Sorry 90s Babies! There's No Way Anybody But A Millennial Is Passing This Pub Quiz

90s babies think that they're soooo smart, don't they.

Just because they are a little sharper and younger than Millennials doesn't mean that they have an advantage when it comes to crushing pub trivia- especially when that trivia comes with a big dose of nostalgia that only Millennials will love and relate to!

We all remember the most important things from our childhood and formative years. Who could forget the popularity of Furby? Other generations might have thought that those big-eyed furry toys were a little on the weird side, but Millennials knew better. They were the cute, cuddly friends that we confided in! Also, Millennials were right on the cusp of the boy band craze. 90s babies were not there for the first hand transformation of the grunge era to ska and then to finally the catchy boy band songs that we all know and love! While the Gen X-ers are the generation of grunge, plaid and drinking bottomless cups of coffee- and the 90s babies were practically using iPhones in the womb- Millennials have the distinction of bridging the divide, and doing it while eating some delicious avocado toast!

So Millennials- this Pub Quiz is for you! Only a true Millennial will be able to pass with flying colors.

Question 1

Who is this lovable nerdy character?

Check out this guy in the rainbow suspenders. Back when Friday nights were for chillin' out in front of the television and catching up on some wholesome (and still super fun) sitcoms, we were laughing right alongside him as he tried to impress the girl next door and shed some of his dorky demeanor. Even though he was the ultimate nerd, he was the nerd that we just couldn't resist loving. His antics ranged from the bizarre to the heartwarming and we were always rooting for him to succeed. Who remembers this mega television star? Choose the right answer below.

Question 2

What was the name of this portable lunch (with everything!)

Anyone who was the lucky kid at school got one of these for lunch! They were perfectly compartmentalized and contained a few thin slices of meat, some crackers, a little cheese, and a sweet treat. Different ones came with different flavors of meat and desserts- but the crackers and yellow cheese were generally the same. Peeling back the cover of one of these lunches was always a huge treat- and what was eaten first was totally a matter of personal choice. Some preferred to make mini-sandwiches out of the crackers, cheese, and meat. Others ate them separately. The choice was up to you!

Question 3

Which Spice Girl is pictured here?

To 90s babies the Spice Girls must seem like ancient history, but to Millennials they were the absolute coolest girls around! They were the original pioneers of girl power, crushing it with singles like "Wannabe". Each Spice Girl was different and they all represented various areas of being a strong female, including the Spice Girl shown here. With her signature long blond locks and her youthful face, this Spice Girl was one of the most popular icons of the group. Millennial girls everywhere dressed up as her for Halloween! Who knows which Spice Girl she was? Choose an answer below.

Question 4

What platform’s logo is this smiling ghost?

All Millennials will immediately be able to identify this trademark yellow and white logo. The simple design of a ghost on a bright backdrop represents one of the most popular social media platforms for Millennials. Unlike other platforms, it allows users to be able to delete parts of their history and create complicated stories that other users can follow. It has surpassed other platforms as the preferred method of social media engagement for Millennials. Who knows what platform we're talking about? Check out the four options that we have listed below and tell us which one is the correct answer.

Question 5

What is the item pictured here?

Good luck with this one, 90s babies! These square and metal items were once one of the most valuable pieces of technology around. They were able to store tons of different files and save information remotely. Before there were USB ports, there were these items. In the 1990s and beyond they were hard and smaller than their predecessors, but in the 1970s they were actually pretty flimsy and fragile. Isn't technology wonderful? It was important to remember to keep them away from all magnets because they were liable to be totally deleted if they ever came into contact with one.

Question 6

Finish the lyrics, “where in the world is...”

Netflix just picked up this major globetrotting character and we couldn't be happier! Talk about a character from the past, and something that reminds us totally of our childhoods! This character went to distant lands all of the time and we got to follow them from place to place. With her trademark red hat, she was an international superstar who inspired us to go on adventures of our very own. Get ready for a serious jolt of nostalgia (and this song will be in your head for the rest of the day- guaranteed!). Finish the lyrics from the song above.

Question 7

What is this adorable little device called?

Anyone who loved these little pets as a kid now has a chance to get them again! According to Bustle, Bandai- the company that makes these pocket-sized little friends- is re-releasing the product for a mere $19.99. This savvy marketing move comes as no surprise since Millennials are total suckers for anything nostalgic and just about everyone who was anyone had one of these pets. They taught us responsibility when we were wee children and we'll never forget our first one. Who knows the name of the toy we're talking about? Check out the four options below and choose one.

