Real Or Plastic? The Reality Stars Edition


No matter what decade you were born and grew up in, you will be around for the creation of something that will help define the era in which you lived. Sadly, the era that we live in will be defined by an obsession with fame and reality television, with the two often going hand in hand.

Reality television has not only supplied us with some high-level trash when we just want something to stare at but has also created a general feeling among that populous that no matter who you are, you also may appear on television one day, with fame not far behind if you play your cards right. While many realize fame is fleeting and that proper achievement comes with a lasting feeling of positivity, some people are still drawn in. These people, inevitably, don't want people to see them get older, so they turn to plastic surgery.

Obviously, we have to take a lot of these people on their word. Some people we just know have had plastic surgery, either because they look ridiculous or because they've admitted it, but if it's not obvious, we will be going with what the celebrity currently alleges. Ready to take a look at some reality television stars? Think you'll be able to tell if they've had plastic surgery? Let's find out!

Question 1

Kim Kardashian

We've got to a point in human history where Kim Kardashian, a woman famous for doing nothing, is probably one of the most recognizable faces on planet Earth. To us, this is a little problematic, but it's not as if we can blame the people that follow her obsessively on her various social media outlets. More than anyone else, the fault for her fame lies squarely at the feet of the media who choose to report on her rather than the important events going on around us.

Question 2

NeNe Leakes

We don't know that much about NeNe Leakes, although we have heard a couple of comedians talk about her in the past because of her brash and confrontational nature. if you don't know her either, she's from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, where one of her regular catchphrases seems to be "Cash Money!" Beyond her work in television, she has also appeared as a voice in Kim Kardashian's mobile app and has also helped create her own app. What a modern world we live in.

Question 3

Lauren Conrad

While Conrad may have got her start on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County at quite a young age, she has since gone on to create her own fashion line. We know her best from her appearance on the Eric Andre Show, an appearance that has since become quite famous. If you've not seen it, it's certainly worth a look on YouTube, because everything else Conrad has done is pretty pointless, while that clip will give you a good laugh at least.

Question 4

Farrah Abraham

Wow. Where do we even start with this human being? Rather than being content with the fact that, as a human being with a high level of income, Farrah Abraham could perform random acts of good in this world, she's decided to dedicate her entire life to making sure that as many people as possible know who she is and what she looks like. Can you think of a more pointless existence? If God does exist, imagine trying to justify your existence at the pearly gates after living the same life as Farrah Abraham.

Question 5

Nick Cannon

We feel like we have to give Cannon his dues and point out that when compared to the rest of the people on this quiz, this guy actually has some talent which he has used to get himself into showbiz. However, that hasn't stopped him from appearing on things like America's Got Talent, and if you're going to show up to appear on things like that, you've got to accept it when people start calling you out for it. Get back to the acting, Cannon!

Question 6


Surprisingly, Snooki hasn't really been popping up on anyone's radar for a long time now. Unless you make an effort to follow this sort of news, she's managed to get away from the widespread negative coverage that seemed to be following her just a handful of years ago. Let's be honest, if you were raking in as much money as she was by the end of Jersey Shore, while simultaneously getting the same amount of negative press, you'd probably make sure that afterward you only did things you wanted to do.

Question 7

Lisa Rinna

This one actually comes as a surprise to us, as we've only ever seen Lisa Rinna in one place. If you haven't heard of it, you should do yourself a favor and watch Community. While the last few seasons are total garbage, the first three are absolute television gold. Rinna, who seems most famous with the modern crowd for her appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, actually plays a character for a single episode of Community! Wasn't like we were going to forget that face.

Question 8

Heidi Montag

If there is a more tragic example of how fame and fortune ended up twisting a human being into a shadow of their former self, I don't know what it is. We have always had a high level of sympathy for Montag, as it seemed that her time on The Hills ended up changing her for the worse. Sure, she's allowed to do whatever she wants, but can you truly say that her choices would've been the same without her appearance on reality television.

Question 9

Rob Kardashian

Arguably the most famous male reality television star, Rob Kardashian is still possibly the least well known among his various siblings. We suppose that's something to be proud of in and of itself, but we wish he'd make an example of his siblings by actually doing something with his life, thereby showing them up. We also feel pretty bad for this guy, because it seems like everyone only followed him around for a year or so because the guy weighed a lot. Leave him alone.

Question 10

Kate Gosselin

After appearing in Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin was essentially catapulted into fame because she gave birth to an insane amount of human beings. We don't know about you, but we've never really considered a human being giving birth to be quite such an amazing concept. People are doing it every day, so why would you stick a camera at the phenomenon? Let's also bear in mind that before she was famous, this woman was a nurse, something far more important in this world.

Question 11

Kendall Jenner

While they're different ages and they certainly look slightly different, we've never been able to tell Kendall and Kylie apart. When you really get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, they're just two women who are growing into adults under the spotlight of fame, while essentially doing nothing of importance with their lives. Do we really need yet another young socialite who pretends to be a fashion expert? I blame Instagram for women like this if I'm being honest.

