Real TV Junkies Can Match The TV Hangout Spot To The Sitcom

Typically, fans of sitcoms flock to their favorite shows primarily because of the characters they feature. The best jokes on TV are always funnier when the right people tell them, their odd eccentricities and weird personality traits bringing far more humor to the situation than any mere words can manage. In this sense, everything about their lives can be essential to the humor at hand, from how they act, to how they dress, right down to where it is they spend the majority of their time.

Statistically speaking, most humans real and fictional probably spend the majority of their days at home, and half of that time is spent asleep. Obviously, there’s nothing all that funny about catching Z’s, so as fans of television, we’re a little more interested in where the characters go when they’re awake and active. Unfortunately, a lot of that time is spent at work, which also tends not to be the most exciting or entertaining location for fans to focus on for 30 minutes of humor.

This leaves little time in our favorite sitcom characters lives for simply lounging around and hanging out, making it an extremely important choice when thinking about where they want to kick back and relax with friends. The good news is that they generally pick places where audiences around the world would love to join them, and if you’re a fan of sitcoms, you should be able to recognize them all. Can you match these TV hangout spots to the shows they appear in?

Question 1

Which show has characters who hang out at Monk’s Café?

The smiling face of Ruthie Cohen always greets customers as they enter Monk’s Café, the popular fixture in midtown Manhattan where four friends had infinite conversations about nothing. Popular food items include the poppy seed bagel and the big salad, but don’t order the soup unless you’re okay with Paco leaving one of his trademark rubber bands behind in your food. If the neat freak that starred in this show didn’t mind, it can’t be that unsanitary. Which show did Monk’s make hundreds of appearances in?

Question 2

On what series did characters hang out at Café Nervosa?

Theoretically, coffee can’t be all that good for neurotics, yet the name Café Nervosa is the perfect sort of intelligent wordplay to match the series it appeared in. A former barfly moved to Seattle to spend more time with his ailing father, only to wind up spending day after day at this small shop next to his radio station, waxing philosophical and psychological with his equally intelligent brother. The two shared thousands of lattes as they argued over the minutia of life, and sometimes they even letter other people join them. What show did it happen on?

Question 3

What popular sitcom brought audiences to Paddy’s Pub?

All right, so Paddy’s Pub probably isn’t the best place in Philly to grab a relaxing drink after work. For some people, though, drinking and relaxing don’t have anything to do with one another, as getting drunk is better accompanied with reckless insanity and absurdly creative scheming. If that sounds like your path to a good time, Paddy’s is definitely the place for you, and if you’re lucky, you might stop by when the owners are hosting one of their classic games of CharDee McDennis. What series do they do it on?

Question 4

What series took fans to Moe’s Tavern?

Not all cartoons take place on Saturday mornings. Then again, some barflies are so addicted to the sauce they might show up at their favorite watering hole when their kids are watching the Happy Little Elves, and if that’s the case, then Moe’s Tavern is the perfect bar for them. The sad sacks and Moe’s are the sort of people who drink 24/7 with a smile on their faces, if only as a way to escape their overbearing family lives. Which series has characters that constantly do just that?

Question 5

On what series did characters hang out at Central Perk?

Quite frankly, the waitress down at Central Perk isn’t that great at her job, if only because she doesn’t care about it in the slightest. It’s also not great that a shrill woman in the corner is constantly singing about a cat that couldn’t be any smellier, but for whatever reason, this didn’t stop a certain group of amigos from calling the New York coffee shop home for over a decade. Granted, they might just drink there because it happens to be near their apartments. Whatever the reason, on what show does the cast chill at Central Perk?

Question 6

Which show has characters who hang out at The Max?

The only thing better than the local high school team winning the big game is getting to go down to The Max and celebrate with all the football bros and cheerleaders who made the victory possible. Even when it isn’t game day, students at Bayside High can be found at The Max virtually every day once classes let out, sipping on sodas in brightly colored glasses to match the local décor. The Max was the sort of teen hot spot that lasted throughout generations, surviving the original years and a whole new class. What series did it appear on?

Question 7

What popular sitcom brought audiences to The Banana Stand?

Whether it’s called The Banana Stand or the Big Yellow Joint, this frozen fruit stand has long been one of the most popping teen sports on the entire Santa Monica Pier. Well, until recently anyway, when the new Mr. Manager and his cousin/crush/employee regularly started shutting it down in the middle of the work day to goof off with the rest of their extremely dysfunctional family. On the plus side, open or closed, there’s ALWAYS money in the Banana Stand, perhaps making it the last fruitful venture this family has to their name. What show does it appear on?

