Take This Star Wars Quiz And We'll Reveal What Color Lightsaber You'd Have

Star Wars is undoubtedly the most important film franchise of all time, and even though the MCU is coming for the throne of being considered the greatest, there is no denying how important Star Wars has been to the history of film. It took a compelling story and amazing characters and turned them into a global phenomenon. We have seen multiple trilogies, comics, books, shows and more from the franchise, and each franchise that has followed has been trying to be even bigger and better, which is no easy feat.

This franchise was perhaps the first that a massive audience became obsessive over, and the people that have spent a lifetime following the saga have soaked up as much information as possible. This fan base went further than just about any other in history in terms of their passion and dedication, and recently their work was rewarded when Disneyland opened up Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which quite literally brought the franchise to life in an immersive world for people to explore.

Today, we are making dreams come true by rewarding each fan with their own lightsaber color. To unlock this reward, fans simply need to go through and answer these questions in the way they see fit.

Question 1

Join Or Oppose Leia?

Question 2

Was Rose Tico Right To Save Finn?

Question 3

Should Han Solo Have Become A Smuggler?

Question 4

Is The Force With Everyone?

Question 5

Should Chewie Have Taken Out Kylo Ren?

Question 6

Was The Rogue One Mission Necessary?

Question 7

Bodhi Rook Needs Help: Lend A Hand?

Question 8

Is Cassian Andor A Good Leader?

Question 9

Choose A Job

Question 10

Join The Sith or Jedi?

Question 11

Should Han Solo Trust Qi'ra?

Question 12

Is Beckett A Good Leader?

Question 13

Was Finn Right To Join The Resistance?

Question 14

Choose A Droid

Question 15

Who Should Pilot The Falcon?

Question 16

Choose A Stormtrooper Designation

Question 17

Would Coruscant Be A Good Place To Live?

Question 18

Should Finn And Rose End Up Together?

Question 19

Choose A Sith Name

Question 20

Is Phasma A Strong Character?

Question 21

What Is Jyn's Best Quality?

Question 22

Is It Too Late For Kylo Ren To Leave The Dark Side?

Question 23

Should Leia Use The Force More Often?

Question 24

Should DJ Be Trusted Again?

Question 25

Is Tatooine A Good Place To Live?

Question 26

Is Hoth A Good Place To Live?

Question 27

What Is Luke's best Quality?

Question 28

Can Rey Become More Powerful Than Luke?

Question 29

Choose A Ship

Question 30

Is General Hux A Good Leader?

Question 31

Should Luke Have Tried To Attack Kylo Ren During His Jedi Training?

Question 32

Join Darth Sidious?

Question 33

Work With C-3PO?

Question 34

Is Naboo A Good Place To Live?

Question 35

Is Poe A Good Leader?

Question 36

Should Saw Gerrera Have Joined Jyn?

Question 37

Should General Greivous Have Worked With The Sith?

Question 38

Are The Jedi In The Wrong?

Question 39

Is The X-Wing An Effective Ship?

Question 40

Should Boba Fett Have Turned On Jabba?

Question 41

Is Yoda A Great Trainer?

Question 42

Should Rey Join Kylo Ren?

Question 43

Was The Rebel Alliance Wrong?

Question 44

Is Admiral Holdo Brave For What She Did?

Question 45

Would A Y-Wing Make For A Great Aircraft?

Question 46

Should Jyn Have Played It Safe?

Question 47

Should General Hux Defy Kylo Ren?

Question 48

Is a Tie Fighter An Effective Ship?

Question 49

Would It Be Smart To Work For Jabba?

Question 50

Should A Lightsaber Be Built By The Wielder?

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