This Simple Common Sense Quiz Will Stump Most People

Common sense is something that is inherently useful, although many people could probably do with a bit more of it. For many of us, we simply weren't born with it, and we have to go through life relying on other parts of our brain... But for others, common sense is a walk in the park, and they seem to be gifted with logical, reasoning minds that can see through any riddle or obvious question. Something that might take us 5 minutes to answer takes them only a few seconds. How do we know if we have common sense or not? That's the ultimate question. Well, luckily, we've devised a rather simple little quiz that will be able to tell anyone whether they have any common sense.

Don't worry, this isn't a test designed for rocket scientists and mathematicians. It's just a very simple test to determine whether or not people have common sense. So the questions might even seem a little obvious. But be careful. There are certain riddles hidden within this quiz designed to surprise even the most logical brain out there, so make sure to read the question very carefully before answering. Take the quiz now, and see whether common sense is really something to be proud of...

Question 1

What Is A Group Of Geese Called?

Geese are some of the most interesting creatures in the world, and they've been around for ages. You'll find plenty of geese on farms, at parks, or in the wild. Many countries have geese which are native to their lands, including Canada, which has a very special type of Goose called the Canada Goose. This is actually Canada's national bird, and many people really respect it. But what about a group of Geese? What is this group actually known as?

Question 2

What Controls The Tides?

The tides are something that really affects our planet - more so than a lot of people think. These tidal patterns are hugely impactful on marine life, and each time the tide goes out, many sea animals are left on the sandy beaches. These include crabs and starfish, but sometimes we might find things like sharks and whales. The tides have the power to completely overwhelm a lot of our cities on the coastline. But what actually controls the tides?

Question 3

The Sun Is At The Center Of The…

The sun is another really important part of our solar system, and it's probably the most powerful thing in this area of the galaxy. Our sun is responsible for heating our planet, giving us light, and helping our plants grow (which in turn gives us oxygen.) Without the sun, we wouldn't last very long, and it should come as no surprise that many ancient civilizations worshiped the sun quite seriously. But what is the sun at the "center" of exactly?

Question 4

The Amazon Jungle Is Located In…

The Amazon Jungle is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this globe, and many scientists and researchers set food in these lush areas every year, trying to understand more about all of the stunning life that inhabits this jungle. Inside, we can spot some of the most interesting creatures imaginable, and many of them have yet to be formally "discovered." Many of the plants have yet to be discovered as well. But where is the Amazon Jungle located?

Question 5

True Or False, Ligers (Tigers Mixed With Lions) Are Real

Ligers are some of the most talked about animals in pop culture. In concept, these creatures come from the unlikely hybridization between a lion and a tiger, forming a fertile creature that shares characteristics of both species. What results is a large lion with faint stripes and no mane. This animal was mentioned in movies like Napoleon Dynamite and many others. It's an interesting thing in concept, because it means hybridization between species is possible. But are these creatures actually real?

Question 6

What Is The Capital Of Germany

The capital of Germany is an interesting place, and one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. This city has tons of history behind it, and is definitely one of the oldest cities in Germany and Europe as a whole. Today, this city represents the center of the nation, and from this urban center lies tremendous influence, not just on the rest of Germany but on the entirety of Europe itself. But what is the capital of Germany?

Question 7

What is the capital of Canada?

The capital of Canada is another interesting place in the world, although it's hardly as big or as old as some of the other notable capitals around the world. Canada, being a relatively young country, does not have age old traditions when it comes to certain things, but they are a nation which takes the care of its people very seriously. And although Canada is (by population) a relatively small country, it does have considerable influence and power in the global theater. What is the capital of Canada?

Question 8

What Is Gordon Ramsay Famous For?

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous and celebrated TV personalities today, and he is famous for one thing, and one thing only. Although his temper and often hilarious outbursts definitely take center stage at certain moments, it's his area of expertise that really made him famous, and it's the reason many of us continue to watch his television programs. He is very skilled at what he does, and it's great to watch and learn. What is Gordon Ramsay famous for?

Question 9

Why Can’t A Man Living In Germany Be Buried In Russia?

