Sorry Millennials, Passing This 00s Movie Quiz Is Practically Impossible

We've only just begun the year 2019 but there is no denying that a brand new decade will soon be upon us. As we quickly approach the 2020s, it is always nice to take a look back on the decades we have already past and relive some of the fantastic pop-culture these years provided us. The 2000s, in particular, were pretty generous to us. We got some questionable fashion trends, like puffy jackets and extreme low-rise jeans, Dunkaroos, Super Soakers, the very first iPod, and plenty of Backstreet Boys hits to fill that new iPod with.

In addition to fashion trends, toys, and hit music groups, the 2000s also gifted us some of our absolute favorite movies. This was a pretty excellent time for film as Hollywood was beginning to really experiment with genres, and some of the greatest actors were making a name for themselves. The so-called Frat-Pack of celebrities (including the likes of Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, and Vince Vaughn) were steadily pumping out the box-office hits, not to mention we were given the first installments in both the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter film franchises. All things considered, the 2000s was a pretty great decade for movie lovers!

Millennials will probably have a pretty hard time passing this 2000s movie quiz, but we encourage everyone to give it a shot anyway!

Question 1

Where did Cady Heron move from at the beginning of Mean Girls?

At the beginning of the classic movie Mean Girls, new student Cady Heron makes the big transition from home school to high school and finds herself feeling like a fish out of water. She quickly discovers just how different these two means of learning really are and must struggle to find her footing in a brand-new school full of brand-new people who couldn’t really care less about her. Of course, as the movie progresses, Cady gradually figures out how this whole high school deal really works and gets a little caught up in all the drama. We bet there were a few times she missed her home, but where was that original home exactly?

Question 2

What is the name of this 2000s movie?

This 2000 film has lots of action from start to finish. Meet General Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman army general with a major revenge complex who sets out to avenge his slain family against a ruthless ruler. In order to do so, he becomes trained in fighting Gladiator-style and quickly becomes quite the force to reckoned with, winning many local tournaments and gaining an impressive reputation. While he came out of each fight the winner and was the supreme reigning champion, his beef wasn’t with his opponents. He was after the Emperor of Rome who was responsible for Maximus’ family’s slaying. But what is this epic movie called?

Question 3

What did the Monster's Inc company originally use as a power source?

Powering an entire city is certainly no easy task but Monster’s Incorporated had a little trick up their sleeve. This company somehow found out the secret to harnessing true power and eagerly created an entire corporation based around this single concept. However, while this means of powering the city worked for years, employees Mike and Sully eventually found out there was actually an even better way to do things. Of course, this sort of talk didn’t go over very well with the head of the company, but at the end of the day, Mike and Sully were able to take over and get rid of the old ways once and for all.

Question 4

What is the name of the ship Jack Sparrow captains in Pirates of the Carribean?

Jack Sparrow is not a very traditional pirate in the sense that he doesn’t exactly live and breathe the Pirate’s Code. He feels those rules are a bit looser and more open to interpretation than others might think them to be. However, when it comes to being a Captain, he is as serious as they come. His love for his ship knows no bounds, and he will quite literally go to the end of the earth (and, if necessary, beyond) to keep his ship in his possession. It’s a fairly nice ship so perhaps it’s understandable why he is just so obsessed with it.

Question 5

What is Leonidas' iconic catchphrase from the movie 300?

Gerard Butler is definitely one of those actors who seems to enjoy bouncing between movie genres. In Phantom of the Opera, he played the title Phantom – a moody, love-struck basement dweller who steals away a woman he thinks he loves and serenades her in an attempt to make her love him back. In P.S. I Love You, he is a delightful Irishman who passes too soon and leaves behind a desolate widow. In the film 300, he is Leonidas, a mighty warrior who leads an incredible army of men into battle and even has his own catchphrase which he shouts with all the passion of a man facing a great fight.

Question 6

What was Helen's superhero name before she changed it to Mrs. Incredible?

Much like anyone else, Helen had a life before she became a mother. In fact, she had a pretty incredible life complete with defeating bad guys and enjoying all the fame and glory being a superhero offered. Of course, marriage slowed her down a bit, not to mention a ban on superheroes, and she found her crime-fighting days suddenly behind her. Later, when she and her family picked up the pseudonym of the Incredibles, she adopted a new superhero name. But we bet she still longs for the glory days of her previous life and going by her previous name sometimes.

