Remember 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days'? Prove It And Pass This Test!

Even if Valentine's Day has come and gone, we can still enjoy a Rom-Com (or two!). It's still winter after all and we want to enjoy a night in with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa or tea! How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a film that was released over 15 years ago and yet it still manages to makes us laugh!

What is it? Is it the actor and actress' performance? Both of them are very convincing and immensely hilarious! The female actress was even encouraged by the director to improvise a lot of the times throughout filming!

Perhaps it was the script? Well, the plot can be unrealistic at times, but the film knows this to be true and so it's all fun and games! Besides that, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a comedy at heart and so one of its best parts are the lines (from "Benny Boo Boo" to "Ladies, frost yourselves") the protagonists say and the ridiculous situations they end up in throughout those 10 days!

So, let's see how many real How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days fans are out there! Answer these questions and let's have some fun!

Question 1

Who is this actor?

This actor is someone that most people recognize right away. Whether a person knows his name may depend on whether they're on the younger side or the older side. People who are younger probably won't have any trouble getting this question right. This TV actor is known for appearing on a show with a retro vibe. He's also known for being married to a co-star from that retro show. In his free time, this actor dabbles in investment. He's put money into some successful tech ventures. He's also into parenting his two children (he has a boy and a girl).

Question 2

Who is this famous actress?

This actress co-starred with other actresses featured in this quiz. Our mystery actress was known to be a bit hard to work with, according to the website. After she left the famous hospital drama that she appeared on, she went on to great success in films, but her demanding ways meant that she was offered fewer plum roles, even though she was good box office. She offended some co-stars and producers by insulting projects that she appeared in. These days, she seems mellower and more self-aware. She is back in the TV game, on a very popular cable show.

Question 3

Name this famous TV actor.

This television actor is someone that many fans adore. He's always going to be loved by fans because he appeared on one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. These days, he's just as charming as ever. He branched out by doing a stint as the host of a show about cars. He was great as a host, thanks to his unflappable manner and low-key friendliness. This guy has got so much appeal. He's able to pick from plum projects whenever he wants to. He's one of those TV actors who is incredibly popular, year in and year out.

Question 4

Who is this renowned actress?

Is there anyone who doesn't know who this famous actress is? She's in the press constantly, even though the TV show that she's most famous for ended ages ago. Lots of people are hoping for a reboot. This female thespian is also well-known for her relationships. One relationship, which ended long ago, keeps her in the headlines, even though she wishes it wouldn't. This actress has been known to promote a few products, including skin care items and beverages. She's someone that is beloved in the USA and all over the world. She appeared in the comedy film, Office Space.

Question 5

Name this funny TV actor.

This actor comes from Canada and he's here to make people laugh. He's known for appearing in Judd Apatow films, as well as on television. He's so funny he was even chosen to do the voice of a transit system in Canada. People who got on public transit could hear his messages while they enjoyed their trips. He was chosen as the transit voice after Morgan Freeman lost the same gig. This actor is amazingly successful. He's managed to do so much popular work. He's come a long way since his stand-up days. This actor does a lot for charity.

Question 6

Name this TV thespian.

This renowned actress appeared on a show set in the Big Apple. The show was all about friendship, romance and high glam. In one memorable episode of this television show, a thief steals her designer shoes. This episode made Manolo Blahnik stilettos even more famous! You may also know this actress because she's been acting for decades. She used to date Robert Downey Jr. and is now married to Matthew Broderick. She's a mommy who enjoys driving her kids around in a retro station wagon that she had restored. This famous actress has appeared on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee".

Question 7

Who is this?

This actor's most famous television character is very into science. He's uber-organized, with a very set, controlled way of doing things. His unique personality makes him clash with buddies and neighbors, in a way that's truly hilarious. This actor's most famous character has some personality traits that are similar to those of Spock from Star Trek. It seems like this actor was born to play the role of a nerdy and brainy young man. The actor is a big reason why the sitcom he appears on is so popular. The show he's on has been on the air since 2007.

Question 8

Who is this actress?

This actress has been A-list for a long time. She used to be married to another A-lister who was mocked when he jumped a couch on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The couch-jumping happened after his relationship with our mystery actress had ended. This actress is currently married to a country music star. She is often photographed with her hubby and their young daughters. She and Tom Cruise share two kids, named Connor and Isabella. This actress is well known for appearing in films such as Days of Thunder and Moulin Rouge, and she's also successful on TV. Who is she?