Question 8

What series took fans to The Drunken Clam?

It seems today that all we see is violence in movies and sex on TV, but some down home watering holes like The Drunken Clam cater to the sort of folk who feel this is just too raunchy for them. Well, that’s what they say anyway, but the reality is that the characters who get blackout drunk here are pretty darn destructive and lewd in their own right. Granted, most conversation held here leads to the cast “remembering that time” something else happened, cutting away from the bar. On what show does this happen?

Question 9

Which show has characters who hang out at McLaren’s Pub?

Every sitcom character has their reason for why they hang out where they do, and the gang who spend their days at McLaren’s Pub mostly do so because it’s directly beneath their apartment. There’s also the fact the cozy environment has made for some legend-wait for it-dairy moments over the years, and at least one character who drank there probably think it deserves to be a landmark as the birthplace of the Lemon Law. Which series featured that historic moment and many others at McLaren’s?

Question 10

On what series did characters hang out at a bar where everybody knows your name?

Truth be told, it’s a little hard for us to dance around this one, because the bar in question also happens to be the name of the series. Such is the nature of this particular hangout spot, though, that we believe it’s more than iconic enough to recognize without a name. We can reveal its in Boston, Massachusetts, and that the regulars who drink there do so on a pretty much nightly basis, telling hilarious jokes as they relax and shoot the breeze. Do you know what its called, and thus the name of the show its on?

Question 11

What popular sitcom brought audiences to Arnold’s?

Some things never change, which is how this restaurant from a show taking place in the 1950s, and made in the 1970s, remains endearingly popular to the modern day. Of course, the silly every day antics of the too cool for school characters who spend their days eating there had a lot to do with it, as they would have become hit characters in any era. The real question is whether or not anyone can make the juke box work by punching it, and the sad answer is that we probably cannot. Which TV show had a character that could?

Question 12

On which show could viewers take a trip to The Krusty Krab?

No matter how much characters prepared, they were never quite ready for a busy day down at The Krusty Krab, where they both worked and spent a great deal of their free time chowing down on all the best food available to them under the sea. Rivals to the Chum Bucket, the Krusty Krab is most famous for their delicious Krabby Patty sandwiches, which are severely overpriced considering how easy they are to make. Not that the people of Bikini Bottom seem to mind, smiling through life and eating whatever the Krab throws at them.

Question 13

Which show has characters who hang out at Luke’s Diner?

With a strictly enforced “No Cell Phones” policy and a rather crotchety owner known for violent mood swings, one wouldn’t expect a bunch of extremely chatty, chipper young ladies to spend most of their days sipping on coffee at Luke’s. Well, unless one of them very clearly had a crush on Luke, of course, in which case an entire series could be made about their decision to drink at his shop despite how unpleasant it appears. It also doesn’t help that Luke openly despises serving the public, at least most of the time. On what show does the business exist?

Question 14

On what series did characters hang out at The Hub?

With a motto of “buy something or get out,” The Hub wasn’t the friendliest locale in Point Place, but it was nonetheless the prime location for most teens in a certain nostalgic look at high school life. Maybe it was just the French fries they liked, or the apparently relaxed rules about writing filth on the bathroom wall and bragging about it to the average customer. Whatever the case, The Hub was so popular some characters even fantasized about getting married there, although that never actually came to pass. What show did it almost happen on?

Question 15

What popular sitcom brought audiences to Honker Burger?

Cartoon teenagers are just the same as the real life variety in that once school is over, they feel so inclined to hit up the local burger joint. Obviously, they can’t go to McDonald’s or Burger King due to copyright issues, which is where innovations like Honker Burger come in. In addition to the best fast food in town, customers were regularly treated to the smooth sounds of The Beets over the PA system, although we’re not sure if they ever sold any of their own Killer Tofu. What show did Honker Burger appear on?

Question 16

What series took fans to Planet Express?

Okay, so the characters spending their days at Planet Express aren’t necessarily there just to hang out. It’s also their place of business, and thus where the vast majority of their intergalactic adventures as space delivery men begin. That said, none of the characters on the show really have exciting of lives outside of work, so they also end up hanging out there almost every day, even if they aren’t getting paid to do so. Not that we can blame them, as the inventions lying around are indeed more interesting than every day life. What show do they appear on?