Question 7

What did Fogell's fake ID say his name was in Superbad?

In the classic film Superbad, two teenagers named Seth and Evan entrust their friend Fogell (the only person with a fake ID) with a wad of cash to go buy them alcohol for an upcoming party. The only problem? Fogell’s ID was a little less than believable. In fact, it was just about the most obviously fake ID possible. As Seth and Evan so passionately pointed out, the ID only had a single name on it, and not even a believable name! However, Fogell was still fairly confident in his ruse and assured them he could get the drinks anyway. With a little intervention from some helpfully oblivious cops, he actually delivered on his promise.

Question 8

What alien species does Neytiri belong to in Avatar?

One of the most incredible and visually stunning movies to have come out of the 2000s was Avatar. This largely CGI fantasy film takes viewers on an amazing journey to the planet of Pandora where humans are actively attempting to harvest valuable minerals to use as resources for an otherwise depleted earth. In order to learn the location of these minerals, a soldier named Jake Sully takes part in the Avatar Program which turns him into one of the alien creatures who call Pandora home. This is how he meets Neytiri, who is one of these inhabitants. But just what alien species is she a part of?

Question 9

What major holiday did the events of Love Actually take place during?

In the romantic comedy film Love Actually, several storylines are interwoven together to create one fantastic movie about love, loss, and family during one particular holiday out of the year. There are lots of big names featured in this film, too. Hugh Grant's deeply supportive sister is Emma Thompson who’s unfaithful husband, Alan Rickman, is Laura Linney's boss. Newly single Colin Firth attends the wedding of his friend Keira Knightley who finds out her new husband’s best friend, Andrew Lincoln, is madly in love with her! It’s definitely a wild ride of a movie but also definitely worth a thousand watches, especially around the holiday it all takes place during!

Question 10

In what class did Bella Swan first meet Edward Cullen?

As far as first impressions go, Bella Swan came away from one class believing she had somehow inadvertently made a pretty poor impression on a moody teenage boy named Edward Cullen. The first time these two meet, they are seated at the same table in a classroom and new girl Bella attempts to be friendly with her classmate. However, Edward spends the entire period struggling to deal with a smell, specifically Bella’s smell. Confused and more than just a little hurt, Bella left that class believing there was no future between her and Edward Cullen. Boy, was she ever wrong!

Question 11

What is the name of the cheer squad in Bring It On?

Cheerleading may seem like it’s all about the supportive chants given in between high school sporting games, but, as Torrance Shipman explains in Bring It On, those moments are more like practice for them. In fact, the real sport comes when these squads compete in cheerleading competitions against other teams, each fighting for the right to reign supreme over all else. In this film, Torrance’s team is definitely the one to beat, but she has to face some hard truths about the integrity of her squad when she learns they have been inadvertently reciting chants stolen from a rival team!

Question 12

Why did Noah's dad make him read poetry aloud when he was a kid in The Notebook?

In the romantic film The Notebook, there is a lot to love about Noah Calhoun. Not only is he a total southern gentleman, but he is also an incredible carpenter, a confident charmer, and a lover of poetry. Throughout the movie, there is one moment where we see a young Noah sitting on his porch with his father, reading aloud from a poetry book as his father listens and nods along. Noah’s girlfriend, Allie, is rightfully impressed to hear him reading poetry so passionately, and his father offers an explanation as to why this has become a nightly ritual for them. Why did Noah have to read from a poetry book?

Question 13

Which country does Mia learn she is heir to throne of?

Ask Mia Thermopolis and she will say that being a teenage girl is definitely not easy. She struggles with her awkwardness and her severe lack of popularity on a daily basis, not to mention her unrequited love for a boy at school who doesn’t exactly know she even exists. However, Mia also has one other problem in her life that effectively adds a lot of stress to her already pretty stressful existence: she is actually heir to a throne, and must go through extensive princess-training to become ruler of this land. Now, she must take these princess lessons with her rather cold grandmother and struggle to become the leader she is expected to be.

Question 14

What is the name of this shark in Finding Nemo?