A man who is living in Germany cannot be buried in Russia. That is just a fact. But do any of our readers actually know why this is true? Of course there are burial and funeral rules and laws around the world, and many of them have existed for long periods of time. For instance, in Japan the tradition is to cremate instead of having burials, to save space and be more efficient. But why can't a man be buried in Russia if he's living in Germany.

Question 10

What Was Pixar’s First Ever Feature Film?

Pixar has become a total household name, with countless people seeing their movies every year. They are at the top of their game today, and we can't wait for their next big project. But it wasn't always like this. Believe it or not, Pixar used to be a small studio with big ideas, and they were determined to change the way we viewed animated films. Their first ever film was a huge moment. But what was this first film of theirs?

Question 11

Which Movie Featured A Wizard Named Gandalf?

One of the most iconic films of our time has without a doubt been a series of movies that featured a wizard named Gandalf. Most of our readers will be able to name this movie almost instantaneously, but others might have to search their minds for a while, This movie had so many amazing elements, and it definitely wasn't the average fantasy film. It was adapted from a famous book. But which movie actually featured a certain wizard named Gandalf?

Question 12

In Golf, It’s Better To Get A ________ Score

Golf is considered by many to be a very interesting sport full of skill, tactics, and pure determination. While it might not be as universally popular as other sports such as soccer or formula one racing, the sport does have its die hard fans. There have been many great golfers over the years, and these are often some of the biggest celebrities on the planet. In golf, the scoring system is a little different. Is it better to get a low or high score?

Question 13

True Or False, Humans Lived Alongside Some Late Period Dinosaurs

Humans have long told stories of mythical creatures like Dragons or Loch Ness monster, but did we ever actually live along such massive reptilian beasts? Dinosaurs lived many years ago, and we would be hard pressed to find surviving dinosaurs today. They once reigned supreme over the planet, but today the crown has definitely passed to us humans. But was there actually a time in the distant past when humans actually lived alongside some late period dinosaurs? True or false?

Question 14

True Or False, Some Neanderthal Tribes Still Exist On Some Islands

Another ancient species presumed to have gone the way of the dinosaurs is the Neanderthal. These creatures have long been considered one of the most interesting hominid species we know about today, and many secrets about humanity's own history and evolution might lie with these interesting creatures. We know that they were intelligent and were stronger and more robust than modern day humans. But is it actually true that on some islands, Neanderthal tribes still exist, hidden away from society?

Question 15

Where Would We Find The Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel tower is one of the most instantly recognizable landmarks in the world, and it's clear that it will go down as one of the most beautiful buildings of all time. Plenty of tourists travel to the location of this structure, and many revel in climbing up to the top to experience the view from the top. It's actually quite an old building, and has existed for a great many years in fact. But where would we actually find the Eiffel Tower?

Question 16

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Type Of Apple?

There are all different types of apples out there in the world, and apple fanatics have been breeding different varieties for some time. Of course, we all know that there are some sour apples, some sweet apples, and some apples that seem quite large in comparison to others. Some of our readers might even have a favorite type of apple - one that they buy frequently from the supermarket. But which of the following apple types is NOT actually a real apple?

Question 17

Where Would We Find Area 51?

Area 51 is a place full of legends and rumors, as well as countless conspiracy theories. This is an area of the world where there are many UFO sightings, and it's reported that the government does strange tests and experiments on new planes and other... things. Many people venture into this area to try to get a look at what's going on, but it's not recommended seeing as it's a military installation. But where would we find this Area 51?

Question 18

Somebody is In A Running Race, And At The Last Second they Overtake The Person In Second Place. What Place Do they Finish In As they Cross The Finish Line?

Running is actually one of the oldest sports in the entire world. Which makes sense, seeing as it requires zero technology and is extremely simple. The aim of the sport is simple - cross the finish line before the other people. The marathon actually started in Ancient Greece, when a messenger ran for about 40 km to warn his people of an impending invasion. But imagine someone is a running race and passes the person in second place before finishing. What is their place?

Question 19

What Is The Capital Of India?

India is one of the fastest growing countries and economies in the world, with an explosive software sector and a relatively active tourism industry. It also boasts one of the highest populations of all the countries in the world, and as such it has a very active structure. The ruling body is of course run from the capital of this nation, which is one of its biggest and most famous cities. But what is the actual capital of the nation of India?

