This Simple Twilight Quiz Will Reveal Which Character's Fate Is Yours

Alright Twihards, time to live out all of our vampire fantasies. Even though the series has been officially over for quite some time now, we know that there are still tons of fans out there marathoning the movies every chance they get. Today we have built a quiz with just these kinds of fans in mind!

In this Twilight quiz, we will be asking all kinds of questions based around the hit series. We will be putting everyone into different scenarios and letting them call the shots. Once everyone has made all of their selections, we will reveal exactly which character's fate would be their own. So, for anyone who has simply been dying to visit Forks, this quiz is going to be a must-take!

Question 1

Become a vampire or a werewolf?

Question 2

Attend high school with the Cullen's or study with the Quileute?

Question 3

What class did Edward and Bella first meet in?

Question 4

What color did Charlie pick for Bella's new bedroom decor?

Question 5

See the future or read minds?

Question 6

Rate Jasper Hale

Question 7

Be a mental shield or have control over other's emotions?

Question 8

Who is Edward's favorite sibling?

Question 9

What type of lessons did Bella take as a child?

Question 10

Date a vampire or a werewolf?

Question 11

True or false: Bella was the first human Edward ever bit

Question 12

Become best friend with Rosalie or Alice?

Question 13

Join a coven or be a nomad?

Question 14

What two animals are used to describe Edward and Bella?

Question 15

Rate Edward Cullen

Question 16

Spend the day with Charlie or with Renée?

Question 17

Read the books or watch the movies?

Question 18

Have super strength or speed?

Question 19

Rate Jacob Black

Question 20

Play baseball with the Cullens or cliff dive with the wolves?

Question 21

Warm weather or cold weather?

Question 22

Attend high school forever or fight the Volturi?

Question 23

Date someone smart or someone funny?

Question 24

Rate Rosalie Hale

Question 25

Never eat again of never sleep again?

Question 26

What instrument does Edward play?

Question 27

Thoughts on how the werewolves imprint?

Question 28

Rate Bella Swan

Question 29

Attend a school dance or go surfing at La Push?

Question 30

Spend your free time building motorcycles or hiking in the woods?

Question 31

Be with someone patient or someone protective?

Question 32

Rate Carlisle Cullen

Question 33

Drive Bella's truck or Edward's Volvo?

Question 34

Visit Forks or Isle Esme?

Question 35

Did Jacob look better with long hair or short hair?

Question 36

Attend Edward and Bella's wedding or skip it?

Question 37

Rate Emmett Cullen

Question 38

Which member of the Vulture is scariest?

Question 39

Pick the best movie

Question 40

Who is the better match for Bella?

Question 41

Listen to the old Quileute legends or hear about Carlisle's time with the Volturi?

Question 42

Have James or Victoria as an enemy?

Question 43

Be a member of Sam's pack or Jacob's?

Question 44

Rate Esme Cullen

Question 45

Thoughts on Bella's wedding dress?

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