There are lots of hilarious and memorable characters in the animated adventure film Finding Nemo. First, of course, there is Marlon, the clown fish who is on a pretty risky adventure to go rescue his missing son, Nemo. Then there is Marlon’s perhaps mildly unwelcomed partner, Dory, who has short term memory loss but a heart of absolute gold. Also in the movie is this rather intimidating shark who meets Marlon and Dory on their deep-sea adventure. Although he definitely looks the part of a ferocious predator, he assures these two that he is a changed shark and recites the mantra “Fish are friends, not food.” He’s pretty good to prove this to them too. That is until a mild bonk to Dory’s nose leads to some predatory instincts kicking in for this shark.

Question 15

Who took Harry to buy his first wand in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, children can all agree that the experience of buying their very first wand is like an initiation into becoming serious witches and wizards. Although 11-year-old Harry Potter grew up believing he was just like any other regular boy, he quickly learns he is destined for much more than an average muggle’s life. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, he journeys into the wizarding world for the very first time and begins shopping for all the supplies he needs to go to Hogwarts. This also includes a trip to Ollivander’s wand shop where he gets to purchase his very first wand! But who took him on this fantastic and momentous shopping trip?

Question 16

In which country was Liam Neeson's daughter abducted in the film Taken?

In perhaps one of the most heart-stopping moments in a Liam Neeson film, Taken gives us an incredible scene wherein Neeson’s character actually hears the moment his teenage daughter is abducted. The two are sharing a phone call after his daughter lands in a foreign country to spend a vacation with her good friend. Rightfully worried, Neeson requested they call each other so he could check in on her. As it just so happens, this particular phone call would allow Neeson to bear witness to the sound of his daughter being taken. But which foreign country did she get abducted from?

Question 17

What pseudonym does William Thatcher use for jousting tournaments in A Knight's Tale?

Many of us know the late and great actor Heath Ledger best for his roles in such films as 10 Things I Hate About You and The Dark Knight. Some might actually know him best for his role in the comedy film A Knight’s Tale in which he plays a lowly squire named William Thatcher. However, this meager man soon discovers his incredible talent for jousting after stepping in to cover for his late master in a tournament. From then on, he continues to appear in tournaments but must adopt a pseudonym as only nobles are allowed to compete. But what name does he compete under?

Question 18

What is the name of Shia LaBeouf's character in Transformers?

Who would have ever thought that one movie could snowball into an incredible movie franchise? In the very first Transformers movie, released in 2007, Shia LaBeouf’s teenage character is a pretty average kid who somehow becomes wrapped in something much bigger than himself! It all started when he innocently purchases a used car that just so happens to actually be a Transformer. Of course, finding out his car is actually a robot comes as a pretty big surprise for this teen! Now, he becomes embroiled in a huge plot between these other robot cars from a different planet and their enemies.

Question 19

What is the name of this famous volleyball from Cast Away?

It is quite incredible how a mere volleyball with a red handprint could go on to become so famous and so synonymous with a single movie. In fact, this ball from the film Cast Away could very well be the most famous sporting good in the history of film. Indeed, what may seem to be just a simple white volleyball adorned with a single handprint is actually a character in this Tom Hanks movie. It appears alongside Hank’s character of Chuck and is his only companion while deserted on an island following a plane crash. Although the ball doesn’t make it to the end of the movie, we know Chuck never forgot about his friend.

Question 20

What is the first rule of Wedding Crashing as described in the film Wedding Crashers?

For John and his best friend Jeremy, Wedding Crashing is pretty much a fulltime job. There’s a lot of planning involved! First, finding the weddings. Then, adopting some sort of alias that will not only allow them entry into the wedding but that will also include an incredible back story to impress any women who happen to be attending the ceremony. These guys also have to make sure everything goes off according to plan and they don’t end up getting caught and kicked out of a wedding. So, in order to keep things running smoothly, John and Jeremy follow a strict set of Wedding Crashing rules. But what is the first rule?

Question 21

What is the name of this 2000s football movie?

As far as football movies go, this is one of the greatest ones. Set during the early 1970s, it follows Denzel Washington after he is hired to coach the football team at a newly desegregated school. Of course, not everyone at this school is as welcoming as they should be and they openly oppose the hiring of a black coach, not to mention his choice of including black players onto an otherwise all-white football team. However, after spending days at a training camp together, this team manages to come together and become an unstoppable force against all other schools. It’s an incredible story that definitely deserves a watch!

