64% Of People Fail This Simple Parenting Quiz. Can You Pass It?

While growing up, it seems like our parents have the answers to just about everything. However, once it's our turn to become the parents, things aren't all that simple. The best way to learn parenting, is by being a parent. That being said, there are a few things we can learn from baby books and other sources. It's never a bad idea to study up!

In this quiz, we will be asking a variety of questions all based around parenting. Some of them may seem easy enough, but we are thinking even the most experienced parents will struggle with a few of these. So, who here believes they have all of the answers just like their parents did? Well, take this test today and prove it!

Question 1

True or false: Pregnancy is a metabolism booster

Question 2

Name this kids book

Question 3

Which of these foods should NOT be given to babies?

Question 4

Name this kids movie

Question 5

True or false: Breastmilk CAN be kept in the freezer

Question 6

What should be left in the crib with a sleeping newborn?

Question 7

Name this kids snack

Question 8

What is the recommended sleeping position for newborns?

Question 9

Why do babies wiggle around so much?

Question 10

Name this kids book

Question 11

What baby product can help prevent diaper rash?

Question 12

Name this kids movie

Question 13

True or false: All babies smile the first time they see their parents

Question 14

When should a baby's teeth start getting brushed?

Question 15

Name this kids snack

Question 16

True or false: Newborns need to drink water every day

Question 17

Name this baby brand

Question 18

When do babies typically begin to roll over?

Question 19

What is a "helicopter" parent?

Question 20

Name this kids movie

Question 21

Why do babies spit-up so much?

Question 22

When do children typically begin to lose their teeth?

Question 23

How much exercise should babies get in a week?

Question 24

Name this kids show

Question 25

How many hours of sleep do newborns need daily?

Question 26

True or false: Cow's milk can occasionally be given to babies instead of breastmilk or formula

Question 27

Name this kids show

Question 28

How often should a newborn be fed?

Question 29

Name this kids snack

Question 30

When do babies typically begin to crawl?

Question 31

True or false: Babies can recognize their parents' voices

Question 32

Name this kids movie

Question 33

True or false: A Baby's eye color can change after birth

Question 34

How many trimesters are in a full-term pregnancy?

Question 35

What does the term "swaddle" mean?

Question 36

What do some women lose after giving birth?

Question 37

True or false: Newborns CAN breath underwater

Question 38

What kind of doctor exclusively treats children?

Question 39

Name this kids show

Question 40

What is the most common first word for babies?

Question 41

When can a baby be introduced to solid foods?

Question 42

Name this baby book

Question 43

When can a child stop using a car seat?

Question 44

True or false: New dads can sometimes gain baby weight too

Question 45

True or false: Adult medicine is completely harmless to children

Question 46

Name this kids show

Question 47

Which of these activities should be avoided while pregnant?

Question 48

Which of these is a surprisingly common pregnancy craving?

Question 49

What is an epidural?

Question 50

Name this kids movie

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