Snap Into A Slim Jim And Find Out Which 80s Wrestler You Are


The 1980s was a time when people didn’t take pictures of their food, kids argued who had the better-themed metal lunch box, and everyone’s search engine was a library. When it comes to the wrestling industry during the ‘80s, kayfabe was still alive, spoilers about what was going to happen were rare, and when a title changed hands it meant something. Although historians say wrestling’s Golden Age began in the 1930s, you can make a strong case that the real Golden Age happened in the 1980s.

The 1980s wrestling boom was attributed to several different factors. For one, the product became significantly better because of new gimmicks, storylines, and wrestling styles from all over the world. Secondly, the expansion of cable television and pay-per-view allowed Vince McMahon and a few other promoters to dominate the market, thus ending numerous regional companies. You can still feel the impact of wrestling in the ‘80s today as countless fans still quote catchphrases and wear certain nostalgic apparel.

Every wrestling fan always wonders what type of wrestler they would be if they entered the ring. How can you blame them, the 1980s produced larger-than-life characters that still dominate the headlines in the wrestling industry today. Curious to see which iconic ‘80s Superstar you are? Take the test and find out.

Question 1

What Type Of Attire Do You Want To Wear To The Ring?

First impressions are mean a lot in the wrestling industry. Before fans hear your speak and watch you wrestle, the first thing they notice is what type of outfit you’re wearing. A wrestler’s attire is just as important as his or her brand. So which type of clothing would you wear to the ring?

Question 2

How Do You Act Around The Fans?

One of the biggest keys to becoming a great wrestler is how you interact with fans. After all, they’re the reason why you have the job in the first place. You can act a lot of ways around fans during a match, just don’t be boring with low energy. Fans want to hate you or love you, that’s the whole point of the show, so how would you act towards them?

Question 3

Which Finisher Do You Want To End The Match?

Every wrestler needs a finisher. It’s just as important to their brand as their outfits and demeanor. With a trademark finisher, fans can easily recognize when a big moment is coming up in the match. A really good finisher can sky rocket your stock in the company to new heights. Some examples of this are Stone Cold Steve Austin’s stunner, The Undertaker’s Tombstone, and Triple’s pedigree.

Question 4

What Are Your Promos Like?

Sometimes a wrestler has all the tools to be a legend except for just one and that’s mastering the promo. You need to talk the talk and walk the walk in the wrestling business and most, if not all legends, could cut a promo that gets the fans excited for a match. You can go about this in different ways, which do you choose?

Question 5

Which Wrestling Style Do You Prefer?

There weren’t too many styles when the wrestling industry first started. Like most industries, it would evolve and become more creative over time. Today, there are countless styles a wrestler can have. From high-flying luchador action, to a powerful grappler, to a technician in the ring, your wrestling style defines who you are.

Question 6

What kind of manager do you prefer?

Managers can be just as important as the wrestlers in the industry. For example, you always see Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar. The two have created a great aura around Lesnar’s career and it makes for awesome television. Without managers like Heyman, Bobby Heenan, and Jimmy Hart, the industry might not be what it is today.

Question 7

What Type Of Entrance Music Do You Want?

If you didn’t know, personalized theme music wasn’t really used until the 1980s. For decades, wrestlers would all come out to the same tune or nothing at all. Introducing personalized theme songs into the industry would only help wrestlers. Fans can pop once they hear the music blast from the speakers, making for a great show.

Question 8

Which Prop Do You Bring To The Ring?

Where would the wrestling industry be without props? The details matter and a prop can make or break a wrestler. Honkey Tonk Man had his guitar, Mick Foley had Mr. Socko, and Scott Hall’s toothpick. These props would define a character and it was very entertaining when it would be used in the storyline. Which kind of prop would you like?

Question 9

What Type Of Gimmick Do You Want Your Character To Have?

A wrestler’s gimmick in the promotion is very important. For storyline purposes, fans need to know who this wrestler is, what does he represent and what kind of guy they are. For the longest time, the wrestling industry had just a few gimmicks, but the industry has evolved and crazy gimmicks blossomed in the ‘80s.

Question 10

What Do You Want Your Nickname To Be Associated With?

Some of the greatest wrestlers have an awesome nick name attached them. There nickname could represent a lot of things. For instance, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is associated with a fearless man that has ice cold veins, and nothing can derail his mission. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels is associated with being a ladies man and bad boy. What would like your nickname to be associated with?

Question 11

How do you approach an opportunity to cheat?

Cheating in professional wrestling is as common as “What chants.” It’s part of the storyline and some fans love it while other fans hate it. As a wrestler, you will get an opportunity to break the rules. What would you do? Would you go ahead like Enzo Amore or stick to your principles?