Question 22

What is so special about a pair of pants in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

On their own, a pair of pants seems pretty unspectacular. In fact, outside of this book series-turned-movie, anyone would consider pants to be just that – pants. However, for Carmen, Lena, Bridget and Tibby, these are no ordinary pants. During one incredible summer that sees these four friends separated for the very first time and venturing off on their own adventures, these pants are what keeps them all connected. But just what exactly could be so special about something as seemingly simple as a pair of jeans picked up from a local clothing store during an otherwise unremarkable shopping trip together?

Question 23

How is Frodo related to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring?

In the very first Lord of the Rings film, we are introduced to the character of Frodo – a quiet, otherwise unassuming hobbit who finds himself inexplicably thrown into quite the incredible adventure after being handed an equally incredible Ring. He comes into possession of this piece of jewelry after a fellow hobbit named Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday and then decides he actually needs one more adventure in his lifetime. Handing off his most reassured possession, a Ring, to Frodo, he disappears. But how is Frodo related to the mysterious and rather aloof Bilbo to have earned him the right to carry such a powerful Ring?

Question 24

Where did John and Jane first meet in Mr. & Mrs. Smith?

As far as secrets go, this married couple manages to keep some pretty big secrets to themselves throughout their marriage. Quite incredibly, both Jane and her husband John turn out to be a lot more than just the average suburban couple. In fact, these two happen to be two international assassins who work for rival organizations! When the secrets finally come out, John and Jane find themselves questioning everything they’ve ever known about their spouse and wondering if their entire marriage has really just been one big sham. As they’re tasked to take each other out, they struggle to pull the trigger, undoubtedly remembering that wonderful night so many years ago when they first met in that one place.

Question 25

What magazine does Jenna work for in 13 Going on 30?

For 13-year-old Jenna, adulthood can’t come soon enough. She envisions her life as an adult woman wishes to become “thirty, flirty, and thriving.” She inadvertently manages to make this wish come true after coming into contact with some magic wishing dust that fast-forwards her through time to when she is 30-years-old. Now an adult, Jenna happily pursues a life of working at a prestigious fashion magazine and helps her company rebrand itself to become more relatable to all of its readership. However, she soon discovers being an adult isn’t all its cracked up to be, particularly when she finds out the sacrifices she made on her way to the top.

Question 26

What is Derek Zoolander's signature look called?

In the hilarious comedy Zoolander, the title character Derek Zoolander quite literally makes a living off his looks. This male model may not exactly come with the sharpest brain around, but he definitely has the charm and handsome features to somewhat make up for that. At the beginning of the film, while happily obliging to a magazine interview with a particularly attractive journalist, Derek demonstrates his signature “look”. This is the facial expression he strikes most often while posing for the camera, and it has certainly proven successful in the past as it has been one of his most popular faces. It just doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the journalist, though.

Question 27

What law school does Elle Woods attend in Legally Blonde?

Combating perhaps every stereotype pertaining to blondes and their intellectual abilities, the incredible Elle Woods not only applies to attend law school but actually gets in! Legally Blonde follows this young law student as she attempts to navigate the surprisingly judgemental world of studying law at a post-secondary level. She quickly learns she’s going to have to work extra hard to prove herself to both her professors and her classmates, but this sorority sister is definitely up for the challenge! She buckles down and manages to earn a spot on a fairly high-profile court case. Better yet, she actually helps win the case!

Question 28

What is the name of the international spy and espionage organization that Carmen and Juni become a part of?

When Carmen and her younger brother Juni first discover that their seemingly average and relatively unspectacular parents are actually international spies, Carmen has a lot to say about it: “Our parents can’t be spies! They’re not cool enough!” However untrue it may be, the fact remained that these two kids were the spawn of some pretty incredible spies. And, after a particularly elaborate mission, they actually become spies themselves! Spy Kids, that is. These two are enlisted to the very same organization their parents work for and find themselves fighting side by side with their own mom and dad. But what is the name of that organization?

Question 29

What is Meryl Streep's character's name in Devil Wears Prada?

Merely Streep can quite literally do no wrong. Really, this woman is just invincible and nowhere does she prove her versatility more prominently than in the film Devil Wears Prada. Her character is essentially the title character of the Devil in that she is a ruthless boss at a prominent fashion magazine who proves time and time again that a woman doesn’t get on top by making friends. She is a cool, uncaring professional who has mastered the art of the tight-lipped stare and knows how to make any receptionist shake in her Prada heels at the mere sight of here! Quite the incredible woman indeed!

Question 30

In what 2000s musical does this character of Velma Kelly appear in?

