Only A Star Wars Fanatic Can Pass This Original Trilogy Test

As perhaps the greatest film franchise in history, this galactic brand has taken people to galaxies beyond comprehension for decades now, and the characters that we grew up with taught us valuable lessons while saving the day time and time again. The original trilogy remains a masterclass in filmmaking, and though the other trilogies have tried, they simply do not hold a candle to what the original brought to the table. They have a lot to like about them, but the original trilogy has yet to be topped. With one more film left in the saga, fans are hoping to see something memorable in the finale.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and see who out there can ace this quiz all about the original trilogy!

Question 1

Is This Character Named Baze Malbus?

Question 2

Where Does Obi-Wan First Meet Luke?

Question 3

Do The Tusken Raiders Take Han Solo?

Question 4

Is C-3PO A Pilot Droid?

Question 5

Where Did Luke Find Yoda?

Question 6

Is A New Hope Part Of The Original Trilogy?

Question 7

Who Does Jabba Have Frozen In Carbonite?

Question 8

What Type Of Machine Is This?

Question 9

Who Is Chewbacca's Best Friend?

Question 10

Where Are Ewoks From?

Question 11

Did Luke Skywalker Get Married?

Question 12

Which Planet Was Wiped Out In A New Hope?

Question 13

Name This Character

Question 14

Did Greedo Shoot First?

Question 15

Who Does Tarkin Work For?

Question 16

Who Purchased R2-D2 In A New Hope?

Question 17

Does Lando Help Rescue Han In Return of the Jedi?

Question 18

Which Planet Is Leia From?

Question 19

Which Ship Does Han Solo Captain?

Question 20

Does Han Solo Like To Know The Odds?

Question 21

Who Is Leia's Brother?

Question 22

How Many Siblings Does Luke Have?

Question 23

Which Hand Does Luke Lose In Empire Strikes Back?

Question 24

Is This The Symbol For The Jedi?

Question 25

Does Lando Calrissian Captain This Ship?

Question 26

Which Planet Is Home To Tauntauns?

Question 27

Is This A Y-Wing?

Question 28

Does Luke Pilot An X-Wing?

Question 29

Which Faction Opposes The Jedi?

Question 30

Did Darth Maul Appear In The Original Trilogy?

Question 31

Who Does The Rebel Alliance Oppose?

Question 32

What Is A Lightsaber Made From?

Question 33

Name This Character?

Question 34

Does Jakku Appear In The Original Trilogy?

Question 35

Who Cuts Off Luke's Hand In Empire Strikes Back?

Question 36

Can Leia Tap Into The Force?

Question 37

What Type Of Soldier Is This?

Question 38

Dose The Alliance Have A Base On Hoth?

Question 39

How Many Moons Does Tattooine Have?

Question 40

Is Sky City On Naboo?

Question 41

Is Endor On Hoth?

Question 42

Does General Grievous Appear In The Original Trilogy?

Question 43

Which Droid Helps Pilot In The Original Trilogy?

Question 44

Who Does Boba Fett Work For?

Question 45

Does Sheev Palpatine Survive In Return of the Jedi?

Question 46

Who Is Darth Vader's Son?

Question 47

What Type Of Creature Is Chewbacca?

Question 48

Who Is The Last Person Yoda Speaks To?

Question 49

Is C-3PO A Jedi?

Question 50

Who Was Leia's Only Hope?

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