Question 12

When You’re Not Wrestling, What Do You Prefer To Do?

Performers eat, breath, and sleep wrestling. However, everyone has some downtime. With the countless hours they do spend wrestling, they deserve a little relaxation and downtime. We all have our own hobbies, and so do wrestlers. If you were a wrestler how would you handle your off days or when you have free time on your hands?

Question 13

What Kind Of Champion Do You Want People To Remember You As?

It’s a special moment when a wrestler wins a championship. Not just for him or her, but also for the fans. Regardless if they hate the wrestler or love them, everyone shares the moment together. As a champion, you have certain responsibilities and expectations in the ring. How would you act as champion?

Question 14

Which Type Of Wrestling Physique Do You Want?

Every shape possible is in the wrestling business. From super heavyweights, to medium builds, to small lightweights, they have it all in the industry. Usually a physique is associated with a type of style of wrestling so choose carefully. A super heavyweight is known to for his power instead of his agility. A lightweight can fly off the top rope but can’t lift the heavier wrestlers.

Question 15

What Kind Of Relationship Do You Have With The Boys Backstage?

We’re talking about actual relationship, not what the storylines say. Relationships can make or break a promotion. If there is a toxic environment backstage, it could ruin the moral for everyone. We’ve heard horror stories about the locker room environment during the end of WCW. How would you act around the boys?

Question 16

Where would you want to billed from?

Where you hail from is very important for a wrestler’s brand. Just like the outfit, personality, and finisher, it defines who you are. The Dudley Boys were billed from “Dudleyville,” Cactus Jack was billed from “Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and how can we forget Domino and Deuce being from “The wrong side of the tracks.” Where would you liked to be billed?

Question 17

What role would you want in a stable?

A stable is a group of wrestlers that work together to accomplish their goals. If you grew up watching wrestling during the Attitude Era you know that stables were the biggest thing around. D-Generation X, The Nation of Domination, and the beloved Oddities are just a few names that come to mind. Stables have their own unique characteristics, what kind would you like to be associated with?

Question 18

How Intense Are You?

In the 1980s, there were a lot of over the top intense characters. From their promos to their matches, they kept up a high energy pace and never let the foot off the gas. With that said, there were also a lot of calm and collected characters at well. How much intensity do you think you would have?

Question 19

What Kind Of Commentator Would You Be?

Every so often, your favorite hero or most hated heel would become a color commentator. There are several purposes for this. For one, you could be part of a storyline where the match they call directly impact you. Another reason could be you’re a bit hurt and instead of wrestling, the promoter would use you as a personality talent. How would you act as a voice of wrestling?

Question 20

Which Is Your Favorite Promotion?

As we mentioned in the intro, cablevision and pay-per-view events would be capitalized by a select few promoters. This ultimately ended regional promotions and the territories’ wars. At the end of the day, WCW and WWE were the last two standing and we all know how that ended. As a wrestler during the ‘80s which promotion would you want to work for?

Question 21

If Bobby Heenan Asked To Manage You, What Would Be Your Response?

The late Bobby Heenan is the greatest manager to ever step into a squared circle. For decades he would manage the top wrestlers in promotions all across the nation. Think of yourself as a young buck who just won his first match. Heenan comes out and offers you a spot on his team, what do you do?

Question 22

How Do React To Losing The Championship Belt?

You were just in a heated feud with your arch rival for the championship. It was a close contest but unfortunately, you would lose after an exciting match. You have several choices to make after your loss. We’ve seen countless times when this situation arose. How do you think you would handle losing a championship match?

Question 23

What Type Of Catchphrase Would You Have?

You have everything you need to be a great wrestler. The outfit is popping, your in-ring work is excellent, and you can speak on a mic all day long. The only thing missing is that catchphrase that really makes you stand out. “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking,” “And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so,” and “Yes! Yes! Yes!,” are just a few examples

Question 24

Which Tag Team Partner Would You Prefer?

Sometimes you can’t be the lone wolf and need a few friends to help you out in the wrestling industry. A partner should have your back at all times as the two of you aim for the same goal. Whether it’s for the tag team championship or just a big match with two other single wrestlers, you’re going to want someone who is compatible with you.

Question 25

What Kind Of Relationship Would You Want With Vince McMahon?

“You’re fired!” said Vince McMahon on many occasions. McMahon has had his fair share of problems with wrestlers but he also made some great relationships that never get covered in the press. As a wrestler in the ‘80s, McMahon is your boss. He asks you a few things that you may not like. How would you like the relationship to proceed?

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