Take This 2 Min Quiz And We'll Guess If You're In A Relationship

Life is all about perspective. We all think that we know what we want, at least until we get it. Things rarely turn out the way that you'd expect, but that's part of what makes life awesome. Perhaps you are making the most out of your situation, living your life to the absolute fullest. On the other hand, you might be squandering your potential on an existence that is, frankly, beneath you.

Your relationship status doesn't have to define you, but it can if you let it. Being okay on your own is a fundamental step towards being happy with another person. That being said, there is such a thing as spending too much time by yourself. If whatever you're doing isn't working for you, then it might be time for a change.

Do you bring the party or are you a total bore? Are you moping around or loving life? What about your relationship, if you are in one? Is it true love or merely a placeholder to avoid loneliness? Let us try to figure out where you stand. Are you in desperate need of a life, stat? Take This 2 Min Quiz And We'll Guess If You're Single And Boring.

Question 1

Pick a How I Met Your Mother character

Your opinions on How I Met Your Mother are a decent barometer of your own relationship status. Who are your favorites? There are no wrong answers here, but choosing between Ted, Barney, Robin, or Marshall and Lily, who would it be?

Question 2

What is your perfect night out?

For some of us, a free night is a rarity and we all want to make sure that we spend it in the best possible way. The question is, what does that mean to you? Would you go in or stay out, and would you choose company or solitude?

Question 3

Pick a dessert

Who doesn’t love dessert? It’s kind of the ultimate indulgence, considering when you eat it, you’re almost always super full. So, which one of these makes your mouth water just a little more than the others? Remember, this is a judgment free zone.

Question 4

What kind of books do you read?

What you read says a lot about you. Reading is a form of escapism, so what interests you the most? Are you hoping to be swept off your feet, explore worlds that don’t exist or do you like to be scared? Perhaps it’s the real world that you find the most intriguing.

Question 5

Do you have a lot of friends?

If unlikely animal friendships teach us anything, it’s that you really can’t predict who your closest confidents are going to be. Are you of the mind that it’s quality over quantity? Perhaps your favorite person is you. Do you have a lot of friends?

Question 6

What do you spend money on?

If you are a human being living on planet Earth, chances are you spend an inordinate time thinking about money. What are you most likely to spend it on? Are you saving to pay bills, find adventure, add to your collection or see as many shows as you can?

Question 7

Pick a DC superhero

It’s not that easy to choose between these four incredible DC heroes, but we’re asking you to do just that. Between Diana of the Amazons, the Man of Steel, the Caped Crusader and the Emerald Knight, who is your favorite?

Question 8

How often do you get lucky?

We all want to have our needs met, but unfortunately life doesn’t always work out that way. That doesn’t stop us from hoping though. Come on, you can tell us, how often are you intimate with someone?

Question 9

Pick a TV show

What you watch definitely says a lot about you. These are four very different TV shows, so this shouldn’t be too difficult a choice. Would you rather watch The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones?

Question 10

How often do you take baths?

Baths aren’t for everyone. For some, they are the most relaxing experience one can have, but for others, they are hot and boring. Where do you fall on the bath spectrum? Are you all about it or are you more of a shower person?

Question 11

How many TV shows are you currently watching?

There is so much great television these days, that it’s understandable if you’re watching a little too much of it. What exactly are your TV habits? Are you a junkie or have you mastered moderation? Perhaps you’ve got no time for TV at all.

Question 12

How often are you "dancing with yourself"?

Whether you’re single or not, there’s a good chance that there are times that you’re flying solo in the bedroom. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how much is too much. So, how often are you um, scratching the itch?

Question 13

Pick a Game of Thrones character

Here are four very different Game of Thrones characters. Each one of them have - or had (RIP) - their own very distinct personalities. Well, which one do you feel the most connected to? Would you choose Sansa, Brienne, Margaery or Catelyn?

Question 14

How much of a planner are you?

Some people are planners, while others are terrible at it. The best way to live probably lies somewhere in the middle. Are you more planner or procrastinator? How monotonous is your daily life? Hopefully, you’re scheduling some fun in there.

Question 15

Pick a color

You're welcome for this adorable picture of a dog rolling around in paint. Obviously, there are too many colors for us to be able to definitely have your favorite here, but choose between these four. What will it be?

Question 16

What are your feelings on monogamy?

