Star In A Horror Movie And We'll Reveal Your Favorite Villain

Okay, so here's the deal: you've spent the last few years working on a horror movie script. You put hundreds of hours into this project, polished it to perfection, and successfully pitched it to a group of movie execs. And guess what? They love it! They think it could be the next big thing. They are willing to give you a medium sized budget and help you assemble the right team to make this horror flick. This is your moment!

Oh, we almost forgot the best part of this whole deal -you get to play the lead role! Your name is going to be up there on the movie poster, plus you'll get the screenwriting credit too - it's a dream come true!

But if you thought the hard work was over now that the script is ready to go, you're wrong. You still have a lot of choices to make within this new, horrifying world you've just created...

For this quiz, we want to hear how you would create and design your ideal horror movie. Answer these scenario-based questions, choose your actors, directors, and plot lines and at the end, we'll reveal who your absolute favorite horror movie villain is.

Question 1

What type of horror movie would you like to star in?

What type of movie is this going to be? Do you want to make a simple slasher movie or are you looking for deeper thrills? Is your movie going to have a killer? Will there be aliens? Tell us what type of horror movie you want to star in?

Question 2

Who is going to direct this movie?

The right director can make or break a film so for your movie, we suggest you choose one of these directors. They all have experience directing horror movies so they know what is required to make it a box-office hit!

Question 3

Choose a zombie movie:

Are there going to be any zombies in your horror movie? The undead are all the rage in pop culture right now so it might be a good thing to have a few zombies lurking around. Which of these movies would you model your zombies on?

Question 4

If you have to return from the dead, what will it be as?

If you do have to die in this horror movie, the good news is that you will get a second chance. You will be allowed to choose whether you want to come back as either a zombie, ghost, vampire, poltergeist or possessed doll.

Question 5

Who plays your best friend in your horror movie?

In this horror movie, you're going to have a best friend to help you figure things out and maybe even escape death once or twice. Which of these actors would choose for the role of the hero/heroines best friend?

Question 6

Your horror movie has only just started and someone has already died. How did it happen?

Wow, that escalated quickly. Your movie has only just started and already someone has died. You better watch your back because things are happening pretty fast in this flick! How did this poor character meet their untimely demise?

Question 7

Choose a supernatural horror movie:

It's not absolutely essential for a horror movie to include elements of the supernatural but honestly, aren't these types of movies just so much more entertaining? Which of these supernatural horror movies would you like to steal from for your film?

Question 8

Pick a location for your scary movie:

Where is this movie taking place? What kind of locations do we need to secure? Do we need to book studio time for the spaceship scenes? Are we camping out in the woods? Pick a location for your horror movie.

Question 9

Is there going to be any comedy in this horror movie?

You already know what type of horror movie you want this to be but now we want to know if there will be any jokes in it? Can we look forward to a little satire or dark humor or is this a 100% serious horror movie?

Question 10

Your car breaks down in a spooky little town in the middle of nowhere. Where are you spending the night?

Oh, can you believe it? You're on a dark road in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between two tiny backcountry towns and your car has just broken down. You haven't seen another car on the road in quite some time but it does look like there could be some lights up ahead...

Question 11

Pick a setting for your horror movie:

It's your movie so if you want to have dozens of locations, well, it's up to you. But while mixing themes and settings can be fun, too much might confuse the viewers! Pick one of these themes/settings for this movie:

Question 12

You need to leave the room for a moment. What do you say?

Here's a top tip (courtesy of the movie Scream) - if you find yourself in a horror movie the most important thing to do is to follow the rules. And one of them is: don't leave the room on your own!

Question 13

Choose a psychological horror movie:

Some folks prefer their scares to be visual; blood and guts and that type of thing. But others (and maybe you're one of them) like to feel the fear in their minds. And that's where psychological horror movies slot right in...

Question 14

You've got to have a few scary creatures in your movie. What will you choose?

You can't have a good horror movie without a few scary creatures, can you? Your director wants to know what kind of beasts the special effects department should be designing for this movie. These are the choices on offer right now:

Question 15

What is safer to play with?

Now here's a novel idea for your horror movie plot - how about having the killer use a dating app to stalk his victims? Or are dating apps too scary already? Which of these would you rather take your chances with?

Question 16

You're lost in the woods with your friends. What should you do?

In this part of the film, a group of friends (led by you, the star, of course) are walking in the woods, searching for another person, who mysteriously vanished during the night. Someone loses the compass and the map gets wet and now, you're hopelessly lost. What will you do next?