Question 8

What television show popularized the phrase “GTL” or Gym/Tan/Laundry?

We will give everyone a hint- the cast is pictured here! Although this show premiered in the mid-2000s, it's still going strong with USA Today promoting the reunion as a "party in a glass". Although the cast members are all older now (and some of them are even parents) they still know how to have fun and do it up right for the summer. One of their famous catchphrases (of many) is "GTL" or "Gym, Tan, Laundry". This was supposedly a great way of getting ready to go out for the night- looking your best for the long night ahead.

Question 9

What company famous for its blue and gold logo was the predecessor to Netflix?

We are totally spoiled now, right? Before there was Netflix at our fingers and we could bounce between episodes of Black Mirror and Friends with the click of a button, people actually had to go outside their homes and rent movies from a video store. We know, it sounds like something out of a weird movie- but it was totally true and Millennials remember making the journey to the video store in order to get that night's entertainment. The video story we're talking about had a blue and gold logo and was so popular that one was on just about every corner.

Question 10

What does “YOLO” mean?

There is no doubt that many of us have heard this phrase tossed around from time to time. The acronym was popularized by Drake and since has hit the mainstream and become something that virtually everyone says- especially when they want to emphasize that it is time to live in the moment. Although we will say that sometimes going the YOLO way can put us in some not-so-great situations, it is usually a good idea to let it all hang out and remember that we get one turn on the merry go round! Who knows what YOLO stands for? Choose below.

Question 11

Who were the twins on Rugrats?

Here's a little dose of nostalgia for Millennials who watched cartoons as a kid! The show Rugrats on Nickelodeon was one of the most popular offerings from a station that had tons of great programming to choose from. We loved to watch the babies navigate the world and act a lot more like grown-ups than the actual grown-ups of the show. These twins were part of the central cast and appeared in just about every episode. They looked exactly the same except for a pink ribbon in the girl's hair. Who remembers what their names were? Choose the right answer.

Question 12

What goofy comedy featured Kel Mitchell and Keenan Thompson?

Speaking of Nickelodeon, let's talk about the stars of All That- one of the top shows on the network that featured Kel Mitchell and Keenan Thompson. Yep, before he was on Saturday Night Live, Keenan Thompson was making us laugh on All That, alongside his co-star Kel Mitchell. The pair even got famous enough to star in their own movie. We've included a screenshot of the film here. It follows in the footsteps of other classic films that were set in the fast food business. Who remembers the name of this iconic comedy? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 13

What did the Plastics in Mean Girls do on Wednesdays?

If there was one teen movie that defined the Millennial generation, it was "Mean Girls". According to ScreenRant, the movie is a surprising 15 years old (doesn't it just seem like yesterday that we met Regina George and the Plastics??) and its popularity is still at its peak. In fact, even a decade and a half later there's still plenty of merchandise with some of the movie's most iconic lines an sayings on it! The Plastics had a specific code and rules for different days of the week. In terms of a high-school clique, they were downright authoritarian! What did they do on Wednesdays?

Question 14

Who hosted Blue’s Clues?

According to IMDB, this beloved children's show featured a very simple theme. Blue, the puppy pictured here, gave the host of the show clues by tapping them with her paw. The host then had to decide what Blue was getting at- and solve the clues, along with the television audience of course! Kids loved Blues Clues because it let them play detective along with this adorable blue pup and the charismatic host. Who remembers what the host's name was? We're sure that everyone can visualize him in their minds, but who knows what he was called? Choose an option below.

Question 15

What Full House character did these famous twins once play?

Before there was Fuller House on Netflix, there was Full House, the show that rocked our world in the 1990s. Most Millennials will remember checking in with the Tanner family on Friday nights. Depending on their age, they related to one of the girl characters; the teenager who was just learning to navigate the world, the pre-teen whose one-liners were absolute gold, the toddler who kept everyone laughing with her adorable antics, or the wacky next-door neighbor who had famously stinky feet! These famous twins played one of the characters. Which one did they play? Choose the right answer below.

Question 16

What was Limewire?

Oooh baby! Who remembers getting this software on one of the old-school desktop computers? Long before there were Spotify and Pandora, there was Limewire- a controversial web application that allowed the user to access a brand new world of free stuff. Have we said too much? Without giving anything more away, Limewire was cutting edge for its time- but that came with a lot of backlash from bigwigs in the music and entertainment industries. Now, applications like Limewire are a dime a dozen but back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was the best of brand new tech!

