Even A Third Grader Can Pass This Spelling Test That Has Millennials Stumped

Who thinks that they are a spelling superstar?

We'd all like to think that we could beat even the smartest third graders in a spelling test. Those kids are barely old enough to read on their own, let alone spell- but the real truth is that most millennials get stumped on words that third graders can easily spell right off the top of their heads. Don't believe us? We dare everyone to test their brainpower against this list of fifty spelling words that will have at least some scratching their heads.

This isn't an open-book test so don't even dream of firing up the Microsoft Office. There is no spell check here. Just like the good old days of Third Grade there is just us and our big, beautiful brains for this challenge. Don't worry. We've provided a sentence and a few options for contextual clues but there is no doubt that at least a few people will find some of these words particularly difficult. Everyone thinks that they know how to spell Third Grade spelling words, but who really has their memorization down pat? It is time to separate the superstars from those who need to go back to school and hit the books!

Question 1

The _________ emerged in a Guy Fawkes mask!

Oh no! Out of a cloud of purple and blue smoke emerges a nefarious fellow in the standard mask that we have all come to associate with Guy Fawkes and Anonymous- the internet hacker. Dressed in an orange hoodie and walking with purpose, this guy is clearly up to no good. There is a word for people like him- the bad guy in the movie, the one that keeps us awake at night. Think fast and spell the word in the blank.

Question 2

My cousin lives in a gorgeous ________________.

Check out this pretty street. Who wouldn't want to live there? As it turns out, my cousin lives in one of those pretty little houses and if asked, she would say that she loved living in her little town, which goes by this other quaint name that starts with "v". Spell the word that is synonymous with "town" and not quite large enough to be considered a city of its own. Who here is a spelling champion? Prove it below!

Question 3

Go snorkeling in the Galapagos and glimpse a sea ___________.

These animals are some of the most gorgeous on the planet. They live in our oceans, on land and are known for being pretty people friendly. Some people even keep them as pets. Head to the tropical, crystal clear waters of the Galapagos islands and anyone can take a dip in the water and swim with these massive, stately creatures. Who knows the name of this animal that glides through the sea and moves over the land? Choose one below.

Question 4

Our favorite __________ also plays in an awesome Blink-182 cover band!

Everyone has had many of these people come in and out of their lives and we all have our favorite- the cool one, the one who gave us a break on late homework and let us watch movies on a Friday afternoon. The best ones taught us a thing or two but never treated us like we were children! Who hasn't had that one educator that also had a cool outside school life, like being in a band or being an amateur Muay Thai fighter?

Question 5

The _________ of the road was covered in yellow brick.

Follow the yellow bright road! Clicking red ruby slippers together three times won't give anyone the answer but it might help to come up with the correct spelling on this word. Just like Dorothy and her friends from Oz, skip on down the yellow brick road of memory and come up with the correct answer to the question. Fill in the blank with the proper spelling and we'll reveal who really can hold their own with Third Graders in a spelling showdown.

Question 6

What to be taken seriously? Get a sharp looking _________.

There's nothing quite so good as a man wearing one of these. It gives them immediate authority, grace and it just looks really awesome and put together. It is no surprise that guys shell out thousands of dollars for one of these items of clothing. It needs to fit closely but not too tight, and be in a color that goes with just about everything. Want to be taken seriously? Fill in the blank with the proper spelling of the word.

Question 7

My sister owns the most charming antique __________.

Everyone knows this word. These cute little shops are located all over street corners and on little alleys. Family owned, cozy and selling anything from beautiful antiques to homemade fudge. Every Third Grader can spell this word right off the top of their head, but Third Grade was a long time ago so we can forgive everyone if they are a little on the rusty side. Who knows the proper spelling? Choose the correct answer from the four choices below.

Question 8

The _________ is one of the most elegant creatures in the ocean.

This beautiful pink creature is one of the most incredible in all seven seas. Floating gently through the waves or settling in the sand at the bottom of the sea, these five-pronged animals can't survive outside of water for too long, so anyone who sees one should be advised not to pick it up out of its habitat. Leave it alone and just enjoy the peaceful presence of one of the most elegant animals in the ocean. Spell it below.