Question 17

On which show could viewers take a trip to Rachel’s Place?

Originally called Leroy’s, this local teen hangout transforms into Rachel’s Place after one of the main characters accidentally burns it to the ground. Strangely, authorities took no interest in the fact his friend then somehow acquired the lease and rebuilt a restaurant in her own image, turning Leroy’s into Rachel’s Place. Not much changed on the inside, as kids continued happily hanging out there and half the staff managed to remain on board despite the change in management. The only difference was everyone Rachel lived with acquired part time jobs. What show did they get them on?

Question 18

Which show has characters who hang out at Rob’s Place?

The food was never any good, and the waitress was one of the meanest on all of television, yet the characters who ate at Rob’s Place almost every day after school wouldn’t have it any other way. Why they hung out there will forever be a mystery, with the only possible answer being the waitress was able to take punishment as well as she dished it out, with most people she served ready to lob seriously offensive jokes her way for no reason, rightfully enduring her wrath in return. On what show did they trade insults at Rob’s Place?

Question 19

On what series did characters hang out at Kelsey’s?

Quiet little hole in the wall bars like Kelsey’s are the sort of place old men go to talk about the way Glenn Miller played, songs that made the hit parade, and back in the day when guys like them had it made. Unfortunately, once happy hour was over, they had to go home to their meathead liberal son in laws and listen to them complain about the government all day. Well, at least one character who drank there lived that sort of life, anyway. What show did he do it on?

Question 20

What popular sitcom brought audiences to Shore Shack?

Located directly above a surf shop called Rocket Boards, there’s no surprise that 90% of Shore Shack’s clientele are hardened surfers looking to eat a few burgers in between catching waves. Unfortunately for the owners, this isn’t going to lead to millions of dollars, because their kids are constantly eating their product without paying for it. Oh well, at least it funds the proprietor’s own love of surfing, a desire that likely inspired the business to begin with. What show did they open it on?

Question 21

On which show could viewers take a trip to JJ’s Diner?

Of all the great diners created in fiction, there’s little doubt in our minds that JJ’s Diner is the absolute best. Why? Waffles. Mountains and mountains of waffles. The main characters of the show JJ’s is on love the endless supply of waffles, and various other breakfast foods, so darn much they decide to have the folksy family eatery cater their wedding, and it was a brilliant choice. Just don’t ever ask for a salad at JJ’s—they know those are just for rabbits. What show did the best diner ever appear on?

Question 22

What series took fans to The Bronze?

Saving the world takes a lot out of a girl, which is why a certain hilarious superhero and her friends found themselves repeatedly in desperate need of a nightclub to dance the blues away. Luckily, The Bronze is the perfect place for just that, with a downside in that its been run over with vampires, demons, and various other monsters a disturbing number of times. On the plus side, major indie bands like Cibo Matto, Aimee Mann, and Dingoes Ate My Babies play there every week, so it can’t be that dangerous. What series did The Bronze appear on?

Question 23

Which show has characters who hang out at BreadstiX?

Few restaurants would be so bold as to name themselves after the appetizers, yet BreadstiX must be aware that kids will be singing about the food they offer no matter what they call the place. It seems that whenever the kids at a certain musical high school wanted to go on a date or celebrate after a concert, BreadstiX was their location of choice, although they rarely were caught eating the namesake food. On which series were characters constantly hanging out there?

Question 24

On what series did characters hang out at The Bait Shop?

All the coolest bands of the early 2000s played a few gigs at The Bait Shop, including such real world legends as Death Cab for Cutie and The Killers. It was also home to the coolest kids in Newport’s beach, including the hip bartender and surprisingly popular janitor who kept the place clean. Unfortunately, this occasionally lead to danger, when their seemingly squeaky clean lives revealed themselves to be shockingly violent. On what show did The Bait Shop exist, for better or worse?

Question 25

What series took fans to Bada Bing!?

All right, so the happenings at the Bada Bing! strip club didn’t often resemble a sitcom, but this particular gentlemen’s club was too iconic for us to ignore. Stripping wasn’t the only business that went down at this establishment, as it was also the home to some of New Jersey mafia’s most vicious players. As a place where gorgeous women take their clothes off for a living, it was also a popular place for said mafioso to relax, giving fans plenty to look whenever they were done living the mob life. On what show did Bada Bing! appear?

Question 26

What popular sitcom brought audiences to The Study Room?

