that, we mean back to high school when we had a lot less autonomy but we still had a bunch of fun. Everyone had a fave subject in high school. It was the one that they never would dream of skipping. Maybe the teacher was cool. Maybe the subject matter was interesting or exciting. Whatever it was, we want to know what that one subject was that really made everyone love coming to class.

Question 9

Are self-defense classes a good idea or an over-reaction?

Self-defense classes, like Muay Thai or Krav Maga, are all of the rage these days. Maybe people really like to be able to defend themselves and the people they love. Maybe we have all seen too many movies where martial arts are used to defeat any bad guy. Whatever it is, the popularity of these sports are not going anywhere! Who thinks that taking these sorts of classes is a good idea, and who thinks that it is an over-reaction?

Question 10

Big exam ahead? How does everyone prepare for it?

Let’s pretend that we have one of those big exams coming up. We all know the type- the ones that make us wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats the evening before. The ones that we really think that we have totally prepared for, but we can’t be completely sure. When it comes to the biggest academic tests how does everyone prefer to prepare? Let us know what the best course of action is from the choices below.

Question 11

Which binge-worthy Netflix series is best?

Okay, let’s not play. We all know that one of the best things to do on a rainy day is fire up the Netflix queue and start binging on a brand new series. Whether it is something weird and techy, like “Black Mirror”, or a lovable reality show like “Nailed It”, we all have our Netflix faves that make every rainy day or lazy day into the absolute best day ever. Choose the best show from the four options below.

Question 12

We have a bad gut feeling about something. What’s the next move?

We all get those feelings from time to time- the ones that make us think that something not good is right around the corner. We tend to brush them off or dismiss them as being irrational, but what if they are really not so irrational after all? When you have a bad gut feeling about something, what is the next move? Check out the four options that we’ve listed below and let us know- and we’ll reveal who is street or book smart!

Question 13

It’s raining. We’re walking, but someone offers us a ride. Do we take it?

Let’s pretend that we have gone out for what seemed like a nice stroll, until the rain clouds rolled in, the sky got dark and we started to get totally drenched. Hey- it happens just about all of the time. While we are worried that our shoes are totally soaked, a stranger rolls up and offers us a ride. It’s a nice offer and it will save our shoes, but is it a wise choice? Choose the right option below.

Question 14

Which statement below is the best outlook on life?

We all have those life philosophies that shape the way that we look at the world around us. Whether we see the glass as half full, half empty or we are just really happy to have a glass in the first place depends largely on what makes up our life philosophy and world view. We have listed a few common world views below and want everyone to select the one that makes the most sense to them. Choose one now.

Question 15

Be honest- who had a fake I.D. when they were underage?

We promise not to tell but we have to know- who had a fake I.D. when they were a kid? We all remember having those days when we wanted to go out with our older- or cooler- friends who all seemed to be able to get into any establishment that they wanted to with no problem at all. It might have been tempting to get a fake I.D. to be able to join them, but who actually went down this road?

Question 16

Which signature style from the looks below is best?

We know that looks are not everything, but your personal style speaks loads about what kind of smarts style that you have. Whether you are book smart or street smart might depend on whether you prefer chic heels or a pair of well-worn Converse! Check out the four options below and select the one that works best with your personal style. If you don’t see your style below- no worries- just pick the closest one. Choose the best option now.

Question 17

Pick a remedy for an earache on an airplane:

Anyone who has flown in an airplane knows that an unfortunate side-effect can be a ringing, or even discomfort, in the ears. This happens because the cabin pressure changes and our ears have to deal with the difference. While it is not generally fun, the effects do not last for very long at all. Having said that, there is still something that everyone can do in the plane to offset the annoyance of having our ears hurt. What is it?

Question 18

Oh no, it’s the zombie apocalypse! How long does everyone survive?

We are a little over halfway through this quiz so it is about time to break out the zombie questions! Most of our favorite shows feature zombies, and many of the main characters have to take steps to keep one move ahead of the very hungry undead! We all know how long our fave characters on television are able to avoid zombies, but what would we all do if that happened in real life? Who would survive the zombie apocalypse?

Question 19

Answer honestly- who used ditch class on a regular basis in college?

Okay, let’s step away (slowly) from the zombies and come back to the real world with a question that will resonate with anyone who has ever been to high school. We all had those classes that we did not like. Maybe we even slept through a class or two because it was so boring! We are curious to know who actually used to ditch class on a regular basis. Who would love to disappear and do something more fun for the hour?

Question 20

Is keeping the doors unlocked all of the time a good or bad idea?

This question really tests everyone’s paranoia levels. Most of us like to keep ourselves safe and secure. It is a basic human need after all! The question is, when does that need for safety and security change into something that is a little less recognizable, like being way overly cautious about everything? This question walks the line between staying safe and being just a little bit overly concerned about the outside world. Who thinks leaving their doors unlocked all of the time is a bad idea?

Question 21

Our card is not working at the restaurant. What do we do?

Oh no! We just ordered a really big, delicious meal that cost a small fortune. Fortunately we have enough money on our credit card to cover it- or so we think…. When it comes time to pay the bill, the waiter comes over with our card in his hand and tells us the words that nobody wants to hear. As it turns out, our card has been declined! What do we do to salvage the situation? Choose the best option below.

Question 22

What profession sounds the most amazing?