Question 9

A __________ is the universal language!

Anyone who has a vanilla ice-cream that cool and tasty is sure to be wearing one of these- grinning from ear to ear. No matter where we go on the planet, one of these is always a welcome greeting; a way to let others know that we are friendly and interested in interacting with them. Also known as the "universal language", this facial movement is one of the most welcome gestures one can receive. Who can spell it properly below?

Question 10

Will my pet _________ take over the world?

These days, A-1 is taking over the planet! We are all worried about the rise of beings that don't come from the sky but from our very own laboratories. Do they have brains? Can they think and reason? Could they suddenly turn against their human masters? These are the thoughts that keep us up all night. Fill in the blank and finish the sentence about A-1 going haywire and taking over the entire world. Choose the best option from the four below.

Question 11

Is the moon a ___________?

The moon is one of the most popular players in our night sky. Along with the stars, it makes up the vast landscape of space. For years, people have gazed up at the moon with a million questions- like the one that we've posed here. Does the moon qualify as one of these celestial bodies that also include Jupiter, Venus, and Mars? Who knows the name of the companion entities that exist with the moon far far away from our home?

Question 12

My _________ of France are treasured possessions.

There is nothing in the world quite like souvenirs from an amazing trip overseas. The cool things to see! The great experiences to have! Let's be most honest here- the incredible things to eat! Check out the accompanying image. A vintage snap of the Eiffel Tower is one of the most treasured possessions. The snap, which goes by this other term, is worth a thousand words and illustrates a beautiful memory and a vacation that will never ever be forgotten.

Question 13

It is a lovely summer day for a _____________!

There is nothing like getting outside in the fresh air with a basket full of goodies and the entire day stretched out ahead. There is no better way to relieve stress, hang out with loved ones or simply have the stunning view of the mountain all to oneself for one perfect afternoon! That's right, summer was made for this specific activity which pairs the great outdoors with a yummy meal that comes in an easy to carry basket of deliciousness.

Question 14

Can I borrow a ___________?

The thing about this word is- whenever we really need one, there doesn't seem to be any around! In addition to the colorful assortment pictured here, there are standard #2 ones that are perfect for scribbling in those little Scantron bubbles on standardized tests. We prefer the colored ones. Who remembers how to spell this grade school class staple? It is time to step up and prove who can go toe to toe with a Third Grader by spelling properly below.

Question 15

Murphy loves to pop his head __________ the car window!

What dog doesn't love to have the window rolled way down on a long car ride? There is something so awesome about watching our pups nose their way out into the fresh air. Their little ears wiggle in the wind, they get that adorable doggy smile as they bob along with the car. Just watching them is the best way to chill out, relax and let the stresses wash away. When a pup is nosing out the window, where is he trying to get to?

Question 16

There is nothing more tranquil than sitting by the __________.

Who does not love getting to the beach for a little rest and Vitamin Sea? There is something about relaxing next to this giant body of water that makes all of our worries just melt away. The sea, also known by this name, has been lauded for its restorative properties for centuries. Just dipping a toe in the Big O can make us feel so much better! No wonder seaside property is always at a premium! Give us the correct spelling below.

Question 17

Got into this world safe and sound? Thank a _________!

Doctors get all of the credit but these medical professionals are the real MVPs. That's right! Anyone who has safely come into the world can thank one of these professionals for helping them along the way. These people work long hours, generally, have lower pay and put in a lot of work just to keep their communities healthy and happy. Who can properly spell the title of these healthcare super stars? Choose the right option from the four listed below.

Question 18

I can't wait to climb that _____________!

Some people just have to take hiking to the next level and get their extreme sport fix by hiking up these high hills and climbing over rocks, rough terrain and sometimes even ice and snow to be able to stand up at the peak. The most famous of these geographical features is Everest but there are plenty of other popular options like Denali, K2, and Fuji. Who knows how to spell this word properly? Choose the correct answer from the options below.

Question 19

My brother has always been a ____________ person.

