Sorry 80s Babies, Only Millennials Are Getting 100% On This Quiz

Every generation has its fads, trends, and unique culture.

In the 60s, it was Bell-Bottoms, The Beatles, and the rise of the Barbie Doll. In the 70s,  horror movies took a turn for the better with movies such as The ExorcistHalloween, and Alien being made, sparking a cinematic revolution for their genre. The 80s set the stage for a musical revolution with the rise of The Smiths Guns and Roses, and Metallica hitting their peak.

The 90s and early 2000s brought with them all sort of pop culture innovations. In the early-90s, viewers were introduced to iconic sitcoms such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and the groundbreaking Friends. Then there's the technological revolution of the 2000s, with Apple soaring through the electronics market with the launching itsproducts, from the iPod-Nano to the current popularity of the iPhone X. Social Media is the clearest indicator that today's youth has revolutionized how the world communicates through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This generation is what many consider the Millenials.

So, are you one of the lucky one that made it into the Millennial pool? If not, sorry 80s babies, but only Millennial are getting 100% on this quiz.

Question 1

What's this cartoon show's name?

This cartoon premiered on Disney Channel in the early 2000's. Its plot follow a highschooler who in her spare time fights crime alongside her best friend. Unlike most superheroes, she doesn't have an alter ego and the world knows who she is. While this makes her famous amongst her classmates, teachers, and society, she also strikes the jealousy of a member of her cheerleading team. When she's not crimefighting or at school, this hero is tending to problems of typical teenagers, such as dating and studying. What's this tv show's name?

Question 2

What's this mini-meal's name?

This mini-meal was created in the late 80's by Oscar Mayer and immediately took to consumers worldwide. It's suppose to be a 'quick-fix lunch' for kids whose parents are on the go, but it soon became a household staple altogether. From the playground to just sitting around to the house and snacking on one any given afternoon, kids love this snack. One of the most appealing parts for consumers is the 'dessert' that comes with them, which is usually a mini chocolate bar. What's this mini-meal's name?

Question 3

What's this video game console's name?

This game console went on the market in the late-80's in Japan and its the third in its kind. It soon made the crossover to the U.S and it swept household nationwide, with kids immediately taking a liking to it. Amongst its games are "Kid Chameleon," "Mortal Kombat," "Mortal Kombat 2," "Ristar," "The Revenge of Shinobi," "Swords of Vermillion," "Arrow Flash," "Comix Zone," "Shining Force," "Galaxy Force," and many of the "Sonic: The Hedgehog," installments. What's this video game console's name?

Question 4

What's this video game's name?

This Game Boy video game released in the late-90s and it spawned from a popular anime of the time. It's the third game from its series and unlike its predecessors, it follows the storyline of its anime series closely. The game begins with the player choosing a character to start their journey, but when it comes to choosing their partner for it, they are informed that all the options have been taking and are given the last from the bunch. What's this video game's name?

Question 5

What type of phone is this?

This is one of the first cell phones created. It went into circulation in the late-80s and one of its first models is the "Clamshell Design," which as its name and shape indicate, is modeled after a clamshell. It took popularity amongst consumers due to its small size compared to the first cell phones on the market, and its accessibility; all they had to do was swing it open and it's ready for use. What type of phone is this?

Question 6

What's this rock band's name?

This musical rock band originates from England and they came to prominence in the early 90's. Amongst their first singles are "Black Holes and Revelations," "Drones," "Absolution," "Origin of Symmetry," and "The Resistance,". They've played in multiple venues internationally, including Staples Center, Olympic Stadium in Rome, and Coachella. One of their biggest money-making deals is their participation in the "Twilight" movie franchise, where one of their lead singles is used in the series' third installment. What's this rock band's name?

Question 7

What's this tv show's name?

This tv show premiered on Disney Channel in the early 2000's. Its plot follows a family living in the suburbs, focusing on the day-by-day feuds between its two youngest members. The middle-child, Ren, is an exemplary daughter, student, an over-achiever in every regard, while Lous (the youngest) is the complete opposite. Louis spends his day in-and-out of the principal's office, pulling pranks on Ren, and going through life carefree. Nevertheless, Ren and Louis occasionally join forces when dealing with school-related problems. What's this tv show's name?

