Real Gamers Know Where These Super Smash Bros. Items Are From


Super Smash Bros. was a game that helped to solidify the Nintendo 64 as the ultimate gaming machine for children at the time. The game was made even better by its sequel, Super Smash Bros. Melee, which proved to be one of the most strictly competitive games ever introduced. The Super Smash Bros. series is synonymous with introducing and bringing together numerous characters from Nintendo's deep roster from its incredible lineup of games. Some of these games include the Super Mario series, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, etc. And even though the most hardcore Super Smash Bros. players tend to play without items appearing on the stage, the weapons and recovery items included on this list are still trademarks of the popular combat-based series. It's impossible to refer to yourself as a well rounded gamer if you're not able to identify every single item on this list, but there are definitely some more obscure entries that could confuse even the most seasoned gaming veterans. Whether these items are used to rejuvenate your characters health, or to send one of your opponents flying off the stage, they all originated from other games, and it's up to you to decipher where they're from. So without further ado, Only a Real Gamer Knows Which Games These Super Smash Bros. Items Are From. 

Question 1

What Game Is The Hammer From?

One of the most feared weapons in Super Smash Bros., this giant melee weapon sends opponents flying, and is nearly an instant K.O. It’s also one of the biggest melee weapons throughout the game, and it’s appeared in numerous iterations of the Super Smash Bros. series. Whenever this item falls, it turns out to be a mad scramble as everyone climbs over each other to reach it first. The item first appeared as the best possible weapon that a little plumber could use to combat the onslaught of barrels thrown at him from a giant simian above him.

Question 2

What Game Is The Parasol From?

This classic umbrella was introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it’s one of the worst throwing weapons in the game. Whenever a character throws it to their side, the umbrella will pop open and travel slowly towards an enemy character. Whenever it is thrown up or down though, this parasol will travel extremely fast. In addition to being a weapon you can throw, it’s also a weapon that can be used as a basic melee weapon, and it deals a decent amount of damage. It can also be used to drift down slowly from the air.

Question 3

What Game Is The Screw Attack From?

This item originally appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it was used by players to knock other opponents into the air. It can also be held by players to perform their own type of double jump, allowing them to hurdle over the other players. If the item is thrown, it will knock the player that it hits into the air, and it will also drag any nearby players into the wake, knocking them into the air as well. This item was taken advantage of by Melee players, as it allowed them to combo with Samus.

Question 4

What Game Is The Fairy Bottle From?

This is yet another recovery item, but this one actually acts completely different from its appearance in the original game that it’s from. Instead of keeping the fairy bottle around in case you died, only to have it revive you, the fairy bottle in Smash Bros. just reduces a players health by 100%. It can also be thrown at opponents, but it will only hurt them if their health is below 100%. If their health is over 100%, then it will heal the opponent instead of hurting them.

Question 5

What Game Is The Star Rod From?

This is another weapon that is a clobbering and shooting weapon all in one. It is also a weapon that is known for breaking many of the conventional rules that come along with reflecting items in Super Smash Bros Melee. Whenever this rod is charged up, it does more and more damage. It’s also a weapon that deals different amounts of damage with the different character that wield it. For instance, in both Melee and Brawl, Sheik and Captain Falcon can fire multiple stars with a single smash attack.

Question 6

What Game Is The Fire Flower From?

One of the classic weapons from this incredible 2D side scroller, this weapon shoots a stream of fire at opponents, which can deal significant amounts of damage. In Super Smash Bros Melee, this item could be used to juggle opponents in the air for a short amount of time, giving teams an unfair advantage. This was later changed in Super Smash Bros Brawl, as characters were then allowed to move even when caught up in the fire. In the game that the item was introduced, this flower could grant Mario the power to throw fireballs at opponents.

Question 7

What Game Is The Gust Bellows From?

This weapon is one of the most creative items to come out of a game series that revolutionized the way weapons are used and acquired. This weapon draws in air using a vacuum that is at its rear, and then it blows it out at immeasurable speed. The weapon can be used to draw in air and knock opponents off the edge of the stage. Also if someone drops the item while using it, it will create gusts of wind that run wild and throw anyone and everyone off the stage.

