Sorry 80s Babies, Only Millennials Are Getting 100% On This Quiz

Every generation has its fads, trends, and unique culture.

In the 60s, it was Bell-Bottoms, The Beatles, and the rise of the Barbie Doll. In the 70s,  horror movies took a turn for the better with movies such as The ExorcistHalloween, and Alien being made, sparking a cinematic revolution for their genre. The 80s set the stage for a musical revolution with the rise of The Smiths Guns and Roses, and Metallica hitting their peak.

The 90s and early 2000s brought with them all sort of pop culture innovations. In the early-90s, viewers were introduced to iconic sitcoms such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and the groundbreaking Friends. Then there's the technological revolution of the 2000s, with Apple soaring through the electronics market with the launching itsproducts, from the iPod-Nano to the current popularity of the iPhone X. Social Media is the clearest indicator that today's youth has revolutionized how the world communicates through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This generation is what many consider the Millenials.

So, are you one of the lucky one that made it into the Millennial pool? If not, sorry 80s babies, but only Millennial are getting 100% on this quiz.

1What's this cartoon show's name?

This cartoon premiered on Disney Channel in the early 2000's. Its plot follow a highschooler who in her spare time fights crime alongside her best friend. Unlike most superheroes, she doesn't have an alter ego and the world knows who she is. While this makes her famous amongst her classmates, teachers, and society, she also strikes the jealousy of a member of her cheerleading team. When she's not crimefighting or at school, this hero is tending to problems of typical teenagers, such as dating and studying. What's this tv show's name?

2What's this mini-meal's name?

This mini-meal was created in the late 80's by Oscar Mayer and immediately took to consumers worldwide. It's suppose to be a 'quick-fix lunch' for kids whose parents are on the go, but it soon became a household staple altogether. From the playground to just sitting around to the house and snacking on one any given afternoon, kids love this snack. One of the most appealing parts for consumers is the 'dessert' that comes with them, which is usually a mini chocolate bar. What's this mini-meal's name?

3What's this video game console's name?

This game console went on the market in the late-80's in Japan and its the third in its kind. It soon made the crossover to the U.S and it swept household nationwide, with kids immediately taking a liking to it. Amongst its games are "Kid Chameleon," "Mortal Kombat," "Mortal Kombat 2," "Ristar," "The Revenge of Shinobi," "Swords of Vermillion," "Arrow Flash," "Comix Zone," "Shining Force," "Galaxy Force," and many of the "Sonic: The Hedgehog," installments. What's this video game console's name?

4What's this video game's name?

This Game Boy video game released in the late-90s and it spawned from a popular anime of the time. It's the third game from its series and unlike its predecessors, it follows the storyline of its anime series closely. The game begins with the player choosing a character to start their journey, but when it comes to choosing their partner for it, they are informed that all the options have been taking and are given the last from the bunch. What's this video game's name?

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