Take This Shameless Quiz To See Which Gallagher Would Say Yes To You

Do you really want to date a Gallagher? Well, you could get shameless Frank, or brave Ian, or responsible Fiona. The Gallagher clan is all over the board in personalities, so take this quiz to find out which Gallagher would say yes to you!

In the American remake of the series created by Paul Abbot, 'Shameless' started airing on  Showtime in 2011. Since then, we've been privy to the hilarious lives of the Gallagher clan, whose daily ups and downs rival some of our worst nightmares. There are no taboo topics on 'Shameless;' the show tackles it all. From teenage pregnancy to prison, it has happened to one of the many Gallagher children.

However, when it comes to love, there is no limit the Gallaghers seem to have. Despite having their hearts repeatedly broken, each Gallagher is willing and trying to find 'the one.'  And family love is a whole 'nother topic, as there is no limit to the laws the Gallagher children will break to save one of their own.

So, will you end up with someone sweet, like Debbie? Or how about a troublemaker like Lip? Maybe you'll like Fiona's bossy nature, or Ian's self-expression? Or maybe, just maybe, you'll fall in love with Frank's... resourcefulness?

Tell us in the series of personality and scenario questions what you're most like, and we'll pair you up with the perfect Gallagher who would say yes to you!

Question 1

Pick a word to describe you!

Is there something about you that people are always complimenting you on? Or something that you are particularly proud of? Well, tell us your best quality as a person so we can match you up with the perfect Gallagher to complement you.

Question 2

Pick another word that describes you!

Alright, now give us that quality you're trying to give up. Are you stubborn about things, or do you just destroy everything good in your life? Do you believe in anything or rebel just to make a statement? Let us know below!

Question 3

Pick a clothing style!

Do you have a distinct clothing style or do you just wear anything available? If you want to marry a Gallagher, you better get used to simple outfits without any extravagance, oh, and lots of hand-me-downs! Let us know what you like to wear below!

Question 4

Pick a free time activity!

Everyone has to let off steam some way, so when you're not at work or otherwise occupied, what do you like to do for fun? Do you get with the Gallagher way and have a designated seat at the bar, or are you more of a social butterfly? Either way, let us know below!

Question 5

Pick a fear!

In this great big world, what one thing are you absolutely terrified of? Whether it's being broke or seeing a spider, the Gallaghers have probably been there, so you'll have to deal with some serious fears with your new significant other, so get ready to brace yourself. Pick your poison below!

Question 6

Pick a pet peeve!

Pet peeves are those little things we can't ignore no matter how hard we try. Everyone has some unique pet peeves, but there are some universal things that get under all of our skin. Whether it's nail biting or noisy eaters, we all have that thing we love to hate. What on this list bothers you the most?

Question 7

Pick an activity for your 16 year old self!

The Gallaghers were all off on their own adventures at 16 years old, some were in school, some having kids, and some were just being kids. So where could we have found you at sixteen? Having a drink at the bar, or studying in school?

Question 8

Pick a word that your best friend would describe you with!

The way your best friend sees you is probably one of the truest reflections of you as a person. It tells you what you're like when at your most comfortable, your best, and your very worst. So what word would your best friend use to describe you?

Question 9

Pick a guilty pleasure!

What's the one thing that you know you shouldn't do but you constantly do anyway? The thing your friends and family are always telling you to stop doing? I'm sure there are one or two Gallaghers that share that guilty pleasure, so let us know below!

Question 10

Pick a night time activity

The Gallaghers know how to throw a good party, but they can also get out of control on occasion. Will you join them and be the life of the party, or are you more of stand back and watch kind of person? Either way, let us know below!

Question 11

Pick an important trait in a partner!

If we are going to match you up with the perfect Gallagher, we have to know what your looking for. What is a trait that you need in a partner, are you looking for someone to have fun with or someone to take care of you?

Question 12

Pick your perfect family scenario!

Whether you've always wanted kids or they disgust you, I'm sure there is a Gallagher that shares your opinion! Growing up in a family of 6 children, the Gallaghers have always had a busy household full of children. Is that your dream too? Or are you looking forward to the quiet life? Let us know below!

Question 13

Pick some music!

Your music tastes can say a lot about you as a person. Are you cool and collected like smooth jazz, or a bit overwhelming like rock music? I'm sure there is a Gallagher out there for you, as they all have pretty varied tastes as well. So let us know below!

Question 14

Pick a color!

Your favorite color can say a lot about you as a person. Do you prefer soothing shades like blue, or bold colors such as red? Either way, I'm sure there is a Gallagher that has the some opinion. Let us know your favorite below!

Question 15

Pick a school subject!

While the Gallaghers aren't known for their school smarts, a few of them are quite intellectually advanced. None of them enjoyed school, but many of them made it through. So what was your favorite subject in school, do you have the brains of Lip or the social-ness of Debbie?

Question 16

Pick a drink!

Since the Gallaghers love to party, imagine they invited you to their next big blowout, where you will get to talk to that Gallagher you've been crushing on. What will you be drinking at the big bash, a fancy cocktail, a beer, some wine, or just water? Let us know below!