Question 12

Mark Wright

You didn't think it was going to be all women, did you? Yeah, that's right, there are men who are just as guilty for making an entire career off of existing while someone is pointing a camera at them. One of those men is Mark Wright, who was catapulted into the public eye after appearing on The Only Way Is Essex. He's another English celebrity, so there's a chance you haven't heard of him, which I'm sure would upset him greatly.

Question 13

Joe Anglim

Now we're moving onto someone who is arguably not a celebrity in their own right but has certainly appeared on reality television, which is the only reason any of us have ever heard of him. Anglim saw his fifteen minutes of fame after appearing on Survivor, and while he did appear on television again, he didn't manage to turn it into any sort of career. We wonder what sort of job this guy had to go back to once Survivor was finished with him.

Question 14

Jax Taylor

We've never watched Vanderpump Rules and had not even heard of it until we sat down to sort out this quiz, but we can be fairly sure that it's touting nothing that we haven't already seen before. It's a sad state of affairs when everything modern television is throwing out into the world is essentially just a rehash of something that has already been done before. Doesn't anybody have an original thought in their brain anymore? Has reality television turned them all to mush?

Question 15

Jeff Probst

Another guy who has spent time with his life attempting to do something more than reality television, even he would have to accept that his most famous project was as the host of Survivor. Exactly what qualifications do you need to be the host of a reality television show? We're not being funny, but we're fairly sure that even we could do something like that, and we've never appeared on television in our entire lives. What do we need to put on our resume to get that sweet job?

Question 16

Chris Soules

Believe it or not, this guy is actually a farmer, which is infinitely more interesting than having appeared on Bachelor, and yet that's what he's most famous for. We can understand why people swoon for this guy because he's good looking, but it's not as if he has showbiz talent. Just a warning to anyone who likes the guy, you're unlikely to be seeing much more of him for a while. He was recently arrested for a fatal hit and run accident.

Question 17

Teresa Giudice

At this point, we can't really blame you for not knowing who half of these people are because most of them have appeared on a reality television show that is barely any different from the others. We don't know how many versions there are of The Real Housewives, but we know it's too many. Giudice features on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey but has also been convicted of fraud in the past, a fact that we wish was more famous than her television appearances.

Question 18

Dolvett Quince

Have any of you actually ever watched The Biggest Loser? We can get behind the concept because it's just a fact that there are people out there who need to start losing weight if they want any chance of living into their ripe old age, but that doesn't mean people have to be so rough about it. The way that these personal trainers shout at the poor overweight people actually makes my blood boil sometimes. Sure, they're fat, but they're still human beings.

Question 19

Kylie Jenner

One of the insane problems that comes along with reality television and the cult of celebrity is that we end up following human beings who are far too young. At the time of writing, Kylie Jenner is nineteen, and yet has more money than I can ever dream of having. We don't know about you, but we reckon handing that much money and fame to someone at such a young age is almost certainly a recipe for disaster. What will she be like a in a few years?

Question 20

Charlotte Crosby

Many people have commented on how reality television is starting to eat itself, as we see people only famous for appearing on reality television, then appearing on shows for celebrities. Charlotte Crosby, a woman who none of us would've heard of if it wasn't for a rightly hated television show named Geordie Shore, then went on to win Celebrity Big Brother. Isn't that a little odd? She's famous for being Charlotte Crosby, nothing else, so why is she on Celebrity Big Brother?

Question 21

K. Michelle

She may have started off as a musician, but K. Michelle gained her most recent fans by starting up her own reality television show, something that a lot of Z-list celebrities seem to be doing these days. While it may have all started years ago with The Osbournes, a family that seemed genuinely chaotic and interesting, anyone can let a camera crew into their home these days while expecting the fans and money to start rolling in through the front door.

Question 22

Vicky Pattison

Another Geordie Shore alum, Pattison has spent her time since the show attempting to appear on as much television as physically possible, presumably to raise her profile as high as possible. Just like her ex-colleague Charlotte Crosby, Pattison has managed to win a show created entirely to wrangle celebrities who nobody cares about into appearing on television. Believe it or not, Pattison actually managed to win I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Her regular job is now on Loose Women. If you haven't heard of it, lucky you.

Question 23

Chantelle Houghton

Right, now we're getting into ridiculous territory. For those of you who don't even know who Chantelle Houghton is, let me explain to you how insane the concept of fame has now become. This woman, who had done absolutely nothing with her life and was known by nobody, managed to win a series of Celebrity Big Brother. You may be wondering how that's even physically possible, but the important point is that after her win, she has managed to carve out a regular career out of being a Z-list celebrity.

Question 24

Ashton Kutcher

At this point, Kutcher is a household name with his fingers in as many pies as you can count, raking it in at every possible chance. However, he got his start on the show Punk'd which categorizes itself as a reality television show, even though its entire premise is setting up celebrities. While he doesn't host the show anymore, he did create it to gain himself a platform, so I think it's only fair that we refer to the guy as a reality TV star.

Question 25

Sam Faiers

Another one for the fans of The Only Way Is Essex, Faiers has essentially done nothing with her life since her stint on reality television. Well, that's not strictly true, as she has now started up her own website which allows you the chance to pay for workout videos and diet tips. Not to stop people from giving this woman money, but we're pretty sure that you can usually get that stuff for free if you want. Oh, and she also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

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