Question 9

Name this TV icon.

Fans of television shows set in hospitals will probably know the name of this famous TV actor immediately. Those that don't love prime-time soaps with medical themes may not recognize his name. When he isn't acting, this guy loves to race cars. He's done so professionally, as a gentleman driver. This actor has appeared in films, as well as one of the most popular TV shows around. He was in the movie, "Bridget Jones' Baby", which had an amazing cast, including Renee Zellweger. He appeared in his most famous role, as a doctor, from 2005 to 2018, according to

Question 10

Name this actress.

This actress is someone who will always have loyal fans, because she starred in one of the most popular television shows in history. While she's extremely famous, she has a low-key way about her. She's not at every Hollywood party. She's more discerning in terms of where she goes and how she lives. When she isn't acting, and she's acted in films and on TV, she loves to flip houses for profit. Decorating homes is always a passion. She used to date Michael Keaton, who was the original Batman. She has a daughter called Coco. Name her to get points.

Question 11

Name this actor.

This charming actor is really famous. He was part of the cast of a show about a group of buddies. Since he played the role of Ross on that popular television show, millions of people know his name. He did very well in another famous production, Band of Brothers, where he played the bad guy, rather than the sweet and lovable guy. This actor has many layers. There are different sides to his personality, some of which we may not have seen yet. He's full of surprises. This actor was born in the Big Apple, in 1966, according to

Question 12

Who is this actress?

This actress is not a shrinking violet. She's outgoing and shines in roles where she plays friendly, feisty characters. You may know her as the neighbor of a couple of physicists. This blond thespian is currently 33 years of age, according to She was born in Camarillo, California. When she was a kid, she was a great tennis player who was ranked regionally. Today, making TV viewers laugh is her main skill, but she's a woman of many talents. She dated one of the co-stars on her current TV show for a long time, but they're just friends now.

Question 13

Name this actress.

This blond actress' most famous role was in the film, Clueless, but she's given memorable performances on television, too. One of the TV shows that she appeared in was produced by a "real housewife of Beverly Hills" named Kyle Richards. That show didn't really take off, but Alicia did a great job in her role. This actress is known for her vegan lifestyle. In 2011, she wrote a book called, "The Kind Diet", according to This actress is a mommy. Her son follows the same diet that she does. This actress has ideals and cares about more than Hollywood.

Question 14

Name this successful TV actor.

This well-known TV actor is married to Nikki Reed. He and his wife have something in common, besides a child. They have both played vampires. His wife played one in the movies and he played one on television. This actor is into healthy living. When he goes to the grocery store, his cart is packed with dark, leafy greens and other nutritious fare. His wife is into clean eating, too. This actor's acting credits date back to 1997, according to His first acting credit was in a TV series called, "The Big Easy". Name him to improve your score.

Question 15

Who is this actor?

This actor's bravura performances in a show that features dragons and crowns have made him very famous. He's a charming actor who's able to hypnotize viewers. While he may not be a household name, there are millions of people who know exactly who he is. Fans love him. He appears in films, but his most famous performances are definitely for the small screen. This actor has overcome so many personal challenges. He's been brave enough to reach his full potential in life. Those who can't name him might know one famous co-star, Kit Harington, or another co-star named Emilia Clarke.

Question 16

Name this TV celeb.

Anyone who is a fan of TV shows inspired by comic books may have tuned into the show that this actress appears in. The show is filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Our mystery actress plays a live-action version of a classic comic book character. The TV shows she stars in is a little edgier than the comic book. People who know her name may skew younger. She's an actress that Millennials appreciate. However, she may have some older fans, too, because the show she is on does get lots of buzz. It has some fans. This show has aired since 2016.

Question 17

Who is this talented actor?

Anyone who has had an annoying, but ultimately lovable boss will probably recognize this famous actor, because he played one of those types of bosses on TV. This actor became very famous because he made that role his own. The show he got famous for was the USA version of a show from England. There was lots of pressure on our mystery actor to make the USA version a success which wasn't a total carbon copy. He rose to the occasion beautifully. This actor makes people laugh and that's a gift. Name him to get a higher score on this quiz.

Question 18

Name this actress.

