Real Music Fans Know If These Musicians Are Dead Or Alive

"Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" - this is a mantra that has been spoken by countless musicians over the years, who believe that there's nothing better than sticking to the fast lane, and living every moment as if it could be your last. Unfortunately (often due to that second thing), many talented people in the music industry die tragically young.

Just like many rising actors and actresses, young musicians often have fame and success thrust onto them after coming up from nothing, and with so many bad influences around them, and the constant need to perform and sell their product, they end up in dangerous lifestyles that quickly become too self-destructive to sustain.

On the other hand, there's actually many older musicians and singers who haven't really been relevant in decades, either because they've been retired or out of the limelight, who are surprisingly still around to this day. With the instant nature of the media, and how quickly news travels today, it can be hard to keep track of which musicians are still alive, and which actually kicked the bucket a long time ago.

Do you think you know which of these musicians are dead, and which are still alive? Take the quiz, and find out.

1Paul McCartney

Okay, if you don't know who Paul McCartney is, then you were either born yesterday, or you've been living under a rock for the past 50-odd years. Paul was the bassist, and one of the head song writers for The Beatles, a band that has still been unsurpassed in terms of musical impact and success to this day. During the '60s there was a popular rumor that he had died and was replaced with a lookalike. While that certainly wasn't true, is Paul still with us today?

2Lemmy Kilmister

Some people are just born to be larger than life, case in point, Lemmy Kilmister. The bassist and lead singer of the rock band Motörhead, Lemmy was one of the pioneers of the heavy metal genre, although he would only ever refer to his own music as "Rock and Roll". Known for his large mutton chops, raspy voice, and distinctive playing style, his band Motörhead was so awesome they even made the entrance theme for WWE professional wrestler Triple H.

3Bob Dylan

While the '60s saw something of a British Invasion, with bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones hitting it huge in the United States, Bob Dylan was the all American musician who was there to prove to the world that the US could do music just as good as the UK. Although mostly known by his folk-style music, and considered by many to be the voice of a generation, he did face criticism when he first decided to switch over from acoustic to electric guitar.

4Tupac Shakur

When talking about rap legends, it's impossible to leave off the artist known as Tupac Shakur (or sometimes 2pac). Originally born in East-Harlem, New York, Tupac would eventually move to the West Coast, making his home in Oakland, California. Many of his songs focused on violence, racism, and the struggles of living in the inner cities. Being one of the biggest rap names in California, 2pac was heavily involved with the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry, but did he survive it?

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