There are night owls in the world. There are also these lucky, or crazy, folks who jump up out of bed at the crack of dawn and have accomplished half of their to-do list by the time we mere mortals are just finishing up our first cup of coffee! They somehow manage to be chipper and productive in the wee hours of the first part of the day, also known as this word. Who has the skills to spell it properly?

Question 20

Watch out for _____________!

Swimming in the ocean can be such a wonderful experience. Warm water! Fish everywhere! Some beautiful coral! Night swimming is even better because sometimes we can see phosphorescence and the water always looks better under the moon. The only danger is these creatures. No, we are not talking about Jaws because aside from Spielberg movies and freak accidents big predators don't come that close to shore. We're talking about these other animals, known for being transparent and very poisonous. Spell the word below.

Question 21

My best friend lives in the cutest _________.

Check out this adorable little dwelling in the desert! We love the cute red roof and the teal accents. It is a minimalist dream. What is another word for dwelling, abode, home or accommodation? Where does one lay one's hat, or kick off the shoes and relax? Where does the family gather for holidays? We think we've laid out the proper picture here, so it is up to everyone to show us who has the spelling skills of a Third Grader.

Question 22

Wow, that _________ is sure deep!

Whether it is an ocean trench or the mouth of a well, looking into one of these always gives us a sense of dizziness- especially when we can't see the bottom. Some people have a deep dislike of these types of spaces, called Trypophobia. Anyone who is an AHS fan will remember that Ally, one of the main characters of Cult, had Trypophobia (along with many other different phobias). Who doesn't have a phobia of spelling incorrectly? Prove it below.

Question 23

Aww! A _______ friend to show us how to tie our shoes.

This is one of the best qualities that people can have. It is the ability and willingness to offer aid to those in need, whether it is helping a kid tie his shoes on the soccer field or lending an ear when a friend has a problem. However it manifests itself, this sweet quality always makes the other person feel good- and who doesn't want to do that! We need more of that in the world! Spell the word correctly below.

Question 24

Taco Tuesday? Total _____________.

This is an emotion that we all want to have as much as possible- and even the smallest things can trigger it. Taco Tuesday, a new season of Stranger Things, an unexpected call from our bestie just to tell us that they love us. Any of those things can send our dopamine flying high and give us a big dose of this important emotion. Who can spell it properly below? It is time to show off some serious spelling skills.

Question 25

My bestie invited me to be her _________ in London!

Like Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast said, "Be our g--------!" This word means a valued person who has entered the home at our invitation. When we are invited to another's home, we become this word. When our fictitious bestie in London invites us to fly over the pond and come to join them at their posh flat in the hippest area of the most sophisticated city in the world, we are invited to be this word! Who can spell it below?

Question 26

The ________ is always greener on the other side!

As the old saying goes, this green, common plant is always better on the other side. Whether or not that is actually true is up for debate, but what is not debatable is that this word is difficult to spell properly. Even people who think that they know their spelling can find it easy to trip up on this so-called "simple" word. Third Graders get it right all of the time, but what about Millenials? Show off some skills below.

Question 27

There is nothing like my _____________'s cooking.

Old-fashioned home cooking. Is there anything like it in the world? Everyone's granny has that one recipe that we crave whenever we are away from her for too long. Whether it is granny's chicken noodle soup, pierogi stuffed with cabbage and bacon, or that pot roast that falls apart with the fork and goes perfectly with some delicious potatoes. Whatever it is, there is nothing like the taste of this person's cooking. Choose the correct option from the four below.

Question 28

I want a pet _________!

These animals get a bad reputation for looking a little bit on the creepy side but we think that they are so stinkin' cute! They mostly live on mountains but come down to mingle with people on farms or animal preserves. Sometimes their milk is made into delicious cheese but they are rarely eaten in the west, although their meat is popular in other parts of the world. No kittens or puppies for us. We want a pet one of these!

Question 29

Lana is my best ______. I can trust her with anything.

We all have that one friend who we can turn to for anything. The friend who listens to all of our deepest secrets gives us the best advice ever and that we can trust with anything in the world. We all learn to trust our female friends more than just about anyone in our lives! Check out the sentence above and tell us how to spell with the missing word. Select the best answer from the four below and prove some spelling skills!

Question 30

She's got him wrapped around her little _______________.