Velma Kelly has only one thing on her mind: stardom. At first, she sets out to achieve this by performing a two-person act with her sister, Veronica. The two were a hit with the crowd and continued putting on their successful show together. That is, until Velma found her sister and her husband together and let her feelings of betrayal get the best of her. Now on the hook for their less-than-timely passing, Velma gets locked up in the big house with other like-minded women. But that doesn’t mean she can’t still perform, and she happily continues to sing and dance to her heart’s desire, even if it’s through a set of bars.

Question 31

What television show is Tracy and Penny obsessed with in Hairspray?

In the musical film Hairspray, Tracy Turnblad has just one dream in life: to become a television star! And, she knows just which show she wants to appear on. It’s the show that she and her best friend Penny race home after school every day to watch and dance along to. It also happens to be the show that features her classmate and major crush, Link, as one of the lead performers. While her dream to appear on the show is initially only just that, Tracy eventually proves herself worthy and earns a spot dancing alongside Link and his particularly prickly girlfriend, Amber.

Question 32

Which of the following was NOT one of the false identities Frank Jr. assumed in Catch Me If You Can?

Frank Abagnale Jr. is a total con artist, and an artist is most certainly the perfect word to use here. He was able to evade police and spend years adopting a number of different fake identities so easily that it was most certainly an art form. Throughout the film Catch Me If You Can, we see Frank jump from identity to identity, always one step ahead of the authorities and always ready and able to become a brand new person. No matter what his new false profession, he was able to con his way to the top and be the best at…well, whatever it was he was pretending to be.

Question 33

Where are all these characters heading in a yellow Volkswagen Beetle in the film Little Miss Sunshine?

Family road trips can be really fun, or they can be anything but. For this pretty dysfunctional family, it certainly seems like the latter is true. In the film Little Miss Sunshine, they all pile into a rather unreliable yellow Volkswagen Beetle to head off across the country. Along the way, they experience a horn that won’t turn off, a gear that just won’t shift, and a grandpa who unfortunately doesn’t make it the entire trip. Throughout all the highs and lows of this car ride, the family managed to finally make it to their desired destination, wherever that may be, and they definitely come out stronger on the other side.

Question 34

What college did Michael decide to attend at the end of The Blind Side?

In the film The Blind Side, a young man named Michael is adopted into the home of a beautiful family who sympathizes with his struggle to overcome his troubled upbringing. They do their best to make him feel welcomed into their family and help nurture his incredible ability to play football. Although at first Michael is reluctant to use his imposing size against the other players, he soon discovers just how good he is at the game and makes his high school football team. He soon catches the eye of a number of college recruiters who want them for their own, but which college does he eventually decide to attend?

Question 35

What is William James' risky job in the army in the film The Hurt Locker?

Many of us probably know actor Jeremy Renner best for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel film franchise Avengers. In those movies, he is a bow and arrow-wielding hero who fights alongside the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk to help save the world from wrongdoers. However, before these movies ever came out, people first got to know Renner from his role in the film The Hurt Locker in which he played William James, a soldier with a pretty risky job. But what exactly was William’s job that effectively put his life on the line every time he completed it?

Question 36

What is the name of the man Amanda Woods meets while vacationing in England in The Holiday?

The romantic comedy The Holiday follows two women who exchange houses for Christmas and unexpectedly find love in their new homes. After a particularly rough breakup, Amanda Woods decides she needs to get away from her life in Los Angeles and swaps houses with Iris in England. Now on her own, Amanda discovers she feels even lonelier than before, but one man convinces her to hold off on leaving. She happens to meet a rather handsome English fellow who also happens to be Iris’ brother, but the heart wants what the heart wants! And this heart definitely wanted this guy!

Question 37

What is the first song that Troy and Gabriella sing at the beginning of High School Musical?

It’s hard to believe it, but the very first High School Musical movie was released all the way back in 2006! In this film, basketball superstar Troy Bolton meets shy bookworm Gabriella Montez during one fateful skiing trip at New Years. This trip happens to include a karaoke party in which Troy and Gabriella are placed together on a stage and given a song to sing. The rest is history! Since this first meeting, these two have sung a lot of songs together. But just what was the very first song that Troy and Gabriella ever performed together on stage?

Question 38

What movie does Lucy give her dad for his "birthday" in 50 First Dates?

