Sorry Millennials, Only ‘90s Babies Can Name These TV Shows

There is a huge variety when it comes to shows that are TV, but ‘90s babies grew up with some of the best! Hilarious comedy shows, relatable animated series and even some that have now been rebooted. So, if anyone out there was born in the ‘90s or addicted to television from that decade, get ready - This is THE quiz.

Down below, there are 35 different images of 35 different TV shows. There is also a description of each (that does not give too much away), as well as four answer choices for each question. And the point of the game is simple: Study these three things (a photo, some wordage and options for answers), then guess what the show is.

And millennials...Maybe go try another quiz, because this one is all about the series of the ‘90s! Anyone up for it, though, should get ready...should get set...and should go now! Scroll down for the rest of the quiz, get started on it all, and think hard about what these 35 TV shows could be. We wish everyone luck, and we just know that a watch party or eight or 20 may even take place after remembering all about all of these great series...

1What’s this show?

Here we go! This first question features a well-known star - one who grew to be so big and famous with the help of this TV show. In today’s time, he is known for much more than just starring on this work in the ‘90s, but still...The bright clothes, the catchy theme song and the unique story are all known well by fans of the series, so guess if it is The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Family Matters, Will & Grace or Party Of Five.

2What’s this show?

Another show with bright clothes and outfits that are so iconic that groups of friends dress up as these guys is this one. It featured high school-aged friends and even saw them off into college, so it was entertaining to kids of the same age. In fact, its storylines - which range from hilarious to serious - are still memorable to many today. Is this TV show that is pictured right here The O.C., Degrassi, Saved By The Bell or Even Stevens?

3What’s this show?

Hopefully, this show and its characters are known by many who are here today, taking this quiz about some of the shows from the 1990s. This is a celebrated series, which covered so many great topics, and it is referenced is many modern-day shows. The comedy, the relationships, the everyday objects that were featured (like a Pez dispenser or a bowl of soup)...This is a great one! But is this show from the ‘90s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, 30 Rock or Seinfeld?

4What’s this show?

This is another show that watched characters grow up, from junior high, to high school and to college, so viewers felt like they were growing up with these people. In fact, in today’s time, these characters are still watched, seen, known and loved! And the advice that the characters gained...Well, it was gained by us, too, as we laughed, cried and learned with this TV show - either The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, Brotherly Love or That '70s Show.

5What’s this show?

In this series, three men were raising three girls, but their home was full of neighbors, significant others, pets and even new babies. And, yes, once again, fans of modern-day TV can keep up with this family, too! Oh, and did we mention that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen got their start on this show? They totally did. But was it on Full House, Step By Step, Growing Pains or Party Of Five? Pick a series name out down below there!

6What’s this show?

Some shows of the ‘90s were geared for an older crowd (unlike some that have been mentioned so far), ranging from teens with relaxed parents to young adults who loved this drama. Yes, this show had relationships, had fights, had makeups and breakups...and these attractive and fascinating characters were at the center of it all. It could be Charmed. It may be Beverly Hills, 90210. It is, perhaps, One Tree Hill. Or it may even be Dawson’s Creek. Take a pick here!

7What’s this show?

Do we recognize this show? Do we know the main star? Can we just hear her voice or even that catchy theme song? This TV show may not be as well known as some of the others on this list, but it was certainly adored by many and watched regularly by several people of the ‘90s. So tell us if this is Designing Women, The Golden Girls, The Nanny or Friends by clicking on a title listed as an option.

8What’s this show?

What about sci-fi shows and shows full of thrills, strange activity and exciting drama? These appeal to the masses, and they have been around for years and years...In fact, one of the best ones out there - one that is known and watched and quoted - is this one right here, which is either Eerie, Indiana, Twin Peaks, The X-Files or Matlock. Think hard, look at this picture, then tell us: What is this television show that is from the 1990s?

9What’s this show?

Now, this main character here is surely recognized by many. He is another actor who, today, is known for many works, but back in the day, he was best known for starring on this comedy TV show. He had a wife, who is pictured here, as well as three sons (one of whom was played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas!) and an interesting job. So is this Last Man Standing, Two and a Half Men, Home Improvement or 8 Simple Rules?

10What’s this show?

Here we are, already to the tenth question in the quiz! This show was not on for very long, so some people missed out on it and have never heard of it. But guess what? It featured stars like James Franco, Seth Rogen and Busy Phillips, so still today, people seek this show out, in order to watch it. And, of course, we need to know if this series about these teenagers was called Freaks & Geeks, Daria, Undeclared or Get Real.

11What’s this show?

