Spend A Day As A Disney Princess And We'll Reveal Your Celebrity Prince Charming

The first full-length feature film to be released by Walt Disney Animation Studios is one that every Disney fan is definitely familiar with. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937 and is the very first movie that they released, which makes Snow White the very first character to be a Disney princess! A ton of work, money, and training went in to the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the fact that this movie has become such a classic and a favorite among many Disney fans really shows that it was totally worth it.

Since the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a ton of Disney movies have been released and several more princesses have danced and sung their way into our hearts. Each time a new Disney movie comes out, Disney fans get so excited to see the movie and learn all the songs. Each new Disney movie that comes out just makes us wish more and more that we could be a Disney princess! They have the best clothes, the best hair, and they always wind up with the cutest guy. Why can't we be that lucky?

Spend a day as a Disney princess to find the perfect celebrity Prince Charming!

Question 1

Wake up early or sleep in late?

Before any day as a Disney princess can actually get started, you have to wake up! Some people like to set their alarm super early and get an early start on the day while other people prefer to sleep in and start their day when they're good and rested. Will you be waking up early or hitting snooze?

Question 2

Make the bed?

Some people like to make their beds as soon as they wake up. It keeps their room looking neat and tidy and it makes it super easy to climb in and get some rest after a long day in a bed that's all made and fit for a Disney princess! Meanwhile, other people are too busy to stop and fix their blankets.

Question 3

Pick a Disney princess to spend the day with.

The only thing that would be better than getting to be a Disney princess for real would be being best friends with one! We could learn their secrets to perfect hair, steal their gorgeous dresses, and hear the best songs from their movies up close. Which of these princesses would you want to spend the day with?

Question 4

What's for breakfast?

The most important meal in the day of any Disney princess is definitely breakfast. It gives you fuel for the whole day for anything you need to do, whether it's exploring the castle or befriending some woodland creatures. Just make sure you don't pick up a poison apple like Snow White!

Question 5

Take a shower?

Some people prefer to shower or bath in the morning while other people take a nice warm shower or bath at night time when they can wind down and relax with their favorite pampering products or shower gel. Either way, it's the first step in getting that perfectly placed Disney princess hair!

Question 6

Fall asleep for 100 years or be trapped in Beast's castle for 25 years?

It just wouldn't be a Disney movie if everything went right for the main character, would it? Although the princesses get their happy ending by the time the movie is over, it definitely takes until the movie ends before things start looking up for them. Until then, things don't go so great for these princesses.

Question 7

Pack a lunch for the day?

Even for someone as important as a Disney princess, planning ahead is important! Planning to have something to eat throughout the day whether you're at work, shopping, or going to school is a key part of the day. Some people pack their lunch ahead of time while other people plan to grab something throughout the day.

Question 8

Pick a Disney princess' style to take

Let's be honest, the Disney princesses always have the nicest clothes and accessories. We only wish that our outfits always looked as perfect as theirs! And their hair is always totally perfect, even if they just dove into the water or are standing in the wind. How do they do it?!

Question 9

Pick a color to wear.

Everyone knows that each Disney princess has a very specific color scheme. Whenever we see those colors, we instantly think of that princess. For Ariel, it's red for her hair and teal and purple for her shells and tail. For Cinderella, it's bright blue like the dress she wore. For Merida, it's red for her hair and green for her dress.

Question 10

Go on a magic carpet ride with Jasmine or go underwater with Ariel?

The Disney princesses are super lucky because they have so many cool places to go and so many cool ways to get there. The rest of us are stuck with things like driving, walking, or biking. If you got to spend a day with either Jasmine or Ariel and could either go on a magic carpet ride or swim under the sea, which would you choose?

Question 11

Pick an accessory.

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. No one knows that better than a Disney princess! Their accessories aren't always fashion items either. For Merida, it's her bow. For Rapunzel, it's Pascal! For the rest of us though, they do need to be some kind of item to wear. Pick one of these accessories to finish off your outfit.

Question 12

Wear makeup?