Question 20

Iron Man’s Secret Identity Is…

Iron Man is someone most of us know pretty well, and he's the star of so many superhero movies we've enjoyed over the years. This hero is unique, especially among Marvel heroes, because he doesn't actually have any super powers. Like Batman, he relies primarily on his wealth and his intelligence, as well as his wonderful Iron Man suit, which effectively makes him a superhuman. But like most superheroes, Iron Man has a secret identity. What is it? Who knows?

Question 21

What Is The Highest Mountain In Japan?

There are many famous and majestic mountains in the world, and many of them have special significance to the people who live near its peak. Japan is no exception, and this land has one of the most interesting mountains ever. This peak is also the largest peak in all of Japan, and it looms over Tokyo almost like a protector. The people do revere and respect the mountain to some degree, and the forest around it is seen to be spiritual. But what is this mountain called?

Question 22

Wool Is Usually Made From _________ Hair

Wool is one of the most common substances in the world for creating clothing, and many of us probably own at least one piece of woolen clothing. These clothes are generally very warm and comfortable, and they're perfect for the winter months and the cool autumn air. Some people might not have thought about where their wool clothes come from, but it's actually from animal hair. And not just any hair - but a specific type of animal hair. What animal is this?

Question 23

Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongues Out When They’re Hot?

Dogs are some of the most beloved creatures on the Earth, and they're not called man's best friend for nothing. These creatures have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, and this was the first animal ever to be domesticated. Over the years, we've learned a lot about dogs and they're unique bodies and systems. Many of us have noticed that dogs tend to stick their tongues out, and this isn't for no reason. Why do they do this?

Question 24

If Russia Is The Largest Country In The World, Then What’s The Second Largest?

Russia holds the honor of being the largest country in the entire world, and one look at a map confirms the truth - Russia really is a massive country. This country might be big, but it's definitely not the most heavily populated areas in the world, with a relatively small population compared to some nations. In this, Russia shares something in common with another massive country - the second largest country in the world. But which country are we actually talking about?

Question 25

The Vatican Is Famous For Being A City Where The _______ Lives

The Vatican is perhaps one of the most interesting nations on Earth. That's right, it's technically a country, and yet it's also just a city. While this might be a little confusing to some, the Vatican definitely isn't the only example of a city which is technically its own nation, and others exist on Earth. But the reason the Vatican is so special is not because of this, but rather who lives within it. Who actually lives inside the Vatican?

Question 26

Which Language Is Spoken In Brazil?

Brazil is another interesting nation on our planet, and in this nation is a huge amount of cultural and environmental diversity. The nation is rich with wildlife and natural splendors, and it's one of the most beautiful places in the entire world to visit. But what really stands out about Brazil is its people. These individuals have existed in this unique country for many years, and they always seem to be full of life. But what language do they speak in Brazil?

Question 27

Australia Is Famous For Having What Kind Of Bear?

Australia is another wonderful country, and this nation is also famous for holding a huge amount of biodiversity, hot climates, and tons of interesting sights to see. What makes Australia truly unique is all the wonderful creatures that you will only find on this unique land, and there are some really interesting ones. For instance, Australia is home to a unique type of "bear," one that often appears on postcards. But what type of animal are we actually talking about here?

Question 28

There Are A Total Of How Many Star Signs?

Star signs have existed for thousands of years, and it's amazing how we've been listening to the predictions of our horoscopes for thousands of years, since time immemorial, it seems. The Sumerians and ancient Mesopotamians were some of the first people to come up with this concept, although it might also have been handed down to them from earlier civilizations. There are many different star signs, and each person belongs to one. But how many star signs are there in total?

Question 29

If There Are Seven Pears On A Table, And somebody Takes Away 4, How Many Do they have?

Pears are some of the most delicious fruits one can possibly eat, and they're always a welcome snack at almost any point in time during the day. Of course, there are many people who probably aren't huge fans of pears, but that's true with virtually any type of fruit. Pears are truly delicious, and they're also quite healthy for people these days. But suppose there were seven pears on a table, and someone takes away four. How many do they have?

Question 30

Which Type Of Plant Can Grow Up To One Meter In One Day?