Question 17

A man arrives to save you and your friends; who will play this character?

Just when all hope seems lost, a man appears in the distance. He's waving his hands around in a friendly way so you are pretty sure he's not a bad guy. He approaches you and your buddies and offers to help. Who will you cast in this minor role of your horror movie?

Question 18

You have to spend the night at this little place called The Bates Motel. Choose your room number:

Psycho is your absolute favorite classic scary movie, so you've decided to include a place called Bates Motel in your film. Don't worry, the lawyers have gotten all the right permissions for this! Which room number do your characters choose?

Question 19

It's lunchtime on set! As the star, what will you be eating?

Making movies is tougher than you thought! By the time lunchtime rolls around you feel like you are ready to drop. But then the food arrives... Now there's plenty to choose from but as the star, you could probably demand whatever you're in the mood for. So what will it be?

Question 20

In this movie you own a sports car (nice!), what color is it?

When you wrote the script for this movie, you gave the main character a sportscar. Nice one! Now that the movie is being made, you get to drive one for real, and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to keep it too! What color would you like that in?

Question 21

The director wants to know if you want to film a scene in a river or the top of a building. What would you choose?

At this point in the script, there are two possible scenes. Your character can either take his chances crossing a river, or he can stay dry and climb a rickety wooden tower to hide from the monster chasing him. What will it be?

Question 22

Choose a 2017 horror flick:

You've been spending so much time on this script (and making this movie) that you've barely had any time to watch movies. While you are between takes you decide to catch up on a 2017 horror flick. What would you like to watch?

Question 23

Pick a place to go on Halloween night:

It's the 31st of October and your character needs to make a choice. Is he/she going to stay in tonight or are they going to take their chances and leave the house? And where will they go? You decide...

Question 24

You're trapped in a basement, how do you plan on escaping?

We're not quite sure how this happened, but in this scene, you pass out and wake up in a creepy dark basement. It's cold and wet and, worst of all, deathly quiet. What is your plan to escape from here?

Question 25

You're in a situation where your food options are limited. What would you eat?

This is one of the scenes in the movie where it seems like all hope is lost for your character. They find themselves in a tight spot, struggling to survive. Water is limited and there's not a lot of food to eat...

Question 26

Pick a Stephen King movie:

The director announces one morning that a special guest will be visiting the movie set and when he arrives, it's none other than the king of horror himself; Stephen King! You chat with him and tell him that your favorite story of his was...

Question 27

Which scary little girl would you like to cast in your movie?

One of the characters in your movie is a little girl who seems to have supernatural powers. You need a young actress to portray this character, someone who knows how to do creepy. Which of these actresses/characters do you think would be best suited to your flick?

Question 28

In your horror movie, what motivates the villain?

Does the villain in your movie have a motive? Is there a reason why he does what he does? Has he just grown tired of people or did something terrible happen to him? And will his motive actually be revealed or remain a mystery?

Question 29

You need help. Badly. Who will you call?

Your character has tried to sort out a problem on their own but nothing they do seems to work. In order to deal with this issue, you need someone with experience in these types of situations. Who is your character going to call for help?

Question 30

Which scary little boy would you like to cast in your movie?

Children certainly drive up the chill factor in a horror movie so you've decided to cast another one. This time you need a boy - which of these characters do you think would be a perfect fit for your movie?

Question 31

In this scene one of the supporting characters is walking through the woods. What do they find?

This horror movie is almost at an end now and one of the (surviving) supporting characters is walking aimlessly through the woods. Up ahead he sees something that makes his blood run cold. What on earth is that?

Question 32

The tension is rising... what instrument starts to play?

The right type of music is essential when it comes to making a horror movie. It helps to build suspense. Now that the climax of your film is coming up what type of sound would you like? Which instrument will your characters hear?

Question 33

Choose an M. Night Shyamalan movie:

Mr. Shyamalan has heard that you are making a movie and one night late he surprises you with a phone call. You chat a while about your movie and then he asks you which of his movies you enjoyed the most. What will you say?

Question 34

How does your horror movie end?

All good things need to come to an end. But the ending is one of the most important parts of your film. It can make or break the entire story so we hope you've given it the proper amount of thought...

Question 35

What will you be drinking at the wrap party?

That's a wrap! The filming of your very first horror movie is finally over. Now all that's left for you to do is to get dressed in smartest clothes and attend the wrap party. What will you be drinking when you arrive?

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