Answer These Simple Star Wars Questions And We'll Reveal What % Sith You Are

Few franchises in the history of the entertainment industry are as dense and as interesting as Star Wars, and since making its debut back in the 70s, it has continued to grow and expand. People that have been following along since their childhood have been introduced to magical places and fantastical characters over the years. As we know, the Sith and the Jedi have been at odds forever, and while most people would love to be a Jedi, there are those out there that see what the Sith bring to the table.

Today, we want to let people know what percent Sith they are! These questions will cover trivia, situations and tough choices, so true fans of the franchise are going to love this one!

Question 1

Trapped With Nowhere To Go!

Question 2

In Which Film Does Luke Lose His Hand?

Question 3

What Type Of Creature Is Luke Riding?

Question 4

Have Luke's Spirit or Han's Common Sense?

Question 5

Work For Jabba or Leave Tattooine For Good?

Question 6

Take Advice From Maz Kanata or Admiral Holdo?

Question 7

Name This Character

Question 8

This Stormtrooper Needs To See Some ID!

Question 9

Choose A Lightsaber Color

Question 10

Choose A Vehicle To Pilot

Question 11

Who Built C-3PO?

Question 12

What Rank Does Hux Hold?

Question 13

Whose Father Helped Design The Death Star?

Question 14

Which Character Turned Anakin To The Dark Side?

Question 15

Have Han or Luke Lead The Brigade?

Question 16

What Type Of Guards Are These?

Question 17

Take Out Palpatine or Let Him Go?

Question 18

Time To Send A Secret Message!

Question 19

Name This Character

Question 20

Which War Did Anakin Take Part In?

Question 21

In Which Film Did Anakin Take On Obi-Wan?

Question 22

Choose A Sith Name

Question 23

Is Padme or Sabe In Senator Makeup Here?

Question 24

Choose A Jedi To Learn From

Question 25

What Type Of Creature Is Chewbacca?

Question 26

Should Rey or Han Pilot The Falcon?

Question 27

Wear Han's Jacket or Poe's Jacket?

Question 28

Where Did Luke Find Yoda?

Question 29

Which Planet Are Tusken Raiders Found?

Question 30

Take Out Jabba or Hire Boba Fett To Do It?

Question 31

Name This Character

Question 32

Work With C-3PO or R2-D2?

Question 33

Who Is Han Solo's Child?

Question 34

Who Won The Falcon From Lando Calrissian?

Question 35

What Type Of Creatures Are These?

Question 36

Force Connect With Rey or Kylo Ren?

Question 37

Live On Tattoine or Naboo?

Question 38

Kylo Ren Is Here And He's Ready To Rumble!

Question 39

Which Film Is Episode II?

Question 40

Does Darth Vader Survive In Return of the Jedi?

Question 41

Which Planet Does This Battle Take Place On?

Question 42

The Jedi Temple Is Falling!

Question 43

Which Ship Are These Men In?

Question 44

What Was Finn's Stormtrooper Designation?

Question 45

Which Planet Is Leia From?

Question 46

Name The Character On The Left

Question 47

BB-8 Has A Message!

Question 48

Use Luke's Lightsaber or Chewie's Bowcaster?

Question 49

Which Film Did Cassian Andor Appear In?

Question 50

Obi-Wan Needs Help!

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