Shop Unlimited At Sephora And We'll Reveal The Perfect Palette To Get Next

Why hello there, gorgeous! Ready to go shopping?

Summertime is still here and that means that before we hit the beaches, it is time to take our makeup game to the next level. Fortunately, we have an unlimited Sephora gift card with your name on it and we're ready to splurge on some of the most fabulous beauty products on the market.

This quiz for both beauty-obsessed makeup fanatics and the rest of us who know that a perfect lippie can take our look from drab to fab in a New York minute. Best of all, after your guilt-free shopping spree at Sephora, we will reveal what hot new palette needs to be on your vanity this year! Trust us, these palettes are definitely not to be missed. In 2018, sultry and classic nudes rub shoulders with saturated colors that will make the whole world pop with excitement!

The only real downside is that after finishing up the fantastic Sephora shopping spree here, one will absolutely be wanting to pick up a handful of these products in real life. Don't say that we didn't warn ya! Ready to discover the perfect palette? Let's get started!

Question 1

Urban Decay Vice Palette

Urban Decay is the last word in edgy palettes and their Vice series is no exception. These colors are rich, saturated and totally exciting. One swipe will last the entire day and it is so much fun to mix and match to create new and fun combinations! It Girls know that Urban Decay is the best beauty secret weapon. Pick or pass?

Question 2

Two Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

If bright, saturated hues aren't your jam, this peachy palette will absolutely hit the spot. Full of delicious pinks, browns and taupes, this eye shadow palette is a great choice for both makeup experts and beginners. Also, these colors are versatile enough to go from a day at the beach to the club!

Question 3

Tarte Giraffe Print Palette

This fab case is almost enough to make us want to scoop up the Tarte Giraffe Print Palette, but wait until we reveal what is inside! This pretty palette contains shades of shimmery pink, taupe, and glittery gold. The best part is that these shades look great on just about any complexion and are super easy to blend!

Question 4

Sephora Pro Eye Shadow Palette

If we are going to head to Sephora, why not try one of their awesome signature products?! Enter the Sephora Pro Eye Shadow Palette, a gorgeous offering full of easy to apply eye shadows. These beauties are totally saturated in pigment, giving them some serious staying power and shine! Pick or pass?

Question 5

Kat Von D Studded Kiss In Gothica

If we want to be a sultry vixen like Kat Von D, we need to use her amazing line of lipsticks. Studded Kiss In Gothica hits the sweet spot between vintage sexiness and modern glamour. Its rich color and staying power mean that we're covered whether we're sipping our lattes or smootching a stud.

Question 6

Josie Maran Argan Lip Plumping Sting Butter

Argan is all the rage these days. We put it on our faces for softer skin, in our hair to detangle, and even on our cuticles to help our nails grow. Leave it to Josie Maran to come up with yet another great use for this miracle beauty oil! Her Argan Lip Plumping Sting Butter gives us gorgeous full lips with no dryness.

Question 7

Stila Lip Glaze

If we want the saturated color of a premium lipstick and the high gloss of a balm, there is only one place to turn: Stila Lip Glaze. Stila has been a staple in the beauty world for decades and is really one of our favorite go-to lines. Their glazes come in a rainbow of different colors so your pucker will be perfect everytime.

Question 8

Bite Beauty Lipstick Swatches

Bite Beauty specializes in making lipsticks that are cutting-edge and always bring the drama. These Lipstick Swatches are for diva women who don't shy away from the spotlight. With deep reds, gorgeous pinks and lavender tones, Bite Beauty devotees know that they will always be the center of attention.

Question 9

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

Who hasn't spend the better part of the year searching for that one perfect bronzer that will deliver on the sun kissed glow that we so desperately desire. Take heart! Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit is here to wisk us all off to the Bahamas for an enviable gorgeous tropical glow!

Question 10

Becca Conceal Cover And Correct

We like to think of Becca as our fairy godmother. When we have a blemish, imperfection, or maybe just packed in too many late nights, she swoops in and offers us up a little beauty miracle in a jar. Becca Conceal Cover And Correct series targets all of your problem spots and delievers big on a healthy, flawless complexion.

Question 11

Blinc Mascara

Blinc Mascara might look humble, but that is because this cult brand does not need flashy packaging or bright colors to attract devotees. People who know mascara know that Blinc is in a class of its own. Say goodbye to flaky mascara that turns greyish and dull by noon. Blinc has got us all covered.