This actress is pretty much a comedic genius. She's hilarious and charming. She used to appear on a show set in Stars Hollow, which co-starred Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. Her character was named Sookie. She was a wonderful character actress who now holds her own as a leading lady in the movies. She also dabbles in fashion that comes in plenty of sizes for all types of women. This clever and amusing actress played a desk jockey who turned into a spy, in a movie that co-starred Jason Statham. She also appeared in a film with a paranormal focus.

Question 19

Who is this actress?

This brunette actress is so famous. She's someone who was a Bond girl. She's also dazzled on TV. Known for her turbulent relationships, her Revlon contract and her love for her children, she's a complicated woman who is always interesting. She's an Oscar winner, who has also won a Razzie. The Razzie is sort of the polar opposite of the Oscar. She has been through plenty of ups and downs in her life and she has the ability to survive whatever life throws at her. She's known for being frugal with her money. She thinks financial security is a priority.

Question 20

Name this popular actor.

This actor was rumored to be one of the top contenders for the role of James Bond. There's always a lot of talk about Daniel Craig leaving the 007 franchise, but no replacement has been selected yet, and our mystery TV actor says that he's not going to get the part of the international super spy. Even though he may not grace the silver screen as James Bond, he's doing fine. His excellent performance as a detective on a certain thrilling crime drama has won him so many loyal fans. A lot of people will know who this actor is.

Question 21

Who is this television actor?

This gifted actor has sadly passed away, which is a great loss. He was the consummate thespian. His performance as a Mob boss in a very popular television show was unforgettable. Talented and very natural as an actor, he won widespread critical acclaim from even the toughest TV critics. This actor is no longer with us, but he'll never be forgotten. He definitely disappeared into his greatest roles. His ability to entertain viewers and draw them into fictional worlds was uncanny. Anyone who loves gritty TV that's right on the cutting edge will probably know who this TV actor is.

Question 22

Name this respected actress.

This actress' talent has been a little overshadowed by her personal life lately, but she's genuinely talented. She's also someone who's strong enough to share her problems with the world, in the hopes of inspiring other women to do the same. While her relationship with Johnny Depp ended badly, she's young and has her whole life ahead of her. She's appeared on TV and in the movies. She filmed one big-budget superhero flick with an underwater theme. It co-starred Jason Momoa. Name this respected, yet controversial, actress to get more points on this quiz. Her first name has two syllables.

Question 23

Who is this actor?

This actor has great range. He's able to play so many different types of characters. He is successful in television and film, although he's probably better known for his movies than his TV work. He's currently married to a popular actress named Alicia Vikander. This cute couple had an eco-friendly wedding. His wife is as talented as he is, so they are a true power couple. Our mystery actor played the former Apple exec, Steve Jobs, and he's also gone into superhero territory. He's always challenging himself and he's able to bring a diverse array of characters to life onscreen.

Question 24

Name this acclaimed actor.

This actor is a true character actor. He's not usually the leading man in TV shows and movies, but his characters are very important nonetheless. He's talented, with impeccable comic timing. He has a dry wit that really resonates onscreen. While he's not the typical Hollywood heartthrob, he's gotten so many great parts. His most famous role is that of a working-class husband and father. This actor is very likable. He's built a big fan following due to his down-to-earn demeanor. A show that he appeared on was recently cancelled. Then, it was reconfigured and put back on the air.

Question 25

Who is this TV actor?

Known for his rugged charm, this actor is the son of a famous actor. While this actor has definitely been able to benefit from his family connections, everyone knows that he's genuinely talented as an actor, just like his father is. One interesting fact is that this actor, who shone in a TV role where he had to endure a ton of stress, was once engaged to actress, Julia Roberts. Our mystery actor has also given some unforgettable performances in the movies. He once played a vampire who wreaked havoc on a California town. This movie co-starred the "two Coreys".

Question 26

Name this charming TV actor.

This actor is a funny guy. He's got plenty of fans because he built a following while appearing on SNL. However, when it comes to television, SNL definitely isn't all that he's known for. This actor was born in Berkeley, California, according to He's multi-talented, with plenty of acting, production and soundtrack credits to his name. In a current television role, he plays a detective who has some growing up to do. This show is meant to amuse and it's set in New York City. SNL fans won't need to work very hard to come up with his name.

