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The Lion King remains one of Disney's best and most popular movies. It centers around a young lion cub, Simba, as he is born into the royal family. He is taught from an early age about the duties of being king by his father, Mufasa, before everything goes downhill. There is a plot to take over the throne by his uncle and he has to embrace who he was born to be in order to save his home.

Being the protagonist of the story, Simba had to be a well-developed character in order for it to work. Because he is the prince of an entire nation, he has to have a strong arc so that the audience can follow him.

The story of Simba, as it was told in The Lion King, has gone down in fame. His legacy was continued in future movies and TV shows, but it's the initial film that remains the most memorable. He may not be a Disney princess by any stretch of the imagination, but Simba is still a powerful character.

If you're a true fan of The Lion King, then you should have no problem acing this quiz on Simba's story.

Question 1

Who presented Simba to the Pridelands?

The Lion King opens with a sequence of all the animals in the Pridelands coming to Pride Rock to witness the introduction of the prince of the throne: Simba. Once they all arrive to the tune of "Circle of Life," one of the figureheads picks up the infant Simba and holds him up for all to see. The animals go wild (no pun intended) visually excited about the new lion cub born into the Pridelands. He would become the ruler someday.

Question 2

What is the name of Simba's mother?

Early in The Lion King, we are acquainted with Simba's mother. She doesn't do a whole lot in the film but does have some powerful scenes. In the first act, she is seen "giving Simba a bath" before he goes to the watering hole. Once Scar takes over the throne, she is the one who led the hunting party of lionesses out through the Pride Lands. Despite all of the scowls and harassment from Scar's goons, she kept her dignity.

Question 3

Who says "Before sunrise, he's your son"?

After the massive "Circle of Life" opening, we are treated to a day in the life of Simba. He wakes up early and decides that he is ready to go outside and be shown the Pridelands. He runs around the lions' den and harasses his parents until they wake up. Sarabi and Mufasa have a bit of banter about Simba's banter, and one of them says, "Before sunrise, he's your son." Ultimately, Simba does get his way and is taken on an adventure.

Question 4

True or False? Scar initially loved Simba

Scar is the villain of The Lion King and immediately rubs the audience the wrong way. Having felt a bit cheated by his brother, Mufasa, he has desired the throne for quite some time. However, his relationship with Simba was a bit different than his relationship with Mufasa. That said, Scar eventually tried to kill Simba as well, going as far to try and get rid of him and Mufasa in one fell swoop. Did Scar initially love his nephew?

Question 5

How far does Simba's rule stretch?

When Mufasa took Simba out to the Pridelands, he took the opportunity to explain to his son the duties of ruling and the responsibilities he must adhere too. While the two of them are standing at the peak of Pride Rock, Mufasa explains to Simba how far their borders stretch. It's then that Simba begins to understand the sheer magnitude of the kingdom he will inherit one day. It also excites him even more to learn more about being king.

Question 6

Zazu helped Simba with what lesson?

Being a lion cub, Simba had a lot to learn with his physical strength before he could become king. While Mufasa and Simba were out, Zazu shows up to give the king a daily report. As the bird is blabbing on, Mufasa takes the time to volunteer Zazu as a subject in a lesson for his son. The lesson was a success and Simba learned a new skill. Meanwhile, Zasz learned that there was no ounce of humiliation he wouldn't be subject to.

Question 7

Where did Simba first encounter hyenas?

In the Pridelands, there is one species of animal that is never allowed to enter: hyenas. Those nasty scavengers were much more trouble than they were worth, and Mufasa worked hard to keep them out. However, it wasn't long before Simba strayed right into their lap after being hinted about an interesting location. He traveled there out of sheer curiosity and came into contact with three powerful hyenas. If it weren't for his dad to save the day, Simba would've died.

Question 8

Who told Simba about the Elephant Graveyard?

Being a young cub, Simba had a lot of curiosity about the world around him. Unfortunately, this came to bite him in the butt early in his life. He was informed about a shadowy place and specifically instructed to never go there. However, he eventually learned what was in the shadowy place: an elephant graveyard. It's then that he decided he wanted to check it out for himself. As we all know, he was walking right into the belly of the beast.

Question 9

Who did Simba take with him to the Elephant Graveyard?

After Scar told Simba about the Elephant Graveyard, he went out on a walk with one of his friends at the time. He then carefully told them that he was hatching a plan to visit an Elephant Graveyard, and they were quickly in on it. After putting together a song number to distract some of the other animals, the two of them snuck into the graveyard to see what the place was like. Unfortunately, he placed the both of them in danger.

Question 10

What did Zazu say before leaving Simba with Mufasa after the incident at the elephant graveyard?

Simba and Nala stupidly went into the Elephant Graveyard where they were then hunted by hyenas. However, it wasn't long before Zazu showed up to try and get them to turn back to the Pridelands. Eventually, it was Mufasa who showed up and beat the hyenas. After walking home, he dismissed Nala and Zazu because he wanted to teach his son a lesson. Zazu takes Nala with him then grabs Simba by the shoulders. He says one sentence before flying off.