Question 12

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

Bare Minerals is one of those companies that has a devoted following of people who swear that it saved their skin... and on the flip side, those who don't quite believe the hype. Their Mineral Veil is the powder that sets the rest of their makeup and gives us a matte finish with just the right amount of dewiness. Pick or pass?

Question 13

Milk Stick Makeup

Milk is the company that all of us Millenials have dreamt of! Their products are simple, portable, easy to use and can even be applied in several different ways. Milk Stick Makeup elimates the mess and fuss of traditional liquid makeup and gives us a smooth and blemish free finish. Pick or pass?

Question 14

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

Oooh how pretty! This picture makes us want to scoop up all of these Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes and place them on our vanities as makeup art! Beauty aside, these blushes are really the bomb. Say goodbye to clown cheeks and blush that makes every pore and blemish stick out, and hello to blush that mimics the most flattering lighting.

Question 15

NARS Liquid Blush

Leave it to NARS to come up with a way to beat the chalky blush blues. Their Liquid Blush comes in a rainbow of different hues, so finding one to compliment any complexion is a piece of cake. Even better, the application is simple and efficient with no cakey mess. NARS Liquid Blush also has lasting power that will take us through the day!

Question 16

Buxom Shimmer And Shock Lip Sticks

If rich, saturated and sexy lip color dominates your makeup wishlist, we have some awesome news. Buxom Shimmer And Shock Lip Sticks are the answer to your dreams. They come in a galaxy of different colors from deep burgandy to cheeky light pink. We love to mix and match these fun lip sticks.

Question 17

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

Anyone who has ever picked up a fashion or beauty magazine in their lives is familiar with our Patron Saint Marc Jacobs. He has been producing top of the line products for years, and his Velvet Noir Mascara is one of his top sellers because it is the cadillac of mascaras. This easy to apply, gorgeous mascara has staying power and drama.

Question 18

Ciate Olivia Palermo Lipstick in Cashmere

This peachy taupe shade would look fab on any complexion and has the staying power that we have come to expect from high-end Ciate products. We love this lipstick because it is the perfect secret weapon in our beauty arsenal- a great way to tie a look together with very little effort.

Question 19

Besame Signature Compact

Besame is Spanish for "kiss me" and we guarantee that with this gorgeous signature compact, your skin will never look more kissable. Besame has a solid reputation for great products made out of quality ingredients. This signature compacts are nestled in velveteen bags and the power inside is light and luminious.

Question 20

Ardency Inn Pigments Vintage Gold And Copper

Every glam girl knows that she needs a bold eyeshadow to really make an impresion. Ardency Inn does not disapoint with this dazzling duo. Vintage Gold and Copper are both high-end metallics that will make the wearer look like certified Hollywood royalty! Get some old-school allure in your life. Pick or pass?

Question 21


We will take a little break from the gorgeous makeup to turn to the more practical side of getting glam and gorgeous. We all know that makeup sponges can be yucky magnets for bacteria, but these BeautyBlender sponges are both hygenic and great for applying all the makeup!

Question 22

Perfekt Skin Perfection CC Cream

Who does not love CC Cream? It is the most perfect foundation combined with sunscreen and primer for a gorgeous finish that protects your skin while looking luscious and lovely! Perfekt Skin Perfection CC Cream is an awesome product that delivers on all fronts. Only a small dab is needed for a flawless finish.

Question 23

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

These adorable little pots of sunshine are more than just merely decorative- although we have to admit that they are really cute! They give us a boost of color and luminosity with just a tiny smear to the cheeks. RMS Beauty Living Luminizers last forever and deliever a healthy dose of shimmer that we love.

Question 24

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops take the concept of foundation to the next level by infusing total coverage concealer into your favorite products. It is the ultimate shortcut, and also, we love that there is less gunk on our faces. Fewer products mean happier pores and less breakouts! Pick or pass?

Question 25

Natasha Denona Blush Palette

We end on a high note with the gorgeously brilliant Natasha Denona Blush Palette. This palette lets us play with our look to manufacture a glow that can be either extreme, understated or anything in between. This product delivers big on versility and ease of use, making it one of our favorites!

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