Everyone knows those couples- the ones where one partner always does what the other wants to do with no exceptions. The sentence in this question refers to a common statement that means exactly that. Who knows how to spell the word that goes into the blank? third Graders have no problems spelling this word, but tons of Millenials will make a mistake that no kid would ever dream of making. Let's find out who here is ahead of the class!

Question 31

Like to eat? Thank a _________.

People with this job wake up at the crack of dawn and tend fields full of grass or crops. Every day, rain or shine, they are taking care of the crops that will become our food. Who likes to eat? Thank one of these people who devote their lives to making sure that others will not go hungry. No doubt, these people have one of the hardest and most important jobs on the entire planet! Spell the word properly below.

Question 32

It's fall! Time to _________ a Pumpkin Spice Latte and break out my flannel pants.

Ahhh... Fall! Who doesn't love to trade shorts for comfy flannel pants, break out our favorite sweaters and sip on a Pumpkin Spice Latte while nibbling on a piece of fresh gingerbread? Did we paint a good enough picture? The word that we are looking for is the action that one does while indulging in a Fall flavored little cup of joy, also known as the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Fill in the blank above with the properly spelled word below.

Question 33

I had a fabulous _________ last night.

Everyone has these all the time. Good, bad or just plain weird- these nighttime cinematic events are our subconscious flexing its muscles and painting strange pictures all over the backs of our eyelids. Sometimes, these nighttime movies are so good that we don't want to wake up, as is the case of this incomplete sentence. A Third Grader can spell this word properly. Who else can? It is time to prove some serious spelling skills by choosing the correct option below.

Question 34

Time to break out my gold and __________ ring!

Marilyn Monroe famously stated that these gems were a "girl's best friend". They are the centerpiece of engagement rings and other pieces of bling that put a premium on fabulousness and make the wearer feel like she stepped out of the Roaring 20! Everyone thinks that this word is really easy to spell, but do not be so easily deceived! It is not as simple as everyone assumes it to be. There are a few tricky letters that can trip one up.

Question 35

I'd love to do Keto but I have a weakness for __________.

Keto is that new spin on Atkins that is not for the faint of heart. Why? It severely limits carbs and sugar, making it hard to indulge in this kind of end-of-meal finale that we all love. Check out the picture that accompanies this question. Who's mouth isn't just watering at the sight of that chocolate tart crowned with a spray of whipped cream and some chocolate sprinkles. It is next-level yum! What is another word for this decadent treat?

Question 36

More _________? Yes please!

Let's stay on the sweet treat path, shall we? This kind of tiny cake had its moment in the sun a few years back when people were putting all sorts of different wacky flavors into the batter and frosting. One of the most appealing things about these small desserts is that they are too adorable for words! They can also be filled with anything from ganache to more whipped cream and garnished with all sorts of whimsical toppings. So much yum!

Question 37

Halloween is super fun when I spend it with my ___________.

Aside from our brothers and sisters, these close extended family members are some of our first friends. We spend tons of time with them when we are young and sometimes those relationships extend far into adulthood. Many of the holidays from our youth are spent in the company of our nearest and dearest relatives who are the offspring of our aunts or uncles. Everyone thinks that this word is really easy to spell, but it is actually a little difficult!

Question 38

Have scurvy? Eat an ____________.

Nobody has scurvy these days- not since we discovered that the bane of pirates and sailors was actually just a lack of Vitamin C. Citrus fruits can take care of deficiencies like scurvy and keep us fairly healthy. They are also pretty darn tasty! This fruit, which belongs to the citrus family, is one of the most uniquely spelled words in the world. It is also a color, so the color of the fruit is the same name as the fruit itself. How meta.

Question 39

Let's run away with the __________.

Who didn't want to run away with the lights and sounds of this traveling show when they were a kid. We have romanticized these types of roaming entertainment and are constantly intrigued by the lifestyles of the people who roam along with the show as it goes from town to town. These spectacles generally come with a whole host of spinning and belly-dropping rides, as well as animals and performers and when one is in town there is a general sense of excitement!

Question 40

Colored __________ + blank pavement = heaven on earth.