Question 8

What Game Is The Beehive From?

For anyone who’s played this home building/decorating game, they know that this particular item can bring about all kinds of trouble. It can also be quite the pain within the Smash Bros. universe, and it has a similar effect on the characters in that game, paralyzing them and slowly hurting them with dangerous bees. The great thing about this weapon is that if the opponent manages to dodge the hive, the bees will turn around and attack the person who threw it.

Question 9

What Game Is Mr. Saturn From?

Mr. Saturn might be one of the oddest items in Smash. The origin of Mr. Saturns are unclear even in their own game, where it is theorized that they might actually be aliens. They all live in the Saturn Valley and seem very fond of the word "boing." In Smash, they are not exactly the most OP items, but they can break through shields and are reusable, much to the chagrin to anybody who has been on the receiving end of a Mr. Saturn throwing chain.

Question 10

What Game Is The Beetle From?

This item has a much different use when compared to the original game it came from, as the beetle in Super Smash Bros picks up opponents and carries them into the air. In the original game, this item was used to investigate numerous dungeons, find artifacts, and bring them closer to the player. And if the beetle is actually able to grab an opponent, it will carry them past the K.O. line. But if the beetle is hit with enough force from the opponent, it will change direction and carry the initial player into the air to kill them.

Question 11

What Game Is The Ore Club From?

This club-type weapon can be used similarly to the Star Rod, it can either pummel opponents directly, or it can shoot projectiles at them. The slow strike can deal massive amounts of damage, and the smash attack can produce a tornado that travels across the main stage that juggles both opponents and items. The club can only produce six tornadoes before it runs out of power. The tornadoes that come out of the club are some of the biggest projectiles in the game, but they can still be blocked and/or swallowed.

Question 12

What Game Is The Bob-omb From?

This is easily one of the most recognizable items in the entire series of games that it originates. These little sentient explosives will walk in any direction that they’re sent, building up power, only to finally explode right from underneath an opponent. These items are extremely deadly in Sudden Death Mode, because if the match takes too long, these bombs will begin falling from the sky, blowing up anyone that isn’t hiding under a rooftop. These little walking explosives have been present in almost every game in its famous series that it’s featured in.

Question 13

What Game Is The Deku Nut From?

These little tree nuts are famous in the series that they originated, as they have been used as ammunition in slingshots over the years. They are throwable items in the Super Smash Bros. universe, and once they’re thrown at an enemy, it will stun them for a brief few moments. In Brawl, the Deku Nut is actually an explosive item, that can affect any character within its radius. The item can even affect the person throwing it. This leaves the character stunned, open to any outside attack.

Question 14

What Game Is The Green Turtle Shell From?

Another iconic item from an even more iconic series, this little turtle shell has been used to barrel opponents over for decades. It’s also used extensively in the driving variation of its famous character’s game lineup. This particular projectile can be hurled at opponents across the stage, and it will continually knock into surfaces (such as walls) until it eventually runs off the end of the stage. It will also knock any characters in its path in the air, allowing other characters to perform easy aerial juggles.

Question 15

What Game Is The Superspicy Curry From?

This just might be the most entertaining transformation that players can undergo in Super Smash Bros. Whenever players consume the Superspicy Curry, they attack as normal, but they have flames erupting from their mouths in front of them, and any opponent stuck in its path will get caught up and damaged. Unlike the Fire Flower mentioned previously, the Superspicy Curry produces a constant flame, even when performing other types of attacks. Whenever a player is controlled by the curry, they cannot walk in either direction, they’re only allowed to dash back and forth.

Question 16

What Game Is The Bunny Hood From?

This is another item that happens to alter a specific characters statistics, in this case it’s jumping and sprinting. It has been featured in three of the games within this fan-favorite series, and in the second game the hood actually grants the main character a useful ability, the power to run 68% faster. In Super Smash Bros., this hood could easily be abused, and characters are able to outrun and dodge attacks from nearly any opponent. It also appeared as a side-quest item in the series it appeared in, and it was a highly sought after collectible.