Similarly, we have this short-lived television series, which starred Claire Danes and Jared Leto. This show could be Once and Again. This series may be My So-Called Life. The piece that is pictured here may, in fact, be Quarterlife. Or the answer here could be Relativity. How many of us know it? How many of us are going to have to guess here? And how many of us want to go watch Jared Leto on the screen in the ‘90s?

12What’s this show?

Many of probably know about this show! It came on the Disney Channel, and it starred Tia and Tamera Mowry, who are twins in real life. Like all of the television shows that are being featured here today within this quiz about the ‘90s, there were funny characters, memorable lines and episodes that are still loved and watched today. But is this Lizzie McGuire, Zoey 101, Sister, Sister or Even Stevens? Pick an answer out from the options listed below.

13What’s this show?

Is this Carly? Is this Sabrina? Is this Alex? Or is this Clarissa? All of these young ladies had shows during this decade or so, as soon from the options that are listed out as answers. However, this girl - in her funky room and in her colorful clothing items - can only be one of these characters from one of these TV series. Picture her and her neighbor on his ladder and her cool room, then name this TV show.

14What’s this show?

Next up, we have some more well-known actors and actresses - ones who are still watched and known and loved in today’s time. Matthew Fox, Lacey Chabert, Neve Campbell and Scott Wolf starred in this ‘90s series, which did have some funny and some feel-good moments...but it also dealt with some really big issues, such as losing loved ones, illnesses and getting through tough times. Is this Significant Others? Is it 7th Heaven? Is it Melrose Place? Or is this Party Of Five?

15What’s this show?

These two guys made kids of all ages and in many, many locations laugh and laugh and laugh...While adults had series like Friends and sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live, younger audiences could turn to select channels for age-appropriate versions of these shows - like this series, which is still known for its funny lines and scenes. So tell us if this TV show is Ren & Stimpy, Cousin Skeeter, Kenan & Kel or The Amanda Show by clicking an answer down below.

16What’s this show?

Remember our warning in the beginning here, when everyone was getting ready to start this quiz: It is NOT for millenials. However, we encourage everyone to try and guess these shows, no matter what age he/she may be. Because some people were born before 1990, yet they watched TV shows in the ‘90s, while others were born after 1999, and they may be familiar with older this one. Guess it it is Punky Brewster, Blossom, Molloy or Empty Nest.

17What’s this show?

As mentioned, there are many memorable animated television shows from this time - TV shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life and The Ren & Stimpy Show. But which one is this one? They all feature wacky characters and colorful scenes, but which one featured these animals (whatever these animals may be)? Think hard, picture the show, browse through the answers, then pick out an answer from the options that are listed out for everyone down below there!

18What’s this show?

Here is another one of them, and this one is either Freakazoid, Pinky and the Brain, Histeria or Animaniacs. As we can see, this show focused on these three main characters, and they each brought something special to the, to the television set; unique personalities, iconic outfits and funny lines made this show stand out, and it is still enjoyed by many, even today, all of these years later. So guess what this show of the ‘90s really is!

19What’s this show?

Aw, look at these guys pictured right here! Many fans grew up watching them, learning with them, laughing and crying with them...Where is this shows’ reboot? Yes, this series was another special one, which mixed funny and serious in a beautiful way, making everyone want to be friends with the main character and his pals. So tell us: Is this show, which was on in the ‘90s, The Wonder Years, Doogie Howser, M.D., Freaks and Geeks or My So-Called Life?

20What’s this show?

Recognize this show? Know these characters? Able to identify if it is A Different World, Moesha, Smart Guy or That’s So Raven? Many people who are here to day will be able to just glance at this photo and then instantly remember this series and all that is was about. We hope there are lots of right answers guessed down below, and there are four options, in case anyone needs some titles to browse through, for some extra help here.

21What’s this show?

During this time period that we are focusing on - from 1990 to 1999 - there seemed to be several comedy shows that the whole family could watch, as they focused on families just like ours. Okay, so some of these families were a little bigger a little crazier or a little more made for TV than we were, but shows like Roseanne, Married... with Children, My Wife and Kids and Who's the Boss were still enjoyed by many folks out there. Which one is this one?

22What’s this show?

Guys, we are moving right along, are we not? We are throwing out comedies, dramas, animated hits, teen series and more, quizzing everyone on shows from the ‘90s. How is it all going? How well do we remember these shows? How many of us know if this one here is Mad About You, Union Square, Frasier or Murphy Brown? Really study the characters, and picture this series. Then look at those answer choices, and click on one of them now!

23What’s this show?

Here is another one of those families that real families could relate to, while watching this show from the comfort of their homes. The show here could be either Frasier, The Neighbors, ALF or 3rd Rock from the Sun, and the point is easy. Yes, the entire time, there has been one goal in this quiz: Look at our presented hints, then try to remember this series, in order to guess its name. So what is this one right here?