What kid didn't love getting their grubby little hands on these pastel sticks that could transform boring, ordinary pavement into a whole different landscape or an impromptu game? Summertime just would not be the same without these artistic implements that were strictly used for scribbling outside, but could also go into the classroom. Of course, before whiteboards, all teachers used this kind of instrument to write instructions to the students. Who remembers how to spell the word that we are looking for?

Question 41

Make sure to check the ______ and make sure it's locked.

Although we don't give too much thought to this word, it is something that we use in most of our day to day lives. From locking up bicycles to closing fences securely, this word helps keep our belongings safe. It is also used a lot on ships, specifically for dropping anchors. Everyone thinks that it is easy to spell this word, but don't be fooled- it is not as easy at it first seems! Choose the right answer from the options below.

Question 42

The farmer likes to have his __________ free range.

Individually, they are known as cows but in farmer or cowboy-speak, they are known by this other word which implies that they are also used as work animals. These cows are just relaxing in a field because the farmer likes them to be free range and able to graze as much as they please! What is the common word for cows that goes in the blank? Choose one option below and prove who can spell as well as a Third Grader.

Question 43

I'll always look up to my big ____________.

No matter how old we get there is one thing that never changes- we never stop looking up to our older siblings! Our siblings are our first best friends, the people we interact with and lean on when we really need support, and the ones we know that we can count on most. They are also the ones who know how to push all of our buttons and irritate the living heck out of us- but we'll set that aside. let's focus on the positive.

Question 44

Get me a cactus cake for my _________ please.

Check out this awesome cake! Who would not want to have it for the big day that celebrates how times we've traveled around the sun? If that sounds a little too space-age, let's put it another way- it is the day where we get one year older. No matter how many times we've been around the sun (or how many years we've been on the planet) one thing is for certain, the special cake needs to be totally on point!

Question 45

My dad plays ________ with his high school buddies.

This one is a little tricky because three of the four options are actual words. We just can't let anyone off easy, sorry! The key here is not only spelling the word properly but choosing the one that works best with the context. We are in the final stretch of the quiz, so things are getting a little real but we are confident that many here are as good at spelling as a Third Grader. Choose the right answer below.

Question 46

The TV remote is right over there in the ______________.

Most people have several of these in their houses. They can be catch-alls for all sorts of stuff from blankets to television remotes. They can also be decorative, so they are a total win-win in terms of useful, beautiful additions to the room. Okay, we'll stop waxing poetic about these cute little catchalls because it is just about that time for everyone to choose the proper spelling of the word below. Who is smarter than a Third Grader? Prove it!

Question 47

The ruins of _________ Rome are awesome to check out.

This word is not the easiest to spell and might even stump some of the Third Graders who would otherwise ace this quiz. The tricky bit is a cluster of vowels right in the center of the word. Do they go one way or do they go the other? All will be revealed after an answer is selected. Fill in the blank in this question's sentence and let us know how to properly spell the word in question. Choose below.

Question 48

I'm getting healthier- working out and eating whole____________.

There are two types of bread; white bread and this version that uses the entire grain in an attempt to keep all of the nutrients! When we are trying to get a little bit healthier we tend to switch over to this kind of food. Check out the sentence above and the accompanying picture and tell us what the proper spelling fo this word is. It is time to see who can spell as well as a Third Grader! Choose below.

Question 49

I'm jumpin' on the ________ and headin' somewhere warm!

When the cold weather hits we all get a case of the blahs. The best way to cure that is to jump on this airborne people mover and head through the sky to somewhere with a beachfront view and some balmy weather. Before the invention of this method of travel, people couldn't dream of dipping out to the Caribbean for the weekend but now escaping the cold is a totally feasible reality. Finish the sentence by selecting the proper option below.

Question 50

___________ is coming....

Calling all Game Of Thrones fans! As everyone knows, one of the most famous lines in the show and books is "_______ is coming!" implying that the wall will be breached by the Whitewalkers and all heck will break loose down south. This chilly season that is loved by the Whitewalkers and disliked by everyone else is the word that we are looking for in this question. Who knows how to spell it properly? Choose the correct option from the four below.

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