Question 8

What's this movie's name?

This movie released in the early 90s and its an animated retelling of "Hamlet". Its plot follows a cub destined to take the throne, but those around him are unsure that he'll ever mature enough for the role. The cub's uncle is extremely resentful of this family legacy and plots to have him and his father meet their untimely end. The plan is eventually thwarted and the cub matures into a capable ruler of his land. What's this movie's name?

Question 9

What's this electronic's name?

This product came into circulation in the early 2000's. It's the next step-up following the CD player and can sync entire Itune libraries into it along with having its own libraries for music and video uploads. It originally released in black and white but other color schemes soon followed with gray, blue, pink, yellow as available options. It remained a popular device among kids, teens, and adults until its manufacturer released a mobile device with its same functions. What's this electronic's name?

Question 10

What's this cook show's name?

This cooking show released in the early 2000s on The Food Network. Its setup revolves around making quick and easy meals that while simple to make, offer a three-course assortment; starter, main course, dessert. Much of its success came through the lively personality of its chef and the fact that most of the meals are actually easy to make. Its chef gained nationwide recognition for it and went on to host her own talk show on National Television. What's this cook show's name?

Question 11

What's this movie's name?

This sci-fi movie released in the late-90s and it was produced by The Wachowski Brothers. Its plot follows a computer programmer living in Los Angeles who is approached one day by a mystery man. The man offers him two options; to continue living in reality as he knows it or to experience the real-world. When the computer programmer chooses the latter option, he is submerged into a reality where humans are pawns in a post-apocalyptic world. What's this movie's name?

Question 12

What's this movie's name?

This movie is Pixar’s second release in the late-90s. Its plot follows Flick, a ant who has to help his colony gather food throughout the entire year for Hopper, a dictatorial neighboring ant. When Flick accidentally ruins the yearly crop gathering, he sets off on his own to find a solution. The solution ends up being less orthodox than expected, as he returns to the colony with a group of insect circus performers and passes them off as crimefighters. What’s this movie’s name?

Question 13

What's this villain's name?

This villain is probably one of the most ruthless characters in Disney movie history. His journey down villainy begins when he causes the premature end of a gypsy, then adopts her son only to give it a cruel and repressive upbringing. As his city's Archdeacon, this character imposes strict jurisdictions upon the town's people, and matters become worse when he becomes enamored with a street performer. His feelings towards her lead him to plunge the city into complete chaos. What's this villain's name?

Question 14

What's this tv show's name?

This tv show premiered in the early 2000's and its the creation of a popular comedian. Its plot follows his fictional family consisting of his wife, Angie, and his two kids, Max and Carmen. The man is met with the responsibilties of overseeing his children's coming-of-age years, being a good husband, and tending to his unaffectionate mother, Benny. The show also deals with other important issues, such as meeting estranged parents and the value of honesty amongst family. What's this tv show's name?

Question 15

What's this book series name?

This book series became extremely popular in the early 90’s and even inspired a tv show and feature film. The series follows everything spooky from monsters, haunted houses, haunted camps, talking evil dummies, talking animals, cursed masks, population-devouring green hoop, prophetic cameras, and other-worldly creatures. At the center of it all was a duo or sometimes trio of best friends or siblings. This book series is known to end each of its installments in a cliffhanger. What’s this book series’ name?

Question 16

What's this anime's name?

This anime released on FOX in the early 2000’s. Its plot follows A boy named Tai and his six friends who while at summer camp, are transported into another dimension. There they might seven of its inhabitants, creatures they share a special connection with. Together to must protect that world from evil creatures threatening to destroy it and the human world. As the series progresses, Tai’s sister joins the team to fight against one final threat. What’s this anime’s name?

Question 17

What's this villain's name?