Regular students don’t like spending any extra time at school, yet those in the field of continuing adult education don’t always have any options when it comes to studying and working on group projects. Luckily, there are contained Study Rooms like this one where they can at least separate themselves from the outright insanity of the average college. Not that it stops their dean from interrupting all study sessions in weird outfits, or that the room is protected from the all too common violent games of paintball that affect the whole campus. What show does all this happen on?

Question 27

On what series did characters hang out at Rosie’s Bar?

War is heck, and no one knows that terrible truth more personally than those who wage it. The medical doctors who sit on the sidelines waiting for injured to come into their tents especially see just how atrocious the affects of war are, which is why it’s downright necessary for them to blow off steam in the neutral grounds of Rosie’s Bar. Unfortunately, no matter how much fun they could have during a wild night, the next morning, the cold, uncaring destruction would still be waiting for their gentle, medicinal touch. What show was Rosie’s on?

Question 28

Which show has characters who hang out at Poor Richard’s?

People stuck in Scranton, Pennsylvania aren’t typically met with bustling entertainment, so a tiny little bar like Poor Richard’s is basically an amusement park and gigantic movie theater all at once. That goes double when the bartenders turn the TV to the local news, or documentaries about a small paper company. It just so happens the employees of that company all love to drink here, only choosing other alcohol based establishments on trivia night, when they’re desperate for money. What show also shows them at work?

Question 29

What series took fans to Rigby’s?

In the history of television, one character has stood out as loving orange soda, way, way more than average. Is it true? Oh, he does he does he does, and when orange soda is what this person was after, he typically purchased his drink of choice at the local Rigby’s grocery store. Of course, this has more to do with the fact his best friend is the primary employee of the establishment for many years, both working the cash register and keeping the place clean at all hours. On what show does Rigby’s sell the soda?

Question 30

Which show has characters who hang out at The Peacock Stop?

Local college store/hangout the Peacock Stop is featured in a story all about how a man’s life can get flip turned upside down. Fans took a minute and just sat right there as the main character began explaining his rise to fame to the public at large. The family on the show was pretty privileged, yet they wanted the kids to learn a thing or two about hard work by college, which is how they ended up working and spending most of their days here. On what show was the Peacock Stop the number one college destination?

Question 31

On what series did characters hang out at Chubbie’s Famous?

Wandering through this world which we call life is all most sitcom characters are doing, and those who ate at Chubbie’s Famous thought it was good to know they always had friends who will stand by them. They also had their favorite restaurant, where they continued to eat for years despite the fact the Turkey Chubbie doesn’t even contain real turkey. Then again, there are the delicious Clown Burgers, and everyone loves collecting the hats. On which show did characters have the chance to do so?

Question 32

What popular sitcom brought audiences to The Smash Club?

The first place a young musician witnesses a live band play their hearts out on stage can immediately become the most important location of their life. In the case of a certain ripping guitarist, The Smash Club remained near and dear to his heart well into adulthood, when he had a few kids of his own who he could introduce to the exciting world of music all over again. In order to do so, he also needs to buy the place, as was fated from a very young age. On what show do characters rock out at the Smash Club?

Question 33

On which show could viewers take a trip to Nemo’s Pizza?

While some of the hangout spots on this quiz have been bright, colorful, and exciting, these frills become less necessary with age. For adult characters, all they need to relax is a place away from the hustle and bustle of their family, especially if they’re so unlucky that their parents moved in across the street from them. On the plus side, the characters who eat at Nemo’s Pizza are rather popular, at least whenever they leave the house and meet people outside of the family. What show’s characters escape from home at Nemo’s?

Question 34

What series took fans to The Regal Beagle?

Again, this quiz offers a combination work place/hangout spot, though the characters aren’t lucky enough to work there the entire time their series was on the air. This is because the madcap lives they lived lead to constant misunderstandings, and with everyone hanging out at the same place on of them worked, their bosses often got caught up in the confusion, as well. On the plus side, all conflicts were solved in 30 minutes or less, at which point everyone was back to knocking on one another’s door, ready for the next hilarious rendezvous. What show did it happen on?

Question 35

Which show has characters who hang out at The Tropicana Club?

The insane histrionics of a certain classic TV character made her go down in history as one of the funniest and most entertaining in history, yet it was her husband’s character who entertained fictional fans at the Tropicana Club on a nightly basis. The way this character lead his always electric jazz band was so popular that the Tropicana Club has inspired a number of real life variants that remain hugely popular long after the age of jazz has come and gone. On what series did the iconic nightclub originate?

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