Question 17

What Game Is The Heart Container From?

This is one of the most popular items throughout the series it originally appears in, and it eventually made its way over to the Super Smash Bros. series, where it served a similar purpose. It’s also one of a few items that has appeared in every Smash Bros. title, originally it completely healed a character, but in the sequels to the original Smash Bros. game, it only healed the character by 100%. It’s also one of only four recovery items in the Smash Bros. series.

Question 18

What Game Is The Dragoon From?

The Dragoon is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used by players to get an instant K.O. In order to use the Dragoon, players must first gather all three separate parts of the weapon, and combine them. Once the players have the Dragoon completely together, they fly off-screen and aim at the opponents on the map, choosing where to fly at them from above. The charging blast from the weapon almost always results in a K.O., but it is possible to dodge an incoming attack if you know exactly where the opposing player is going to charge.

Question 19

What Game Is The Daybreak Weapon From?

This item is found exclusively in the “Together Mode” of the game it first appeared in. Similar to the Dragoon, the Daybreak has to be assembled from three different and distinct pieces, and when they’re formed together, they create quite the deadly weapon. The weapon itself emits a powerful beam that the player can control to move in either direction, as well as moving forward and backwards across the stage. It’s yet another weapon that players will have to try their hardest to keep out of their opponents hands, as it almost always results in a K.O.

Question 20

What Game Is The Barrel Cannon From?

The Barrel Cannon is an environmental feature throughout the Super Smash Bros. titles, and it almost always appears on the jungle themed stages. Whenever a player jumps into the moving barrels, an arrow painted on the front will direct exactly where they will shoot out. It’s important for players to time exactly when they will be shooting out of the barrels, because the height that the players can achieve can be used for aerial tactics, and to escape from a particularly difficult situation.

Question 21

What Game Is The Warp Star From?

One of the most dangerous items in the Super Smash Bros. games, the Warp Star has appeared in three of the mainline titles. The item sends a player flying into the sky, and later crashed them down onto the stage with brutal force, and it also allows the player to pinpoint exactly where they would be colliding. It’s one of the only items that can actually cause a player to die, as a player can misjudge the edge of the stage, which sends them flying off the side to their death. Shields can’t block the star either, so the only way to avoid damage is to not get struck directly.

Question 22

What Game Is Bonsly From?

This is one of the only pocket monsters that has to be thrown to be truly affective. When this creature appears from its Pokeball, the player has to pick it up (similar to a crate), and throw it at a nearby opponent. Whenever Bonsly is near another player, it uses flail, which causes some serious damage to any player foolish enough to get close to it. This particular pocket monster only appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and even though it’s awfully hard to pinpoint exactly when to throw him, if he manages to strike an opposing player, it’s almost always a K.O.

Question 23

What Game Is The Bonus Fruit From?

This is an item that can only be used by one specific character, and this character happens to be one of the most popular arcade mascots of all time. This character is able to use this ability to juggle different opponents, send them flying to the side, and with each different fruit comes different levels of power. These items were also collectibles and power-ups in the original arcade game that they came from, and they were almost always introduced as bonus items that players were able to gather along the way.

Question 24

What Game Is The Master Ball From?

This item was first introduced in the latest iteration of the Smash Bros. games, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It works the same as the regular Pokeball, but the Master Ball will only spawn extra rare, or legendary creatures. Some of the creatures that appear from the Master Ball are Arceus, Articuno, Darkrai, Deoxys, Entei, Genesect, Giratina, Goldeen, Mew, and a variety of others. It’s an item that almost guarantees a K.O. for the player, as these creatures always destroy the opponents in their wake.

Question 25

What Game Is Bullet Bill From?

Super Mario Bullet Bill

This angry bullet was quite the trouble maker for a little red plumber and his brother back in the day, and he proved to be an even bigger threat in the world of Super Smash Bros. Whenever this transformable item would drop down onto the stage, players would scramble to grab it, and when they do, they become the infamous Bullet Bill, traveling at insane speeds in either direction. If Bullet Bill ends up actually hitting an opponent, it ends up dealing 25% damage.

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