24What’s this show?

Let’s just continue with that family theme. This one here was a blended family, where a mom and a dad already had kids, fell in love and formed one, big, happy family. Things were not always roses and rainbows, since a lot of different personalities were thrown together, but deep down, the characters from this show - either Still Standing, Raising Hope, Yes, Dear or Step By Step - really loved each other. Identify the name of this television series down below!

25What’s this show?

This family was watched by many and quite often, too, as new episodes came on and as reruns were played on different television channels. And this family was full of excitement, as lots of kids had friends, got married, had kids and got into some interesting situations. So was this show Summerland, 7th Heaven, Tru Calling or Everwood? Think about it, pick an answer from down below, then move on to the last few questions of this quiz of the '90s!

26What’s this show?

Here we go...another question and another family. And this one included Kirk Cameron and, at one point, even Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio himself! Yes, back in the day, these stars were featured in this comedy TV series, which also dealt with some dramatic and serious issues, too. Let us know if this TV show of the ‘90s was called Diff'rent Strokes, Family Ties, The Facts of Life or Growing Pains by clicking on one of the titles we have listed out as an answer choice.

27What’s this show?

Here is another animated series, which was aimed at that younger crowd. Television shows such as Blue's Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, Gullah, Gullah Island and Doug focused on younger characters, to appeal to kids - which is still done today, of course. But we need to know about this show, with its colorful characters in their colorful clothes and with their equally as colorful and as exciting stories and scenes. What is this show that is pictured right here, everyone?

28What’s this show?

Here is a similar show, which featured a redhead girl. Was this girl Pepper Ann? Was this girl Ginger? Was this girl Kim Possible? Or was this girl the star of The Wild Thornberrys? All of these characters were redheaded, but we need to know about this one right here, pictured in her glasses, with her family and in her kitchen. Think hard, pick an answer, and let us know all about this TV show that was on in the 1990s!

29What’s this show?

This cartoon series was pretty popular, and many kids lived for Saturday mornings because of it; we would wake up, grab our cereal or toaster pastries and head to the living room in order to catch shows like this one. But is this one right here Rocket Power, Recess, Fillmore or The Weekenders? Do we remember? Do we know? Are those memorable characters helping us in remembering the correct answer to this question? We hope so, so click on an answer now!

30What’s this show?

This one may be tough, based on the answer choices we have provided; all four of the options are about dinosaurs, and judging by the provided photo, it should be clear that this show was about dinos. But for many, this one will be easy. Many remember this show. Many know this show. And many watched this show in the ‘90s and may even still watch it today! So, tell us: Is this Dink, the Little Dinosaur, is this Dinosaurs, is this Dinosaur Train, or is this Dinotopia?

31What’s this show?

Another show that featured animals was this one, which was geared towards kids and which may have defined many of the childhoods of many of the people who are here with us today! Yes, this show right here - which is either It's a Big Big World, The Puzzle Place, Between the Lions or Lamb Chop's Play-Along - was educational but also entertaining, with cute scenes and fun characters. Tell us the name of this TV show, then get ready for the last couple of questions.

32What’s this show?

Let’s discuss another animated show from this time period. All we know for sure is that a female character could be seen, and here is she is, dressed in red. She could be Zelda. She could be Yukk. She could be Carmen Sandiego. Or she could be from Sonic's television series. Do we know? Do we remember? Or are we lost, and are we just going to have to guess, clicking randomly on one of the answer choices down below?

33What’s this show?

Once and Again, Wasteland, Judging Amy and Brothers and Sisters are four more shows that are up for grabs, that were on TV and that could be pictured right here! They all featured different characters, different scenes, different stars and different plots, but really, the answer to this question...It could be any of these! But true fans of television and true kids of the ‘90s will know which show is pictured here. Click on it down below, please and thanks.

34What’s this show?

How many of us recognize these characters? At least one of two of these men should be known and could be known. But the point is this: Is this TV show from the ‘90s Coach? Is this TV show from the ‘90s Nash Bridges? Is this TV show from the ‘90s Just Shoot Me? Or is this TV show from the ‘90s Newhart? Think, guys. Picture it all, and imagine these people. Then click on one of the answers we have provided for everyone here.

35What’s this show?

Here it is...The last question of this quiz here. We hope that almost everyone here is able to look at these characters, at the outfits and at the setting, all in order to piece them together and correctly ID this show. The answer options are as follows: Bonanza, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Deadwood and Touched by an Angel - So this television show is one of these. But which one? Do we know? What is this show from the 1990s?

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