How Compatible Are You And Your BF? Play Our 'Would You Rather' Quiz To Find Out!

This game of "Would You Rather" will help us inform you on if you and your partner are truly compatible or not. So... what things make a couple a good match? There are plenty of factors to consider and think about when deciding if two people are a good match for each other or not. Some of the biggest things a couple should consider are if they have the same sense of humor, taste in music, and the same sense of style with fashion and clothing.

Some people would rather use the method of waxing to remove unwanted body hair while others would prefer to shave! Some people might prefer to be close friends with a person who is rich with money while other people would prefer to have a friend that is rich with loyalty. Some of us might prefer sleeping in as late as possible while others prefer getting up and starting the day as early as possible! Play "Would You Rather" on these subjects and more!

Question 1

Wax or shave?

Question 2

Drive or walk?

Question 3

Date night out or in?

Question 4

Phone call or text?

Question 5

Coffee or tea?

Question 6

Toast or eggs?

Question 7

Big party or small gathering?

Question 8

Buy new clothes or new phone?

Question 9

Rich friend or loyal friend?

Question 10

Cheeseburger or hotdog?

Question 11

Silly or serious?

Question 12

Basketball or football?

Question 13

Sneakers or sandals?

Question 14

Bubble bath or shower?

Question 15

French fries or chicken nuggets?

Question 16

Glasses or contacts?

Question 17

Sleeping in or rising early?

Question 18

Online shopping or in store shopping?

Question 19

Sofa or chair?

Question 20

Be able to detect any lie or be able to get away with any lie?

Question 21

Christmas or Valentine's Day?

Question 22

Makeup or bare face?

Question 23

Email or handwritten letter?

Question 24

Tablet or laptop?

Question 25

Time travel to the future or the past?

Question 26

Intelligence or sense of humor?

Question 27

Pen or pencil?

Question 28

Toilet paper over or under?

Question 29

Romance movie or action movie?

Question 30

Coke or Pepsi?

Question 31

Blinds or curtains?

Question 32

Attend a wedding or a birthday party?

Question 33

Iced coffee or hot coffee?

Question 34

Save or spend?

Question 35

Hug or kiss?

Question 36

Cooking or baking?

Question 37

Honesty or white lies?

Question 38

Reading or watching TV?

Question 39

City or country?

Question 40

Messy or organized?

Question 41

Fame or power?

Question 42

Rap or Country?

Question 43

Vacation or stay-cation?

Question 44

Be creative or analytical?

Question 45

Healthy food or junk food?

Question 46

Scary movie or documentary movie?

Question 47

Eat an entire pizza in one sitting or skip eating all day?

Question 48

Hot weather or cold weather?

Question 49

Deep voice or high-pitched voice?

Question 50

Popularity on social media or in real life?

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