Question 17

Pick a sport!

The Gallaghers aren't a sport-obsessed family, but your sporty opinions certainly still matter in determining your perfect Gallagher mate. They've been known to catch a few Cubs games here and there, so what sport do you prefer to watch or play?

Question 18

Pick a pet!

While animals aren't a huge thing in the Gallagher clan, some of them have always wanted a pet. And with Fiona's new flesh-eating dog, your pet concerns should be taken into consideration when deciding which Gallagher will say yes to you! So, which pet are you going to take home?

Question 19

Pick a place to party!

The Gallaghers enjoy a party, so where would you go to let loose? The infamous Alibi Room, or how about a bit of a raunchier scene like a gay bar? Either way, we're sure you'll have an incredible time, the way Gallaghers do!

Question 20

Pick a motto!

Do you believe in family above all else? Then you're in luck, because the Gallaghers will stop at nearly nothing to protect their clan. They have proven time and time again that family is dear to them, except for Frank. So which phrase speaks the most to you?

Question 21

Pick a perfect date!

In order to match you up with the best Gallagher, you're going to have to go on a date. Classic dinner and a movie, or a picnic in the park? Perhaps a ball game will suit your fancy? Pick your perfect date below!

Question 22

Which of these would you rather?

What is most important for you to live a prosperous life? Have you dreamed of having all the money in the world, or just want to be happy? Well, coming from the south side of Chicago, it is many of the Gallaghers dream to make it big and get out of there, but some of them are okay with their current lifestyle. Which are you?

Question 23

Which scenario sounds the scariest?

In this great big world, what one thing are you absolutely terrified of happening to you? Whether it's being alone forever or losing your family, the Gallaghers have probably been there, so you'll have to deal with some seriously scary scenarios with your new significant other, so get ready to brace yourself. Pick your worst scenario below!

Question 24

Pick a dream job.

While the aspect of working isn't appealing to most, someone's gotta do it. And with your new Gallagher spouse, odds are it'll be you. Imagine you can have any job in the world, so what's your dream job to rake in the money?

Question 25

Which of these would you rather do if you were in a pinch?

The Gallaghers are very resourceful, but sometimes that means doing things that are not exactly the most fun in the world. So, your job now is to pick how low you would go if you were in their situation. You can rest easy though. We are not going to actually make anybody really do these things!

Question 26

Which of these would be the worst to eat?

Like we said, the Gallaghers sure do have to be resourceful. Sometimes that includes stretching food a little past its due date and eating things that are pretty gross. So, which of these foods below would be your limit? And again, we are not going to make you eat any of it!

Question 27

Which food would you rather splurge on?

Like we said, you better get used to frozen food in the Gallagher household, unless you can convince Sheila to come over and whip something up (it might not be edible though). Or you could head over to Patsy's for some pie and coffee, the newest family staple. What would you splurge on if you had the chance though?

Question 28

Which vacation sounds like the most fun?

The Gallaghers have never really gotten the chance to vacation anywhere, but if you could take a trip with one of them where would you go? The land of culture in Europe, or the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean? Pick below!

Question 29

If you found out your significant other lied to you, what would you do?

Lying is like second nature to the Gallagher family, and the amount of failed relationships they've had is definite proof of that (how many times has Fiona been almost married now?). Can you withstand it? If you found out your significant other lied or cheated, what would you?

Question 30

You're invited to a party but have loads of work to do, so what do you go?

liver scar shameless

The Gallaghers sometimes struggle to set and keep priorities, especially work-related ones. So would you stay home and keep working, the responsible thing to do, or go out and have a crazy time, the Gallagher way? Let us know below!

Question 31

Your best friend tells you they did something really bad and need your help. How do you react?

shameless at the police station

While this scenario has hopefully never happened to you, the same can't be said about the Gallaghers, where violence seems to be a regular occurrence. So, your best friend shows up crying saying they need some serious help with something pretty dark. What do you do?

Question 32

How well do you think you'd hold up in the slammer?

Quite a few of the Gallaghers have been in and out of a correctional facility, usually coming out stronger than ever. Ian, Lip, and even Carl all took their turn in prison for their various offenses. If one of the Gallagher schemes landed you in the slammer, how well would you hold up?

Question 33

Your house is filthy, who is doing the chores?

Inside the Gallagher household, cleanliness isn't a huge priority. The house is usually a wreck and no one is in a hurry to tidy up anytime soon. So when you move in with your future Gallagher, who is going to keep the home tidy?

Question 34

What would you do if you found a suitcase with a million dollars?

The Gallaghers are a lower-class family constantly bouncing back and forth from the poverty line, so finding a million dollars in a suitcase would be a huge deal for this family. Would you use the money wisely, or splurge on something fun?

Question 35

Does true love exist?

True love is a crazy concept. Finding that one perfect person to spend the rest of your life with sounds impossible, but do you believe it? Do you think you can find it with your new Gallagher significant other?

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