You'll Fail This Star Wars Quiz...Unless You're Actually A Sith

In a galaxy far, far away, we have seen two primary factions going at it for decades now: the Jedi and the Sith. These opposing groups have been involved in a galactic struggle for years, and both of them feel that they know what is best for the rest of us. The Jedi believe in perfect balance and harmony, while the Sith believe in absolute power and dominion over everyone. Many people would consider themselves aligned with the Jedi, but a quick test can weed out those that are actually aligned with the Sith!

Today, we are going to focus our attention on finding out who is a Sith by having people take this quiz. The participants that place the highest are definitely involved with the Sith!

Question 1

Name This Character

Question 2

Who Runs The Galaxy In The Modern Star Wars Trilogy?

Question 3

What Do The Sith Deal In?

Question 4

Which Sith’s Nickname Was “The Wise”?

Question 5

Who Was Darth Vader’s Master?

Question 6

What Type Of Machine Is This?

Question 7

Who Was Used As A Template For The Clone Army?

Question 8

Who Does Bib Fortuna Work For?

Question 9

Name This Character

Question 10

Which Villain Built C-3PO?

Question 11

Who Is Kylo Ren’s Father?

Question 12

What Rank Does Phasma Hold?

Question 13

Who Is Darth Vader’s Son?

Question 14

Who Helped Design The Death Star?

Question 15

Name This Character

Question 16

What Is Palpatine’s Sith Name?

Question 17

Who Is Kylo Ren’s Master?

Question 18

Which Film Does General Grievous Appear In?

Question 19

What Rank Does Hux Hold?

Question 20

Does Hux Answer To Palpatine?

Question 21

Which Film Does Greedo Appear In?

Question 22

The Praetorian Guards Watch Over Which Character?

Question 23

Which Creature Did Luke Encounter On Hoth?

Question 24

Which Planet Is Jabba Living On?

Question 25

Does Kylo Ren Use Luke’s Lightsaber?

Question 26

Which Character Does Lando Betray?

Question 27

In Which Film Does Luke Take On Vader For The First Time?

Question 28

Which Hand Does Vader Take From Luke?

Question 29

On Which Planet Did Darth Vader Lose His Limbs?

Question 30

Does Palpatine Use A Lightsaber?

Question 31

In Which Film Does Anakin Become Darth Vader?

Question 32

Is Saw Gerrera Aligned With The Empire?

Question 33

In Which Film Does Luke Dress Like A Stormtrooper?

Question 34

Who Had A Base On Mustafar?

Question 35

Which Character Utilized A Star Destroyer?

Question 36

Name This Location

Question 37

In Which Film Does Darth Vader Take On Obi-Wan?

Question 38

Did Kylo Ren Appear In Rogue One?

Question 39

Which Character Converted Anakin To The Dark Side?

Question 40

Which Character Did Luke Try To Take Out At The Jedi Temple?

Question 41

What Is Finn’s Stormtrooper Designation?

Question 42

Do All Sith Use A Red Lightsaber?

Question 43

What Type Of Ship Did Anakin Pilot?

Question 44

Which Of These Characters Did NOT Dress Like A Stormtrooper?

Question 45

Which Villain Is From Tatooine?

Question 46

Which Villain Is Taken Out In The Last Jedi?

Question 47

Where Is This Scene Taking Place?

Question 48

Name This Ship

Question 49

Name This Character

Question 50

Where Can Tusken Raiders Be Found?

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