Question 17

Who hosted the show “Next Top Model”

We all sat down to check out Next Top Model every week. It was like a ritual. We'd settle in for an hour of some of the best drama on television, where girls competed with one another for a shot at being a nationally or internationally acclaimed model. The challenges were always really fun, the outfits and makeup were amazing and the dramatics always had us on the edge of our seats! Of course, the host was a top model herself- and always there to give expert advice and sometimes a bit of tough love to the girls in her show.

Question 18

Who was our first friend on MySpace?

Before there was social media as we know it today, there was MySpace- the pioneer of social media that had everyone connecting before there were tons of different platforms to do so. MySpace allowed you to pick your top eight friends- which resulted in a bit of drama most of the time as we all many more than just eight friends! There was one thing that we did all have in common though- our first friend on MySpace was someone that we could always count on to be there in our list. Who remembers what his name was? Choose below.

Question 19

Who drove the Magic School Bus?

Before we got immersed in the world of Harry Potter, there was the Magic School Bus. Never before had learning been so much fun- as we were able to transport ourselves to other worlds along with our trusty guide, the driver of the Magic School Bus and the narrator of the show. We all wanted a teacher as cool as her! Who remembers who drove the Magic School Bus? We've listed four options below, so tell us if it was Butters Scotch, Patty Mayonnaise, Daria or Ms. Frizzle? It's time to go back to school, so pick the right one now.

Question 20

What does “being woke” mean?

Now is the time in our quiz when we get into a little slang. We have all heard the term "woke", but who really knows what it means? It's generally used in a positive context- and usually about people that we love or admire, but only Millennials will be able to look at the four definitions below and pick the best one with total accuracy! What does this Millennial slang term mean- other than literally being awake and moving around? Is it being optimistic? Athletic? Perhaps it's the term for being super hungry, or even really enlightened? Tell us below.

Question 21

What does “spilling the tea” mean?

Here's another piece of slang that Millennials will get right off the bat! Spilling tea, like most elements of Millenial language, does not mean actually dumping out a warm beverage. It has a second meaning- one that is a little more nuanced and means something totally different. We have listed a few options below, so if you're stuck, just take a look and give us the best guess. Does "spilling the tea" mean ordering some food, telling some amazing dad jokes, tripping over something or sharing some truth? It's time to prove some pub quiz smarts. Choose the right one below.

Question 22

Does “Netflix and Chill” really mean “chillin and watching Netflix”?

Most of us are familiar with Netflix. Most of us are familiar with chillin out- when we can just kick off our shoes and relax. The combination of Netflix and chillin has a bit of a different meaning to some people. There are those who say that there will be not chillin if this phrase is used, while others say that the phrase simply means relaxing and catching up on a series. Who knows the right answer for sure? Does "Netflix and chill" have a hidden meaning? Check out the four options listed below and give us the right answer.

Question 23

Who popularized the “Catholic School Girl” look?

Pictured here- not in her Catholic school girl outfit- this megastar of the 2000s popularized the look of a pleated skirt, pigtails and a white button down shirt. It led to many imitators in the early part of the decade, all who purchased plaid skirts and high boots of their own, pairing them with the traditional white button down for a look that was a little bit innocent and a little bit not-so-innocent. Who remembers the name of the pop diva who popularized this look with her breakout iconic song? Check out the answers below and choose the right one.

Question 24

What’s another way to say that “something is spot on”?

This time, you have to give us the correct slang term! When we're talking about something that's right or spot on, we're also talking about something that is this common Millennial term that might seem like gibberish to people from other generations. Although it has fallen out of popularity lately, it is still used from time to time as a positive way to show affirmation. Who knows what this term is? We've compiled a list of four common terms below and it is up to everyone to tell us what the correct answer is. Who is up for the challenge?

Question 25

What is the name of this visual method of communication?

We have all seen these little cartoon faces, but who knows what they are actually called? These cartoons have been blamed for a lack of verbal or written communication, but we see them as a natural evolution of language. How many words would it take to convey the message of the side-eye cartoon face anyway? It seems a lot easier just to put that in a text or status update and be done with it! Similarly, the kissy face is a great way to cap off correspondence with our besties. It's just super easy! What is the method of communication called?

Question 26

What is “catfishing”?

This term has been used all over the internet- and even made into a motion picture called "Catfish". According to IMDB, "Catfish" is about the perils of finding out something is not exactly as it seems. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, this movie is a sobering reminder of the state of our current world. We all know that catfish are those giant creatures that live in freshwater, but do we know what the modern-day meaning of "catfishing" is? Perhaps it actually has something to do with fishing- and perhaps it is something else entirely. Let us know.