Some people wear makeup every day while other people choose to go without it. Whether they wear a full face or just toss on some mascara and lip gloss, people who like to wear makeup refuse to leave the house without it. Disney princesses always look totally flawless with any amount of makeup.

Question 13

Pick something to listen to.

Getting ready for your day can get pretty dull if all you're doing is sitting in silence while you pick out clothes, get dressed, and fix your hair up. That's why listening to something like a Podcast, some music, or even having a TV show playing on Netflix in the background is important!

Question 14

Meet your prince at a ball or in the forest?

The end of most Disney movies involves the princess having a happily ever after with their prince. That means that, at some point during the movie, they have to meet that prince. Some princesses meet their prince at a special event while others just meet them at random while going about their day.

Question 15

Pick a scented candle.

What's better than lighting your favorite scented candle and letting the delicious scent fill up your entire room and house? Not much, honestly. There are so many scented candles out there that sometimes, it can be hard to pick just one. Which of these candle scents would you want to burn?

Question 16

Go to the library with Belle or canoe with Pocahontas?

Any Disney fan will know that each Princess has their own individual personalities, interests, and hobbies. For Belle, she loves to read and totally doesn't fit in with people where she lives because she'd rather be reading and experiencing a magical world in a book. Pocahontas loves nature and loves to canoe along the river and explore the world around her.

Question 17

Pick a store.

Time to go shopping! There's no way to be a Disney princess without having a look that's totally right. What better way to get that than spending a day shopping? Even if you don't end up buying anything, going and looking around at stores can be a ton of fun. Pick one of these stores to look around in!

Question 18

Pick another store.

Let's be honest, no one can go out shopping and only go to one store. Anyone who claims they can totally needs to teach us their secrets because we're pretty sure it's impossible to head out to go shopping and manage to stop yourself after leaving a single store. Pick another store to shop in.

Question 19

Get swimming lessons from Moana or get cooking lessons from Tiana?

Every Disney princess has something they're really good at. Moana lives in a beautiful tropical location right by the beach and a lot of the movie she's from involves the water. Meanwhile, Tiana has always dreamed of opening up her own restaurant and totally loves to be in the kitchen cooking.

Question 20

What's for lunch?

Whether you packed your own lunch to take with you for your big day out or you're going to be picking something up at a restaurant, eating lunch is super important. No one likes to be feeling hungry all day, after all! Pick one of these delicious foods to eat for lunch during your day as a Disney princess.

Question 21

Pick a princess' hairstyle to take

Disney princesses always manage to have the best hair, no matter what's going on. Whether it's long and flowy, perfectly curled, or in a totally iconic braid, it makes us wish that our hair could look that good! Unfortunately, Disney princesses get all the luck when it comes to hair.

Question 22

Pick an animal sidekick.

Where would a Disney princess be if they didn't have their trusty sidekick? Most of them come in the form of a sassy animal that's always at their side and always has something to say that's either hilarious, helpful, or some combination of the two of them! In order to really be a Disney princess, everyone knows you're going to need an animal sidekick.

Question 23

Get advice from a talking dragon or a talking tree?

Even if you're a Disney princess, not everything in life can go perfectly right all the time! Sometimes, things go wrong and, unfortunately, you might end up needing advice from someone. For Mulan, that someone is her trusty dragon guide. For Pocahontas, it's a talking tree named Grandmother Willow. Which would you rather get advice from?

Question 24

Order a Starbucks drink.

Who can resist a trip to Starbucks? Even if you're simply not a big coffee drinker, they have a ton of other options like teas and juices to choose from to get your thirst totally quenched. There are just so many options that the hardest part can be deciding what you're craving!

Question 25

Pick a princess' style to take

Disney princesses always have the best hair and the best outfits. They're pretty well-known for what they wear during their movies and give us total outfit envy because of the fact that we can't just reach through the screen and take whatever they're wearing and have it for our own!

Question 26

Go horseback riding with Merida or Mulan?

Animals are a super important part of any Disney movie. Whether it's an animal sidekick that helps the princesses out and makes hilarious remarks all along the way or a horse that helps them get where they need to go, animals are almost as important to Disney movies as the princesses themselves!