Plant life is without a doubt one of the most underrated forms of life on this planet. Sure, plants might not be as mobile as some of the other creatures on this planet, and they might not be able to communicate with faces and noises, but they're still very cool. As we learn more and more about plants, new information is constantly coming out. For instance, scientists believe that some trees can communicate with each other. But which type of plant can grow up to one meter per day?

Question 31

What’s The Largest Muscle In The Human Body?

The human body is filled with all kinds of amazing additions that help us live our lives to the fullest, although our many muscle groups and systems might just be the most impressive of the bunch. Without muscles, we wouldn't be able to propel ourselves around, walk, or do pretty much anything. One muscle in our body actually dwarfs all of the others, and this is the largest muscle in our body. But what is this largest muscle actually called?

Question 32

What Is A Group Of Lions Called?

Lions are majestic creatures that have long been held in high esteem by humans of many different cultures. It's not uncommon to see lions decorating the regalia of coats of arms, or military flags. But it wasn't too long that the early humans of Africa were actually running for their lives due to these fearsome beasts. Once we tamed fire and built tools, we were able to defend ourselves of course. But what is it called when lions travel in a group?

Question 33

What Is A Group Of Whales Called?

Moving from land to water, there is another group of animals that travel in groups at times, and these animals are perhaps some of the most famous and well-known aquatic animals today. Like lions, Whales are also mammals, and they shares some characteristics with these hunters. Whales too are predators, and feed on other, smaller marine creatures. It's much easier to hunt seals or penguins when traveling in a group, and whales do this often. But what is this group called?

Question 34

Which Country Has The Most Earthquakes?

Earthquakes might not be on most of our minds on a daily basis, but they represent a major threat. Of course, this all depends on where we live, and certain countries are (at least in modern times) much more susceptible to suffering massive, potentially life changing earthquakes. But it's interesting to note that some countries that haven't suffered earthquakes for a while are overdue for a "big one," as they say. That being said, which of these countries has the most earthquakes?

Question 35

Most Domestic Cats Hate…

People have been living alongside cats almost as long as they've been living alongside dogs, and in many cases they make amazing companions. The latest survey data suggests that more people today own cats instead of dogs, which is an interesting statistic. Cats are lovable creatures, and they have their own benefits when compared to dogs. However, cats also have very interesting personalities, and it's well known that domestic cats hate one thing. What is that one thing that cats seem to hate?

Question 36

Keratin Is Located In The Nails And…

Keratin is definitely one of the most interesting structures that the body forms, and it's one of the most essential things that our body produces. These structures come together to form hard, solid areas on our bodies such as nails. Keratin can actually be improved or weakened based on one's health - specifically how much water we drink and our diets. But there is one other area on the body that involves lots of keratin. What is that other area?

Question 37

True Or False, Ostriches Lay The Largest Eggs

Ostriches are some of the most interesting animals around, and these creatures are known for many things. One thing that is immediately obvious is that these birds are incredibly fast. It's tough for just about any animal to beat an ostrich in a foot race, and it's quite wonderful to watch an ostrich sprinting along at full pace. One other thing to realize is that these are pretty large birds. But is it actually true that ostriches lay the largest eggs?

Question 38

On Average, How Many Birthdays Does A Man Have?

Birthdays are some of the most joyous occasions in our lives - or they can also be the most stressful, depending on how we actually view life and the inevitable process of getting old. Many of us were really excited each time our birthdays rolled around as we were young, but gradually the novelty of such a moment wears off with the passing years. An average person goes through a lot throughout their lives. But how many birthdays does the AVERAGE man have?

Question 39

What Is The Capital Of France?

The capital of France is one of the most famous cities in the entire world, and this city is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists every single year. This beautiful city is famous for its romantic vibes, beautiful architecture, and its amazing food. The city is also an important part of French governance though, and much interesting activity happens in the city limits of this interesting, large urban area. But what exactly is the capital of France?

Question 40

True Or False, Before Coca-Cola, Santa Didn’t Wear A Red And White Suit

Coca-Cola and Santa Clause go way back. But the real question is HOW FAR back? We all know that Santa Clause is a huge part of the holidays, and it's hard to imagine him any other way than what we see in the commercials and movies. Large, slightly overweight, with a white beard and a funny red suit with white detailing. That's the santa we all remember, right? Well, what if we said that santa didn't wear red until Coca-Cola came along? Is that true?