Question 27

Who is this favorite 90s Nickelodeon character?

Speaking of characters, let's move on and identify another one! According to Joe Murray Productions, the creators of this show on Nickelodeon, it was meant to be an homage to independent films in cartoon form. Now we have plenty of cartoons that are thought-provoking and able to really put us in an interesting frame of mind, but this one was one of the pioneers, paving the way for adult-centered cartoons or ones that walked the line between the kid world and the grown-up world. Check out the accompanying picture. Who recognizes this title character? Choose the right answer from the four below.

Question 28

What kind of pen is pictured here?

Anyone who was a cool kid in grade school or middle school had one of these pens. Not only did it usually come with a really awesome character printed on it, but it was also able to do things that other pens were not capable of doing! Check out the picture closely and we're sure that everyone will have a big flood of nostalgia. What makes this pen so special? What kind of pen is it exactly? Who knows the right answer to this question? Check out the options below and choose the right answer from the four that are listed.

Question 29

Who is this “famous male model” from film?

We will give everyone a hint- Blue Steel! This famous male model was totally lovable despite the fact that he was just a little bit on the narcissistic side. Before there was Bruno or other models depicted on the screen, there was this one played by Ben Stiller. All Millennial kids will know and love this character. He had some of the best one-liners of the decade, not to mention a fashion sense that was off the charts. Who knows who this iconic male model from film is? Choose the correct answer from the four listed below. Pick one now.

Question 30

Back in the day we couldn’t use the internet and do this at the same time. What was it?

Before there was WiFi just about everywhere and smartphones were a thing, we all lived in the first few years of the internet. Things were a little different back then- definitely a little stranger and more difficult than today. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, we would never dream of being able to instantly access the internet. In fact, there was a time when accessing the internet meant that we were unable to do other things at the same time. Who remembers the first days of dial-up? What were we unable to do if we wanted to use the internet?

Question 31

What was the fourth Harry Potter book/movie?

Most Millennials grew up with the boy wizard from Hogwarts. Harry Potter was the champion that we all knew and loved- the orphan who was rescued from under the stairs by a giant on a motorcycle. Seriously, who hasn't had that same fantasy? As it turned out, Harry Potter was not only a wizard but THE wizard who had defeated Voldemort as a baby. Of course, throughout the series, he came face to face with the Dark Lord on numerous occasions- like in this installment of the series that featured an amazing Triwizard tournament that took the best and brightest young wizards.

Question 32

Finish the lyrics “cause it ain’t no lie baby….”

Finally, let's end with a song that will totally be stuck in everyone's head for the rest of the day! We talked earlier about how Millennials were the first generation to really get the best of the boy bands, and this is one of the greatest hits of the era. N'Sync, pictured here, was famous for putting out one of the catchiest songs about a breakup that ever existed. Far from the mopey tunes of the grunge era, or the emo rock that followed, this song was hopeful and completely okay with the end of the relationship. Finish the lyrics.

Question 33

Everyone knows about Nick, Joe and Kevin- but who was the “The Bonus Jonas”?

Most people know who the original Jonas Brothers were. We all loved their music as kids, and maybe even harbored a crush or two on them. Who didn't love the Jonas Brothers? They were sweet, on point and made some super catchy music. What's not to swoon over? As it turns out, there is a "Bonus Jonas" that only Millennials will remember. According to People Magazine, the "Bonus Jonas" likes to perform and play music, as well as create some of the best memes on the internet. Is that a good enough hint? Who knows who or what the "Bonus Jonas" was?

Question 34

What is the name of this early Tumblr star?

Only Millennials will be able to get this one! Tumblr is one of those great social media platforms where just about anything goes. We were really able to express ourselves on this platform- more so than on any other! There were plenty of Tumblr stars who gained fame for their hilarious profiles, interesting pictures or funny social commentary- such as this one, who hit us right in the nostalgia with her videos and pictures that perfectly encapsulated the Millennial generation! She's not a mainstream star, but most Millennials know and love her. Who knows what her name is? Choose below.

Question 35

Who was Alicia Silverstone’s alter-ego in the short lived cartoon "Braceface"?

Pictured here is one of the cult characters that most Millennials will immediately recognize! That's right, this brace-clad teen was all of us in middle school. Played by Alicia Silverstone, who shed her Clueless cool persona for a more real version of what a middle-schooler is like, this character from Braceface was one of the most lovable reminders that we are all beautiful and okay! Dealing with some tough issues, Braceface was a short-lived but much loved classic that will live on forever in the hearts and minds of Millennials who took some solace in the character. What was her name?

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