Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal What Percentage Of Women Would Reject You

There are so many different types of men out there when it comes to catching a woman's eye.

Some are highly confident by going in for the kill while others perhaps think too much before making their move on someone they like.

Everyone has a different style, literally everyone!

But it's whether or not women like your approach. It can be exciting and nerve whacking at the same time.

For some men they have no problems finding themselves a girlfriend whether that's because of their appearance or their personality. Take David Beckham for example, women love him and scream for him the moment they see him in the flesh and that's without the fans even really knowing the guy.

It's funny how people can be attractive/unattractive to opposite sexes.

Want to know what percentage of women would reject you? Take on this honesty quiz!

Question 1

More of a Barney Stinson or more of a Marshall Eriksen?

Question 2

Should deodorant/cologne be worn regularly?

Question 3

Best thing about you?

Question 4

Shy of girls?

Question 5

How often should one go out and party?

Question 6

A woman is walking over, what to do?

Question 7

How often should one exercise?

Question 8

What's your "number"?

Question 9

Who takes the bill on a first date?

Question 10

Are regular showers important?

Question 11

What do you wear on a date?

Question 12

Where do you normally buy your clothes from?

Question 13

What color hair do you prefer on women?

Question 14

What's the most important when flirting?

Question 15

A fan of equality?

Question 16

Thoughts on catcalling?

Question 17

Do you have female friends?

Question 18

Do you make people laugh?

Question 19

Would you say you're rebellious?

Question 20

Do you want to get married someday?

Question 21

Do you want kids someday?

Question 22

Do you like parties?

Question 23

My best feature is my ...?

Question 24

How confident are you?

Question 25

Do you like to get to know people first?

Question 26

Are you a nice guy?

Question 27

Do you like sharing?

Question 28

I've been in ____ serious relationships.

Question 29

Are you known as a heartbreaker?

Question 30

Thoughts on commitment?

Question 31

Thoughts on pets?

Question 32

Do you workout?

Question 33

Is it important to spoil your date?

Question 34

Are you an adventurous person?

Question 35

Are you a charitable man?

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