Question 27

Pick a princess to get dinner with.

The best part of being a Disney princess would definitely be being able to hang out with other princesses, right? Being able to go shopping with them, have movie marathons with them, and go out to dinner with them would be amazing. We totally wish we could be besties with all the princesses!

Question 28

Pick a trendy food.

Thanks to social media, some super over-the-top food trends have become really popular. Giant milkshakes, rainbow everything, and all things aesthetically pleasing and colorful have taken over our feeds. Not that we're complaining, some of it looks totally delicious!

Question 29

Go to a huge party with Rapunzel or a small one with Elsa?

When it comes to social events, everyone has their preferences. Some people are totally the life of the party and would love nothing more than to be at a huge gathering surrounded by tons of people! Meanwhile, other people would prefer to be at a smaller one with only their closest friends.

Question 30

Pick a snack for movie night.

What's the most important part of having a movie night? The snacks! Picking out the most delicious snacks to treat yourself while you curl up on the couch or in bed with Netflix playing is super important. Not having something to snack on can totally mess up a relaxing movie night.

Question 31

Pick a dream vacation destination.

The Disney princesses are so lucky because they get to live in such beautiful, picturesque places. Some of them are real places while others are simply inspired by places that actually exist. Unfortunately, we can't visit the ones that are made up by the creative minds at Disney but there are some that we can dream about visiting on vacation one day!

Question 32

Do a face mask?

It's totally not fair that Disney princesses get to have such nice skin! Their makeup is always flawless, their lashes are always long, and their skin is always amazing. Can they share their skincare routines with us, please? Taking care of your skin is important and one way people like to treat themselves and their skin is with face masks.

Question 33

Bake apple pie with Snow White or fry frog legs with Tiana?

In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana has dreamed of opening a restaurant since she was a child. Her and her late father planned to open one together and since losing him, she still dreams of opening one in his memory and totally loves to cook. If you could either bake an apple pie with Snow White or fry up frog legs with Tiana, which would you pick?

Question 34

Pick a movie to watch.

There's no way to have a movie night without a movie! Before you can settle in to watch something and wind down, you have to go through all the work of picking out the perfect flick. There are so many movies that sometimes, it can be pretty difficult to choose just one to watch during your movie night.

Question 35

Pick a Disney movie.

Although other movies are great, we have to be honest and say that no movie marathon is complete without adding in a Disney movie to enjoy! No matter how old you get, watching Disney movies is always enjoyable and Disney always comes out with fun new ones to watch and sing along to.

Question 36

Take a bath or shower before bed?

After a long and busy day, some people look forward to coming home and relaxing with a warm bath or toasty shower. It's nice to wash off your makeup, wash your hair, and get nice and clean before you climb into bed. Other people prefer to shower in the morning and just relax all night without worrying about getting ready for the next day.

Question 37

Have magical growing hair or be able to control ice and snow?

While a lot of Disney princesses are totally normal people, there are a few with super special abilities. For instance, Rapunzel has magic hair that grows super long and she can use to her advantage for a lot of different things. Meanwhile, Elsa has the magical ability to control the ice and snow.

Question 38

Get in bed early or late?

Some people are total night owls who love to stay up late while other people like to get in bed a little earlier and get a good night's sleep. No matter what time you choose to get in bed, sleep is really important because it allows your brain to rest and your body to heal and prepare for the next day. On your day as a Disney princess, will you sleep early or stay up late?

Question 39

Pick a Disney movie to dream about.

Dreams can be pretty weird. Sometimes, they can be influenced by things that you thought about or experienced during the day. Naturally, living a day as a Disney princess means that you might end up dreaming about Disney movies! Not that that's a bad thing, right? Pick one of these movies to live out in your dreams.

Question 40

Pick a Disney parks food.

Anyone who is a serious Disney fan will know that the Disney parks have the best food. It's totally delicious, unique, and a lot of it is shaped like our favorite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse! Even food like shaved ice and pretzels that are similar to food we can get outside of the parks get that special mouse ear treatment.

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