What did you want to be when you grew up? As kids, we all dream about doing great things with our lives. All of those dreams come in different forms- because what is great to one person is not great to another person. It is all a matter of personal perspective! Check out the list of professions that we’ve included below and choose the one that is the most appealing to you. Pick one now and we’ll reveal what kind of smarts you have!

Question 23

What happens when the car is on “E” and there is no gas station around?

Some of us have the most epic trouble with cars! Other people always seem to have it together when it comes to getting out on the open road. No matter where you fall on this scale, there’s one thing that always presents a big problem for any driver- running out of gas! We know that we are supposed to check the gas gauge on a regular basis, but it is so easy to just forget. Sometimes there is no gas station around.

Question 24

The taxi gets lost on the way to the airport. What do we do?

This question pertains to something that can happen if we are not driving. In this hypothetical scenario, we are in a taxi that is heading to the airport. Let’s pretend that we have to catch our flight right away and we can’t change the ticket. Time is of the essence for sure! Unfortunately, our taxi driver does not share our sense of urgency and seems to have gotten lost on the way to the airport. What do we do now?

Question 25

Which famous artist would everyone love to have coffee with?

Who hasn’t had those conversations where we have discussed what famous person we would love to sit down and have dinner with? Generally they are those kinds of ice-breaker chats that people use when they are introducing friends, or businesses use at team building exercises. For this particular question, we have pared it down to artists. It is time to think back on the famous painters that you’ve learned about and choose one artist to have a cup of coffee with.

Question 26

How did everyone feel about the end of summer vacation?

The world is generally separated into two sets of people- those who do not like the end of summer vacation and those who can’t wait to get back to school. For the purposes of this quiz, it matters which one you are! Who saw the end of August as a sad event that meant that the freedom of summer vacation was coming to a close? Who couldn’t wait to get back to school and learn a bunch of new things?

Question 27

Which statement about people rings the truest?

We asked everyone about their personal mottos before, and now it’s time to talk about everyone’s views on other people. We all have a specific way that we look at those around us. Again- this echoes that old “glass is half full or half empty” concept, but with a little twist. Do you see your fellow people are benevolent or always on the lookout for something from you? Check out the options below and give us the one that best reflects your views.

Question 28

What's the best thing to be in the friend group?

The way that we are as children generally is a good indication of how we will behave as adults. Children develop their personalities early on in life and tend to fall into specific roles. There are a few options listed below and we need everyone to check them out and choose (honestly) the one that most suits the role that they fell into as a child. Remember, there are no wrong answers, so just give us the most honest one.

Question 29

Answer honestly- who is often late for everything?

There are those people who are always on time- or early- for everything. On the flip side, there are those who couldn’t be on time if their life depended on it! We all have those people in our lives that are perpetually late for everything, even really important meetings or deadlines. Maybe we even are those people! Your punctuality says a lot about whether or not you’re street smart or book smart. Choose the right answer from the four listed below.

Question 30

We spent $42 on lunch which was $14 less than twice what we spent on our new shoes. How much were our shoes?

We were told that there would be no Math on this quiz! Well, sorry- we just couldn’t resist throwing in one tiny word problem for those who love to answer puzzles. This one pertains to two of our favorite things- food and shoes! Check out the puzzle in the question and tell us the correct answer from the four options listed below. Don’t worry if you have to guess! Not everyone is cut out for this kind of problem solving.

Question 31

Oh no! There's only $50 for the next two weeks. What now?

There’s broke… and then there’s totally broke. Sometimes we screw up our finances. Sometimes we just miss our budget by a little bit. Sometimes we have an unforseen expense that totally sets us back and makes us realize that we need a little bit more of a cushion. Whatever it is, many of us have been in the position where we do not have any money for a period of time. How do we deal with this? Choose one below.

Question 32

What is everyone’s opinion on crossword puzzles?

Love ‘em or don’t love ‘em so much… crossword puzzles are one of those things that we have all done from time to time. Sometimes we get a nice big one with hundreds of questions, other times we have smaller puzzles that only have twenty clues. Start with “Across” or “Down”, it is up to each individual person! How we all do our crosswords is a matter of personal preference, but whether or not we enjoy them could indicate our type of intelligence!

Question 33

We’re hiking through the woods and realize we’re lost. What happens now?

In the woods, there’s no WiFi! There’s no Starbucks to stop at and ask for directions. There is something that really tests our mental might when we venture into the woods. It is much more wild in there, and we have nobody to count on but ourselves to get out on the other end. What happens if we go into the woods and realize that we do not know how to make our way out? Choose the best course of action.

Question 34

It’s late and there’s a shortcut through a dark alley. Who takes it?

It’s late, you’re tired and there is a container or takeout food calling you from the fridge. Plus, your feet really hurt in those shoes. When it has been a really long day, we can be totally tempted to take some shortcuts to get where we want to go. Sometimes those shortcuts can take us through some pretty sketchy places, like dark alleys! Who has seen a dark alley and thought “that seems like a good idea”? Who will go the long way?

Question 35

Ask a bestie what your best quality is!

Finally let’s turn to those who know everyone the best- their besties! Our nearest and dearest can be counted on to tell us the truth about who we are, and their assessment of our best qualities is generally much more accurate than anything else we might have dreamt up. Check out the four options that we have listed below and let us know what your besties would say was the best quality. Don’t be shy! Tell us the right one below.

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