Monogamy isn’t for everyone. How do you feel about it? Perhaps you think that it’s unnatural or maybe you believe that true love makes it easy. It is also possible that you prefer solitude anyway. What are your feelings on monogamy?

Question 17

Pick an MCU hero

These MCU heroes have all had varying degrees of dating success. Hey, being a superhero is hard work. It doesn’t exactly leave much time for forming healthy relationships. That doesn’t stop them from trying though. Which one would you choose?

Question 18

What are your plans for this weekend?

We can’t all always have exciting plans, even if we’d like to. Sometimes you just need to decompress and that’s okay. What are you up to this weekend? Are you flying solo? If so, what are you doing all by your lonesome?

Question 19

Who should Rory Gilmore have wound up with?

This has always inspired a huge debate amongst Gilmore Girls fans and no one can seem to agree. Do you think she belongs with Dean, Jess or Logan? Perhaps you think that she should be with someone else entirely. Which is it?

Question 20

When was the last time you did something spontaneous?

Spontaneity is important, whether you are in a relationship or not. Always knowing what’s coming next kind of takes the fun out of life. What kind of person are you? Are you living a life that still surprises you or do you need a bit more excitement?

Question 21

Choose a Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has had quite a career! From teen drama star to comedy scene stealer to leading man. He was also married to Anna Faris for eight years and the two have one child together. Which Chris do you prefer?

Question 22

What kind of music do you listen to the most?

The kind of music you like says a lot about you. This will no doubt be a difficult question for music fanatics, but pick which of these genres you listen to the most. Are you more into Rock, Rap, Metal or Pop?

Question 23

Pick a role model

Here are four very different women with one very important thing in common: they all have a soft spot for vampires. The question is, which one of them do you think is the best role model? Would you choose Sookie, Bella, Buffy or Elena?

Question 24

How often do you exercise?

Just because we all know that exercise is good for us doesn’t mean that we’re all actually doing it. Maybe you don’t have the time to make it to the gym or perhaps you spend way too much time there. Which is it?

Question 25

Pick a pet

This is going to be difficult for the animal lovers out there. These are four very different animals, but the one that you pick will help us determine your relationship status. What will it be: cat, dog, lizard or ferret?

Question 26

How often do you drink?

When it comes to drinking, how hard do you like to party? Are you a wine person or more of a drinking with your friends person? Perhaps you don’t drink at all or maybe you like to make a game of it. How much do you drink?

Question 27

Pick a Disney prince

There have been many Disney princes, but the ones from The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are probably the most well known. They all have their pros and cons - well, maybe except for Philip (that dude slew a dragon). Which one is your favorite?

Question 28

Pick an ice cream flavor

We’re happy to bring you this painfully adorable photo of a pig enjoying some ice cream. Well, when it comes to ice cream, which do you prefer? Would you rather eat mint chocolate chip, chocolate, vanilla or chocolate chip cookie dough?

Question 29

Which of these best describes your eating habits?

Not everyone eats healthy. There are plenty of us out there who can’t even cook. Some of us eat too much fast food or eat out more than we ever eat in. Where do you fall on the food spectrum?

Question 30

Pick a romantic movie

These films all make very distinct statements about love and they say them in very different ways. So, what’s your favorite out of these four romantic classics? Which one makes you believe in true love…or makes you glad that you’re single?

Question 31

How many times have you been in love?

When it comes to love, how easily do you fall? Some of us definitely fall in love more often than we care to admit, while others have yet to truly find it. Where do you fall on the love spectrum?

Question 32

Who should Buffy have wound up with?

This was another rather heated debate in TV fandom. All of Buffy’s boyfriends had their merits and they certainly all made mistakes. In fact, some viewers felt that Buffy was indeed better off by herself. What do you think?

Question 33

Which date sounds the best to you?

Dating isn't easy and one of the most difficult aspects of it - aside from finding the right person of course - is finding something that you will both enjoy doing together. Perhaps none of these are your dream date, but what would you rather do?

Question 34

Do you need a relationship in order to be happy?

For some people, being in a relationship is a necessity in order to find happiness, while others do better on their own. Perhaps you'd rather no one than the wrong one or maybe you find "the one" over and over again.

Question 35

Pick a Winona Ryder movie

Winona Ryder has been in too many awesome movies to list here, from Heathers to Black Swan! She was out of the spotlight for a little while, but has had quite the career resurgence with Stranger Things. Between these four films, which one is your favorite?

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