Question 11

What are the stars according to Mufasa?

After "teaching his son a lesson" about never disobeying him for his own safety, Mufasa lets Simba in on a little secret. He points his son up to the stars and explains what their significance is to him. This would stay with Simba for a long time and would eventually help him learn to become the King of Pride Rock. Unfortunately, he would greatly doubt whether his father's words were true or not on that day. He learned that they were.

Question 12

Finish this quote: "I'm only brave..."

During his discipline session, Simba was talking about how he looked up to his dad. One of the adjectives Simba used to describe him was being brave. Mufasa quickly explains that he's only brave in certain situations. Being a king isn't about going out looking for trouble. In an ideal world, they would never have to fight. However, there are moments when trouble comes their way. That's when a king has to know how to fight and keep his people safe.

Question 13

Why did Simba go to the Elephant Graveyard?

Simba had a lot to learn about becoming king when he was just a cub. Once he heard about the Elephant Graveyard, he was ecstatic to go and take Nala. It ended up in a total disaster and he nearly lost his life as a result. While talking with his father, he explains why he really went and he hoped it would help be a better king. That's when Mufasa took the time to explain to him what being a king meant.

Question 14

What animals did Scar send into the valley?

After Simba was saved by Mufasa, Scar came up with an ingenious plan to make sure that both Mufasa and Simba met their end. With the help of some of his own friends, Scar caused a stampede of animals to travel into the valley where Simba was at the time. Because the young prince was in danger, it was only a matter of time before Mufasa would also go down to help. Unfortunately, only one of the two lions would make it out alive.

Question 15

How did Scar describe Simba's surprise?

In order for his plan to work with the wildebeest stampede, Scar had to make sure that both Simba and Mufasa were in the right place at the right time. Because of this, he decided to lead Simba into the valley under the false pretences of there being a special "surprise." Simba asked a lot of questions about the surprise before ending with, "Will I like the surprise?" Scar then turned back to slyly answer his question before executing his plan.

Question 16

What animal did Simba roar at in the valley?

After Scar left to go get Simba his surprise, the lion cub was determined to work on his roar due being laughed at by the hyenas. There was an animal that happened to walk by at the time and Simba saw his opportunity. He roared a few times before it actually scared the creature, and he looked quite proud of himself. Unfortunately, that was when he turned around to see that there was a stampeded of animals barreling toward him.

Question 17

Who tried to go get help when Simba was stuck in the middle of the stampede?

When the wildebeests began barreling through the valley and Simba was trapped in it, one of the Prideland animals quickly took note and tried to immediately go for help. Unfortunately, that would interfere with Scar's master plan, so he made sure to knock out that animal before anything could be done. The move actually worked, because Scar waited quite some time before going to "get help" himself only to lay down a trap that would result in the death of Mufasa.

Question 18

True or False? Simba tried to wake up Mufasa after he died

Mufasa met his end when Scar threw him down into the wildebeest stampede. After the dust settled, Simba walked down to see if his dad made it. After seeing the lifeless body of his father, hopelessness started to wash over him as he realized that his father was truly dead. Then, to make matters worse for the audience, he cuddled up next to Mufasa one last time, letting the memories of their time together flood over him before saying goodbye.

Question 19

What chased Simba after his father's death?

Simba's trials weren't over when his father died. After having some time to grieve, he was met by Scar, who said that it was Simba's fault that it happened. He then encouraged the young prince to run away and never return. It's during this that Scar executed phase two of his plan, where he had Simba chased down in the hopes of him being killed. Simba did get away and, much to everyone's surprise, returned several years later for vengeance.

Question 20

What protected Simba from the hyenas?

After Mufasa's death, Simba was being chased by the three hyenas that tried to kill him in the Elephant Graveyard. While it was certainly a close call, Simba did manage to get away due to some extremely fortunate circumstances. He ran down a road that the hyenas couldn't follow. They tried to chase him but were only met with opposition. They decided that they would let Simba go and promised to kill him if he ever returned to the Pridelands.

Question 21

Where did Simba end up after leaving the Pridelands?

Because Scar intended on killing Simba and Simba thought that he was responsible for his father's death, he left the Pridelands and everyone left behind thought he was dead. He traveled for a long time only to end up at a strange new place. It's there that he decided to build a new life for himself away from the guilt and pain of seeing his father's dead body. However, not even he knew what he wanted to do with himself.

Question 22

What animals were getting ready to eat Simba?

Simba, after a long time of traveling, found his way to a desert where he collapsed from exhaustion. His body being there spawned the arrival of some other animals who were interesting in picking him apart. It was the low point of the movie. Simba had officially reached the worst point in his entire journey and it seemed like there was nothing and no one that could get him out of such a bad place. He was dying and his home was conquered.

Question 23

Who saved Simba?

Simba was unconscious in the desert. He was surrounded by a flock of buzzards that were descending on him, ready to pick apart his remains for a meal. Just when it seemed like they were going to succeed, something happened at the last second just in time to save the young lion. This allowed Simba to make it to safety and even wake up in better health. That said, being saved didn't exactly help his mental state or his guilt.

