2/3 Fans Can't Seem To Answer These Simple Comic Book Questions. Can You?

For decades, comic books have been a viable source of entertainment for millions of people, and while they may have started off as nothing more than children's reading, this medium has blossomed into something else entirely over time. Comics have given the world some of its most iconic characters, and the stories that have driven the industry's biggest triumphs have made their way to the big screen to become cinematic gold for movie studios. While not everyone reads comic books, most people have at least hit the theaters for a comic book film, which goes to show the type of impact that the medium has had on the world.

Today, we want to see which people out there know their stuff by having them take this comic book trivia quiz, which will focus on Marvel and DC!

Question 1

What Is Thor The God Of?

Question 2

Which Country Does Black Panther Protect?

Question 3

What Is The Joker's Nickname?

Question 4

Which Group Does Ra's al Ghul Lead?

Question 5

Which Character Is Vision Romantically Linked To?

Question 6

What Fuels A Green Lantern Ring?

Question 7

Which Of These Is NOT A Spider-Man Villain?

Question 8

Name This Character

Question 9

What Species Is Venom?

Question 10

Name This Character

Question 11

What Is Loki The God Of?

Question 12

The Riddler Is The Nemesis Of Which Character?

Question 13

How Did Captain America Get His Abilities?

Question 14

Which Hero Is Lex Luthor's Nemesis?

Question 15

What Is Wolverine's Skeleton Made Of?

Question 16

Deadpool Is A Parody Of Which Hero?

Question 17

Which Group Is Cyborg Associated With?

Question 18

What Is Hawkman's Real Name?

Question 19

Which Ability Does Martian Manhunter NOT Have?

Question 20

What Caused Green Goblin's Transformation?

Question 21

Which Of These Abilities Does Captain Marvel Have?

Question 22

What Is Supergirl's Relation To Superman?

Question 23

Which Character Does Green Arrow Normally Date?

Question 24

Which Company Does Iron Man Run?

Question 25

Which Planet Is Superman From?

Question 26

Who Was The First Robin?

Question 27

Which Of These Items Does Wonder Woman Use?

Question 28

Which Of These Is NOT A Fantastic Four Member?

Question 29

Which Force Does Flash Tap Into?

Question 30

Which Lantern Corps Did Sinestro Start?

Question 31

Which Beam Does Darkseid Famously Use?

Question 32

Which Character Is With Thanos When He Completes The Infinity Gauntlet?

Question 33

What Is Aquaman's Real Name?

Question 34

Where Did Harley Quinn Meet The Joker?

Question 35

Has Catwoman Ever Worked With The Justice League?

Question 36

Which Team Is The Nemesis Of Doctor Doom?

Question 37

What Does Magneto's Helmet Block?

Question 38

Name This Character

Question 39

Was Red Hood Once Robin?

Question 40

Which Team Is Swamp Thing Affiliated With?

Question 41

What Is Galactus's Nickname?

Question 42

Cable Is The Son Of Which Member Of The X-Men?

Question 43

How Many Times Has Red Skull Assembled The Infinity Gauntlet?

Question 44

Apocalypse Is One Of The World's First _______

Question 45

Where Does Daredevil Protect?

Question 46

How Many Children Does Scarlet Witch Have?

Question 47

Has Black Widow Worked With The Thunderbolts?

Question 48

Who Is The Original Ant-Man?

Question 49

What Is Hawkeye's Real Name?

Question 50

Who Is Batman's Butler?

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