This Harry Potter Quiz Will Separate The Wizards From The Muggles

Way back in 1997, J. K. Rowling introduced people around the globe to the incredible Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Over twenty years, seven books, eight films, and millions of diehard fans later, Harry Potter continues to be one of the most loved fantasy creations ever made.

We've witnessed Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the gang grow as characters, battle the Dark Lord, find Horcruxes, fall in love, fly on broomsticks, transform into animals, and so much more over the years.

For the best chance of success, you might want to take some Felix Felicis before getting stuck into this quiz. Grab your Remembrall, Invisibility Cloak, and Marauder's Map, and let's apparate straight into it!

Question 1

What is the proper name of 'Liquid Luck'?

Question 2

Who is this professor?

Question 3

... and what is his unique ability?

Question 4

What do Harry and Dudley run into in this scene?

Question 5

Name these twins!

Question 6

Who is this?

Question 7

...and which is NOT one of his middle names?

Question 8

Name this magical village

Question 9

What is Harry's owl's name?

Question 10

Who is this?

Question 11

...and what is he?

Question 12

What is Voldemort's real name?

Question 13

Name this three-headed dog

Question 14

Who is this?

Question 15

Who is this magical lady?

Question 16

...and which Weasley did she marry?

Question 17

What is the name of this professor?

Question 18

And what about this one?

Question 19

Name Mr. Filch's cat

Question 20

What is this magical map called?

Question 21

In The Goblet of Fire, who won the Quidditch World Cup?

Question 22

Where does Harry buy his first wand?

Question 23

Name these members of the Order of the Phoenix

Question 24

What is the name of Hermione's cat?

Question 25

Whose father is this?

Question 26

What is the name of Hagrid's Acromantula

Question 27

Which is NOT a Hogwarts house?

Question 28

Name these followers of Draco

Question 29

Who is this?

Question 30

What is the Dursley's address?

Question 31

On which birthday does Harry open his Hogwarts letter?

Question 32

What is special about the Sword of Gryffindor?

Question 33

What is Hermione's full name?

Question 34

Who are these characters?

Question 35

Who owned a Remembrall?

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