Question 41

How Many Years Are There In A Century?

Time is a very funny thing. Without humans here to actually experience its passing, does time even truly exist? Time is based on perception, but it can also be measured. People have been measuring time for tens of thousands of years, starting with simple carvings on bones that represented the phases of the moon. Of course, now we have much more complex ways of measuring time, and we have a plethora of phrases to refer to it. But how many years are there in a century?

Question 42

True Or False, The Nose Never Stops Growing As We Age

Many people have rather characteristic noses, and these noses can really set us apart from others. Most of the time, it sets us apart in a good way, but some people can get a little self conscious about their noses. Noses are essential to our lives because they allow us to breathe, but they also allow us the thrilling experience of being able to smell. What would life be like if we couldn't smell things? Also, is it true that the nose never stops growing?

Question 43

If A Butcher Is About 30 Years Old And Is 6’2, What Does He Weigh?

Imagine a butcher is standing right there in front of us. How could we possibly determine what he weighs? Although it might seem like an impossible task, it might just be simpler than you'd think. What if we knew a few little details about his life? What if we knew that this butcher standing in front of us was 30 years old? What if we knew that he was about 6'2? Would it then be possible to determine what this man weighs?

Question 44

True Or False, A Mouse Is A Female Rat

Mice are some of the most interesting creatures around. They're also pretty cute, but of course some of us have a rather irrational fear of these creatures, despite the fact that they are famously small and harmless. We are actually related to mice, believe it or not. Indeed, after the extinction of the dinosaurs, small rodents and creatures like mice managed to survive, and that was how the planet passed onto mammals as a result. But is it true that a mouse is a female rat?

Question 45

How Many Months Have 28 Days?

We've discussed a few methods of measuring time, but perhaps one of the most fascinating is the month. It's called a month because it revolves around the phases of the moon. When the moon has completed one full, cycle, that typically means that a month has been completed. But it's also really confusing, because it's not a perfect system. One month might have a different amount of days in total than another. Consider this - How many months have 28 days?

Question 46

What’s The Smallest Species Of Bird?

There are many different species of bird, and this is one of the most diverse and amazing types of animals we will come across. There are those that devote their lives to the hobby of bird-watching, and we can't deny that there are some birds which have the power to take our breath away. From strange birds like flamingos to ostriches and many more, there's always a bird that will interest us. But what is the smallest species of bird?

Question 47

Before Mount Everest Was Discovered, What Was The Tallest Mountain In The World?

Mount Everest is without a doubt the most famous mountain in the world. Everyone knows about this snowy peak in the Himalayas, and that's because it's the tallest mountain in the entire world. Many climbers attempt to reach the summit each year, and it's one of the hardest mountains to climb. It's an experience which must be thrilling beyond words. But what was it like before Mount Everest was discovered? At this time, what was the tallest mountain in the world?

Question 48

What’s The World’s Largest Desert?

There are many deserts in the world, and each one has its own unique feel and vibe. Some people love deserts and the unique climate they offer. Everything is dry, the air is often crisp, and there's a strange feeling, almost as if we're on an alien planet. But one desert in the world dwarfs all others, and this is probably the most famous desert in the world. Although it has a few oases, it's very inhospitable. But what is this largest desert?

Question 49

What’s Full Of Holes But Can Still Hold Water?

Water is one of the most basic building blocks for life, and without it we wouldn't be able to survive very long. That being said, who knows whether or not there is life on other planets which CAN survive without water. It's just how our life forms have evolved here on Earth, and water will probably be forever linked with life and vitality. There are many things to consider when it comes to water. But what is full of holes but can still hold water?

Question 50

What Is The Capital Of Belgium?

Belgium is another very interesting country, and this is perhaps one of the most central parts of Europe. For those who don't know, the capital city of Belgium is where the European Union is "headquartered" in a sense, and it holds many meetings and events in this city. The capital city is said to be quite beautiful, and many tourists visit this capital city to see for themselves what it has to offer. But what exactly is the capital of Belgium?

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