Marry, Date Or Dump These TV Redheads, And We'll Reveal Who'll Say Yes To You!

Today's a very big day, for a number of reasons. Look at you, all grown up! Definitely not a little kid anymore, oh no. You're a full-fledged grown up, ready to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. Both of you have been waiting for today for a very long time, and so have those closest to you. Well, the waiting part is over - it all happens today!

Except, it won't exactly go as you might have planned it. We thought it was probably just best to reveal this now, but we've sort of changed the plans for your wedding. Instead of marrying the person you've been getting to know all these years, we've switched her for some of the most famous TV redheads in Hollywood, all lined up at the altar. Instead of a boring, traditional marriage, you'll get to choose whether you would marry, date or dump these ladies, and once we've tallied your answers up, we'll reveal who you'll ultimately end up with.

We thought this would be more exciting. The look on your face tells us you might agree. Let's see what you think of these TV redheads, and we'll reveal who'll say yes to you!

1Jayma Mays

Jayma Mays is our first TV redhead, coming straight out of Glee. We all know how her from her performance in the musical show, or maybe you might have missed it. Regardless, here she is now - what do you think of the lovely Jayma?

2Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner has stepped out momentarily from the Game of Thrones universe to appear in the eternally blank background of our quiz, though she'll pop back out in a second. She's waiting to see your rating, of course.

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