This villain is part of the “Toy Story” series and even though he's more of an anti-hero than actual villain, he still puts Woody, Buzz and the rest of his friends through several obstacles. Woody meets him after he’s kidnapped by a greedy toy collector, and at first, this toy seems well-meaning and welcoming. But when Woody’s friends show up to rescue him and this character’s hidden agenda is threatened, he quickly shows his true colors. What’s this villain’s name?

Question 18

Who's Woody's original owner?

In "Toy Story,", Buzz and Woody originally start on the wrong foot due to Woody's jealousy over him as their owner's new plaything. After escaping Sid's clutches by working together, Woody and Buzz become close, best friends. By "Toy Story 2," things seem to be back to normal with Woody being the owner's favorite again, and by "Toy Story 3," the owner painfully gives Woody and the rest of his toys away to a loving child. Who's Woody's original owner?

Question 19

What's this movie's name?

This movie scared audiences worldwide when it released in 2001 and has even sparked a few sequels since. Its plot follows siblings Trish and Darry as they're traveling home for spring break. While on the highway, an unknown driver tries to run them off the road. Minutes later, they see the same driver loading a body into his truck. When Trish and Darry further investigate, they get caught in a game of cat-and-mouse where only one will survive. What's this movie's name?

Question 20

What's this cartoon show's name?

This cartoon show premiered in the mid-90's and ended shortly before the turn of the century. Its plot follows Judy and Peter, two orphans who are sent to live with their aunt after their parents pass away. One day while in the attic of their new home, they discover a mysterious board game and play it. After rolling the die, they are given a clue and transported to an alternate universe where they can only leave after solving it. What's this cartoon show's name?

Question 21

What's this cartoon show's name?

This cartoon show premiered on PBS in 1999 and ran up until 2005. Its plot follows two siblings, Emmy and Max, and their adventures in an alternate world they can enter through a magical scale and a chant. While there, they interact with all of the anthropomorphic creatures living in it and go on countless adventures. By the end of each episode, the two siblings learn some sort of lessons while overcoming any dispute between them. What's this cartoon show's name?

Question 22

What's this movie's name?

This movie premiered in 1995 and it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, and Rita Wilson. Its plot follows a family man who despite loving his family, is always too busy to give them the time of day. When the hottest toy on the market goes on his son's holiday wish list, this man is asked by his wife to put it on layaway only to forget. This leads him on a race against time to get the toy before Christmas day. What's this movie's name?

Question 23

What's this movie's name?

This movie premiered in 1994 and it stars Tim Allen. Tim Allen portrays "Scott," a divorced father who is too busy to spend time with his son, Charlie. On Christmas day, Charlie and Scott are left to spend the holiday together. After several failed attempts at making the holiday pleasant for his son, Scott goes to bed defeated. Scott and Charlie are awakened in the middle of the night by a crashing sound on their roof, which leads them on an unbelievable adventure. What's this movie's name?

Question 24

What's this minion's name?

This character is the minion to one of Disney's most evil villains. In the series' first installment, he stays by his owner's side until the very end when they are both locked inside a magical lamp. By its sequel, he decides that crime doesn't pay and tries to make amends with the story's hero, but not everyone believes in his good intentions. He eventually wins everyone's trust by helping defeat his former boss once and for all. What's this minion's name?

Question 25

What’s this movie's name?

This movie is based on a popular novel from the early 1960's. Its plot follows a young boy whose parents are destroyed unexpectedly by an other-worldly rhinoceros, forcing him to go live with his cruel aunts. These women constantly mistreat and subject him to all sorts of laborious tasks. But the boy's life takes a twist for the better when he's gifted some magical objects that lead him on an overseas adventure with some newfound friends. What's this movie's name?

Question 26

What’s this movie's name?

This movie is based on a popular board game and it stars Tim Curry alongside Martin Mull and Christopher Lloyd. Similar to the game concept, this movie's plot involves a group of dinner party guests following a series of hints towards uncovering a major crime. As the search unfolds, some of them meet their untimely end at the hands of an unknown attacker. The remaining few must then discover who is the criminal mastermind amongst them. What's this movie's name?

Question 27

What’s this villain’s name?