In the movie 50 First Dates, we meet a beautiful girl named Lucy who happens to be unwittingly living the exact same day over and over again. This is because of a brain affliction she sustained after a car crash that prevents her from creating any new memories. Essentially, every night she goes to bed and has the entire day’s events erased from her mind. It just so happens the day she believes she is reliving for the first time every day is her dad’s birthday. So, every night Lucy and her family sit down for cake and she gifts her father a movie which they then watch together. But what is the movie that her father and brother have seen dozens of times but she believes she has only seen once?

Question 39

What are the names of all three Angels in Charlie's Angels?

In the action-comedy film Charlie’s Angels, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz play three incredibly talented women who work as secret agents for a mysterious man named Charlie. Although they never get to see their employer, these girls happily fight crime for their employer and prove that they are more than just three pretty faces. In fact, they are actually three highly trained women who can take down any opponent who stands in their way just as easily as they can crack the code on a complex safe. They’re smart, impossibly agile, and of course, stunning. But just what are their names?

Question 40

What major piece of history did Benjamin Gates steal in National Treasure?

Benjamin Gates is a total history expert. He seems to know just about everything there is to know about the way in which his great country came to be, and also happens to know most of the clues that could lead him to discover some of that country’s greatest hidden treasures. However, in order to evade a rival treasure hunter, Benjamin realizes he must steal a major piece of history before the other hunter steals it first. But getting his hands on this object definitely won’t be easy, and if he can’t find the treasure, it definitely won’t be worth all the trouble he’ll get into!

Question 41

Who is trying to turn Hazzard County into a coal mine in The Dukes of Hazzard?

For cousins Bo and Luke Duke, Hazzard County means everything to them. It’s the place where they grew up and became the reckless adults the residents know them and, for the most part, love them to be. However, they soon learn that someone is trying to take their treasured Hazzard and turn it into a wasteland of a coal mine, effectively wiping out the entire county. Thankfully, these boys are on the case and they set out to stop this person before they can succeed in their dastardly money-making scheme. With the help of their family and friends, Bo and Luke successfully save Hazzard County!

Question 42

What elite boarding school do Viola, Olivia, and Duke all attend in She's The Man?

In the romantic comedy, She’s The Man, Viola is a teenage girl who is passionate about soccer but becomes upset when her own team is cut at school and she isn’t allowed to try out for the boy’s team. Determined to prove that girls can play soccer against guys, she disguises herself as her aloof twin brother Sebastian and takes his place at a nearby elite boarding school where she joins the boy’s soccer team. Although only intending to play soccer, Viola soon finds herself caught up in a pretty complicated love triangle between two other students: Duke and Olivia.

Question 43

What is the name of the entertainment company Dale and Brennan create in Step Brothers?

In the comedy film Step Brothers, Dale and Brennan don’t exactly see eye to eye when their parents first get married. In fact, they go out of their way to make each other’s life pretty miserable in an attempt to get rid of their new stepbrother. However, they soon discover they have a lot in common, particularly a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Together they come up with an entertainment company which they imagine will take off and catapult them into a life of fame and fortune. However, it doesn’t quite work out that way and the company eventually turns into more of a karaoke-type business. Can’t say they didn’t try!

Question 44

Which member of the band Stillwater was Penny Lane in love with?

Miss Penny Lane is perhaps one of the greatest female indie film characters to come out of the 2000s. Featuring in the movie Almost Famous, she captivated audiences with her grace, unabashed confidence, and her ability to take a shy teenage boy and help him find a family in an up-and-coming rock band. Truly, Penny Lane is a gift. But, while she was more than happy to help the boy befriend the band, she had her own reasons for following Stillwater around the country, and it all had to do with love. So, which member of this rock band did Penny Lane have a rather tumultuous back-and-forth relationship with?

Question 45

Which iconic muiscal group's songs were used for the soundtrack to Mamma Mia?

One of the best parts about the stage-adapted film Mamma Mia is its incredible music. After all, the movie is a musical so if viewers are going to have to sit through over an hour and a half of numbers, the creators better make sure they pick some good music. Luckily for us, the people behind Mamma Mia chose one particularly incredible and iconic musical group to adapt their songs from. Such hits as “Dancing Queen”, “Money Money Money” and, of course, the title song “Mamma Mia” was graciously pulled from this group’s legendary discography, giving us a fantastic musical to sing along to!

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