Question 27

Who is this actor?

This actor may not be the most famous name around, but he's appeared on so many popular TV shows. He's one of those guys who definitely gets big parts on a regular basis. Born in Buffalo, New York in 1969, he decided to devote his life to acting when he was only 7 years old, based on information from He'll probably always be linked with his most famous role. He was cast in an iconic TV show about a teenage vampire, which co-starred, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Name this TV actor now to boost your score on this fun quiz.

Question 28

Who is this television actress?

This actress became popular by playing the role of Pam in a certain sitcom. Her low-key performance as a sensitive and humble receptionist was really endearing. She co-starred with John Krasinski and Steve Carrell, to name just a couple of her talented castmates. The TV show she was on ran from 2005 to 2013, according to These days, she's juggling her acting duties and motherhood. This actress is preparing for her next big challenge, which is a starring role in a TV series called National Parker. Fans of her old show will probably tune in to her new one.

Question 29

Name this famous actress.

This famous actress has famous parents. That's a big clue. If you've ever watched Twin Peaks, you should know that this actress' mother served up pie and coffee at the local diner on that delightfully weird TV show. Our mystery actress' father is a very respected producer. Clearly, this actress grew up with all of the right connections. These days, she's giving great performances, just like her mother's. She's talented, charming and someone that many people might not be able to name. She's co-starred with some famous actors, including Chris Pratt and Amy Poehler. Name her to grab quiz points.

Question 30

Who is this?

This famous TV actress was once the wife of X-Files star, David Duchovny. These days, they co-parent as the best of friends. This blond actress doesn't need a famous spouse to stand out. She's able to grab the spotlight all by herself. Born in NYC in 1966, according to, she currently shines in a role as a VIP whose first name is Elizabeth. She's in a happy real-life relationship with one of her co-stars. This actress is also a caring mother. Anyone who names this well-known actress will rack up points on this quiz. Pick a name now!

Question 31

Name this television actress.

This actress is currently getting rave reviews for her performance in a thrilling TV show that co-stars Jodie Comer. The truth is that this gifted actress never, ever gives a bad performance. Her acting is truly amazing. She's most famous for appearing on a hospital-themed prime time TV show. She appeared on that show from 2005 to 2013, according to This critically-acclaimed actress was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1971. She was very into ballet in her younger years. If she'd opted for a life of ballet, we'd all miss out on her superb acting. Name this actress right now!

Question 32

Name this television actress.

This actress is really a queen of TV. She doesn't play a queen, but her performances on a certain prime-time hospital drama have made her a television legend. She's been on the show she stars in for many years. The show just keeps going, although it may be reaching the end of the line. Off-screen, this actress enjoys marriage and motherhood. She's often photographed wearing casual clothes and hanging out with her hubby and kids. She doesn't seem nearly as high-strung as the character that she's so famous for playing. This actress is a Scorpio and she is currently 49.

Question 33

Name this well-known TV actor.

This television actor has been well-known since the 80s. He appeared in a bunch of 80s movies that became beloved classics. When he got a bit older, he didn't stop getting parts. He was cast in one big show that was set in Washington, D.C. This Pisces actor is definitely someone who is appreciated for his eternally boyish charm. He's a perennial favorite. Nowadays, he is 54 years old, according to he's married to a woman named Sheryl and he has a couple of sons. This TV actor has been in the spotlight since he was 15 years old.

Question 34

Name this actress.

This actress is beloved, thanks to her performance as the earnest, sensitive and intelligent daughter of a freedom-loving mother. The show our actress is famous for was set in the fictional (and rather Utopian) town of Stars Hollow. This thespian moved from Utopia to dystopia when she took a role in The Handmaid's Tale. Since she's able to play lighter roles, plus serious dramatic roles, she's definitely a force to be reckoned with. This actress wed a Mad Men actor, whom she met when she appeared on Mad Men, Who is this talented actress? Name her to get a point.

Question 35

Who is this actress?

This actress plays a superhero on TV. Her show is a little bit on the light side. It's not one of the heaviest superhero shows around. Anyone who enjoys watching this actress fly around, with the help of harnesses and special effects, may know her name. Others may need to guess to try and figure this one out. The show that she appears on has been in on the air since 2015, according to This actress has been in show business for a long time and her acting credits date back to 2008. Name her to grab a point.

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