This villain gives Mulan a difficult time throughout most of her journey. He starts off by launching a war against her home country, then badly injures her when they face-off for the first time. Lastly, he kidnaps the emperor and goes on an all-out rampage against Mulan when he discovers her secret identity. His onslaught finally ends on a rooftop where she manages to outwit one last time. Also known for having his menacing falcon announce his arrival on the battlefield, what's this villain's name?

Question 28

What’s this book series' name?

This book series has a movie based on it and a tv series on Netflix. Its series follows three extremely gifted children, The Baudelaires, who go live with an estranged relative after their parents pass away. The relative is as nasty as can be, constantly humiliating them and making them do all sorts of demanding chores. The siblings eventually uncover a dark plan their new guardian has for them, which involves stealing their family inheritance. What's this book series's name?

Question 29

What’s this movie’s name?

This movie is the sequel to an extremely popular comedy of the early 90s starring John Travolta. Its plot follows a couple that welcomes their newborn into the world, much to the dismay of their toddler son. The brother-sister duo soon takes to disliking each other, causing all sorts of havoc in their attempts to outdo each other. When their parents separate temporarily due to marital problems, the infants come together to bring daddy back home. What's this movie's name?

Question 30

What’s this anime’s name?

This anime premiered in the early 2000's on the former WB. Its plot follows a high schooler who enjoys playing a card game called "Duel Monsters" with his friends. During each of his battles, he taps into the spirit living inside his "Millennium Puzzle" for support. Together, they battle countless adversaries that want possession of the puzzle to rule the world. Throughout their journey, they are cheered on by their closest friends and allies they make along the way. . What's this anime's name?

Question 31

What’s this anime’s name?

This anime premiered in Japan in the late-80's but became a huge success in the U.S in the late-90's until the present day. Its plot follows a warrior who discovers he's part of a powerful alien race. This leads the warrior to go on all sorts of adventures and battles, all of which lead him to ascend past his current level of strength. Next-to-line in strength is his son, who starts as an innocent child and develops into one of the earth's strongest fighters. What's this anime's name?

Question 32

What’s this candy’s name?

This candy was introduced in 1996 and is based on a staple American chocolate. It took quick popularity amongst children and adults alike in its accessibility; instead of coming in a bag that can be somewhat bothersome to carry, its packaged in a compact, colorful tube. Also smaller than its predecessor, this candy is easier to chug down (a duo purpose for the tube). This candy is most commonly used in the McFlurry dessert at McDonald's. What's this candy's name?

Question 33

What’s the name of this children's show?

This children's show premiered in the mid-90's and it immediately gathered popularity amongst infants and children worldwide. Its plot follows a vivacious pup and his owner as they go day-by-day on adventures, all of which take place within their own home. From interacting with the inanimate friends in their living room, kitchen, front yard, and even the audience, this duo tackles down all sorts of educational endeavors. At one point, the titular pup gets a pink costar by his side. What's the name of this children's show?

Question 34

What’s this villain’s name?

This character is as funny as he’s villainous. As the Sultan’s consultant, he tries to manipulate the ruler into doing his bidding, which includes approving of his marriage to the princess. But this character has a greater agenda at hand; he wants to find a magic lamp that’ll summon a wish granting Genie. Why? In order to become the most powerful sorcerer alive. When he finally gets his way, this character gets greedy and wishes to become a Genie himself. What’s this villain’s name?

Question 35

What's this babysitter's name?

This babysitter deserves the rank of villain without a doubt. From day one, she puts Timmy Turner through all sorts of nightmares; from destroying furniture inside his home and blaming him for it, stealing from his parents and pinning the act on him, to all sorts of troublemaking, this character seems to have a full-pledged vegeance against the ten-year-old she cares for. But the tables turn when Timmy meets his fairy godparents and gives her some long-deserved payback. What’s this baby sitter’s name?

Question 36

What's this movie's name?