Question 24

What was Timon's first lesson to Simba?

Timon and Pumbaa were the ones who saved Simba from being eaten by buzzards. After taking him to some shade and waking him up, they started to learn about the lion prince. It's not long before they notice that Simba is extremely depressed, so Timon and Pumbaa try to help him out with the best advice they have. The immediately give him one lesson that manages to stick with Simba for quite some time. It also helps him get over his grief.

Question 25

What was Timon and Pumbaa's motto?

Timon and Pumbaa are easily the quirkiest characters in The Lion King, but they left quite the impact on Simba. Shortly after waking him up, they begin to educate him about their motto: meaning the phrase that they live by. Simba quickly understands this motto and adopts it himself, learning to live life carefree and get over everything that held him back all those years ago. That said, it caused him to forget about his old life and even his father.

Question 26

How long did Simba stay in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa?

Simba, being a massive ball of depression, was enamored with the carefree attitudes of Timon and Pumbaa. After they sang him a song about Hakuna Matata, he decided that he was going to stay with them for some time. The movie then fast forwards through a few developments with Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. Simba spends a lot of time learning to live like his new friends, eat bugs, and let out a belch after meals. It helped shape his arc.

Question 27

Which lion did Simba fight in the jungle?

Simba spent most of his life living in the jungle with Timon and Pumbaa. That's a lot of time to live life with no worries. However, the memory of his time at the Pridelands is brought back when a lion enters the jungle to hunt Pumbaa. Simba fights it off and the two go head to head. However, it's not long before Simba recognizes the lion. The two share a wonderful reunion and Simba learns about the painful state of the Pridelands.

Question 28

True or False? Simba was immediately ready to go back to the Pridelands with Nala

Once Simba realizes that Nala is the lion that tried to hunt Pumbaa, the two have a graceful reunion. After greeting each other after all those years and sharing a romantic moment, they discuss the state of the Pridelands. It's then that Nala states that Simba should return to his home because he is the rightful king. However, that would mean challenging Scar to a duel and beating him for the right to rule the Pridelands until the end of time.

Question 29

What does the "asante sana" chant mean according to Rafiki?

Simba doesn't want to return to the Pridelands due to his fear of dealing with his past. He leaves Nala in a sorry state and goes off on his own. Then he sees a tree with Rafiki standing on it, singing a chant. After telling Rafiki to cut it out, the baboon keeps it up. This prompted Simba to ask what in the world that chant meant. After that, Rafiki gives his answer, which spawned a conversation between the two.

Question 30

How does Rafiki identify Simba?

When Simba and Rafiki first meet, the baboon happens to be doing some crazy things. Simba brushes him off as insane and tells him to leave. It's then that Rafiki leaves and addresses Simba in a way that sparks the lion's memory. He then chases after the memory, wanting to know more about how he knows so much. Rafiki then discusses his connection to the Pridelands and about how he knows who Simba is, as well as how he can be helped.

Question 31

Whom does Simba talk to in the clouds?

After talking to Rafiki, Simba does a lot of soul searching only to realize that he was neglected his duties as the King of Pride Rock. It's then that the clouds part to reveal a character who directly addresses Simba. After believing that the stories were all just a lie, Simba states that he did it all wrong and was prepared to remember who he was to stop Scar and save the Pridelands. It was one of the most powerful moments in the film.

Question 32

Where does Simba go after the meeting with his father?

Simba has a turning point once he talks to his deceased father in the clouds after years of being in the jungle not caring about anything. He decides that he has to become the rightful king of Pride Rock and take out Scar before his family is destroyed forever. He immediately runs to a specific location before taking the fight to Scar. The film then pans to a shot of Simba running to some inspiring music that gets us excited for the climax.

Question 33

True or False? Simba fights alone for the Pridelands

Simba runs straight to the Pridelands after having a conversation with Rafiki and his father. After years of running away from all of his problems, he knows that it's time to deal with them and fix all of the issues that resulted after his father's death. Regardless of whether he does it alone or with an army of lions behind him, he knows that he will be fighting Scar and trying to change the ruling of the Pridelands forever. Does he fight alone?

Question 34

Who does Simba defend from Scar?

When Simba arrives to the Pridelands, his first move is to travel to Pride Rock. It's there that he sees Scar talking to one of his old friends. After a brief mention of how good a king Mufasa was, Scar strikes them. It's then that Simba shows himself as the spitting image of his father. He helps his old friend before turning directly to his uncle to challenge him. It was a powerful moment that even scared Scar for a moment.

Question 35

How does Simba defeat Scar?

Once it was revealed that Scar killed Mufasa, the Pridelands broke out in a massive war between the hyenas and the lions (and Simba's friends). While his friends are fighting down below, Simba engages Scar in a one-on-one fight to the death. He nearly loses to his uncle and doesn't want to kill him, but has to protect himself. It's then that he pulls a clever move on Scar and inadvertently causes his demise. After that, Simba took his rightful place as the Lion King.

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