If You Score Over 50% On This Pregnancy Quiz, You're Ready To Be A Mom

Alright ladies, time to see who's ready for a baby! Today's quiz is all about the magical experience that is pregnancy. We are going to be asking all kinds of questions revolving around these 9 exciting months. To pass this one with a perfect score, we are going to need to know about all of the different ups and downs that come along with the pregnancy process.

Some of these questions may seem easy enough, but we are willing to bet that even the most experienced moms will struggle with a few of them. Anyone who is able to get over 50% of these questions right, is totally ready for a baby. Let's see who can make it through this one without calling their own moms for the answers!

Question 1

How long is the average pregnancy?

Question 2

True or false: Home pregnancy tests are always accurate

Question 3

How long does it take the average couple to conceive?

Question 4

Which of these foods should be avoided during pregnancy?

Question 5

How many trimesters are in a full-term pregnancy?

Question 6

What is the most common eye color in newborn babies?

Question 7

True or false: Pregnant women can fly on airplanes until their third trimester

Question 8

Which of these is a common first sign of pregnancy?

Question 9

At what time of day does morning sickness usually subside?

Question 10

True or false: Pregnant women should stay away from dogs

Question 11

True or false: Women can exercise during pregnancy

Question 12

What is the average size of a full-term baby?

Question 13

What part of a pregnant woman's body often swells during pregnancy?

Question 14

What is a baby born before their due date called?

Question 15

What is it called when a baby is delivered surgically?

Question 16

What kind of class do pregnant women attend to learn about the birthing process?

Question 17

What is given to labouring women to help relieve pain?

Question 18

What sense heightens in the mother during pregnancy?

Question 19

Which of these is a common pregnancy craving?

Question 20

True or false: The baby belly disappears right after giving birth

Question 21

What item must we have with us before leaving the hospital with a newborn?

Question 22

When do babies typically begin kicking?

Question 23

When does the baby bump typically begin to show?

Question 24

True or false: Fathers can sometimes experience pregnancy symptoms too

Question 25

What is the name of the cord that connects mom and baby?

Question 26

When can a baby typically begin hearing noises from inside the womb?

Question 27

At what point during pregnancy can a doctor tell the gender?

Question 28

What is a midwife?

Question 29

True or false: Pregnant women can bounce on trampolines

Question 30

What is the first thing a newborn recognizes about their mother?

Question 31

What are false contractions called?

Question 32

What is the most recommended sleeping position for pregnant women?

Question 33

How long does it typically take to recover from labour?

Question 34

Which of these items should pregnant women be cautious around?

Question 35

What do some women lose after giving birth?

Question 36

What does the "mask of pregnancy" mean?

Question 37

True or false: Women can eat once labour has started

Question 38

At what age does conceiving multiples become more likely?

Question 39

How long does an average labour last?

Question 40

Which of the mother's organs will grow in size during pregnancy?

Question 41

True or false: A pregnant woman's uterus can grow up to 500 times its regular size

Question 42

True or false: Pregnancy can increase allergy symptoms?

Question 43

About how many extra calories should a pregnant woman eat in a day?

Question 44

True or false: A woman's bones will soften during pregnancy

Question 45

True or false: Pregnant women should avoid hot tubs

Question 46

When a pregnant woman eats, who gets the nutrients first?

Question 47

What can be done to help reduce morning sickness?

Question 48

True or false: Eating calcium can help reduce cramps during pregnancy

Question 49

True or false: It is easier to become overheated when pregnant

Question 50

What can be used to help with pregnancy stretch marks?

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