This movie stars two talented actors from the Nickelodeon show “All That”. It’s plot follows Dexter Reed, an underachieving teenager who has no worries in the world; that is, until he borrows his mom’s car and crashes it into his neighbor’s vehicle. To avoid prison time, the teenager agrees to get a summer job to payback the damage costs. After a failed attempt, Dexter lands a job at a fast food joint where he meets Ed, another teenager who is responsible for Dexter’s car crash. What’s this movie’s name?

Question 37

What's this cartoon show's name?

This cartoon show follows two characters from the series “Animaniacs”. Due to their popularity amongst viewers, these two managed to land their own show. Its plot follows them as they attempt world domination over and over again, with one of them being the mastermind behind the operation while the other goes along for the ride. Their plans usually fail either due to their convoluted nature or through the accidental sabotaging by one of the two brothers. What’s this cartoon show’s name?

Question 38

What's this tv show's name?

This tv show is a continuation of another popular teen drama from the late-80’s. Its plot follows the students of the school it’s major events take place in, with the daughter of one of its former students taking the titular role. Throughout her journey she makes many friends, some rivals, and goes through the typical issues of kids her age. This show tends to tackle heavy subject matter and has gathered widespread acclaim as result. What’s this tv show’s name?

Question 39

What's this movie's name?

This movie is Disney’s take on a Greek Mythology God. This story starts when becomes stranded on earth after his uncle attempts to destroy him as a baby. Due to the failed attack, this God is stripped of nearly all his godly abilities. As he grows older, he notices how different he is to other humans and seeks out his origins. When he meets his father, the god reveals that the only way he’ll be granted admittance back into Mt. Olympus is by proving himself a hero. What’s this movie’s name?

Question 40

What's this movie's name?

This late-90s movie stars Melissa Joan Hart alongside Adrain Grenier. The movie’s plot follows two teenagers, Nicole and Chase, who go to the same school, are next door neighbors, but are complete opposites. She’s a fashionista who's all about the maintaining the status quote while he could care less what the world thinks of him. But when their respective dates dump them, these two come together to get them back and end up falling for each other. What’s this movie’s name?

Question 41

What's this Disney gal's name?

Every Disney hero has a love-interest (for the most part) and Hercules is no exception. This gal starts off as the minion to Hercules’ evil uncle, bound to his services due to a past favor. Her initial goal is to lure Hercules in order for his uncle to destroy him, but she eventually ends up falling for him. Their bond becomes so strong that they both travel to the afterlife while attempting to save each other. What’s the Disney gal’s name?

Question 42

What's this minion's name?

This minion belongs to one of Disney classic fairytales. Amongst his daily activities are following his ‘best friend’ and feeding the man's ego in his attempts to enamor Belle. When Belle dismisses the latter’s romantic attempts, this character helps him formulate a plan to force her into marriage. When even this fails, this character helps his enraged friend get back at Belle and her father through a violent squad attack involving their town’s people. What’s the name of this minion?

Question 43

What's this movie's name?

This movie follows an inquisitive eleven-year-old who moves with her parents to Michigan from her hometown in Chicago. She immediately notices that the town's people are somewhat unique. One day, one of her new acquaintances gives her a rag doll that strongly resembles her. Soon after, the doll leads the girl through a small door in her living room that leads to an alternate universe. Replicas of everyone she knows live there-- except they all have sewn-in buttons for eyes. What's this movie's name?

Question 44

What's this advisor's name?

This character is one of Mufasa's right-hands in "The Lion King". From advising Mufasa in all matters involving The Pride Lands, trying to steer Simba away from danger, and risking his life by simply speaking to Scar, he goes-above-and beyond for his king. Unfortunately for him, he becomes a prisoner of Scar after Mufasa meets his early end. Though he's eventually freed by Simba, this birdie spends a good amount of time taunted by Scar and the hyenas. What's this advisor's name?

Question 45

What's this superhero's name?

This character is the middle child in a family of retired superheroes that constantly itch to relive their glory days. He spends his day in school like any other ten-year-old, but his superpowers make it extremely hard for him to blend in or not want to use them. His key power is super-speed and though his parents discourage him from using it in any way, it eventually comes in handy during their final battle against Syndrome. What's this superhero's name?

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